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Hall Sensors for Extreme Temperatures

Author(s): Jakub Jankowski | Semir El-Ahmar | Maciej Oszwaldowski
Application of V2O5/WO3/TiO2 for Resistive-Type SO2 Sensors

Author(s): Noriya Izu | Gunter Hagen | Daniela Schönauer | Ulla Röder-Roith | Ralf Moos
Effect of Plasma Gas Flow Direction on Hydrophilicity of Polymer by Small Zone Cold Plasma Treatment and Hydrophobic Plasma Treatment

Author(s): Sheng-Hsiang Hsu | Ko-Shao Chen | Hong-Ru Lin | Shu-Ju Chang | Tzu-Piao Tang
Retrieval algorithm for CO2 and CH4 column abundances from short-wavelength infrared spectral observations by the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite

Author(s): Y. Yoshida | Y. Ota | N. Eguchi | N. Kikuchi | K. Nobuta | H. Tran | I. Morino | T. Yokota
Growth of carbon nanowalls at atmospheric pressure for one-step gas sensor fabrication

Author(s): Yu Kehan | Bo Zheng | Lu Ganhua | Mao Shun | Cui Shumao | Zhu Yanwu | Chen Xinqi | Ruoff Rodney | Chen Junhong
Prefer-oriented Cu2O Micro-crystals: SAM Templated Growth and DMMP-vapor Detection

Author(s): YANG Tian-Tian, XU Peng-Cheng, ZUO Guo-Min, LI Xin-Xin
Fabrication of ZnO and ZnO:Sb Nanoparticles for Gas Sensor Applications

Author(s): A. B. Kashyout | H. M. A. Soliman | H. Shokry Hassan | A. M. Abousehly
Fabrication of Pt-Circular Schottky Diode on Undoped AlGaN/GaN HEMT

Author(s): M. Mohamad | F. Mustafa | A.M. Hashim | S.F. Abd Rahman | A.A. Aziz | Md. R. Hashim
Effect of TiO2 on the Gas Sensing Features of TiO2/PANi Nanocomposites

Author(s): Duong Ngoc Huyen | Nguyen Trong Tung | Nguyen Duc Thien | Le Hai Thanh

Author(s): G.Pradeep Reddy | Gerardine Immaculate Mary
Design and Construction Processes of Carbon Monoxide Leak Detection System for Domestic Application

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Mohatdi Bonab | R. Karimdadashi | Gh. Jabbari
Oxidation of Hydrocarbons on the Surface of Tin Dioxide Chemical Sensors

Author(s): Helena Teterycz | Patryk Halek | Kamil Wiśniewski | Grzegorz Halek | Tomasz Koźlecki | Izabela Polowczyk
Nanocasting Synthesis of Ultrafine WO3 Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing Applications

Author(s): Kamali Heidari Elham | Marzbanrad Ehsan | Zamani Cyrus | Raissi Babak
Fabrication of a Highly Sensitive Chemical Sensor Based on ZnO Nanorod Arrays

Author(s): Park JaeYoung | Choi Sun-Woo | Kim SangSub
Retrieval algorithm for CO2 and CH4 column abundances from short-wavelength infrared spectral observations by the Greenhouse gases observing satellite

Author(s): Y. Yoshida | Y. Ota | N. Eguchi | N. Kikuchi | K. Nobuta | H. Tran | I. Morino | T. Yokota
Using a Floating-Gate MOS Transistor as a Transducer in a MEMS Gas Sensing System

Author(s): Mario Alfredo Reyes Barranca | Salvador Mendoza-Acevedo | Luis M. Flores-Nava | Alejandro Avila-García | E. N. Vazquez-Acosta | José Antonio Moreno-Cadenas | Gaspar Casados-Cruz
Multi sensor reanalysis of total ozone

Author(s): R. J. van der A | M. A. F. Allaart | H. J. Eskes
Fabrication of a Flexible Micro CO Sensor for Micro Reformer Applications

Author(s): Chi-Yuan Lee | Chi-Chung Chang | Yi-Man Lo


Flame-Made Nb-Doped TiO2 Ethanol and Acetone Sensors

Author(s): Sukon Phanichphant | Chaikarn Liewhiran | Khatcharin Wetchakun | Anurat Wisitsoraat | Adisorn Tuantranont
A Wireless Electronic Nose System Using a Fe2O3 Gas Sensing Array and Least Squares Support Vector Regression

