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Experiences of using mobile technologies and virtual fieldtrips in Physical Geography: implications for hydrology education

Author(s): D. G. Kingston | W. J. Eastwood | P. I. Jones | R. Johnson | S. Marshall | D. M. Hannah
DInSAR coseismic deformation of the May 2011 Mw 5.1 Lorca earthquake, (Southern Spain)

Author(s): T. Frontera | A. Concha | P. Blanco | A. Echeverria | X. Goula | R. Arbiol | G. Khazaradze | F. Pérez | E. Suriñach
Measurements of Humidity in the Atmosphere and Validation Experiments (MOHAVE)-2009: overview of campaign operations and results

Author(s): T. Leblanc | T. D. Walsh | I. S. McDermid | G. C. Toon | J.-F. Blavier | B. Haines | W. G. Read | B. Herman | E. Fetzer | S. Sander | T. Pongetti | D. N. Whiteman | T. G. McGee | L. Twigg | G. Sumnicht | D. Venable | M. Calhoun | A. Dirisu | D. Hurst | A. Jordan | E. Hall | L. Miloshevich | H. Vömel | C. Straub | N. Kampfer | G. E. Nedoluha | R. M. Gomez | K. Holub | S. Gutman | J. Braun | T. Vanhove | G. Stiller | A. Hauchecorne
The impact of large scale ionospheric structure on radio occultation retrievals

Author(s): A. J. Mannucci | C. O. Ao | X. Pi | B. A. Iijima
Modelling the 20th and 21st century evolution of Hoffellsjökull glacier, SE-Vatnajökull, Iceland

Author(s): G. Aðalgeirsdóttir | S. Guðmundsson | H. Björnsson | F. Pálsson | T. Jóhannesson | H. Hannesdóttir | S. Þ. Sigurðsson | E. Berthier
FPGA-Based Real-Time Embedded System for RISS/GPS Integrated Navigation

Author(s): Walid Farid Abdelfatah | Jacques Georgy | Umar Iqbal | Aboelmagd Noureldin
A Compact Wideband Stacked Antenna for the Tri-Band GPS Applications

Author(s): Maher M. Abd Elrazzak | M. F. Alsharekh
Evidential recovery from GPS devices

Author(s): Brian Cusack | Mark Simms
Interhemispheric comparison of GPS phase scintillation at high latitudes during the magnetic-cloud-induced geomagnetic storm of 5–7 April 2010

Author(s): P. Prikryl | L. Spogli | P. T. Jayachandran | J. Kinrade | C. N. Mitchell | B. Ning | G. Li | P. J. Cilliers | M. Terkildsen | D. W. Danskin | E. Spanswick | E. Donovan | A. T. Weatherwax | W. A. Bristow | L. Alfonsi | G. De Franceschi | V. Romano | C. M. Ngwira | B. D. L. Opperman
Simple Orbit Determination Using GPS Based on a Least-Squares Algorithm Employing Sequential Givens Rotations

Author(s): Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes | Aurea Aparecida da Silva | Helio Koiti Kuga
The Error Caused by Relativity in GPS Positioning System

Author(s): Min ZHAO | Yunzhi WANG | Xiaoyun MU
A Design Model for Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller

Author(s): U. Jyothi Kameswari | M. Satwik | A. Lokesh
Landscape Metric Modeling - a Technique for Forest Disturbance Assessment in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Author(s): Subin Jose | Alex C. J. C. J. | Santhosh Kumar | Abin Varghese | G. Madhu
GPS Medium-Range Kinematic Positioning for the Seafloor Geodesy of Eastern Taiwan

Author(s): Horng-Yue Chen | Shui-Beih Yu | Hsin Tung | Toshiaki Tsujii | Masataka Ando
Optimal Methods of RTK-GPS/Accelerometer Integration to Monitor the Displacement of Structures

Author(s): Jinsang Hwang | Hongsik Yun | Sun-Kyu Park | Dongha Lee | Sungnam Hong
Correspondence between general practitioner-reported medication use and timing of prescription dispensation

Author(s): Johannesdottir SA | Mægbæk ML | Hansen JG | Lash TL | Pedersen L | Ehrenstein V
Complete Vision-Based Traffic Sign Recognition Supported by an I2V Communication System

Author(s): Miguel A. García-Garrido | Manuel Ocaña | David F. Llorca | Estefanía Arroyo | Jorge Pozuelo | Miguel Gavilán

