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Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models: The R Package HGLMMM

Author(s): Marek Molas | Emmanuel Lesaffre
Enhanced Neuro-Fuzzy Architecture for Electrical Load Forecasting

Author(s): Hany Ferdinando | Felix Pasila | Henry Kuswanto
An Integrated Intelligent Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm for Long-Term Electricity Consumption: Cases of Selected EU Countries

Author(s): Ali Azadeh | Morteza Saberi | Vahid Nadimi | Mino Iman | Alireza Behrooznia
Delineation of burnt mountain forest areas by high-resolution satellite images

Author(s): De Matteo E | Colombo R | Meroni M | Comini B | Fracassi G | Cavini L | Olivieri M | Deligios G
A Structured Analytical Approach to Handwritten Marathi vowels Recognition

Author(s): Nilima P. Patil | K. P. Adhiya | Surendra P. Ramteke
Fuzzy Based Adaptive Filters in Color Image Processing

Author(s): D. Sreenivasa Rao | Y. Gangadhar | V.S. Giridhar Akula
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