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The effect of the electrification of sand on the interaction of friction in tribological contact

Author(s): Nikolai GORBUNOV | Alexander KOSTYUKEVICH | Katherine KRAVCHENKO | Maxim KOVTANETS
Effect of chemical degradation on fluxes of reactive compounds

Author(s): J. Rinne | T. Markkanen | T. M. Ruuskanen | T. Petäjä | P. Keronen | M. J. Tang | J. N. Crowley | Ü. Rannik | T. Vesala
Three-dimensional modelling of wave-induced current from the surf zone to the inner shelf

Author(s): H. Michaud | P. Marsaleix | Y. Leredde | C. Estournel | F. Bourrin | F. Lyard | C. Mayet | F. Ardhuin
Analyzing coastal precipitation using TRMM observations

Author(s): R. H. Heiblum | I. Koren | O. Altaratz
Friction of Polymers Sliding on Smooth Surfaces

Author(s): Virginio Quaglini | Paolo Dubini
Model of Fracture, Friction, and Wear Phenomena of Porous Iron

Author(s): A. A. Shatsov | I. V. Ryaposov | D. M. Larinin
Torque & Drag Analysis Using Finite Element Method

Author(s): Andrew Wu | Geir Hareland | Mohammad Fazaelizadeh
Study of the Characteristics and Computation Analysis Results of Electromechanical Systems Models

Author(s): Berdai Abdelmajid | Abdelhadi El Moudden | Chornyi O.P.
Evaluación y caracterización biomecánica de los trinquetes de pelota valenciana. (Biomechanical assessment and characterization of the Valencian ball trinquetes).

Author(s): Ana María Montaner Sesmero | Salvador Llana Belloch | Carlos Montaner Sesmero | Enrique Alcántara Alcover
Non-Equilibrium Stationary Modes of Boundary Friction

Author(s): I.A. Lyashenko | L.S. Metlov | A.V. Khomenko | S.N. Chepulskyi
Structure аnd Physical-Mechanical Properties of nc-TiN Coatings Obtained by Vacuum-Arc Deposition and Deposition of HF Discharge

Author(s): A.D. Pogrebnyak | A.M. Mahmud | I.T. Karasha | G.V. Kirik | R.Y. Tkachenko | A.P. Sypylenko
Friction welding of steel to ceramic

Author(s): ombaut, P. | De Waele, W. | Faes, K.
Viscoelastic Fluid Flow past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Dissipation

Author(s): I. J. Uwanta | B. Y. Isah | M. O. Ibrahim
Radiative Convection Flow with Chemical Reaction

Author(s): I. J. Uwanta | B. Y. Isah | M. O. Ibrahim
Welding of AA1050 aluminum with AISI 304 stainless steel by rotary friction welding process

Author(s): Eder Paduan Alves | Francisco Piorino Neto | Chen Ying An
Synthesis and characterization of GAP/BAMO copolymers applied at high energetic composite propellants

Author(s): Aparecida Minhoco Kawamoto | Milton Faria Diniz | Vera Lúcia Lourenço | Marta Ferreira K. Takahashi | Thomas Keicher | Horst Krause | Klaus Menke | Paul Bernt Kempa

Author(s): A. Turenko | S. Lomaka | L. Ryzhyh | D. Leontiev | A. Bykadorov
Nuclear fission problem and Langevin equation

Author(s): M Sakhaee | S Jahanfar
Comparison of Diesel Engine Characteristic Using Pure Coconut Oil, Pure Palm Oil, and Pure Jatropha Oil as Fuel

Author(s): Iman K. Reksowardojo | Y. Hartanto | T. P. Brodjonegoro | W. Arismunandar
Pemodelan Sistem Gaya Dan Traksi Roda

Author(s): Bambang Sudarsono | Joni Dewanto
Studi Karakteristik Kopling Plat Gesek Tunggal Pada Kondisi Transient

Author(s): Joni Dewanto | Fransiskus Jeffry Budiman
Experimental Research on the Mechanical Properties of Methane Hydrate-Ice Mixtures

Author(s): Yanghui Li | Yongchen Song | Weiguo Liu | Feng Yu
A parametric design of compact exhaust manifold junction in heavy duty diesel engine using CFD

Author(s): Naeimi Hessamedin | Domiry Ganji Davood | Gorji Mofid | Javadirad Ghasem | Keshavarz Mojtaba

Author(s): Shahram Alyali | Amir Mostafapour | Ehsan Azarsa
Localization of Plastic Deformation in Copper Canisters for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Author(s): Hannu Hänninen | Tapio Saukkonen | Kati Savolainen
Soil Physical Properties as Predictors of Soil Strength Indices: Trinidad Case Study

Author(s): Derek Gay | Gaius Eudoixe | Ronald Roopnarine
Forced Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past Power Law Stretching Horizontal Plates

Author(s): Hassan Mohammed Hassan El-Hawary | Ahmed Mostafa Abdelhady | Fekry Mohamed Hady | Fouad Sayed Ibrahim
Forced Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past Power Law Stretching Horizontal Plates

Author(s): Hassan Mohammed Hassan El-Hawary | Ahmed Mostafa Abdelhady | Fekry Mohamed Hady | Fouad Sayed Ibrahim