Author(s): GauravChheda | NiketGajra | ManalChhaya | JiteshDeshpande | SayleeGharge
A Comment on arXiv: 1110.2685

Author(s): Assis A. V. D. B.
Sunlight Intensity Based Global Positioning System for Near-Surface Underwater Sensors

Author(s): Javier V. Gómez | Frode E. Sandnes | Borja Fernández
To Drive or Not to Drive: Assessment Dilemmas for GPs

Author(s): J. Sims | S. Rouse-Watson | P. Schattner | A. Beveridge | K. M. Jones
Evaluation of Matrix Square Root Operations for UKF within a UAV GPS/INS Sensor Fusion Application

Author(s): Matthew Rhudy | Yu Gu | Jason Gross | Marcello R. Napolitano
Measurement of turbulent water vapor fluxes using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle system

Author(s): R. M. Thomas | K. Lehmann | H. Nguyen | D. L. Jackson | D. Wolfe | V. Ramanathan
La aplicación del GPS a la arqueología

Author(s): Amado Reino, Xesús
Power Quality Investigation in a Wind Power Generation System

Author(s): F. Gharehdaghi | H. Jamali | M. Deysi | A. Khalili
Acquisition of Geospatial Database for Primary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

Author(s): J.O. Sule | H.S. Abdullahi | J. Bungwon
Development of Soil Compaction Analysis Software (SCAN) Integrating a Low Cost GPS Receiver and Compactometer

Author(s): Jinsang Hwang | Hongsik Yun | Juhyong Kim | Yongcheol Suh | Sungnam Hong | Dongha Lee
wavelet de-noising technique applied to the PLL of a GPS receiver embedded in an observation satellite

Author(s): Dib Djamel Eddine | Djebbouri Mohamed | Taleb Ahmed Abddelmalik
Grounding Locations Assessment of Practical Power System

Author(s): Kousay Abdul Sattar | Ahmed M. A. Haidar | Nadheer A. Shalash
Using a Parafoil Kite for Measurement of Variations in Particulate Matter—A Kite-Based Dust Profiling Approach

Author(s): Carsten Hoffmann | Yong Li | Michael Sommer | Matthias Reiche | Roger Funk | Zhuodong Zhang
Real-Time Urban Traffic State Estimation with A-GPS Mobile Phones as Probes

Author(s): Saul Rodriguez | Ana Rusu | Sha Tao | Vasileios Manolopoulos
On the accuracy of integrated water vapor observations and the potential for mitigating electromagnetic path delay error in InSAR

Author(s): D. Cimini | N. Pierdicca | E. Pichelli | R. Ferretti | V. Mattioli | S. Bonafoni | M. Montopoli | D. Perissin
Mobile Viruses

Author(s): Pranav R Shah | Yash Shah | Saurabh Madan
Android Geo Finder - A Real Time Tracking of Moveable Assets

Author(s): SR.Vijayshrenivas | P.Antony | Joe Christo
Full Vehicle Instrumentation for Dynamic Analysis

Author(s): Liborio Bortoni-Anzures | Juan C. Cruz-Victoria | Hiram Herrera-Rivas | D. I. González-Sánchez | David Díaz-Romero | Isac Huixtlaca-Cuautecatl
Vehículo robótico: autónomo y teleoperado con una PDA

Author(s): Francisco Villa-Medina | Joaquín Gutiérrez | Miguel Ángel Porta-Gándara
Geodetic sciences in generation of subsidies for planning and management of coastal zones

Author(s): Diuliana Leandro | Suelen Cristina Movio Huinca | Cláudia Pereira Krueger | Jorge Antonio Silva Centeno
Non DTN Geographic Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Ramin Karimi | Norafida Ithnin | Shukor Abd Razak | Sara Najafzadeh
General practitioner residency consultations: video feedback analysis

Author(s): Afonso M. Cavaco | João Pelicano-Romano | Mariana R. Neves | Francisco Carvalho
GPS and GIS study of the western slope of the Chiquihuite hill in Mexico City

Author(s): M. Martínez–Yáñez | E. Cabral–Cano | F. Correa–Mora | O. Díaz–Molina | G. Cifuentes–Nava | E. Hernández–Quintero | H. Delgado–Granados
Optic disc parameters in manifest and suspected glaucoma

Author(s): Peter Wanger | Lucian Vancea | Lene Martin
Evaluation of Intersection Performance Under Atc System in Wuhan

