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A Comparative Study On Some Methods For Handling Multicollinearity Problems

Author(s): Norliza Adnan | Maizah Hura Ahmad | Robiah Adnan
Hierarchical Approach for Online Mining--Emphasis towards Software Metrics

Author(s): M .V.Vijaya Saradhi | Dr.B.R.Sastry | P.Satish
Frequent Pattern Mining in Web Log Data

Author(s): Renáta Iváncsy | István Vajk
Optimized Frequent Pattern Mining for Classified Data Sets

Author(s): A Raghunathan | K Murugesan
Television tip-over head injuries in children

Author(s): Samson Sujit Kumar | Nair Pratheesh | Baldia Manish | Joseph Mathew
Finding Fuzzy Locally Frequent Itemsets

Author(s): Fokrul Alom Mazarbhuiya | Md. Ekramul Hamid
Inconsistencies over time in 5% of NetAffx probe-to-gene annotations

Author(s): Perez-Iratxeta Carolina | Andrade Miguel
Dependence of paracentric inversion rate on tract length

Author(s): York Thomas | Durrett Rick | Nielsen Rasmus
Mining The Data From Distributed Database Using An Improved Mining Algorithm

Author(s): J. Arokia Renjit | K. L. Shunmuganathan,
Direktiivsed aktipaarid eestikeelsetes infodialoogides ja nende automaatne tuvastamine

Author(s): Olga Gerassimenko | Riina Kasterpalu | Mare Koit | Andriela Rääbis | Krista Strandson
An Efficient Frequent Temporal Pattern Mining Algorithm

Author(s): B. Sivaselvan | N.P. Gopalan
Feed Forward Neural Network Algorithm for Frequent Patterns Mining

Author(s): Amit Bhagat | Sanjay Sharma | Dr. K.R.Pardasani
Effective Term Based Text Clustering Algorithms

Author(s): P. Ponmuthuramalingam, | T. Devi
Algorithm for Efficient Multilevel Association Rule Mining

Author(s): Pratima Gautam, | Pratima Gautam,
Intelligent Pattern Mining and Data Clustering for Pattern Cluster Analysis using Cancer Data

Author(s): G.Raj Kumar | Dr.K.Duraiswamy | M.Thangamani | Dr.P.Thangaraj
WordCloud: a Cytoscape plugin to create a visual semantic summary of networks

Author(s): Oesper Layla | Merico Daniele | Isserlin Ruth | Bader Gary
Unique genes in plants: specificities and conserved features throughout evolution

Author(s): Armisén David | Lecharny Alain | Aubourg Sébastien
PhySIC_IST: cleaning source trees to infer more informative supertrees

Author(s): Scornavacca Celine | Berry Vincent | Lefort Vincent | Douzery Emmanuel | Ranwez Vincent
Genetic structure, diversity, and allelic richness in composite collection and reference set in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Author(s): Upadhyaya Hari | Dwivedi Sangam | Baum Michael | Varshney Rajeev | Udupa Sripada | Gowda Cholenahalli | Hoisington David | Singh Sube
Leaving out control groups: an internal contrast analysis of gene expression profiles in atrial fibrillation patients - A systems biology approach to clinical categorization

Author(s): Kurt Vanhoutte | Carlo de Asmundis | Anna Francesconi | Jurgen Figys | Griet Steurs | Tim Boussy | Markus Roos | Andreas Mueller | Lucio Massimo | Gaetano Paparella | Kristien Van Caelenberg | Gian Battista Chierchia | Andrea Sarkozy | Pedro Brugada Y Terradellas | Martin Zizi
Genomic regions with distinct genomic distance conservation in vertebrate genomes

Author(s): Sun Hong | Skogerbø Geir | Zheng Xiaohui | Liu Wei | Li Yixue
Two years of Ozone radio soundings over Cotonou as part of AMMA: overview

Author(s): V. Thouret | M. Saunois | A. Minga | A. Mariscal | B. Sauvage | A. Solete | D. Agbangla | P. Nédélec | C. Mari | C. E. Reeves | H. Schlager
Screening of sustainable groundwater sources for integration into a regional drought-prone water supply system

Author(s): T. Y. Stigter | J. P. Monteiro | L. M. Nunes | J. Vieira | M. C. Cunha | L. Ribeiro | J. Nascimento | H. Lucas
Screening of sustainable groundwater sources for integration into a regional drought-prone water supply system

Author(s): T. Y. Stigter | J. P. Monteiro | L. M. Nunes | J. Vieira | M. C. Cunha | L. Ribeiro | J. Nascimento | H. Lucas
Mass spectrometry-based serum proteome pattern analysis in molecular diagnostics of early stage breast cancer

