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Yeast That Smell

Author(s): Eugenia Y Xu | Addison D Ault | James R Broach*
Signalling and function of the human G protein-coupled receptor 55

Author(s): Balenga Nariman | Kargl Julia | Schröder Ralf | Heinemann Ákos | Kostenis Evi | Waldhoer Maria
The trafficking of GPR55 is regulated by the G protein-coupled receptor-associated sorting protein 1

Author(s): Kargl Julia | Balenga Nariman | Platzer Wolfgang | Martini Lene | Whistler Jennifer | Waldhoer Maria
Proteomic analysis of purified coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus particles

Author(s): Kong Qingming | Xue Chunyi | Ren Xiangpeng | Zhang Chengwen | Li Linlin | Shu Dingming | Bi Yingzuo | Cao Yongchang
The ADP receptor P2Y1 is necessary for normal thermal sensitivity in cutaneous polymodal nociceptors

Author(s): Molliver Derek | Rau Kristofer | McIlwrath Sabrina | Jankowski Michael | Koerber H Richard
Exploratory Studies on Development of the Chemokine Receptor CXCR4 Antagonists Toward Downsizing

Author(s): Hirokazu Tamamura | Hiroshi Tsutsumi | Wataru Nomura | Nobutaka Fujii
G Protein-Coupled Receptor 87: a Promising Opportunity for Cancer Drug Discovery

Author(s): Yanhong Zhang | Ariane Scoumanne | Xinbin Chen
Distribution of Endogenous Farnesyl Pyrophosphate and Four Species of Lysophosphatidic Acid in Rodent Brain

Author(s): Sung Ha Lee | Siham Raboune | J. Michael Walker | Heather B. Bradshaw
The angiogenic properties of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus encoded G-protein coupled receptor are reduced by flavopiridol, an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 9

Author(s): McFerrin Harris | Angelova Magdelena | Abboud Elizabeth | Nelson Anne | Betancourt Aline | Morris Gilbert | Shelby Bryan | Morris Cindy | Sullivan Deborah
Upregulation of angiopoietin-like 4 by viral G protein-coupled receptor promotes angiogenesis and vascular permeability in Kaposi’s sarcoma

Author(s): Ma Tao | Jham Bruno | Hu Jiadi | Friedman Eitan | Basile John | Sodhi Akrit | Montaner Silvia
GPCR Conformations: Implications for Rational Drug Design

Author(s): Abby L. Parrill | Debra L. Bautista
Original Fluorescent Ligand-Based Assays Open New Perspectives in G-Protein Coupled Receptor Drug Screening

Author(s): Martin Cottet | Orestis Faklaris | Jurriaan M. Zwier | Eric Trinquet | Jean-Philippe Pin | Thierry Durroux
Opioid Actions in Primary-Afferent Fibers—Involvement in Analgesia and Anesthesia

Author(s): Eiichi Kumamoto | Kotaro Mizuta | Tsugumi Fujita
Roles of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling in angiogenesis

Author(s): Yoh Takuwa | Wa Du | Xun Qi | Yasuo Okamoto | Noriko Takuwa | Kazuaki Yoshioka
Myocardial Opioid Receptors in Conditioning and Cytoprotection

Author(s): Grant Williams-Pritchard | John P. Headrick | Jason N. Peart
Endocrine and paracrine role of bile acids

Author(s): Verena Keitel, Ralf Kubitz, Dieter Häussinger
The kiss-1-kisspeptin-gpr54 complex: a critical modulator of GnRH neurons during pubertal activation

Author(s): Cesar Alberto Meza-Herrera | Francisco Gerardo Veliz-Deras | Maria Wurzinger | Bernardo Lopez-Ariza | Gerardo Arellano-Rodriguez | Rafael Rodriguez-Martinez
Kinin B1 receptors contributes to acute pain following minor surgery in humans

Author(s): Hamza May | Wang Xiao-Min | Adam Albert | Brahim Jaime | Rowan Janet | Carmona Gilberto | Dionne Raymond
Orphan receptor GPR110, an oncogene overexpressed in lung and prostate cancer