Author(s): Kai Song | Qi Wang | Qi Liu | Hongquan Zhang | Yingguo Cheng
PCF-Based Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopic Sensors for Simultaneous Multicomponent Trace Gas Analysis

Author(s): Walter M. Nakaema | Zuo-Qiang Hao | Philipp Rohwetter | Ludger Wöste | Kamil Stelmaszczyk
Radial basis function neural network in fault detection of automotive engines

Author(s): Adnan Hamad | Dingli Yu | J. B. Gomm | Mahavir S. Sangha
Ozone Flux Measurement and Modelling on Leaf/Shoot and Canopy Scale

Author(s): Ludger Grünhage | Giacomo Gerosa
Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Node

Author(s): Dipanjan Bhattacharjee, | Sourabh Kumar, | Akash Kumar, | Sushabhan Choudhury
Development of Micro-Heaters with Optimized Temperature Compensation Design for Gas Sensors

Author(s): Woo-Jin Hwang | Kyu-Sik Shin | Ji-Hyoung Roh | Dae-Sung Lee | Sung-Hoon Choa
Ozone Flux Measurement and Modelling on Leaf/Shoot and Canopy Scale

Author(s): Ludger Grünhage | Giacomo Gerosa
Assessment of a continuous blood gas monitoring system in animals during circulatory stress

Author(s): Gelsomino Sandro | Lorusso Roberto | Livi Ugolino | Romagnoli Stefano | Romano Salvatore | Carella Rocco | Lucà Fabiana | Billè Giuseppe | Matteucci Francesco | Renzulli Attilio | Bolotin Gil | De Cicco Giuseppe | Stefàno Pierluigi | Maessen Jos | Gensini Gian
The Benthic Boundary Layer: geochemical and oceanographic data from the GEOSTAR-2 observatory

Author(s): G. Etiope | P. Favali | J. L. Fuda | F. Italiano | M. Laubenstein | C. Millot | W. Plastino

MAMAP – a new spectrometer system for column-averaged methane and carbon dioxide observations from aircraft: instrument description and performance analysis

Author(s): K. Gerilowski | A. Tretner | T. Krings | M. Buchwitz | P. P. Bertagnolio | F. Belemezov | J. Erzinger | J. P. Burrows | H. Bovensmann
Resistive Oxygen Gas Sensors for Harsh Environments

Author(s): Ralf Moos | Noriya Izu | Frank Rettig | Sebastian Reiß | Woosuck Shin | Ichiro Matsubara
Bromocresol Green/Mesoporous Silica Adsorbent for Ammonia Gas Sensing via an Optical Sensing Instrument

Author(s): Yu-Chang Chang | Hsunling Bai | Shou-Nan Li | Chun-Nan Kuo
Palladium – Doped ZnO Thin Film Hydrogen Gas Sensor

Author(s): Qahtan Ghatih Al-zaidi | Abdullah Muhsin Suhail | Wasan Rashid Al-azawi
Effect of the Detector Width and Gas Pressure on the Frequency Response of a Micromachined Thermal Accelerometer

Author(s): Alexandra Garraud | Philippe Combette | Johann Courteaud | Alain Giani
Advances in SAW Gas Sensors Based on the Condensate-Adsorption Effect

Author(s): Jiuling Liu | Wen Wang | Shunzhou Li | Minghua Liu | Shitang He
Hierarchical Leak Detection and Localization Method in Natural Gas Pipeline Monitoring Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jiangwen Wan | Yang Yu | Yinfeng Wu | Renjian Feng | Ning Yu
Room Temperature Ammonia Gas Sensing Characteristics of Co3O4

Author(s): P.N. Shelke | S.R. Jadkar | Y.B. Khollam | S.D. Chakane | A.D. Adsool | K.C. Mohite
Antimony Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films: Co Gas Sensor

Author(s): P.S. Joshi | S.M. Jogade | P.A. Lohar | D.S. Sutrave
Fabrication of Polyaniline/TiO2 Nanocomposite Ammonia Vapor Sensor

Author(s): S.G. Pawar | S.L. Patil | M.A. Chougule | P.R. Godse | D.K. Bandgar | V.B. Patil
A Robust and Low-Complexity Gas Recognition Technique for On-Chip Tin-Oxide Gas Sensor Array

