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A High Accurate and Low Bias SNR Estimator: Algorithm and Implementation

Author(s): C. Gong | B. N. Zhang | A. J. Liu | D. X. Guo
A Bayes Formula for Nonlinear Filtering with Gaussian and Cox Noise

Author(s): Vidyadhar Mandrekar | Thilo Meyer-Brandis | Frank Proske
Automatic Crack Detection in Eggshell Based on SUSAN Edge Detector Using Fuzzy Thresholding

Author(s): Meysam Siyah Mansoory | Meghdad Ashtiyani | Hossein Sarabadani
Comparative Study of Channel Estimation Algorithms under Different Channel Scenario

Author(s): Tirthankar Paul | Priyabrata karmakar | Sourav Dhar
BER Analysis of MIMO OFDM System for AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Mitalee Agrawal | Yudhishthir Raut
A Model Based, Anatomy Dependent Method for Ultra-Fast Creation of Primary SPECT Projections

Author(s): Faraz Kalantari | Hossein Rajabi | Mohsen Saghari | Alireza Emami Ardekani

Author(s): Mahmoud M. El-Borai & Khairia El-Said El-Nadi
Fuzzy Based Adaptive Filters in Color Image Processing

Author(s): D. Sreenivasa Rao | Y. Gangadhar | V.S. Giridhar Akula
“Noise Detection and Noise Removal Techniques in Medical Images”

Author(s): Bhausaheb Shinde | Dnyandeo Mhaske | Machindra Patare | A.R. Dani
Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil

High Capacity and Resistance to Additive Noise Audio Steganography Algorithm

Author(s): Haider Ismael Shahadi | Razali Bin Jidin
Frame, bit and chip error rate evaluation for a DSSS communication system

Author(s): F.R. Castillo–Soria | D. Pacheco–Bautista | M. Sánchez–Meraz
Non Linear Image Restoration in Spatial Domain

Author(s): Bushra Jalil | Fauvet Eric | Laligant Olivier
Time Domain Modeling of Powerline Impulsive Noise at Its Source

Author(s): Hassina Chaouche | Frederic Gauthier | Ahmed Zeddam | Mohamed Tlich | Mohamed Machmoum
Performance of a New Method of Multicomponent Images Segmentation in the Presence of Noise

Author(s): Sié Ouattara | Olivier Asseu | Alain Clément | Bertrand Vigouroux
High-Rate Data-Hiding Robust to Linear Filtering for Colored Hosts

Author(s): Scagliola Michele | Pérez-González Fernando | Guccione Pietro
Generalized Method for Sampling Spatially Correlated Heterogeneous Speckled Imagery

Author(s): Bustos Oscar H | Flesia Ana G | Frery Alejandro C
Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using MPEG-4 Compliant Visual Features

Author(s): Aleksic Petar S | Williams Jay J | Wu Zhilin | Katsaggelos Aggelos K
Impact of the Gaussian Approximation on the Performance of the Probabilistic Data Association MIMO Decoder

Author(s): Fricke Justus Ch | Sandell Magnus | Mietzner Jan | Hoeher Peter A
Exploiting Diversity for Coverage Extension of Bluetooth-Based Mobile Services

Author(s): Masini Barbara M | Conti Andrea | Dardari Davide | Pasolini Gianni
Enhancement of Unequal Error Protection Properties of LDPC Codes

Author(s): Poulliat Charly | Declercq David | Fijalkow Inbar
Recovery of Myocardial Kinematic Function without the Time History of External Loads

Author(s): Zhang Heye | Li Bo | Young AlistairA | Hunter PeterJ
Parametric Adaptive Radar Detector with Enhanced Mismatched Signals Rejection Capabilities

Author(s): Hao Chengpeng | Liu Bin | Yan Shefeng | Cai Long
Pulse Interval Modulation for Ultra-High Speed IR-UWB Communications Systems

Author(s): Herceg Marijan | Švedek Tomislav | Matić Tomislav
Multimodal Speaker Verification Based on Electroglottograph Signal and Glottal Activity Detection

Author(s): Ćirović Zoran | Milosavljević Milan | Banjac Zoran
A Robust Subpixel Motion Estimation Algorithm Using HOS in the Parametric Domain

Author(s): Ismaili Aalaoui EM | Ibn-Elhaj E | Bouyakhf EH
Reproducible LTE uplink performance analysis using precomputed interference signals

Author(s): Pauli Volker | Nisar Muhammad | Seidel Eiko
Bit Error Rate Analysis for an OFDM System with Channel Estimation in a Nonlinear and Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

Author(s): Ligata Amir | Gacanin Haris | Adachi Fumiyuki | Smolnikar Miha | Mohorcic Mihael
Error Probability of DPPM UWB Systems over Nakagami Fading Channels with Receive Diversity

Author(s): Zhang Hao | Lu Ting-ting | Wang Jing-jing | Gulliver TAaron
Iterative Fusion of Distributed Decisions over the Gaussian Multiple-Access Channel Using Concatenated BCH-LDGM Codes

Author(s): Del Ser Javier | Manjarres Diana | Crespo PedroM | Gil-Lopez Sergio | Garcia-Frias Javier
Hadamard upper bound on optimum joint decoding capacity of Wyner Gaussian cellular MAC

Author(s): Shakir Muhammad | Durrani Tariq | Alouini Mohamed-Slim
Monte Carlo Solutions for Blind Phase Noise Estimation

Author(s): Simoens Frederik | Duyck Dieter | Çırpan Hakan | Panayırcı Erdal | Moeneclaey Marc
Secrecy Capacity of a Class of Orthogonal Relay Eavesdropper Channels