Author(s): Lum Amy | Wang Bruce | Beck-Engeser Gabriele | Li Lauri | Channa Namitha | Wabl Matthias
F-Prostaglandin receptor regulates endothelial cell function via fibroblast growth factor-2

Author(s): Keightley Margaret | Brown Pamela | Jabbour Henry | Sales Kurt
Differential requirement of the epidermal growth factor receptor for G protein-mediated activation of transcription factors by lysophosphatidic acid

Author(s): Oyesanya Regina | Greenbaum Susie | Dang David | Lee Zendra | Mukherjee Abir | Wu Jinhua | Dent Paul | Fang Xianjun
Beta-Adrenergic Agonists

Author(s): Giovanni Barisione | Michele Baroffio | Emanuele Crimi | Vito Brusasco
Functional role of cannabinoid receptors in urinary bladder

Author(s): Tyagi Pradeep | Tyagi Vikas | Yoshimura Naoki | Chancellor Michael
Stochastic Modeling of B Lymphocyte Terminal Differentiation and Its Suppression by Dioxin

Author(s): Zhang Qiang | Bhattacharya Sudin | Kline Douglas | Crawford Robert | Conolly Rory | Thomas Russell | Kaminski Norbert | Andersen Melvin
Mutation screening of melatonin-related genes in patients with autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Jonsson Lina | Ljunggren Elin | Bremer Anna | Pedersen Christin | Landén Mikael | Thuresson Kent | Giacobini MaiBritt | Melke Jonas
Forced unbinding of GPR17 ligands from wild type and R255I mutant receptor models through a computational approach

Author(s): Parravicini Chiara | Abbracchio Maria | Fantucci Piercarlo | Ranghino Graziella
Replicated association of the single nucleotide polymorphism in EDG1 with marbling in three general populations of Japanese Black beef cattle

Author(s): Sukegawa Shin | Miyake Takeshi | Takahagi Yoichi | Murakami Hiroshi | Morimatsu Fumiki | Yamada Takahisa | Sasaki Yoshiyuki
Nucleoside conjugates of quantum dots for characterization of G protein-coupled receptors: strategies for immobilizing A2A adenosine receptor agonists

Author(s): Das Arijit | Sanjayan Gangadhar | Kecskés Miklós | Yoo Lena | Gao Zhan-Guo | Jacobson Kenneth
The serendipitous origin of chordate secretin peptide family members

Author(s): Cardoso João | Vieira Florbela | Gomes Ana | Power Deborah
The HAC1 gene from Pichia pastoris: characterization and effect of its overexpression on the production of secreted, surface displayed and membrane proteins

Author(s): Guerfal Mouna | Ryckaert Stefan | Jacobs Pieter | Ameloot Paul | Van Craenenbroeck Kathleen | Derycke Riet | Callewaert Nico
Functional genomics of human bronchial epithelial cells directly interacting with conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): Gomez Pol | Hackett Tillie | Moore Margo | Knight Darryl | Tebbutt Scott
A novel chemogenomics analysis of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and their ligands: a potential strategy for receptor de-orphanization

Author(s): van der Horst Eelke | Peironcely Julio | IJzerman Adriaan | Beukers Margot | Lane Jonathan | van Vlijmen Herman | Emmerich Michael | Okuno Yasushi | Bender Andreas
A novel alternatively spliced isoform of the mu-opioid receptor: functional antagonism

Author(s): Gris Pavel | Gauthier Josee | Cheng Philip | Gibson Dustin | Gris Denis | Laur Oskar | Pierson John | Wentworth Sean | Nackley Andrea | Maixner William | Diatchenko Luda
TRPM3 channel stimulated by pregnenolone sulphate in synovial fibroblasts and negatively coupled to hyaluronan

Author(s): Ciurtin Coziana | Majeed Yasser | Naylor Jacqueline | Sukumar Piruthivi | English Anne | Emery Paul | Beech David
Common variants in the regulative regions of GRIA1 and GRIA3 receptor genes are associated with migraine susceptibility