Author(s): Pietrowska Monika | Marczak Lukasz | Polanska Joanna | Behrendt Katarzyna | Nowicka Elzbieta | Walaszczyk Anna | Chmura Aleksandra | Deja Regina | Stobiecki Maciej | Polanski Andrzej | Tarnawski Rafal | Widlak Piotr
An overview of two years of ozone radio soundings over Cotonou as part of AMMA

Author(s): V. Thouret | M. Saunois | A. Minga | A. Mariscal | B. Sauvage | A. Solete | D. Agbangla | P. Nédélec | C. Mari | C. E. Reeves | H. Schlager
Finding Sequential Patterns from Large Sequence Data

Author(s): Mahdi Esmaeili | Fazekas Gabor

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim
Vertical Mining of Frequent Patterns from Uncertain Data

Author(s): Laila A. Abd-Elmegid | Mohamed E. El-Sharkawi | Laila M. El-Fangary | Yehia K. Helmy
Amplified fragment length homoplasy: in silico analysis for model and non-model species

Author(s): Paris Margot | Bonnes Benjamin | Ficetola Gentile | Poncet Bénédicte | Després Laurence
The oligodeoxynucleotide sequences corresponding to never-expressed peptide motifs are mainly located in the non-coding strand

Author(s): Capone Giovanni | Novello Giuseppe | Fasano Candida | Trost Brett | Bickis Mik | Kusalik Anthony | Kanduc Darja
A Fast Association Rules Mining Algorithm for Dynamic Updated Databases

Author(s): Ni Tian-quan | Wang Jian-dong | Peng Xiao-bing | LiuYi- an
Mining Frequent Itemsets Using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Soumadip Ghosh | Sushanta Biswas | Debasree Sarkar | Partha Pratim Sarkar
Epigenetic inactivation of the NORE1 gene correlates with malignant progression of colorectal tumors

Author(s): Lee Chang | Lee Jin-Hee | Lee Min-Goo | Jeong Seong-In | Ha Tae-Kyu | Kang Min-Ju | Ryu Byung-Kyu | Hwangbo Young | Shim Jae-Jun | Jang Jae | Lee Kil | Kim Hyo | Chi Sung-Gil
Efficient Trajectory Pattern Mining for both Sparse and Dense Dataset

Author(s): Ajaya Kumar Akasapu | Lokesh Kumar Sharma | G. Ramakrishna
An Implementation of Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm using Dynamic Function

Author(s): Sunil Joshi | Dr. R. S . Jadon | Dr. R. C. Jain
Pattern Discovery using Fuzzy FP-growth Algorithm from Gene Expression Data

Author(s): Sabita Barik | Debahuti Mishra | Shruti Mishra | Sandeep Ku. Satapathy | Amiya Ku. Rath | Milu Acharya
Mining Maximal Frequent Item Sets

Author(s): Dr. S.S. Mantha | Madhuri Rao | Ashwini Anil Mane | Anil S. Mane
A Rough Set Model for Sequential Pattern Mining with Constraints

Author(s): Jigyasa Bisaria, Namita Srivastava and Kamal Raj Pardasani
Karnaugh Map Model for Mining Association Rules in Large Databases

Author(s): Neelu Khare, Neeru Adlakha and K. R. Pardasani
Incremental Cluster Detection using a Soft Computing Approach

Author(s): Alpa Reshamwala | Vijay Katkar | Mamta Ubnare
Frequent Browsing Patterns Mining Based on Dependency for Online Shopping

Author(s): Qing Yang | Ping Zhou | Jingwei Zhang

Author(s): Julen Castellano | David Casamichana | Julio Calleja-González | Jaime San Román | Sergej M. Ostojic
Independent evolution of the core and accessory gene sets in the genus Neisseria: insights gained from the genome of Neisseria lactamica isolate 020-06

Author(s): Bennett Julia | Bentley Stephen | Vernikos Georgios | Quail Michael | Cherevach Inna | White Brian | Parkhill Julian | Maiden Martin
CDCOCA: A statistical method to define complexity dependence of co-occuring chromosomal aberrations

Author(s): Kumar Nitin | Rehrauer Hubert | Cai Haoyang | Baudis Michael
Erythrocyte reference values in Emirati people with and without α+ thalassemia

Author(s): Denic Srdjan | Souid Abdul-Kader | Nagelkerke Nicolaas | Showqi Saad | Balhaj Ghazala
The "Lung": a software-controlled air accumulator for quasi-continuous multi-point measurement of agricultural greenhouse gases

Author(s): R. J. Martin | A. M. Bromley | M. J. Harvey | R. C. Moss | E. Pattey | D. Dow
Mining Fuzzy Cyclic Patterns

Author(s): A. Mazarbhuiya | M. A. Khaleel | P. R. Khan
Finding Interesting Relationships among Documents in DDB

Comparative and evolutionary analysis of the bacterial homologous recombination systems.