Author(s): Farid Flitti | Aicha Far | Bin Guo | Amine Bermak
Design and Development of a Flexible Reliable Smart Gas Detection System

Author(s): Dipanjan Bhattacharjee | Purva Bhatnagar | Sushabhan Choudhury
Field detection of CO and CH4 by NIR 2f modulation laser spectroscopy

Author(s): A Khorsandi | S Bagherian | S Ghavami Sabouri | C Romano | W Schade
Highly Sensitive Detection of Naphthalene in Solvent Vapor Using a Functionalized PBG Refractive Index Sensor

Author(s): Maiko Girschikofsky | Manuel Rosenberger | Stefan Belle | Malte Brutschy | Siegfried R. Waldvogel | Ralf Hellmann
Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Their Gas Sensing Properties: A Review

Author(s): Yu-Feng Sun | Shao-Bo Liu | Fan-Li Meng | Jin-Yun Liu | Zhen Jin | Ling-Tao Kong | Jin-Huai Liu
Investigation of the Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensing Characteristics of Tin Oxide Mixed Cerium Oxide Thin Films

Author(s): Sardar M. A. Durrani | Mohammad F. Al-Kuhaili | Imran A. Bakhtiari | Muhammad B. Haider
Integrating Metal-Oxide-Decorated CNT Networks with a CMOS Readout in a Gas Sensor

Author(s): Hyunjoong Lee | Sanghoon Lee | Dai-Hong Kim | David Perello | Young June Park | Seong-Hyeon Hong | Minhee Yun | Suhwan Kim
Synthesis, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures

Author(s): Anima Johari | Vikas Ran | Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Dual Mode NOx Sensor: Measuring Both the Accumulated Amount and Instantaneous Level at Low Concentrations

Author(s): Andrea Groß | Gregor Beulertz | Isabella Marr | David J. Kubinski | Jaco H. Visser | Ralf Moos
TiO2 Nanotube Array Sensor for Detecting the SF6 Decomposition Product SO2

Author(s): Xiaoxing Zhang | Jinbin Zhang | Yichao Jia | Peng Xiao | Ju Tang
H2S Micro Gas Sensor Based on a SnO2-CuO Multi-layer Thin Film

Author(s): Woo-Chang Choi | Sung-Eun Kim
Coal Mine Rescue Robot

Author(s): C.D.Bhos | J.G.Rana
Zigzag GaN/Ga2O3 heterogeneous nanowires: Synthesis, optical and gas sensing properties

Author(s): Li-Wei Chang | Jan-Hau Chang | Jien-Wei Yeh | Heh-Nan Lin | Han C. Shih
The Need and Potential of Biosensors to Detect Dioxins and Dioxin-Like Polychlorinated Biphenyls along the Milk, Eggs and Meat Food Chain

Author(s): Jeerasak Chobtang | Imke J. M. De Boer | Ron L. A. P. Hoogenboom | Willem Haasnoot | Aize Kijlstra | Bastiaan G. Meerburg
A Zinc Oxide Nanorod Ammonia Microsensor Integrated with a Readout Circuit on-a-Chip

Author(s): Ming-Zhi Yang | Ching-Liang Dai | Chyan-Chyi Wu
Control of an Industrial SCR Catalyst Using Ceramic NOx Sensors

Author(s): Joshua Schmitt | Daniel B. Olsen
Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Ammonium Peroxy Disulfate (APS) as Oxidant Together with Some Dopants for Use in Gas Sensors

Author(s): Hemant K. Chitte | Narendra V. Bhat | Mr. Ajit V. Gore | Ganesh N. Shind
Room Temperature Ammonia Gas Sensing Using MnO2-Modified ZnO Thick Film Resistors

Author(s): Lalchand A. Patil | Lalita S. Sonawane | Dhanashri G. Patil
A human motion model based on maps for navigation systems

Author(s): Kaiser Susanna | Khider Mohammed | Robertson Patrick
A novel gas ionization sensor using Pd nanoparticle-capped ZnO

Author(s): Wang Hongjun | Zou Changwei | Tian Canxin | Zhou Lin | Wang Zesong | Fu Dejun
Gas speed flow transducer