Author(s): Formicola Daniela | Aloia Andrea | Sampaolo Simone | Farina Olimpia | Diodato Daria | Griffiths Lyn | Gianfrancesco Fernando | Di Iorio Giuseppe | Esposito Teresa
Role of the G Protein-Coupled Receptor, mGlu1, in Melanoma Development

Author(s): Janet Wangari-Talbot | James Goydos | Suzie Chen

Author(s): Krešimir Salajpal | Marija Đikić | Danijel Karolyi | Jadranka Šurina | Mario Matković | Branko Liker
Targeted Toxins in Brain Tumor Therapy

Author(s): Yan Michael Li | Walter A. Hall
Syndecan-1 knock-down in decidualized human endometrial stromal cells leads to significant changes in cytokine and angiogenic factor expression patterns

Author(s): Baston-Büst Dunja | Götte Martin | Janni Wolfgang | Krüssel Jan-Steffen | Hess Alexandra
Sphingosine-1-Phosphate-Specific G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Novel Therapeutic Targets for Atherosclerosis

Author(s): Yasuo Okamoto | Fei Wang | Kazuaki Yoshioka | Noriko Takuwa | Yoh Takuwa
p38 and STAT3 activation by vGPCR in KSHV-infected cells

Author(s): Mingli Liu | Shanchun Guo
Quantitative measurements of C-reactive protein using silicon nanowire arrays

Author(s): Min-Ho Lee | Kuk-Nyung Lee | Suk-Won Jung | Won-Hyo Kim | Kyu-Sik Shin | Woo-Kyeong Seong
Urotensin II in cardiovascular regulation

Author(s): Fraser D Russell
Assessment of MC1R and α-MSH gene sequences in Iranian vitiligo patients

Author(s): Eskandani M | Hasannia S | Vandghanooni S | Pirooznia N | Golchai J
The formyl peptide receptor like-1 and scavenger receptor MARCO are involved in glial cell activation in bacterial meningitis

Author(s): Braun Benedikt | Slowik Alexander | Leib Stephen | Lucius Ralph | Varoga Deike | Wruck Christoph | Jansen Sandra | Podschun Rainer | Pufe Thomas | Brandenburg Lars-Ove
Activation of the dopamine 1 and dopamine 5 receptors increase skeletal muscle mass and force production under non-atrophying and atrophying conditions

Author(s): Reichart Deborah | Hinkle Richard | Lefever Frank | Dolan Elizabeth | Dietrich Jeffrey | Sibley David | Isfort Robert
Fatty acid binding receptors in intestinal physiology and pathophysiology

Author(s): Elke Kaemmerer, Patrick Plum, Christina Klaus, Ralf Weiskirchen, Christian Liedtke, Maximilian Adolf, Angela Schippers, Norbert Wagner, Andrea Reinartz, Nikolaus Gassler
Scavenger receptor BI: A multi-purpose player in cholesterol and steroid metabolism

Author(s): Menno Hoekstra, Theo JC Van Berkel, Miranda Van Eck
Soft X-ray Laser Microscopy of Lipid Rafts towards GPCR-Based Drug Discovery Using Time-Resolved FRET Spectroscopy

Author(s): Motoyoshi Baba | Tohru Kozasa | Takao Hamakubo | Hiroto Kuroda | Kazuyuki Masuda | Shin Yoneya | Tatsuhiko Kodama
Molecular Approaches To Target GPCRs in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Giulio Innamorati | Maria Teresa Valenti | Francesco Giovinazzo | Luca Dalle Carbonare | Marco Parenti | Claudio Bassi
2R and remodeling of vertebrate signal transduction engine

Author(s): Huminiecki Lukasz | Heldin Carl
Overexpression of GPR39 contributes to malignant development of human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Xie Fajun | Liu Haibo | Zhu Ying-Hui | Qin Yan-Ru | Dai Yongdong | Zeng Tingting | Chen Leilei | Nie Changjun | Tang Hong | Li Yan | Fu Li | Guan Xin-Yuan
The functional expression of extracellular calcium-sensing receptor in rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Li Guang-wei | Wang Qiu-shi | Hao Jing-hui | Xing Wen-jing | Guo Jin | Li Hong-zhu | Bai Shu-zhi | Li Hong-xia | Zhang Wei-hua | Yang Bao-feng | Yang Guang-dong | Wu Ling-yun | Wang Rui | Xu Chang-qing
Monocyte response receptors in BCG driven delayed type hypersensitivity to tuberculin.

