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Scale Mixture of Gaussian Modelling of Polarimetric SAR Data

Author(s): Anthony P. Doulgeris | Torbjørn Eltoft
Research on Dynamic Facial Expressions Recognition

Author(s): Xiaoning Peng | Beiji Zou | Lijun Tang | Ping Luo
A Multiscale Region-Based Motion Detection and Background Subtraction Algorithm

Author(s): Parisa Darvish Zadeh Varcheie | Michael Sills-Lavoie | Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau
Source Feature Based Gender Identification System Using GMM

GMM Optimization Using Neural Networks for Persian Language Detection

Author(s): Ali Shadmand‎ | Ramin Shaghaghi kandovan‎ | Farbod Razzazi | Yashar Etemad
Noise Analysis of MAIA System and Possible Noise Suppression

Author(s): J. Svihlik | K. Fliegel | P. Koten | S. Vitek | P. Pata
Including probe-level uncertainty in model-based gene expression clustering

Author(s): Liu Xuejun | Lin Kevin | Andersen Bogi | Rattray Magnus
Improved analysis of bacterial CGH data beyond the log-ratio paradigm

Author(s): Snipen Lars | Nyquist Otto | Solheim Margrete | Aakra Ågot | Nes Ingolf
Mixture model for inferring susceptibility to mastitis in dairy cattle: a procedure for likelihood-based inference

Author(s): Gianola Daniel | Øegård Jørgen | Heringstad Bjørg | Klemetsdal Gunnar | Sorensen Daniel | Madsen Per | Jensen Just | Detilleux Johann
Unsupervised assessment of microarray data quality using a Gaussian mixture model

Author(s): Howard Brian | Sick Beate | Heber Steffen
Efficient discovery of abundant post-translational modifications and spectral pairs using peptide mass and retention time differences

Author(s): Fu Yan | Jia Wei | Lu Zhuang | Wang Haipeng | Yuan Zuofei | Chi Hao | Li You | Xiu Liyun | Wang Wenping | Liu Chao | Wang Leheng | Sun Ruixiang | Gao Wen | Qian Xiaohong | He Si-Min
Single-Channel Talker Localization Based on Discrimination of Acoustic Transfer Functions

Author(s): Tetsuya Takiguchi | Yuji Sumida | Ryoichi Takashima | Yasuo Ariki
Assessment of Severe Apnoea through Voice Analysis, Automatic Speech, and Speaker Recognition Techniques

Author(s): Rubén Fernández Pozo | Jose Luis Blanco Murillo | Luis Hernández Gómez | Eduardo López Gonzalo | José Alcázar Ramírez | Doroteo T. Toledano
An Energy-Efficient Target Tracking Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zhijun Yu | Jianming Wei | Haitao Liu
A joint finite mixture model for clustering genes from independent Gaussian and beta distributed data

Author(s): Dai Xiaofeng | Erkkilä Timo | Yli-Harja Olli | Lähdesmäki Harri
Background Subtraction and Target Classification for Gait Recognition

Author(s): Kantipudi MVV Prasad | Dr.V.Sailaja | A. Jagan
Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Detection Using Constrained GMM and Curve Evolution

Author(s): Oren Freifeld | Hayit Greenspan | Jacob Goldberger
An Adaptive Framework for Acoustic Monitoring of Potential Hazards

Author(s): Stavros Ntalampiras | Ilyas Potamitis | Nikos Fakotakis
CADrx for GBM Brain Tumors: Predicting Treatment Response from Changes in Diffusion-Weighted MRI

Author(s): Jing Huo | Kazunori Okada | Hyun J. Kim | Whitney B. Pope | Jonathan G. Goldin | Jeffrey R. Alger | Matthew S. Brown
Robust Face Recognition through Local Graph Matching

Author(s): Ehsan Fazl-Ersi | John S. Zelek | John Tsotsos
Ventricle Boundary in CT: Partial Volume Effect and Local Thresholds

Author(s): Ihar Volkau | Fiftarina Puspitasari | Wieslaw L. Nowinski
A Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Continuous Boundary Detection for 3D Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jiehui Chen | Mariam B. Salim | Mitsuji Matsumoto
T-Patterns Revisited: Mining for Temporal Patterns in Sensor Data

Author(s): Albert Ali Salah | Eric Pauwels | Romain Tavenard | Theo Gevers
Characterization of Substrate-Borne Vibrational Signals of Euschistus servus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Author(s): Brittany Lampson | Young Han | Ahmad Khalilian | Jeremy Greene | R. W. Mankin | Everett Foreman
An Efficient and Robust Moving Shadow Removal Algorithm and Its Applications in ITS

Author(s): Chin-Teng Lin | Chien-Ting Yang | Yu-Wen Shou | Tzu-Kuei Shen
Isolation of Brain Tumor Segment using HMGMM