Author(s): Stelian ALACI | Florina Carmen CIORNEI | Dumitru AMARANDEI | Constantin FILOTE | Simion PĂTRAŞ-CICEU | Dorel PRODAN
An analytical solution for tidal dynamics in the Yangtze Estuary, China

Author(s): E. F. Zhang | H. H. G. Savenije | S. L. Chen | X. H. Mao
Sensitivity of basal conditions in an inverse model: Vestfonna Ice-Cap, Nordaustlandet/Svalbard

Author(s): M. Schäfer | T. Zwinger | P. Christoffersen | F. Gillet-Chaulet | K. Laakso | R. Pettersson | V. A. Pohjola | T. Strozzi | J. C. Moore
Surface chemical modification for exceptional wear life of MEMS materials

Author(s): R. Arvind Singh | N. Satyanarayana | Sujeet Kumar Sinha
Evaluation of the Frictional Characteristics of Rolling Emulsions

Author(s): Vicente Espinoza-Cantú | Martha P. Guerrero-Mata | Tomás Lozano | Rafael Colás
Water Soluble Responsive Polymer Brushes

Author(s): Michael P. Weir | Andrew J. Parnell
Surface and Sliding Wear Behaviour of Different Coatings and Steels

Author(s): Vera-Cárdenas E.E. | Vite-Torres M. | Lewis R.
Effect of the Surface Texture on Friction Thrust Bearing Performance

Author(s): Suárez-Bustamante F.A. | Toro-Botero F.M. | Vélez-Restrepo J.M.
Atmospheric dust modeling from meso to global scales with the online NMMB/BSC-Dust model – Part 2: Experimental campaigns in Northern Africa

Author(s): K. Haustein | C. Pérez | J. M. Baldasano | O. Jorba | S. Basart | R. L. Miller | Z. Janjic | T. Black | S. Nickovic | M. C. Todd | R. Washington
Dust resuspension under weak wind conditions: direct observations and model

Author(s): O. G. Chkhetiani | E. B. Gledzer | M. S. Artamonova | M. A. Iordanskii
Investigation and Optimization of Sn/Gr Lubricants Effects on Cold Extrudability of Fe-TiC Nanocomposite Using Taguchi Robust Design Method

Author(s): Seyed Abdolkarim Sajjadi | Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad | Nasrin Sasani | Heydar Khadivi | Behrooz Naderi
Improvement in Tribological Properties of Surface Layer of an Al Alloy by Friction Stir Processing

Author(s): Soheyl Soleymani | Amir Abdollah-zadeh | Sima Ahamd Alidokht
Pyroclastic Flow from Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat: Solid Block Model

Author(s): Irina Nikolkina | Narcisse Zahibo | Tatiana Talipova | Efim Pelinovsky
Lipoma of the Stomach Prolapsing into the Duodenal Bulb and Causing a Duodenal Ulcer: A Case Report

Author(s): Tateki Yamane | Akihiko Takeda | Takayuki Ishii | Toshio Morisane
Mechanism Analysis on Stress Accumulation in Cylindrical Vertical-Placed Metal Hydride Reactor

Author(s): Xiaochen Hu | Zhaogang Qi | Feng Qin | Jiangping Chen
A treatment of expansive soil using different additives

Author(s): Mohammed Y. Fattah | Firas A. Salman | Bestun J. Nareeman
The economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity: an Australian example

Author(s): Cadilhac Dominique | Cumming Toby | Sheppard Lauren | Pearce Dora | Carter Rob | Magnus Anne
Effects of drill microgeometry and cooling supply in the surface integrity

Author(s): R.P. Zeilmann | T. Vacaro | F.M. Bordin
The Rolling Transition in a Granular Flow along a Rotating Wall

Author(s): Francois Rioual | Aurélie Le Quiniou | Yuri Lapusta
Fpga-based control of piezoelectric actuators

Author(s): Juhász László | Maas Jürgen
Investigating changes in basal conditions of Variegated Glacier prior to and during its 1982–1983 surge

Author(s): M. Jay-Allemand | F. Gillet-Chaulet | O. Gagliardini | M. Nodet
MR Imaging of Ankle Impingement Syndromes

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Mostafavi
Unsteady flow of a conducting dusty fluid between two circular cylinders

Author(s): G. K. Ramesh | Mahesha | B. J. Gireesha | C. S. Bagewadi
Workload Benefits of Using a Synthetic Rope Strawline in Cable Yarder Rigging in Norway

Author(s): Giovanna Ottaviani | Bruce Talbot | Morten Nitteberg | Karl Stampfer
New method for determination of temperature in spallation reactions

Author(s): Jordanov Dragana J. | Grabež Bojana S. | Subotić Krunoslav M. | Nađđerđ Laslo J.
Friction welding of ceramics to metals

Author(s): Bonte, Dries | Derynck, Bart | De Baets, Patrick | De Waele, Wim | Faes, Koen
Wear investigation of wet clutch friction material

Author(s): Genbrugge, Bart | De Baets, Patrick | Ost, Wouter
Friction stir overlap welding of 2124 Aluminium plate

Author(s): Van Haver, Wim | Geurten, A. | de Meester, B. | Defrancq, J.
Weldability of micro-alloyed high-strength pipeline steels using a new friction welding variant

Author(s): Faes, Koen | De Baets, Patrick | Dhooge, Alfred | De Waele, Wim | Denys, Rudi, Van Der Donckt, E. | Delbaere, D.
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