Author(s): Dominik Strapagiel | Karolina Kasztalska | Magdalena Druszczyńska | Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat | Adriana Vrba | Agnieszka Matusiak | Magdalena Chmiela | Wiesława Rudnicka
The GnRH receptor and the response of gonadotrope cells to GnRH pulse frequency code. A story of an atypical adaptation of cell function relying on a lack of receptor homologous desensitization.

Author(s): Raymond Counis | Ghislaine Garrel | Jean-NoĂŤl Laverriere | Violaine Simon | Christian Bleux | Solange Magre | JoĂŤlle Cohen-Tannoudji
The GHS-R Blocker D-[Lys3] GHRP-6 Serves as CCR5 Chemokine Receptor Antagonist

Author(s): Kalpesh Patel, Vishwa Deep Dixit, Jun Ho Lee, Jie Wan Kim, Eric M. Schaffer, Dzung Nguyen, Dennis D. Taub
Receptor-Drug Interaction: Europium Employment for Studying the Biochemical Pathway of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation

Author(s): Colabufo Nicola Antonio | Perrone Maria Grazia | Contino Marialessandra | Berardi Francesco | Perrone Roberto
Función del ácido lisofosfatídico como regulador lipídico modulador del comportamiento / Role of lysophosphatidic acid as lipid mediator in behavior

Author(s): Guillermo Estivill-Torrús | Luis Javier Santín | Carmen Pedraza | Estela Castilla-Ortega | Fernando Rodríguez de Fonseca
The Roles of Opioid Receptors and agonists in health and disease Conditions

Author(s): A.O. Ibegbu | I. Mullaney | L. Fyfe | D. MacBean
Structure Based Antibody-Like Peptidomimetics

Author(s): Ramachandran Murali | Mark I. Greene
Receptor and Channel Heteromers as Pain Targets

Author(s): Kelly A. Berg | Amol M. Patwardhan | Armen N. Akopian
Chronic Chagas’ heart disease – From pathogenesis to treatment regimes

Author(s): Silvia Gilkas Munoz-Saravia | Annekathrin Haberland | Gerd Wallukat | Ingolf Schimke
The kiss-1-kisspeptin-gpr54 complex: a critical modulator of GnRH neurons during pubertal activation

Author(s): Cesar Alberto Meza-Herrera | Francisco Gerardo Veliz-Deras | Maria Wurzinger | Bernardo Lopez-Ariza | Gerardo Arellano-Rodriguez | Rafael Rodriguez-Martinez
G-protein Coupled Receptor Dimerization

Author(s): Nikzad Nikbin | Christine Edwards | Christopher A Reynolds
AKAP12 and AKAP5 form higher-order hetero-oligomers

Author(s): Gao Shujuan | Wang Hsien-yu | Malbon Craig
Molecular evolution of a chordate specific family of G protein-coupled receptors

Author(s): Kurtenbach Stefan | Mayer Christoph | Pelz Thomas | Hatt Hanns | Leese Florian | Neuhaus Eva
Integrating GPCR-specific information with full text articles

Author(s): Vroling Bas | Thorne David | McDermott Philip | Attwood Teresa | Vriend Gert | Pettifer Steve
Integrating transcriptomics and metabonomics to unravel modes-of-action of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in HepG2 cells

Author(s): Jennen Danyel | Ruiz-Aracama Ainhoa | Magkoufopoulou Christina | Peijnenburg Ad | Lommen Arjen | van Delft Joost | Kleinjans Jos
Calcium signals in the nucleus accumbens: Activation of astrocytes by ATP and succinate

Author(s): Molnár Tünde | Dobolyi Árpád | Nyitrai Gabriella | Barabás Péter | Héja László | Emri Zsuzsa | Palkovits Miklós | Kardos Julianna
Identification of the estrogen receptor GPER in neoplastic and non-neoplastic human testes