Author(s): Huan Ge | Zhiyun Zou | Zhihao Zhou

Author(s): Bárbara Pereira Carmona dos Santos | Cibele Funck Donato | Ricardo Alexandre Moraes da Silva
Prevalence of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in three regions of England: a repeated cross-sectional study in primary care

Author(s): Nacul Luis | Lacerda Eliana | Pheby Derek | Campion Peter | Molokhia Mariam | Fayyaz Shagufta | Leite Jose | Poland Fiona | Howe Amanda | Drachler Maria
GPS-Prot: A web-based visualization platform for integrating host-pathogen interaction data

Author(s): Fahey Marie | Bennett Melanie | Mahon Cathal | Jäger Stefanie | Pache Lars | Kumar Dhiraj | Shapiro Alex | Rao Kanury | Chanda Sumit | Craik Charles | Frankel Alan | Krogan Nevan
GPs' opinions of public and industrial information regarding drugs: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Skoglund Ingmarie | Björkelund Cecilia | Mehlig Kirsten | Gunnarsson Ronny | Möller Margareta
Change in antihypertensive drug prescribing after guideline implementation: a controlled before and after study

Author(s): Sipilä Raija | Helin-Salmivaara Arja | Korhonen Maarit | Ketola Eeva
Building an international network for a primary care research program: reflections on challenges and solutions in the set-up and delivery of a prospective observational study of acute cough in 13 European countries

Author(s): Nuttall Jacqueline | Hood Kerenza | Verheij Theo | Little Paul | Brugman Curt | Veen Robert | Goossens Herman | Butler Christopher
Elective surgical referral guidelines - background educational material or essential shared decision making tool? A survey of GPs' in England

Author(s): Blundell Naomi | Taylor-Phillips Sian | Spitzer David | Martin Steven | Forde Ian | Clarke Aileen
Real-Time Implementation of a GIS-Based Localization System for Intelligent Vehicles

Author(s): Bonnifait Philippe | Jabbour Maged | Dherbomez Gérald
GPS/Low-Cost IMU/Onboard Vehicle Sensors Integrated Land Vehicle Positioning System

Author(s): Gao Jianchen | Petovello MarkG | Cannon MElizabeth
Why do GPs hesitate to refer diabetes patients to a self-management education program: a qualitative study

Author(s): Sunaert Patricia | Vandekerckhove Marie | Bastiaens Hilde | Feyen Luc | Vanden Bussche Piet | De Maeseneer Jan | De Sutter An | Willems Sara
Understanding the prescription of antidepressants: a Qualitative study among French GPs

Author(s): Mercier Alain | Auger-Aubin Isabelle | Lebeau Jean-Pierre | Royen Paul | Peremans Lieve
General practitioner characteristics and delay in cancer diagnosis. a population-based cohort study

Author(s): Hansen Rikke | Vedsted Peter | Sokolowski Ineta | Søndergaard Jens | Olesen Frede
Dynamic Agent Classification and Tracking Using an Ad Hoc Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network

Author(s): Friedlander David | Griffin Christopher | Jacobson Noah | Phoha Shashi | Brooks Richard R
A New Strategy to Improve Proactive Route Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Abolhasan Mehran | Wysocki Tadeusz | Lipman Justin
Efficient Delay Tracking Methods with Sidelobes Cancellation for BOC-Modulated Signals

Author(s): Burian Adina | Lohan ElenaSimona | Renfors MarkkuKalevi
A genetic predisposition score for muscular endophenotypes predicts the increase in aerobic power after training: the CAREGENE study

Author(s): Thomaes Tom | Thomis Martine | Onkelinx Steven | Fagard Robert | Matthijs Gert | Buys Roselien | Schepers Dirk | Cornelissen Véronique | Vanhees Luc
Effect of an audiovisual message for tetanus booster vaccination broadcast in the waiting room

Author(s): Eubelen Caroline | Brendel Fannette | Belche Jean-Luc | Freyens Anne | Vanbelle Sophie | Giet Didier
Perceived barriers to guideline adherence: A survey among general practitioners

Author(s): Lugtenberg Marjolein | Burgers Jako | Besters Casper | Han Dolly | Westert Gert
The integration of the treatment for common mental disorders in primary care: experiences of health care providers in the MANAS trial in Goa, India

Author(s): Pereira Bernadette | Andrew Gracy | Pednekar Sulochana | Kirkwood Betty | Patel Vikram
Traffic Data Collection for Floating Car Data Enhancement in V2I Networks