Author(s): Godovaniouk V. N. | Riukhtin V. V. | Mikhailichenko Yu. S. | Shvets A. G. | Shimanovskiy A. B. | Fedinchuk I. I.
Combining Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Techniques in Fault-Tolerant Control

Author(s): A. Vargas-Martínez | L. E. Garza-Castañón
Development of a Microelectromechanical System (MEMS)-Based Multisensor Platform for Environmental Monitoring

Author(s): Mathieu Hautefeuille | Brendan O’Flynn | Frank H. Peters | Conor O’Mahony
Nano Ag-Doped In2O3 Thick Film: A Low-Temperature H2S Gas Sensor

Author(s): D. N. Chavan | G. E. Patil | D. D. Kajale | V. B. Gaikwad | P. K. Khanna | G. H. Jain
Fault Diagnosis for Micro-Gas Turbine Engine Sensors via Wavelet Entropy

Author(s): Bing Yu | Dongdong Liu | Tianhong Zhang
Nanocrystalline SnO2 by liquid pyrolysis

Author(s): Cerdà, J. | Cirera, A. | Vilà, A. | Diaz, R. | Cornet, A. | Morante, J. R.
Effect of H2 Exposure on TiO2-based Ceramic Thick Films

Author(s): Mather, G. C. | Marques, F. M. B. | Frade, J. R.
Design of Highly Sensitive C2H5OH Sensors Using Self-Assembled ZnO Nanostructures

Author(s): Kang-Min Kim | Hae-Ryong Kim | Kwon-Il Choi | Hyo-Joong Kim | Jong-Heun Lee
Efecto del lavado con etilendiamina sobre las propiedades de las nanopartículas de óxido de estaño

Author(s): Montenegro Hernández, A. | Castro, M. S. | Rodríguez Páez, J. E.
Respuesta eléctrica de películas gruesas del sistema SnO2-TiO2, conformadas con polvos cerámicos obtenidos a través del método pechini

Author(s): Montenegro, A. | Cerón, N. | Ponce, M. | Castro, M. S. | Varela, J. A. | Rodríguez, J. E.
Preparation of ZnO-SnO2 ceramic materials by a coprecipitation method

Author(s): Peiteado, M. | Iglesias, Y. | de Frutos, J. | Fernández, J. F. | Caballero, A. C.
Uso de métodos químicos para obtener polvos cerámicos del sistema (Sn, Ti)O2

Author(s): Ararat, C. | Varela, J. A. | Rodríguez-Páez, J E.
Evolución de la morfología y facetaje de nanoestructuras de SnO2 crecidas por pirólisis en fase aerosol sobre sustratos de vidrio

Author(s): Rossinyol, E. | Arbiol, J. | Peiró, F. | Cornet, A. | Morante, J. R. | Brinzari, V. | Korotcenkov, G. | Golovanov, V.
Novel Wireless Sensor System for Monitoring Oxygen, Temperature and Respiration Rate of Horticultural Crops Post Harvest

Author(s): Mette Marie Løkke | Helene Fast Seefeldt | Gareth Edwards | Ole Green
Polypyrrole Coated Carbon Nanotubes: Preparation, Characterization, and Gas―sensing Properties

Author(s): WANG Zhi-Min, TANG Xin-Cun, XIAO Yuan-Hua, YU Xiao-Jing, ZHANG Liang, JIA Dian-Zeng, CHEN Gu-Chun
Scanning of the Sun and Other Celestial Bodies with Help of Gravitation Spectroscopy

Author(s): Kristina Zubow | Anatolij Zubow | Viktor Anatolievich Zubow
Ultra-fast Microwave Synthesis of ZnO Nanowires and their Dynamic Response Toward Hydrogen Gas

Author(s): Qurashi Ahsanulhaq | Tabet N | Faiz M | Yamzaki Toshinari
Electrospun ZnO Nanowires as Gas Sensors for Ethanol Detection

Author(s): Wu Wan-Yu | Ting Jyh-Ming | Huang Po-Jung
Physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and estimated insulin sensitivity and secretion in pregnant and non-pregnant women

Author(s): Gradmark Anna | Pomeroy Jeremy | Renström Frida | Steiginga Susanne | Persson Margareta | Wright Antony | Bluck Les | Domellöf Magnus | Kahn Steven | Mogren Ingrid | Franks Paul
Synthesis and Microstructural Investigations of Organometallic Pd(II) Thiol-Gold Nanoparticles Hybrids