Author(s): Rago Vittoria | Romeo Francesco | Giordano Francesca | Maggiolini Marcello | Carpino Amalia
A novel splice variant of the stem cell marker LGR5/GPR49 is correlated with the risk of tumor-related death in soft-tissue sarcoma patients

Author(s): Rot Swetlana | Taubert Helge | Bache Matthias | Greither Thomas | Würl Peter | Eckert Alexander | Schubert Johannes | Vordermark Dirk | Kappler Matthias
A comprehensive curated resource for follicle stimulating hormone signaling

Author(s): Telikicherla Deepthi | Ambekar Aditi | Palapetta Shyam | Dwivedi Sutopa | Raju Rajesh | Sharma Jyoti | Prasad TS Keshava | Ramachandra YL | Mohan S Sujatha | Maharudraiah Jagadeesha | Mukherjee Srabani | Pandey Akhilesh
TM-MOTIF: an alignment viewer to annotate predicted transmembrane helices and conserved motifs in aligned set of sequences

Author(s): Balasubramanian Nagarathnam | Kannan Sankar | Varadhan Dharnidharka | Veluchamy Balakrishnan | Govindaraju Archunan | Ramanathan Sowdhamini*
G Proteins and Regulation of Effector Function

Author(s): A.R. Dehpour |  K. Mousavizadeh
Mutation of the histidin residue of the DRH motif in vasopressin V2 receptor expression and function

Author(s): H Mir Mohammad Sadeghi | M Rabbani | A Jafarian | H Najafzadeh | L Safaeian
Identification of novel sweet protein for nutritional applications

Author(s): Gnanavel Mutharasu | Muthukumar Serva Peddha
Investigation on Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships and Pharmacophore Modeling of a Series of mGluR2 Antagonists

Author(s): Meng-Qi Zhang | Xiao-Le Zhang | Yan Li | Wen-Jia Fan | Yong-Hua Wang | Ming Hao | Shu-Wei Zhang | Chun-Zhi Ai
Cofactor-mediated conformational control in the bifunctional kinase/RNase Ire1

Author(s): Korennykh Alexei | Egea Pascal | Korostelev Andrei | Finer-Moore Janet | Stroud Robert | Zhang Chao | Shokat Kevan | Walter Peter
ss-TEA: Entropy based identification of receptor specific ligand binding residues from a multiple sequence alignment of class A GPCRs

Author(s): Sanders Marijn | Fleuren Wilco | Verhoeven Stefan | van den Beld Sven | Alkema Wynand | de Vlieg Jacob | Klomp Jan
Family structure and phylogenetic analysis of odorant receptor genes in the large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea)

Author(s): Zhou Yingsong | Yan Xiaojun | Xu Shanliang | Zhu Peng | He Xianxing | Liu Jianxin
In Silico Veritas: The Pitfalls and Challenges of Predicting GPCR-Ligand Interactions

Author(s): Luc Roumen | Marijn P.A. Sanders | Bas Vroling | Iwan J.P. De Esch | Jacob De Vlieg | Rob Leurs | Jan P.G. Klomp | Sander B. Nabuurs | Chris De Graaf
Analgesic tone conferred by constitutively active mu opioid receptors in mice lacking β-arrestin 2

Author(s): Lam Hoa | Maga Matthew | Pradhan Amynah | Evans Christopher | Maidment Nigel | Hales Tim | Walwyn Wendy
Evaluation of the Pichia pastoris expression system for the production of GPCRs for structural analysis

Author(s): Asada Hidetsugu | Uemura Tomoko | Yurugi-Kobayashi Takami | Shiroishi Mitsunori | Shimamura Tatsuro | Tsujimoto Hirokazu | Ito Keisuke | Sugawara Taishi | Nakane Takanori | Nomura Norimichi | Murata Takeshi | Haga Tatsuya | Iwata So | Kobayashi Takuya
Differential regulation of diacylglycerol kinase isoform in human failing hearts

