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Delay Analysis on-chip VLSI Interconnect using Gamma Distribution Function

Author(s): R. Kar | V. Maheshwari | Ashis K. mal | A.K.Bhattacharjee
Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models: The R Package HGLMMM

Author(s): Marek Molas | Emmanuel Lesaffre
Electronic structure and aspects of unconventional superconductivity in NaxCoO2.yH2O

Author(s): Rosner H. | Drechsler S.-L. | Fuchs G. | Handstein A. | Wälte A. | Müller K.-H.
Potential Energy Surfaces of the Even-Even 230-238 U Isotopes

Author(s): Sohair M. Diab | Salah A. Eid
Structural and electronic properties of cerium from LDA+U calculations

Author(s): F. Kheradmand | S. Jalali Asadabadi
Statistical distributions of optimal global alignment scores of random protein sequences

Author(s): Pang Hongxia | Tang Jiaowei | Chen Su-Shing | Tao Shiheng
A standardised protocol for texture feature analysis of endoscopic images in gynaecological cancer

Author(s): Neofytou Marios | Tanos Vasilis | Pattichis Marios | Pattichis Constantinos | Kyriacou Efthyvoulos | Koutsouris Dimitris
Beltramized flow in a diffuser. Quasi-cylindrical approximation

Author(s): Rafael González | Ricardo Page | Andrés Salvador Sartarelli
Bayesian Analysis of Gamma Distributions using S-PLUS and R Softwares

Author(s): S.P. Ahmad | A. Ahmed | A.A. Khan
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