Author(s): Vitale Floriana | Vitaliano Rosa | Battocchio Chiara | Fratoddi Ilaria | Giannini Cinzia | Piscopiello Emanuela | Guagliardi Antonella | Cervellino Antonio | Polzonetti Giovanni | Russo MariaVittoria | Tapfer Leander
SnO2/Pt Thin Film Laser Ablated Gas Sensor Array

Author(s): Mohammad Hadi Shahrokh Abadi | Mohd Nizar Hamidon | Abdul Halim Shaari | Norhafizah Abdullah | Rahman Wagiran
Fabrication of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Thin Film Ammonia Vapor Sensor

Author(s): Shailesh Pawar | Manik Chougule | Sanjay Patil | Bharat Raut | Dhanaji Dalvi | Pramod Patil | Shashwati Sen | Pradeep Joshi | Vikas Patil
Nanocrystalline CuO Thin Films for H2S Monitoring: Microstructural and Optoelectronic Characterization

Author(s): Vikas Patil | Datta Jundale | Shailesh Pawar | Manik Chougule | Prsad Godse | Sanjay Patil | Bharat Raut | Shashwati Sen
Synthesis of Polypyrrole Using Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) as Oxidant Together with Some Dopants for Use in Gas Sensors

Author(s): Hemant K. Chitte | Ganesh N. Shinde | Narendra V. Bhat | Vasant E. Walunj
Development of Multi-Channel Data Logger for Indoor Environment

Author(s): Anuj Kumar | Indu Prakash Singh | Suresh Kumar Sud
Improved 3-D Particle Tracking Velocimetry with Colored Particles

Author(s): Christian Bendicks | Dominique Tarlet | Christoph Roloff | Robert Bordás | Bernd Wunderlich | Bernd Michaelis | Dominique Thévenin
Effects of Textural Properties on the Response of a SnO2-Based Gas Sensor for the Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents

Author(s): Soo Chool Lee | Seong Yeol Kim | Woo Suk Lee | Suk Yong Jung | Byung Wook Hwang | Dhanusuraman Ragupathy | Duk Dong Lee | Sang Yeon Lee | Jae Chang Kim
Remote Real-Time Monitoring of Subsurface Landfill Gas Migration

Author(s): Cormac Fay | Aiden R. Doherty | Stephen Beirne | Fiachra Collins | Colum Foley | John Healy | Breda M. Kiernan | Hyowon Lee | Damien Maher | Dylan Orpen | Thomas Phelan | Zhengwei Qiu | Kirk Zhang | Cathal Gurrin | Brian Corcoran | Noel E. O’Connor | Alan F. Smeaton | Dermot Diamond
A Monolithically-Integrated μGC Chemical Sensor System

Author(s): Ronald P. Manginell | Joseph M. Bauer | Matthew W. Moorman | Lawrence J. Sanchez | John M. Anderson | Joshua J. Whiting | Daniel A. Porter | Davor Copic | Komandoor E. Achyuthan
An Electronic Nose for Reliable Measurement and Correct Classification of Beverages

Author(s): Mazlina Mamat | Salina Abdul Samad | Mahammad A. Hannan
Low-Cost Gas Sensors Produced by the Graphite Line-Patterning Technique Applied to Monitoring Banana Ripeness

Author(s): Alexandra Manzoli | Clarice Steffens | Rafaella T. Paschoalin | Alessandra A. Correa | William F. Alves | Fábio L. Leite | Paulo S. P. Herrmann
Statistically optimized inversion algorithm for enhanced retrieval of aerosol properties from spectral multi-angle polarimetric satellite observations

Author(s): O. Dubovik | M. Herman | A. Holdak | T. Lapyonok | D. Tanré | J. L. Deuzé | F. Ducos | A. Sinyuk | A. Lopatin
The Multi-Chamber Electronic Nose—An Improved Olfaction Sensor for Mobile Robotics

Author(s): Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez | Javier G. Monroy | Jose Luis Blanco
Terahertz Active Photonic Crystals for Condensed Gas Sensing

Author(s): Alexander Benz | Christoph Deutsch | Martin Brandstetter | Aaron M. Andrews | Pavel Klang | Hermann Detz | Werner Schrenk | Gottfried Strasser | Karl Unterrainer
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