Author(s): Bilim Olga | Shishido Tetsuro | Toyama Shuji | Suzuki Satoshi | Sasaki Toshiki | Kitahara Tatsuro | Sadahiro Mitsuaki | Takeishi Yasuchika | Kubota Isao
G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5 mediates Tazarotene-induced gene 1-induced growth suppression of human colon cancer cells

Author(s): Wu Chang-Chieh | Tsai Fu-Ming | Shyu Rong-Yaun | Tsai Ya-Ming | Wang Chun-Hua | Jiang Shun-Yuan
Characterization of age-related gene expression profiling in bone marrow and epididymal adipocytes

Author(s): Liu Li-Fen | Shen Wen-Jun | Ueno Masami | Patel Shailja | Kraemer Fredric
GPCR-SSFE: A comprehensive database of G-protein-coupled receptor template predictions and homology models

Author(s): Worth Catherine | Kreuchwig Annika | Kleinau Gunnar | Krause Gerd
The aspartic proteinase family of three Phytophthora species

Author(s): Kay John | Meijer Harold | ten Have Arjen | van Kan Jan
Cell-free synthesis of a functional G protein-coupled receptor complexed with nanometer scale bilayer discs

Author(s): Yang Jian-Ping | Cirico Tatiana | Katzen Federico | Peterson Todd | Kudlicki Wieslaw
Translocation of signalling proteins to the plasma membrane revealed by a new bioluminescent procedure

Author(s): Giorgi Carlotta | Romagnoli Anna | Agnoletto Chiara | Bergamelli Leda | Sorrentino Giovanni | Brini Marisa | Pozzan Tullio | Meldolesi Jacopo | Pinton Paolo | Rizzuto Rosario
Regulation of gene expression in ovarian cancer cells by luteinizing hormone receptor expression and activation

Author(s): Cui Juan | Miner Brooke | Eldredge Joanna | Warrenfeltz Susanne | Dam Phuongan | Xu Ying | Puett David
Gβγ subunits inhibit Epac-induced melanoma cell migration

Author(s): Baljinnyam Erdene | Umemura Masanari | De Lorenzo Mariana | Xie Lai-Hua | Nowycky Martha | Iwatsubo Mizuka | Chen Suzie | Goydos James | Iwatsubo Kousaku
The asthma candidate gene NPSR1 mediates isoform specific downstream signalling

Author(s): Pietras Christina | Vendelin Johanna | Anedda Francesca | Bruce Sara | Adner Mikael | Sundman Lilli | Pulkkinen Ville | Alenius Harri | D'Amato Mauro | Söderhäll Cilla | Kere Juha
CREST - a large and diverse superfamily of putative transmembrane hydrolases

Author(s): Pei Jimin | Millay Douglas | Olson Eric | Grishin Nick
A model for the evaluation of domain based classification of GPCR

Author(s): Tannu Kumari | Bhaskar Pant | Kamalraj R. Pardasani
Gi/o Protein-Dependent and -Independent Actions of Pertussis Toxin (PTX)

Author(s): Supachoke Mangmool | Hitoshi Kurose
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Crosstalks in Liver Cancer

Author(s): Carmen Berasain | María Ujue Latasa | Raquel Urtasun | Saioa Goñi | María Elizalde | Oihane Garcia-Irigoyen | María Azcona | Jesús Prieto | Matías A. Ávila
Preliminary study on MC1R polymorphism in some cattle breeds raised in Italy

Author(s): P. Crepaldi | M. Marilli | C. Gorni | D. Meggiolaro | M. Cicogna | C. Renieri
Sulfotyrosine Recognition as Marker for Druggable Sites in the Extracellular Space

Author(s): Joshua J. Ziarek | Maxime S. Heroux | Christopher T. Veldkamp | Francis C. Peterson | Brian F. Volkman
EMR2 Receptor Ligation Modulates Cytokine Secretion Profiles and Cell Survival of Lipopolysaccharide-treated Neutrophils

Author(s): Tzu-Ying Chenee | Tsong-Long Hwang | Chun-Yen Lin | Tsung-Nan Lin | Hsin-Yi Lai | Wen-Pin Tsai | Hsi-Hsien Lin
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