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Author(s): Ri-Na Su | Sha Shi | Hai-Bo Wu | Wen-Shu Wang
Ozone profile retrievals from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument

Author(s): X. Liu | P. K. Bhartia | K. Chance | R. J. D. Spurr | T. P. Kurosu
Use of a liquid nicotine delivery product to promote smoking cessation

Author(s): Geimer Nicholas | Olson Carl | Baumgarten Deborah | Kepner James | Mahoney Martin
Effect of Different Salinity Levels on the Yield and Yield Components of Wheat Cultivars

Author(s): S. Rahman | Bashir Ahmad | Mohammad Shafi | Jehan Bakht
Grazing Affects Essential Oil Compositions of Artemisia sieberi Besser

Author(s): R. Bagheri | M.R. Chaichi | M. Mohseni-Saravi | G.R . Amin | G. Zahedi

Author(s): Reginaldo Nassar Ferreira | Miguel Joaquim Dias | Dirson Vieira | Denise Regina Macário
Distribution of chronotypes in a large sample of young adult Saudis

Author(s): BaHammam Ahmed | Almestehi Wael | Albatli Abdurrahman | AlShaya Shaya
Swietenolide diacetate from the seeds of Swietenia macrophylla

Author(s): Bey Hing Goh | Habsah Abdul Kadir | Sri Nurestri Abdul Malek | Seik Weng Ng

Author(s): Hai-Bo Wu | Hua Li | Xiao-Cong Lan | Wen-Shu Wang
Induction of Salt Tolerance in Rice Through Mutation Breeding

Author(s): Abdul Wahid Baloch | Ali Mohammed Soomro | Mohammed Aslam Javed | Hafeez-ur-Rahman Bughio | Syed Manzoor Alam | Mohammed Sharif Bughio | Taj Mohammed | Noor-ul-Nabi Mastoi
Liquid phase sintering of dense and porous glass-ceramics from coal fly-ash and waste glass

Author(s): Bossert J. | Fidancevska E. | Mangutova B. | Panova B. | Milosevski D. | Milosevski M.
Ability of Pleurotus eryngii mycelium to absorb selenium depending on the selenium source and concentration in medium

Author(s): Vukojević Jelena B. | Stajić Mirjana | Duletić-Laušević Sonja
Squalene and amentoflavone from Antidesma laciniatum

Author(s): Alembert T. Tchinda | Ayele Teshome | Ermias Dagne | Norbert Arnold | Ludger A. Wessjohann
Effect of humidity on the composition and yield of isoprene photooxidation secondary organic aerosol

Author(s): T. B. Nguyen | P. J. Roach | J. Laskin | A. Laskin | S. A. Nizkorodov
Avian influenza virus monitoring in wintering waterbirds in Iran, 2003-2007

Author(s): Fereidouni Sasan | Werner Ortrud | Starick Elke | Beer Martin | Harder Timm | Aghakhan Mehdi | Modirrousta Hossein | Amini Hamid | Moghaddam Majid | Bozorghmehrifard Mohammad | Akhavizadegan Mohammad | Gaidet Nicolas | Newman Scott | Hammoumi Saliha | Cattoli Giovanni | Globig Anja | Hoffmann Bernd | Sehati Mohammad | Masoodi Siamak | Dodman Tim | Hagemeijer Ward | Mousakhani Shirin | Mettenleiter Thomas
Spectrum of musculo-skeletal disorders in sickle cell disease in Lagos, Nigeria

Author(s): Balogun Rufai | Obalum Dike | Giwa Suleiman | Adekoya-Cole Thomas | Ogo Chidiebere | Enweluzo George
Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with decreased serum levels of high density lipoprotein, but not with the severity of coronary atherosclerosis

Author(s): Jia En-Zhi | Zhao Fu-Jun | Hao Bo | Zhu Tie-Bing | Wang Lian-Sheng | Chen Bo | Cao Ke-Jiang | Huang Jun | Ma Wen-Zhu | Yang Zhi-Jian | Zhang Guoxin
Awareness of olympic issues and evaluations of the olympic concepts among the school of physical education and sport students

Author(s): Dilşad Çoknaz | Meliha Atalay Noordegraaf | Lale Güler | Müfide Yoruç Çotuk
Tannin, protein contents and fatty acid compositions of the seeds of several Vicia L. species from Turkey

Author(s): Kökten, Kağan | Koçak, Alpaslan | Bağci, Eyüp | Akçura, Mevlüt | Çelik, Sait
Documentation and coding of medical records in a tertiary care center : A pilot study.