Author(s): Aggarwal Vaneet | Sankar Lalitha | Calderbank ARobert | Poor HVincent
On the Capacity of FSO Links over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels Using OOK Signaling

Author(s): García-Zambrana Antonio | Castillo-Vázquez Carmen | Castillo-Vázquez Beatriz
Iterative Soft Decision Interference Cancellation for DS-CDMA Employing the Distribution of Interference

Author(s): Rößler JürgenF | Gerstacker WolfgangH | Huber JohannesB
Analysis of Minute Features in Speckled Imagery with Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Author(s): Frery Alejandro C | Cribari-Neto Francisco | de Souza Marcelo O
A Nonlinear Entropic Variational Model for Image Filtering

Author(s): Ben Hamza A | Krim Hamid | Zerubia Josiane
Blind Identification of Out-of-Cell Users in DS-CDMA

Author(s): Jiang Tao | Sidiropoulos Nicholas D
EM-Based Channel Estimation Algorithms for OFDM

Author(s): Ma Xiaoqiang | Kobayashi Hisashi | Schwartz Stuart C
A New Algorithm for Joint Range-DOA-Frequency Estimation of Near-Field Sources

Author(s): Chen Jian-Feng | Zhu Xiao-Long | Zhang Xian-Da
Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement

Author(s): Salzenstein Fabien | Montgomery Paul C | Montaner Denis | Boudraa Abdel-Ouahab
Multiway Filtering Based on Fourth-Order Cumulants

Author(s): Muti Damien | Bourennane Salah
On Rate-Compatible Punctured Turbo Codes Design

Author(s): Babich Fulvio | Montorsi Guido | Vatta Francesca
Analysis of Optical CDMA Signal Transmission: Capacity Limits and Simulation Results

Author(s): Garba Aminata A | Yim Raymond MH | Bajcsy Jan | Chen Lawrence R
Jitter-Robust Orthogonal Hermite Pulses for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Communications

Author(s): de Abreu Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas | Mitchel Craig John | Kohno Ryuji
An Iterative Multiuser Detector for Turbo-Coded DS-CDMA Systems

Author(s): Bejide Emmanuel Oluremi | Takawira Fambirai
Adaptive Outlier Rejection in Image Super-resolution

Author(s): Trimeche Mejdi | Bilcu Radu Ciprian | Yrjänäinen Jukka
Denoising by Sparse Approximation: Error Bounds Based on Rate-Distortion Theory

Author(s): Fletcher Alyson K | Rangan Sundeep | Goyal Vivek K | Ramchandran Kannan
Paraunitary Oversampled Filter Bank Design for Channel Coding

Author(s): Weiss Stephan | Redif Soydan | Cooper Tom | Liu Chunguang | Baxter Paul D | McWhirter John G
Subband-Adaptive Shrinkage for Denoising of ECG Signals

Author(s): Poornachandra S | Kumaravel N
Near-Capacity Coding for Discrete Multitone Systems with Impulse Noise

Author(s): Ardakani Masoud | Kschischang Frank R | Yu Wei
Combined Source-Channel Coding of Images under Power and Bandwidth Constraints

Author(s): Raja Nouman | Xiong Zixiang | Fossorier Marc
Underwater Noise Modeling and Direction-Finding Based on Heteroscedastic Time Series

Author(s): Amiri Hadi | Amindavar Hamidreza | Kamarei Mahmoud
Model Order Selection for Short Data: An Exponential Fitting Test (EFT)

Author(s): Quinlan Angela | Barbot Jean-Pierre | Larzabal Pascal | Haardt Martin
Structured LDPC Codes over Integer Residue Rings

Author(s): Mo Elisa | Armand MarcA
Bayesian hierarchical clustering for microarray time series data with replicates and outlier measurements

Author(s): Cooke Emma | Savage Richard | Kirk Paul | Darkins Robert | Wild David
Channel Capacity Bounds in the Presence of Quantized Channel State Information

Author(s): Makki Behrooz | Beygi Lotfollah | Eriksson Thomas
Bidirectional MIMO Channel Tracking Based on PASTd and Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Ehrenberg Livnat | Gannot Sharon | Shayevitz Ofer | Leshem Amir | Zehavi Ephraim
An Alternative Method to Compute the Bit Error Probability of Modulation Schemes Subject to Nakagami- Fading

Author(s): Queiroz WambertoJL | Lopes WaslonTA | Madeiro Francisco | Alencar MarceloS
An Overview of the Adaptive Robust DFT

Author(s): Roenko AlexeyA | Lukin VladimirV | Djurović Igor
Comparison Of LDM and LMS for an Application of a Speech

Author(s): V.A.Mane | K.P.Paradeshi | S.A.Harage | M.S.Ingavale
Performance of qpsk system in the presence of pulse interference and noisy carrier reference signal

Author(s): Stefanović Mihajlo | Milošević Milan S. | Pavlović Dragana
arf3DS4: An Integrated Framework for Localization and Connectivity Analysis of fMRI Data

Author(s): Wouter D. Weeda | Frank de Vos | Lourens J. Waldorp | Raoul Grasman | Hilde M. Huizenga
Calculation of 99mTc-DTPA transit times in normal kidney

Author(s): Rajabi H | Shalchian B | Yaghoubi N | Bitarafan Rajabi A | Rastgoo F | Firouzabadi SH
Quantification of Respiratory Induced Artifact in CT-Based Attenuation Correction of PET Data: A Simulation Study

Author(s): Zahra Anvari | Mohammad Reza Ay | Babak Fallahi | Florian Büther
The Gaussian Sum Convolution PHD Filtering Algorithms for Nonlinear Models

Author(s): Jianjun Yin | Dawen Zhang | Jianqiu Zhang

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