Author(s): Llorca DF | Sotelo MA | Sánchez S | Ocaña M | Rodríguez-Ascariz JM | García-Garrido MA
The interpretation of low mood and worry by high users of secondary care with medically unexplained symptoms

Author(s): Burton Christopher | McGorm Kelly | Weller David | Sharpe Michael
Cost-effectiveness of exercise therapy versus general practitioner care for osteoarthritis of the hip: design of a randomised clinical trial

Author(s): van Es Pauline | Luijsterburg Pim | Dekker Joost | Koopmanschap Marc | Bohnen Arthur | Verhaar Jan | Koes Bart | Bierma-Zeinstra Sita
Inequality in provider continuity for children by Australian general practitioners

Author(s): Kljakovic Marjan | Ciszek Karen | Reynolds Graham | Colman Samuel
Do general practitioners and psychiatrists agree about defining cure from depression? The DEsCRIBE™ survey

Author(s): Demyttenaere Koen | Ansseau Marc | Constant Eric | Albert Adelin | Van Gassen Geert | van Heeringen Kees
Development and Evaluation of a Python Telecare System Based on a Bluetooth Body Area Network

Author(s): Morón MJ | Gómez-Jaime A | Luque JR | Casilari E
Radar SLAM using visual features

Author(s): Callmer Jonas | Törnqvist David | Gustafsson Fredrik | Svensson Henrik | Carlbom Pelle
QUALICOPC, a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care

Author(s): Schäfer Willemijn | Boerma Wienke | Kringos Dionne | De Maeseneer Jan | Greß Stefan | Heinemann Stephanie | Rotar-Pavlic Danica | Seghieri Chiara | Švab Igor | Van den Berg Michael | Vainieri Milena | Westert Gert | Willems Sara | Groenewegen Peter
The 'help' question doesn't help when screening for major depression: external validation of the three-question screening test for primary care patients managed for physical complaints

Author(s): Lombardo Patrick | Vaucher Paul | Haftgoli Nader | Burnand Bernard | Favrat Bernard | Verdon François | Bischoff Thomas | Herzig Lilli
Feedforward Delay Estimators in Adverse Multipath Propagation for Galileo and Modernized GPS Signals

Author(s): Lohan Elena Simona | Lakhzouri Abdelmonaem | Renfors Markku
A New Position Location System Using DTV Transmitter Identification Watermark Signals

Author(s): Wang Xianbin | Wu Yiyan | Chouinard Jean-Yves
Estimation of Spectral Exponent Parameter of Process in Additive White Background Noise

Author(s): Baykut Süleyman | Akgül Tayfun | Ergintav Semih
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of 'BeweegKuur', a combined lifestyle intervention in the Netherlands: Rationale, design and methods of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Berendsen Brenda | Hendriks Marike | Verhagen Evert | Schaper Nicolaas | Kremers Stef | Savelberg Hans
Autonomic nervous system and lipid metabolism: findings in anxious-depressive spectrum and eating disorders

Author(s): Pistorio Elisabetta | Luca Maria | Luca Antonina | Messina Vincenzo | Calandra Carmela
General practitioners' experience and benefits from patient evaluations

Author(s): Heje Hanne | Vedsted Peter | Olesen Frede
Time intervals from first symptom to treatment of cancer: a cohort study of 2,212 newly diagnosed cancer patients

Author(s): Hansen Rikke | Vedsted Peter | Sokolowski Ineta | Søndergaard Jens | Olesen Frede
Reasons given by general practitioners for non-treatment decisions in younger and older patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United Kingdom: a survey study

Author(s): Zhang Qiaoyi | Marrett Elizabeth | Jameson Kevin | Meiler Susanne | Davies Michael | Radican Larry | Sinclair Alan
CARNIVORE: A Disruption-Tolerant System for Studying Wildlife

Author(s): Rutishauser Matthew | Petkov Vladislav | Boice Jay | Obraczka Katia | Mantey Patrick | Williams TerrieM | Wilmers ChristopherC
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Vehicular Network Based on NEMO and MANET

Author(s): Tsukada Manabu | Santa José | Mehani Olivier | Khaled Yacine | Ernst Thierry
The appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in the community in Europe: study design

Author(s): van Bijnen Evelien | den Heijer Casper | Paget W John | Stobberingh Ellen | Verheij Robert | Bruggeman Cathrien | Pringle Mike | Goossens Herman | Schellevis François
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