Author(s): Farhan Joman | Al-Jummaa Sulaiman | Al-Rajhi Abdulrahman | Al-Rayes Hassan | Al-Nasser Abdulaziz
Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009

Author(s): Chris Busby | Malak Hamdan | Entesar Ariabi
Who is accessing public-sector anti-retroviral treatment in the Free State, South Africa? An exploratory study of the first three years of programme implementation

Author(s): Wouters Edwin | Heunis Christo | Ponnet Koen | Van Loon Francis | Booysen Frederik | van Rensburg Dingie | Meulemans Herman
Scoliosis Curve: Before and After Surgical Correction

Author(s): H.H. P. Feizi | M.A. Mohseni
Physico-chemical Changes of Paddy Soils under Long-term Intensive Fertilization

Author(s): M.S.H. Khan | M.J. Abedin Mian | Afrin Akhter | M. Khosruzzaman
Genotype and Plant Density Effects on Corn (Zea mays L.) Forage Yield

Author(s): Saban Yilmaz | Huseyin Gozubenli | Omer Konuskan | Ibrahim Atis
Effects of Noise Pollution on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Hearing Threshold in School Children

Author(s): Issam R. Abdelraziq | Mohammad S. Ali-Shtayeh | Hassan R. Abdelraziq
A Comparison of Direct and Concentrated Flurochrome-Stained Smears for the Detection of Mycobacterium sp. in Clinical Respiratory Specimens

Author(s): Abbas Bahador | Hormozdyar Etemadi | Bahram Kazemi | Mahbobeh hajabdolbaghi | Roghayeh Ghorbanzadeh | Omid Pajand
Pine Growth and Nutrient Status as Related to Pine/Alder Ratio in Mixed Stands

Author(s): Miguel A. Lopez-Lopez | R.M. Reich | C. Aguirre-Bravo | A. Velazquez-Martinez
Ac response to humidity and propane of sprayed Fe-Zn oxide films

Author(s): A. Avila-García | M. García-Hipólito | Y. Matsumoto-Kuwabara
Cytotoxic, antioxidant, and antimicrobial activities of Ampelopsis brevipedunculata and Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Vitaceae)

Author(s): Kundaković Tatjana | Stanojković Tatjana | Milenković Marina | Grubin Jasmina | Juranić Zorica | Stevanović Branka | Kovačević Nada
Art and Health: Frequency of Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of the State University of Londrina Arte e Saúde: Frequência de Sintomas Músculo-Esqueléticos em Músicos da Orquestra Sinfônica da Universidade Estadual de Londrina

Author(s): Celita Salmaso Trelha | Renata Pagung de Carvalho | Simone Silveira Franco | Tatiana Nakaoski | Thayza Priscilla Broza | Thiago de Lorena Fábio | Thiago Zoratti Abelha
Estimation of the burden of cardiovascular disease attributable to modifiable risk factors and cost-effectiveness analysis of preventative interventions to reduce this burden in Argentina

Author(s): Rubinstein Adolfo | Colantonio Lisandro | Bardach Ariel | Caporale Joaquín | Martí Sebastián | Kopitowski Karin | Alcaraz Andrea | Gibbons Luz | Augustovski Federico | Pichón-Rivière Andrés
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia admitted to intensive care: a case-control study

Author(s): Roze des Ordons Amanda | Chan Kris | Mirza Imran | Townsend Derek | Bagshaw Sean
First-line single agent treatment with gefitinib in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Author(s): Yin Yong-Mei | Geng Yi-Ting | Shao Yong-Feng | Hu Xiao-Li | Li Wei | Shu Yong-Qian | Wang Zhao-Xia
Therapeutic Hypothermia Protocol in a Community Emergency Department

Author(s): Kulstad, Christine E | Holt, Shannon C | Abrahamsen, Aaron A | Lovell, Elise O
Primary liver cancer mortality in Belgrade population

