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An Aircraft Service Staff Rostering using a Hybrid GRASP Algorithm

Author(s): Vincent Cho | Gene Pak Kit Wu | W.H. Ip
Cultural Differences in Compliments

Author(s): Fei-lin LI | Gao-feng YU
IPRStats: visualization of the functional potential of an InterProScan run

Author(s): Kelly Ryan | Vincent David | Friedberg Iddo
Examining the Critical Factors Affecting the Repayment of Microcredit Schemes in Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) in Malaysia

Author(s): SAZALI ABDUL WAHAB | Abdullah- Al- Mamun | C. A. Malarvizhi | S. Mariapun
Phenomena in dermatology

Author(s): Madke Bhushan | Doshi Bhavana | Pande Sushil | Khopkar Uday
On Translating English Attributive Clauses into Chinese

Author(s): Qi-min CHEN | Qun-sheng KE
Imagen y símbolo cómico: el yelmo de Mambrino

Author(s): Victoria Sánchez Martínez
Sincretism imaginar/Imaginary Syncretism

Author(s): Catalin Vasile Bobb
Ética de las biotecnologías

Author(s): Cortina, Adela
Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of nitrogenase conformational protection against oxygen in diazotrophic bacteria

Author(s): Lery Letícia | Bitar Mainá | Costa Mauricio | Rössle Shaila | Bisch Paulo
Capsule endoscopy: Future horizons

Author(s): Zvi Fireman
Endoscopic submucosal dissection of a rectal carcinoid tumor using grasping type scissors forceps

Author(s): Kazuya Akahoshi, Yasuaki Motomura, Masaru Kubokawa, Noriaki Matsui, Manami Oda, Risa Okamoto, Shingo Endo, Naomi Higuchi, Yumi Kashiwabara, Masafumi Oya, Hidefumi Akahane, Haruo Akiba
A NCRE-oriented Teaching Mode

Author(s): Yujuan Li | Mei Wang | Zhunan Zhou
Does body posture influence hand preference in an ancestral primate model?

Author(s): Scheumann Marina | Joly-Radko Marine | Leliveld Lisette | Zimmermann Elke
Online Learning Community Building: a Case Study in China

Author(s): Xiao-qing YOU | Hong-xin ZHANG
GRASP with Path Relinking for the SumCut Problem

Author(s): Jesús Sánchez-Oro | Abraham Duarte
Hybrid GRASP with Composite Local Search And Path-Relinking for the Linear Ordering Problem with Cumulative Costs.

Author(s): Jesús David Terán-Villanueva | Rodolfo A. Pazos R. | José Antonio Martínez Flores | Mario César López-Locés | Daniel Enrique Zamarrón Escobar | Alejandro Santiago Pineda
Some Considerations in Tribology Teaching Algunas recomendaciones en la enseñanza de la Tribología

Author(s): Francisco Martínez Pérez | Alejandra Elena García Toll
Automated Test Case Prioritization Using Rgrasp

Author(s): M.Nalini Sri | Lakshmi.A
Language Acquisition with the Help of Captions

Author(s): Kunyun WANG | Huayu LIU
Endoscopic submucosal dissection for esophageal granular cell tumor using the clutch cutter

Author(s): Keishi Komori | Kazuya Akahoshi | Yoshimasa Tanaka | Yasuaki Motomura | Masaru Kubokawa | Soichi Itaba | Terumasa Hisano | Takashi Osoegawa | Naotaka Nakama | Risa Iwao | Masafumi Oya | Kazuhiko Nakamura
O problema da roteirização periódica de veículos

Author(s): Luciele Wu | Cláudio Barbieri da Cunha

Author(s): Zima Liliana Adela | Toadere Rita Monica
Waking up and getting off

Author(s): Andrea Mubi Brighenti
CT and MR imaging patterns for pancreatic carcinoma invading the extrapancreatic neural plexus (Part I): Anatomy, imaging of the extrapancreatic nerve

Author(s): Hou-Dong Zuo | Xiao-Ming Zhang | Cheng-Jun Li | Chang-Ping Cai | Qiong-Hui Zhao | Xing-Guo Xie | Bo Xiao | Wei Tang
Rough Set Techniques for 24 Hour Knowledge Factory

