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HIV/AIDS in Vietnam: A Gender Analysis

Author(s): Nguyen Van Huy | Udoy Sankar Saikia
Female homicidal strangulation in urban South Africa

Author(s): Suffla Shahnaaz | Van Niekerk Ashley | Arendse Najuwa
Gender differences in the use of transportation services to community rehabilitation programs

Author(s): Tamiya Nanako | Chen Li-Mei | Kobayashi Yasuki | Kaneda Mariko | Yano Eiji
Struck by lightning or slowly suffocating – gendered trajectories into depression

Author(s): Danielsson Ulla | Bengs Carita | Lehti Arja | Hammarström Anne | Johansson Eva
A theoretical model for analysing gender bias in medicine

Author(s): Risberg Gunilla | Johansson Eva | Hamberg Katarina
An overview of cardiovascular risk factor burden in sub-Saharan African countries: a socio-cultural perspective

Author(s): BeLue Rhonda | Okoror Titilayo | Iwelunmor Juliet | Taylor Kelly | Degboe Arnold | Agyemang Charles | Ogedegbe Gbenga
Gendered perceptions on infant feeding in Eastern Uganda: continued need for exclusive breastfeeding support

Author(s): Engebretsen Ingunn | Moland Karen | Nankunda Jolly | Karamagi Charles | Tylleskär Thorkild | Tumwine James
Gender-specific profiles of tobacco use among non-institutionalized people with serious mental illness

Author(s): Johnson Joy | Ratner Pamela | Malchy Leslie | Okoli Chizimuzo | Procyshyn Ric | Bottorff Joan | Groening Marlee | Schultz Annette | Osborne Marg
Gender, Women and Health: Gendered health differences

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Desmond Brooks
More than just talk: the framing of transactional sex and its implications for vulnerability to HIV in Lesotho, Madagascar and South Africa

Author(s): Stoebenau Kirsten | Nixon Stephanie | Rubincam Clara | Willan Samantha | Zembe Yanga | Tsikoane Tumelo | Tanga Pius | Bello Haruna | Caceres Carlos | Townsend Loraine | Rakotoarison Paul | Razafintsalama Violette
Maternal deaths in Pakistan: intersection of gender, caste, and social exclusion

Author(s): Mumtaz Zubia | Salway Sarah | Shanner Laura | Bhatti Afshan | Laing Lory
"I do what I have to do to survive": An investigation into the perceptions, experiences and economic considerations of women engaged in sex work in Northern Namibia

Author(s): Fitzgerald-Husek Alanna | Martiniuk Alexandra | Hinchcliff Reece | Aochamus Christine | Lee Richard
Gendered Perceptions of Sexual Behaviour in Rural South Africa

Author(s): C. Ndinda | U. O. Uzodike | C. Chimbwete | M. T. M. Mgeyane
Barriers to gender-equitable HIV testing: going beyond routine screening for pregnant women in Nova Scotia, Canada

Author(s): Gahagan Jacqueline | Fuller Janice | Proctor-Simms E | Hatchette Todd | Baxter Larry

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