Author(s): T.Selva Rani | K.Usha Kingsly Devi
Immune Multiagent System for Network Intrusion Detection using Non-linear Classification Algorithm

Author(s): Muna Elsadig Mohamed | Brahim Belhaouari Samir | Azween Abdullah
Image Segmentation by Using Finite Bivariate Doubly Truncated Gaussian Mixture Model

Author(s): GVS Raj Kumar | Srinivas Yarramalle | A.Tejaswi | NaveenKumar K, | Chandra Sekhar P | Chhajer Sunanda

Author(s): G.SUVARNA KUMAR | K.A.PRASAD RAJU, | Dr.Mohan Rao CPVNJ, | P.Satheesh
Investigation of Solvolysis Kinetics of New Synthesized Fluocinolone Acetonide C-21 Esters—An In Vitro Model for Prodrug Activation

Author(s): Bojan D. Markovic | Vladimir D. Dobricic | Sote M. Vladimirov | Olivera A. Cudina | Vladimir M. Savic | Katarina D. Karljikovic-Rajic
Image segmentation by adaptive distance based on EM algorithm

Author(s): Mohamed Ali Mahjoub | Karim Kalti
Duration learning for analysis of nanopore ionic current blockades

Author(s): Churbanov Alexander | Baribault Carl | Winters-Hilt Stephen
Annotating novel genes by integrating synthetic lethals and genomic information

Author(s): Schöner Daniel | Kalisch Markus | Leisner Christian | Meier Lukas | Sohrmann Marc | Faty Mahamadou | Barral Yves | Peter Matthias | Gruissem Wilhelm | Bühlmann Peter
Using of Hand Geometry in Biometric Security Systems

Author(s): P. Varchol | D. Levicky
Using iterative cluster merging with improved gap statistics to perform online phenotype discovery in the context of high-throughput RNAi screens

Author(s): Yin Zheng | Zhou Xiaobo | Bakal Chris | Li Fuhai | Sun Youxian | Perrimon Norbert | Wong Stephen
Quality Enhancement of Compressed Audio Based on Statistical Conversion

Author(s): Demetrios Cantzos | Athanasios Mouchtaris | Chris Kyriakakis
Data-Model Relationship in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Author(s): John S. D. Mason | Nicholas W. D. Evans | Robert Stapert | Roland Auckenthaler
A Physiologically Inspired Method for Audio Classification

Author(s): Sourabh Ravindran | Kristopher Schlemmer | David V. Anderson
Cosmological Non-Gaussian Signature Detection: Comparing Performance of Different Statistical Tests

Author(s): J. Jin | J.-L. Starck | D. L. Donoho | N. Aghanim | O. Forni
Multiband Segmentation of a Spectroscopic Line Data Cube: Application to the HI Data Cube of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4254

Author(s): Farid Flitti | Christophe Collet | Bernd Vollmer | François Bonnarel
On the Determination of Optimal Model Order for GMM-Based Text-Independent Speaker Identification

Author(s): M. M. H. El Ayadi | M. A. El Gamal | M. F. Abu El-Yazeed
Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Content Using Visual, Audio, and Text Cues

Author(s): John R. Smith | Harriet J. Nock | Chalapathy Neti | Milind Ramesh Naphade | Ching-Yung Lin | Giridharan Iyengar | W. H. Adams
A Probabilistic Multimedia Retrieval Model and Its Evaluation

Author(s): Djoerd Hiemstra | Franciska de Jong | Alex van Ballegooij | Arjen P. de Vries | Thijs Westerveld
Virtual Microphones for Multichannel Audio Resynthesis

Author(s): Chris Kyriakakis | Shrikanth S. Narayanan | Athanasios Mouchtaris
Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli

Author(s): Christian Jutten | Jacob Klinkisch | Laurent Girin | Jean-Luc Schwartz | David Sodoyer

Quantitative in-vivo imaging of tumor microenvironments

Author(s): Sohyun Han | Hoesu Jung | Youngkyu Song | Gyunggoo Cho | HyungJoon Cho
Segmentation of MS lesions using entropy-based EM algorithm and Markov random fields

Author(s): Ahmad Bijar | Mahdi Mohamad Khanloo | Antonio Peñalver Benavent | Rasoul Khayati
An Adaptive Framework for Acoustic Monitoring of Potential Hazards

Author(s): Ntalampiras Stavros | Potamitis Ilyas | Fakotakis Nikos
Quality Enhancement of Compressed Audio Based on Statistical Conversion

Author(s): Cantzos Demetrios | Mouchtaris Athanasios | Kyriakakis Chris
Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli

Author(s): Sodoyer David | Schwartz Jean-Luc | Girin Laurent | Klinkisch Jacob | Jutten Christian
Virtual Microphones for Multichannel Audio Resynthesis