Author(s): Kanazir M. | Jarebinski Mirjana S. | Delić Dragan | Boričić Ivan V. | Gledović Zorana B. | Pekmezović Tatjana D.
Diagnosis and surgical therapy of uterine sarkoma

Author(s): Vrzić-Petronijević S. | Likić-Lađević I. | Petronijević M. | Argirović R. | Lađević N.N.
Carbon Stocks in Harran Plain Soils, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Author(s): Erdal SAKIN | Aise DELIBORAN | Elif Didem SAKIN | Ece TUTAR
Importance of early detection of lung cancers with initial paraneoplastic manifestations

Author(s): Vukić Vera | Škodrić-Trifunović Vesna | Gvozdenović Branislav S. | Jovanović Dragana | Žunić Miodrag | Đurić Dušan
Progression rate of total, and upper and lower visual field defects in open-angle glaucoma patients

Author(s): Takeo Fukuchi | Takaiko Yoshino | Hideko Sawada | et al
Clinical Outcome of Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma and Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Colon

Author(s): Jinn-Shiun Chen | Pao-Shiu Hsieh | Jy-Ming Chiang | Chien-Yuh Yeh | Wen-Sy Tsai | Reiping Tang | Chung-Rong Changchien | Ren-Chin Wu
Switching of Antipsychotics to Aripiprazole in the Treatment of Schizophrenia

Author(s): Huang-Chi Lin | Mian-Yoon Chong | Yu Lee | Wei-Chiang Yeh | Pao-Yen Lin
Renal impairment and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction early post-myocardial infarction

Author(s): Vinod Jorapur | Gervasio A Lamas | Zygmunt P Sadowski | Harmony R Reynolds | Antonio C Carvalho | Christopher E Buller | James M Rankin | Jean Renkin | Philippe Gabriel Steg | Harvey D White | Carlos Vozzi | Eduardo Balcells | Michael Ragosta | C Edwin Martin | Vankeepuram S Srinivas | William W Wharton III | Staci Abramsky | Ana C Mon | Shari S Kronsberg | Judith S Hochman
Heart failure therapy in diabetic patients-comparison with the recent ESC/EASD guideline

Author(s): Edelmann Frank | Wachter Rolf | Düngen Hans-Dirk | Störk Stefan | Richter Annette | Stahrenberg Raoul | Neumann Till | Lüers Claus | Angermann Christiane | Mehrhof Felix | Gelbrich Götz | Pieske Burkert
The invasive lobular carcinoma as a prototype luminal A breast cancer: A retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Jung So-Youn | Jeong Junsoo | Shin Seung-Ho | Kwon Youngmee | Kim Eun-A | Ko Kyoung | Shin Kyung | Lee Keun | Park In | Lee Seeyoun | Kim Seok | Kang Han-Sung | Ro Jungsil
Relationship between radiographic changes and symptoms or physical examination findings in subjects with symptomatic medial knee osteoarthritis: a three-year prospective study

Author(s): Fukui Naoshi | Yamane Shoji | Ishida Satoru | Tanaka Konagi | Masuda Riako | Tanaka Nobuho | Katsuragawa Yozo | Fukui Sakiko
Digital library and the Slovenian academic environment

Author(s): Blaž Lesnik | Brina Jerič | Tanja Curhalek | Martina Kerec
An analysis of training needs of the nurses at the emergency services in Izmir

Author(s): Gulay Oyur CELIK | Selahattin KIYAN | Yasemin TOKEM | Yasemin YILDIRIM | Meral DOLEK | Cemile AKBINAR | Fikriye TURABA
The importance of emergency medicine education for the decrase of mortality of organophosphate poisoning

Author(s): Aydın Deniz KARATAŞ | Dursun AYGÜN | Yavuz OTAL | Ahmet BAYDIN
Aminoglycosides resistance in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from a University Hospital in Bialystok, Poland.

