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The BEAN experiment - An EISCAT study of ion temperature anisotropies

Author(s): I. W. McCrea | G. O. L. Jones | M. Lester
Dynamic variability in F-region ionospheric composition at auroral arc boundaries

Author(s): M. Zettergren | J. Semeter | B. Burnett | W. Oliver | C. Heinselman | P.-L. Blelly | M. Diaz
Comparison of loads on smooth and corrugated-wall model grain bins

Author(s): Molenda M. | Horabik J. | Ross I.J.
Solar and seasonal dependence of ion frictional heating

Author(s): J. A. Davies | M. Lester | I. W. McCrea
Tribological behaviour of TiAlN coated carbides in dry sliding tests

Author(s): W. Grzesik | Z. Zalisz | S. Król
Biomechanical analysis of the lumbar spine on facet joint force and intradiscal pressure - a finite element study

Author(s): Kuo Ching-Sung | Hu Hsuan-Teh | Lin Ruey-Mo | Huang Kuo-Yuan | Lin Po-Chun | Zhong Zheng-Cheng | Hseih Mu-Lin
Occupational skin problems in construction workers

Author(s): Shah Kartik | Tiwari Rajnarayan
Pressure Drop in Vertical Core-Annular Flow

Author(s): Prada José Walter Vanegas | Bannwart Antonio Carlos
The quasi-static approximation of the spring-slider motion

Author(s): M. E. Belardinelli | E. Belardinelli
Thermal anomalies and fluid geochemistry framework in occurrence of the 2000-2001 Nizza Monferrate seismic sequence (northern Italy): Episodic changes in the fault zone heat flow or chemical mixing phenomena?

Author(s): F. Quattrocchi | R. Favara | G. Capasso | L. Pizzino | R. Bencini | D. Cinti | G. Galli | F. Grassa | S. Francofonte | G. Volpicielli
Emerging insights into the dynamics of submarine debris flows

Author(s): A. Elverhøi | D. Issler | F. V. De Blasio | T. Ilstad | C. B. Harbitz | P. Gauer
A Mechanism Denial Study on the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Author(s): Daehyun Kim | Adam H. Sobel | In-Sik Kang
Beam to Column Timber Joints with Pretensioned Bolts

Author(s): Awaludin A. | Hirai T. | Sasaki Y. | Hayashikawa T. | Oikawa A.
Mean flow stability in a model of the eastern North Pacific ocean

Author(s): Guillermo Auad | Alejandro Parés-Sierra
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