Author(s): Mouchtaris Athanasios | Narayanan Shrikanth S | Kyriakakis Chris
A Probabilistic Multimedia Retrieval Model and Its Evaluation

Author(s): Westerveld Thijs | de Vries Arjen P | van Ballegooij Alex | de Jong Franciska | Hiemstra Djoerd
Bayesian non-negative factor analysis for reconstructing transcription factor mediated regulatory networks

Author(s): Meng Jia | Zhang Jianqiu (Michelle) | Chen Yidong | Huang Yufei
Multimodal Speaker Verification Based on Electroglottograph Signal and Glottal Activity Detection

Author(s): Ćirović Zoran | Milosavljević Milan | Banjac Zoran
An Efficient and Robust Moving Shadow Removal Algorithm and Its Applications in ITS

Author(s): Lin Chin-Teng | Yang Chien-Ting | Shou Yu-Wen | Shen Tzu-Kuei
Moving object detection using keypoints reference model

Author(s): Wan Zaki Wan Mimi Diyana | Hussain Aini | Hedayati Mohamed
A full bi-tensor neural tractography algorithm using the unscented Kalman filter

Author(s): Lienhard Stefan | Malcolm James | Westin Carl-Frederik | Rathi Yogesh
A Fast Soft Bit Error Rate Estimation Method

Author(s): Saoudi Samir | Derham Thomas | Ait-Idir Tarik | Coupe Patrice
Multiband Segmentation of a Spectroscopic Line Data Cube: Application to the HI Data Cube of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4254

Author(s): Flitti Farid | Collet Christophe | Vollmer Bernd | Bonnarel François
A Physiologically Inspired Method for Audio Classification

Author(s): Ravindran Sourabh | Schlemmer Kristopher | Anderson David V
Data-Model Relationship in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Author(s): Mason John SD | Evans Nicholas WD | Stapert Robert | Auckenthaler Roland
Bayesian hierarchical clustering for microarray time series data with replicates and outlier measurements

Author(s): Cooke Emma | Savage Richard | Kirk Paul | Darkins Robert | Wild David
Adaptive Social Network Construction using Gaussian Mixture Model

Author(s): Xin Guo | Yang Xiang | Qian Chen | Wei Wei
The Gaussian Sum Convolution PHD Filtering Algorithms for Nonlinear Models

Author(s): Jianjun Yin | Dawen Zhang | Jianqiu Zhang
Joint ICA-Based Blind Detection and Parameter Assessment in DS-CDMA Systems

Author(s): Mohammad Eslami | Javad Afshar Jahanshahi | Seyed Ali Ghorashi

Author(s): Archana Shende | Subhash Mishra | Shiv Kumar
Human Motion Classification Based on Global Representation and Conditional Model

Author(s): Hao Zhang | Zhijing Liu | Haiyong Zhao | Qing Wei
A New Motion Segmentation Method for Dynamic Scenes

Author(s): Zhenping Xie | Shitong Wang
Electromyography Analysis for Person Identification

Author(s): Suresh.M,Krishnamohan.P.G & Mallikarjun S Holi
Segmentation of Brain MR Images based on Finite Skew Gaussian Mixture Model with Fuzzy CMeans Clustering and EM Algorithm

Author(s): Nagesh Vadaparthi | Srinivas Yarramalle | Suresh Varma Penumatsa | P.S.R.Murthy
Image Segmentation Based on a Finite Generalized New Symmetric Mixture Model with K Means

Author(s): M Seshashayee | K Srinivas Rao | Ch Satyanarayana | P. Srinivasa Rao

Wavelet-based Gaussian-mixture hidden Markov model for the detection of multistage seizure dynamics: A proof-of-concept study

Author(s): Chiu Alan | Derchansky Miron | Cotic Marija | Carlen Peter | Turner Steuart | Bardakjian Berj
Segmentation of liver, its vessels and lesions from CT images for surgical planning

Author(s): Oliveira Dário | Feitosa Raul | Correia Mauro
Utterance independent bimodal emotion recognition in spontaneous communication

Author(s): Tao Jianhua | Pan Shifeng | Yang Minghao | Li Ya | Mu Kaihui | Che Jianfeng
ADPF Algorithm for Target Tracking in WSN

Author(s): Chunhe Song | Hai Zhao | Wei Jing | Dan Liu
A Study of Bilinear Models in Voice Conversion

Author(s): Victor Popa | Jani Nurminen | Moncef Gabbouj
Multimodal Belief Fusion for Face and Ear Biometrics

Author(s): Dakshina Ranjan KISKU | Phalguni GUPTA | Hunny MEHROTRA | Jamuna Kanta SING
Modular Arithmetic and Wavelets for Speaker Verification

Author(s): E.F. Khalaf | K. Daqrouq | M. Sherif
Hand Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction

Author(s): S. M.M. Roomi, | R. J. Priya | H. Jayalakshmi
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