Author(s): Niti Verma | Neha Verma | A. B. Patki
Poems by Rangi Faith

Author(s): Rangi Faith
The equity dimension in evaluations of the quality and outcomes framework: A systematic review

Author(s): Boeckxstaens Pauline | Smedt Delphine De | Maeseneer Jan De | Annemans Lieven | Willems Sara
EEG-Based Asynchronous BCI Controls Functional Electrical Stimulation in a Tetraplegic Patient

Author(s): Pfurtscheller Gert | Müller-Putz Gernot R | Pfurtscheller Jörg | Rupp Rüdiger
E Actitrode: The new selective stimulation interface for functional movements in hemiplegics patients

Author(s): Bijelić Goran | Popović-Bijelić Ana | Jorgovanović Nikola | Bojanić Dubravka | Popović Dejan B.
A Hybrid Metaheuristic Approach to Optimize the Districting Design of a Parcel Company

Author(s): R.G. González-Ramírez | N. R. Smith | R. G. Askin | Pablo A. Miranda | J.M. Sánchez
Binocular visual tracking and grasping of a moving object with a 3D trajectory predictor

Author(s): J. Fuentes‐Pacheco | J. Ruiz‐Ascencio | J. M. Rendón‐Mancha
The effects of special two different types of splint , volar and dorsal, on reduction of spasticity of hand in spastic cerebral palsy 4 – 6 years old .

Author(s): mahdi Abdolvahab | hossein Bagheri | akram Daliri | mahmod Jalili | gholam Reza Olyaei | soghrat Faghihzadeh
Bioinspired Sensor Systems

Author(s): Manel del Valle
Application of the GRASP of trucks in the programming to carry poultry

Author(s): Carlos Ropelatto Fernandes | Celso Carnieri | Sebastião Geraldo Barbosa
A Study of Culture Teaching in College English Teaching

Author(s): Liangguang Huang | Runjiang Xu
Artificial Skin Ridges Enhance Local Tactile Shape Discrimination

Author(s): Saba Salehi | John-John Cabibihan | Shuzhi Sam Ge
Reconstruction of the esophagojejunostomy by double stapling method using EEA™ OrVil™ in laparoscopic total gastrectomy and proximal gastrectomy

Author(s): Hirahara Noriyuki | Monma Hiroyuki | Shimojo Yoshihide | Matsubara Takeshi | Hyakudomi Ryoji | Yano Seiji | Tanaka Tsuneo
The SmartHand transradial prosthesis

Author(s): Cipriani Christian | Controzzi Marco | Carrozza Maria Chiara
A conserved juxtacrine signal regulates synaptic partner recognition in Caenorhabditis elegans

Author(s): Park Joori | Knezevich Philip | Wung William | O'Hanlon Shanté | Goyal Akshi | Benedetti Kelli | Barsi-Rhyne Benjamin | Raman Mekala | Mock Natalyn | Bremer Martina | VanHoven Miri
A proposal for benchmark tests for underactuated or compliant hands

Author(s): G. A. Kragten | C. Meijneke | J. L. Herder
Comparison of GA Based Heuristic and GRASP Based Heuristic for Total Covering Problem

Author(s): Chandragiri Narashimhamurthy Vijeyamurthy | Ramasamy Panneerselvam
Normalizing the Arm Reaching Patterns after Stroke through Forced Use Therapy– A Systematic Review

Author(s): Senthilkumar Jeyaraman | Ganesan Kathiresan | Kavitha Gopalsamy
Le paysage, espace sensible, espace public

Author(s): Jean-Marc Besse

Author(s): Simona-Gabriela MAŞCA | Viorela Ligia VĂIDEAN | Andreea GOLGUT

Author(s): Ke-yi WANG | Lian-sheng DONG
The State and the Economy – Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Evidence for the EU

Author(s): Simona-Gabriela MAŞCA | Viorela Ligia VĂIDEAN | Andreea GOLGUŢ
A novel educational tool for teaching ocular ultrasound

Author(s): Mustafa MS | Montgomery J | Atta HR
An Aircraft Service Staff Rostering using a Hybrid GRASP Algorithm

Author(s): Vincent Cho | Gene Pak Kit Wu | W.H. Ip
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