Author(s): Tomasz Hauschild | Paweł Sacha | Piotr Wieczorek | Marta Zalewska | Katarzyna Kaczyńska | Elzbieta Tryniszewska
The stable isotopic signature of biologically produced molecular hydrogen (H2)

Author(s): S. Walter | S. Laukenmann | A. J. M. Stams | M. K. Vollmer | G. Gleixner | T. Röckmann

Author(s): Charles André Souza Bispo | Guilherme Pugliesi | Miller Pereira Palhão | Polyana Galvão Bernardes Coelho | Pedro Gama Ker | Marcelo Teixeira Rodrigues | Giovanni Ribeiro Carvalho
Antibiotic resistance / susceptibility of 30 isolates of Bacillus anthracis isolated in Iran between 2007 and 2008

Author(s): Moazeni Jula, G. | Bakhshi, B. | Tadayon, K. | Razzaz, H. | Banihashemi, R.
Features of nursing care provision for dependent people

Author(s): Begoña López López | Rosa Casado Mejía | Mayte Brea Ruíz | Esperanza Ruíz Arias
α-fetoprotein, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 and early recurrence of hepatoma

Author(s): Toshiya Kamiyama | Masato Takahashi | Kazuaki Nakanishi | Hideki Yokoo | Hirofumi Kamachi | Nozomi Kobayashi | Michitaka Ozaki | Satoru Todo
Improved graft patency rates and mid-term outcome of diabetic patients undergoing total arterial myocardial revascularization

Author(s): Claudio Muneretto | Gianluigi Bisleri | Alberto Negri | Paolo Piccoli | Savina Nodari | Livio Dei Cas
Osoczowe stężenie gastryny i motyliny a zaburzenia dyspeptyczne u dzieci

Author(s): Mirosława Uścinowicz | Elżbieta Jarocka-Cyrta | Maciej Kaczmarski
Clinical Short Term Outcome of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Children

Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Ashrafi |  Setareh Sagheb | Mahmood Mohammadi |  Anoushiravan Vakili |  Abolfazl Nasirian1 |  Gholam Reza Zamani
266 Nutritional status of older adults on national financial assistance in an urban Asian country

Author(s): Koh HXF | Au Yong PS | Hoe KM, Kang ML | Koo YX | Liau ZQG | Long M | Koh G
Annual variation of litterfall yield in the channel Furo Grande mangrove stands in Bragança, Pará

Author(s): Adriana do Socorro da Costa Gonçalves | Marcus Emanuel Barroncas Fernandes | Muzenilha Lira Carvalho
Accidentes de trabajo en el Hospital Clínico de la Universidad de Chile durante el año 2007

Author(s): Carlos Valdés | Ilicht Urzúa | Gonzalo Walters | María Prieto
Short sleep duration is associated with teacher-reported inattention and cognitive problems in healthy school-aged children

Author(s): Gruber R | Michaelsen S | Bergmame L | Frenette S | Bruni O | Fontil L | Carrier J

Book Reviews

Author(s): Indro Nugroho-Heins | Clara Brakel-Papenhuyzen | László Sluimers | Shigeru Sato | Karel Steenbrink | P.N. Holtrop | Jaap Timmer | Aletta Biersack | Peter Boomgaard | Christine Dobbin | Ian Brown | George Hicks | Ian Brown | Fukuda Shozo | Matthew I. Cohen | Laurie J. Sears | J. van Goor | Anthony Reid | J. van Goor | Anthony Reid | David Henley | Saya S. Shiraishi | Gerrit Knaap | P. Jobse

Author(s): Zhan-Xin Zhang | Dong-Qing Fei
Helicobacter pylori prevalence in two Iranian provinces with high and low incidence of gastric carcinoma

Author(s): Mikaily J | Malekzadeh R | Ziadalizadeh B | Valizadeh Toosi M | Khoncheh A | Masserat S
Assessment of obesity in children: fat Mass Index versus Body Mass Index

Author(s): Haeri Behbahani B | Dorosty AR | Eshraghian MR
Measurement of Atrial Septal Defect Size: A Comparative Study between Transesophageal Echocardiography and Balloon Occlusive Diameter Method

Author(s): Hakimeh Sadeghian | Alimohammad Hajizeinali | Bahareh Eslami | Masoumeh Lotfi-Tokaldany | Mahmood Sheikhfathollahi | Mohammad Sahebjam | Elham Hakki | Arezou Zoroufian | Seyed Ebrahim Kassaian | Mohammad Alidoosti

