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High Speed 3D Tomography on CPU, GPU, and FPGA

Author(s): Nicolas GAC | Stéphane Mancini | Michel Desvignes | Dominique Houzet
GPU Boosted CNN Simulator Library for Graphical Flow-Based Programmability

Author(s): Balázs Gergely Soós | Ádám Rák | József Veres | György Cserey
A high yielding new ragi variety Paiyur 2

Author(s): K.Geetha, P. Suthamathi, A.K. Mani, M. Suresh And S.Vijayabaskaran
Passive-Active Geometric Calibration for View-Dependent Projections onto Arbitrary Surfaces

Author(s): Stefanie Zollmann | Tobias Langlotz | Oliver Bimber
DiVinE-CUDA - A Tool for GPU Accelerated LTL Model Checking

Author(s): Jiří Barnat | Luboš Brim | Milan Češka
Applying graphics processor units to Monte Carlo dose calculation in radiation therapy

Author(s): Bakhtiari M | Malhotra H | Jones M | Chaudhary V | Walters J | Nazareth D
Quasi-Convolution Pyramidal Blurring

Author(s): Martin Kraus
GPU-based Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes

Author(s): Martin Reichl | Robert Dünger | Alexander Schiewe | Thomas Klemmer | Markus Hartleb | Christopher Lux | Bernd Fröhlich
OpenMP Optimization and its Translation to OpenGL

Author(s): Santosh Kumar | Dr. V.M.Wadhai | Prasad S.Halgaonkar | Kiran P.Gaikwad
The Potential for a GPU-Like Overlay Architecture for FPGAs

Author(s): Jeffrey Kingyens | J. Gregory Steffan
SWPS3 – fast multi-threaded vectorized Smith-Waterman for IBM Cell/B.E. and ×86/SSE2

Author(s): Szalkowski Adam | Ledergerber Christian | Krähenbühl Philipp | Dessimoz Christophe
GPU-Based 3D Cone-Beam CT Image Reconstruction for Large Data Volume

Author(s): Xing Zhao | Jing-jing Hu | Peng Zhang
Accelerating epistasis analysis in human genetics with consumer graphics hardware

Author(s): Sinnott-Armstrong Nicholas | Greene Casey | Cancare Fabio | Moore Jason
Cone Beam Micro-CT System for Small Animal Imaging and Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Shouping Zhu | Jie Tian | Guorui Yan | Chenghu Qin | Jinchao Feng
Accelerating Network Coding on Many-core GPUs and Multi-core CPUs

Author(s): Xiaowen Chu | Kaiyong Zhao | Mea Wang
Particle Filtering: The Need for Speed

Author(s): Gustaf Hendeby | Rickard Karlsson | Fredrik Gustafsson
New Approaches towards the Collision detection

Author(s): Manish Kumar | Ashish Avasthi | Kamal Kumar Srivastava | Vineeta Bajpai
Architecture and Design of Medical Processor Units for Medical Networks

Author(s): Syed V. Ahamed | Syed (Shawon) M. Rahman
Conferenza MRSC 2008

Author(s): Maurizio Cremonesi
High Performance Channel Decoders on CELL B.E. for WiMAX System

Author(s): Xiang Chen | Ming Zhao | Jianwen Chen | Jing Wang
Impact analysis of conditional and loop statements for the NVIDIA G80 architecture

Author(s): Snaider Carrillo | Jakob Siegel | Xiaoming Li
Parallel Implementation of Compressed Sensing Algorithm on CUDA- GPU

Author(s): Kuldeep Yadav | Ankush Mittal | M. A. Ansar | Avi Srivastava
A Fast CT Reconstruction Scheme for a General Multi-Core PC

Author(s): Kai Zeng | Erwei Bai | Ge Wang
High-throughput sequence alignment using Graphics Processing Units

Author(s): Schatz Michael | Trapnell Cole | Delcher Arthur | Varshney Amitabh

Parallel Implementation of Otsu's Binarization Approach on GPU

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Parallel Implementation of Niblack's Binarization Approach on CUDA

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Parallel Implementation of Souvola's Binarization Approach on GPU

Author(s): Brij Mohan Singh | Rahul Sharma | Ankush Mittal | Debashish Ghosh
Highspeed Videoverarbeitung

Author(s): Schindler Martin | Stamm Christoph | Schindler Martin | Stamm Christoph