Author(s): Rocha Eduardo P C | Cornet Emmanuel | Michel Bénédicte
Topology testing of phylogenies using least squares methods

Author(s): Czarna Aleksandra | Sanjuán Rafael | González-Candelas Fernando | Wróbel Borys
Chromosomal patterns of gene expression from microarray data: methodology, validation and clinical relevance in gliomas

Author(s): Turkheimer Federico | Roncaroli Federico | Hennuy Benoit | Herens Christian | Nguyen Minh | Martin Didier | Evrard Annick | Bours Vincent | Boniver Jacques | Deprez Manuel
Stratification bias in low signal microarray studies

Author(s): Parker Brian | Günter Simon | Bedo Justin
Classification of human cancers based on DNA copy number amplification modeling

Author(s): Myllykangas Samuel | Tikka Jarkko | Böhling Tom | Knuutila Sakari | Hollmén Jaakko
An Experimental Study of Pattern Mining Technique to improve the Business Strategy

Author(s): S.Megal | Dr.M.Hemalatha | Dr.T.Christopher | P.Soundar Rajan
Implementation of WAP through an Innovative and Efficient Technique

Author(s): Shorya Agrawal | Nirved K. Pandey | Amit Kanskar
Ontological Frequent Patterns Mining by potential use of Neural Network

Author(s): Amit Bhagat | Sanjay Sharma | K. R. Pardasani
XML Mining Using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Soumadip Ghosh
Web Document Clustering for Finding Expertise in Research Area

Author(s): Anil Kumar Pandey | T. Jaya Lakshmi
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Using Data Reconstruction Based Approach

Author(s): Kshitij Pathak | Narendra S. Chaudhari | Aruna Tiwari

Author(s): Merica Slišković | Gorana Jelić
Image Mining for Mammogram Classification by Association Rule Using Statistical and GLCM features

Author(s): Aswini Kumar Mohanty | Sukanta Kumar Swain | Pratap Kumar Champati | Saroj Kumar Lenka
Concurrent Edge Prevision and Rear Edge Pruning Approach for Frequent Closed Itemset Mining

Author(s): Anurag Choubey | Dr. Ravindra Patel | Dr. J.L. Rana

Informative Motif Detection Using Data Mining

Author(s): F.A. Hoque | M. Mohebujjaman | N. Noman
The "Lung": a software-controlled air accumulator for quasi-continuous multi-point measurement of agricultural greenhouse gases

Author(s): R. J. Martin | A. M. Bromley | M. J. Harvey | R. C. Moss | E. Pattey | D. Dow
Vegetation height products between 60° S and 60° N from ICESat GLAS data

Author(s): S. O. Los | J. A. B. Rosette | N. Kljun | P. R. J. North | J. C. Suárez | C. Hopkinson | R. A. Hill | L. Chasmer | E. van Gorsel | C. Mahoney | J. A. J. Berni

Author(s): A. Bordji | H. Etemadi | D. Mehraban M.I. Qureshi
Web Log Mining using Improved Version of Apriori Algorithm

Author(s): Suneetha K R | Krishnamoorti R
Multilocus Phylogenetics Show High Intraspecific Variability within Fusarium avenaceum

Author(s): Tomasz Kulik | Agnieszka Pszczółkowska | Maciej Łojko
A Frame Work for Frequent Pattern Mining Using Dynamic Function

Author(s): Sunil Joshi | R S Jadon | R C Jain
Development of a new duplex real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for hepatitis B viral DNA detection

Author(s): Sun Shipeng | Meng Shuang | Zhang Rui | Zhang Kuo | Wang Lunan | Li Jinming
PhyloMap: an algorithm for visualizing relationships of large sequence data sets and its application to the influenza A virus genome

Author(s): Zhang Jiajie | Mamlouk Amir | Martinetz Thomas | Chang Suhua | Wang Jing | Hilgenfeld Rolf
Frequent Pattern Mining and Current State of the Art

Author(s): Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad | S. Ramakrishna
A New Approach to Mine Frequent Pattern in Spatial Database using TFP-Tree

Author(s): Kedar Nath Singh | Jitendra Agrawal | Sanjeev Sharma
A Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Associative Sets

Author(s): Guorui JIANG | Hai QING | Tiyun HUANG
XML Mining Using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Amitava Nag
An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Item Sets

Author(s): A. M.J.M.Z. Rahman | P. Balasubramanie
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