Author(s): M. Rasoolinejad | N. Esmailpoor Bazaz B. Mogbel Alhosein
The Evaluation of Endoscopic Balloon Dilation Treatment for

Author(s): Shokri-Shirvani Javad | Arefzadeh Alireza | Foroutan Hosein | Ghofrani Hadi | Mirbagheri Seyed Amir
The Effect of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia on the Auditory System

Author(s): Dr. Zahra Jafari | Saeed Malayeri | Dr. Masoud Motesadi Zarandi
Autologous and Allogeneic Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation for Solid Tumors in Iran

Author(s): Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh | Roshanak Derakhshandeh | Arash Jalali | Ali Jafarpour | Kamran Alimoghaddam | AmirAli Hamidieh | Babak Bahar | Masoud Iravani | Seied Asadollah Mousavi | Mohammad Jahani
Chemical, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Investigations of Pinus cembra L. Bark and Needles

Author(s): Cristina Lungu Apetrei | Cristina Tuchilus | Ana Clara Aprotosoaie | Adrian Oprea | Karl Egil Malterud | Anca Miron
Clinical, radiologic, and functional evaluation of 304 patients with bronchiectasis

Author(s): Habesoglu Mehmet | Ugurlu Aylin | Eyuboglu Fusun
Role of Vitamin A in Preventing Renal Scarring After Acute Pyelonephritis

Author(s): Reza Dalirani | Mojtaba Yousefi Zoshk | Mostafa Sharifian | Masoumeh Mohkam | Abdollah Karimi | Alireza Fahimzad | Mona Varzandefar
Communication Skills Training For Emergency Nurses

Author(s): Mehmet Ak, Orhan Cinar, Levent Sutcigil, Emel Dovyap Congologlu, Bikem Haciomeroglu, Hayri Canbaz, Hulya Yaprak, Loni Jay, Kamil Nahit Ozmenler
Effect of humidity on the composition of isoprene photooxidation secondary organic aerosol

Author(s): T. B. Nguyen | P. J. Roach | J. Laskin | A. Laskin | S. A. Nizkorodov
Safety and tolerability of donepezil 23 mg in moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Farlow Martin | Veloso Felix | Moline Margaret | Yardley Jane | Brand-Schieber Elimor | Bibbiani Francesco | Zou Heng | Hsu Timothy | Satlin Andrew
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Urban Air Quality: A GIS Approach

Author(s): Subrata Chattopadhyay | Srimanta Gupta | Raj Narayan Saha
The association between hypertension and diabetes in a Family Health Center

Author(s): Daniele Braz da Silva | Tereza Alves de Souza | Célia Maria dos Santos | Mércia Marques Jucá | Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira | Mirna Albuquerque Frota | Silvânia Maria Mendes Vasconcelos
Nutrition and Eating Patterns among Preschoolers in Gaza Strip

Author(s): Basil J. Kanoa | Amine T. Hamed | Baker M. Zabut
Kinetics of the Antibacterial Response by Heliothis virescens Larvae

Author(s): Donald D. Ourth | Michael S. Parker
The Concept of Hospitalization of Children from the View Point of Parents and Children

Author(s): Kokab Bsiri-Moghaddam | Mahdi Basiri-Moghaddam | Leila Sadeghmoghaddam | Fazlollah Ahmadi
Duckweed as a Feed Ingredient in Laying Hen Diets and its Effect on Egg Production and Composition

Author(s): K.E. Anderson | Z. Lowman | Anne-Marie Stomp | Jay Chang
Screening programs for colorectal cancer in Greece: Results of two pilot studies conducted in March 2008 and 2009

Author(s): J.K. Triantafillidis | Paris A. Kosmidis | A. Papalois | E. Merikas | P. Cheracakis | V. Govosdis | D. Nicolakis | V. Panteris | I. Skourta | I. Tountas | E. Spanos | F. Karkanis | C. Golga
Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis - mesenteritis. A case report

Author(s): Lorentziadis M.L. | Poulantzas I.K.
Eudesmanolides and other terpenoids from Trattinickia rhoifolia

Author(s): Carmelo Rosquete | Esther Del Olmo | José M. Miguel Del Corral | José L. López | Marina Gordaliza | Arturo San Feliciano
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