Author(s): Jayshree Ghorpade | Jitendra Parande | Madhura Kulkarni | Amit Bawaskar
GPU Accelerated Computation of Fast Spectral Transforms

Author(s): Dušan B. Gajić | Radomir S. Stanković
Parallel Implementation of Similarity Measures on GPU Architecture using CUDA

Author(s): Kuldeep Yadav | Ankush Mittal | M.A Ansari | Vennktesh Vishwarup
Multicore Processing for Classification and Clustering Algorithms

Author(s): V. Vaitheeshwaran | Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi | T. V. Rao
Accelerating Solution Proposal of AES Using a Graphic Processor

Author(s): TOMOIAGA, R. D. | STRATULAT, M.
Theoretical Implementation of the Rijndael Algorithm Using GPU Processing

Author(s): MANG Erica | MANG Ioan | ANDRONIC Bogdan | POPESCU Constantin
Multi-prediction particle filter for efficient parallelized implementation

Author(s): Chu Chun-Yuan | Chao Chih-Hao | Chao Min-An | Wu An-Yeu
High Speed 3D Tomography on CPU, GPU, and FPGA

Author(s): GAC Nicolas | Mancini Stéphane | Desvignes Michel | Houzet Dominique
Particle Filtering: The Need for Speed

Author(s): Hendeby Gustaf | Karlsson Rickard | Gustafsson Fredrik
Comparative Study of Parallel Variants for a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Implemented on a Multithreading GPU

Author(s): Gerardo A. Laguna‐Sánchez | Mauricio Olguín‐Carbajal | Nareli Cruz‐Cortés | Ricardo Barrón‐Fernández | Jesús A. Álvarez‐Cedillo
Gastric pull-up versus pectoralis major myocutaneous flap techniques in hypopharyngeal cancer: comparison of complications

Author(s): Rezaii J | Esfandiari K | Khalili Pooya J | Tavakoli H | Abdolrahman R | Salamati P | Abouzari M
True 4D Image Denoising on the GPU

Author(s): Anders Eklund | Mats Andersson | Hans Knutsson
Adaptive Remote Sensing Texture Compression on GPU

Author(s): Xiao-Xia Lu | Si-Kun Li
A High Performance Image Authentication Algorithm on GPU with CUDA

Author(s): Caiwei Lin | Lei Zhao | Jiwen Yang
Real-time Flame Rendering with GPU and CUDA

Author(s): Wei Wei | Yanqiong Huang
Design and Implementation of GPU-Based Prim's Algorithm

Author(s): Wei Wang | Yongzhong Huang | Shaozhong Guo
Tuning Schema Matching Systems using Parallel Genetic Algorithms on GPU

Author(s): Yuting Feng | Lei Zhao | Jiwen Yang
GPU Accelerated 2-D Staggered-grid Finite Difference Seismic Modelling

Author(s): Zhangang Wang | Suping Peng | Tao Liu
A Content-based Classified Hierarchical Vector Quantization Algorithm for Volume Compression

Author(s): Li-Ping Zhao | Guang-Xue Yue | De-Gui Xiao | Xu Zhou | Xiang Yu | Fei Yu
Incoherent Ray tracing on GPU

Author(s): Xin Yang | Duan-qing Xu | Lei Zhao
GPU Accelerated Simulation of Cardiac Activities

Author(s): Rongdong Yu | Yin Zhang | Sanyuan Zhang | Patricia Chiang | Yiyu Cai | Jianmin Zheng | Koon-Hou Mak
A Real-Time Capable Software-Defined Receiver Using GPU for Adaptive Anti-Jam GPS Sensors

Author(s): Jiwon Seo | Yu-Hsuan Chen | David S. De Lorenzo | Sherman Lo | Per Enge | Dennis Akos | Jiyun Lee
Regular Expression Matching and Operational Semantics

Author(s): Asiri Rathnayake | Hayo Thielecke
Fast network centrality analysis using GPUs

Author(s): Shi Zhiao | Zhang Bing
Protein alignment algorithms with an efficient backtracking routine on multiple GPUs

Author(s): Blazewicz Jacek | Frohmberg Wojciech | Kierzynka Michal | Pesch Erwin | Wojciechowski Pawel
Parallel mutual information estimation for inferring gene regulatory networks on GPUs

Author(s): Shi Haixiang | Schmidt Bertil | Liu Weiguo | Müller-Wittig Wolfgang

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