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Job Strain and Blood Pressure in Nurses during Work Shifts

Author(s): M. Pourdehghan | A. Danesh | H. Esmaili
Postpartum Depression in Clients at Health Care Centers in Sari

Author(s): H. Azimi Lolati | M. M. Danesh | S. H. Hosseini | A. Khalilian | M. Zarghami
Religious Attitude and General Health and Patience in Students of Ahvaz Islamic Azad University

Author(s): T. Sharify | M. Mehrabizadeh Honarmand | H. Shokrkon
Validation of Adolescents Coping Scale

Author(s): A. Ghazanfari
Quality of life and marital sexual satisfaction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Author(s): Agnieszka Drosdzol | Violetta Skrzypulec | Barbara Mazur | Romana Pawlińska-Chmara
Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Therapy Based on Mindfulness and Spiritual Schema Activation in the Prevention of Opioid Abuse Relapse

Author(s): Parviz Dabbaghi | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farida | Mohammad Kazem Atef-Vahidb | Jafar Bolharic
Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Problem-solving Styles with General Health

Author(s): Mostafa Zarean | Amin Asadollah-pour | Abbas Bakhshi-pour Roodsari
Attributional Styles and Mental Health in Gifted Vs. Normal Students

Author(s): Farzaneh Motamedi Sharek | Gholamali Afrooz
Health Related Quality of Life in the Elderly in Kashan

Author(s): Vahid Nejati | Hassan Ashayeri
The Effect of Relaxation Training Based on Self-efficacy Theory on Mental Health of Pregnant Women

Author(s): Farideh Bastani | Alireza Haidarnia | Maryam Vafaie | Anoushiravan Kazem-nejad | Maryam Kashanian
Type of Personality and the Amount of Adherence to Recommended Regimens in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): F. Rezaie Kargar | S. Karbandi | H. Hassanabadi | H. Esmaili
Opioid Use in Hospitalized Patients of Hazrat Rasoul-e-Akram Hospital

Author(s): Sh. Nohesara | M. Nasr Esfahani | A. Afkham Ebrahimi
Comorbidity of Psychiatric Disorders in Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic

Author(s): M. Eftekhar | M. Dadfar | E. Karimi Kaisami
Alcohol Use in Hospitalized Patients at Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital

Author(s): H. Attar | A. Afkham Ebrahimi | M. Nasr Esfahani
Schizophrenia and Prevalence of Minor Congenital Physical Anomalies

Author(s): H. Abdolahi Sani | B. Daneshamooz
Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in Urbanized Areas of Natanz

Author(s): A. Omidi | A. Tabatabai | A. Sazvar | G. Akkashe
Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety among Patients in Internal and Surgical Wards

Author(s): T. Nazari | M. T. Yassemi | M. Doust-Mohammadi | K. Nematzadeh Mahani
Hazardous drinkers in Norwegian hospitals – a cross-sectional study of prevalence and drinking patterns among somatic patients

Author(s): Kristian Oppedal | Sverre Nesvåg | Bolette Pedersen | Jan Tore Daltveit | Hanne Tønnesen
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Nurses' knowledge of care for patients with delirium

Author(s): Christina Ouzouni | Konstantinos Nakakis
Protective effect of alcohol consumption for fatty liver but not metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Masahide Hamaguchi | Takao Kojima | Akihiro Ohbora | Noriyuki Takeda | Michiaki Fukui | Takahiro Kato
Test-retest reliability of the Purdue Pegboard test for chidren with Down syndrome

Author(s): Shahla Rafiee | Ghorban Taghizadeh | Mona Edrese | Maede Ashrafie
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Differential diagnostic of the burnout syndrome

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Kister, Christine
Quality of life in patients with venous ulcers

Author(s): Dunić Ivana | Medenica Ljiljana | Maksimović Živan | Đurković-Đaković Olgica
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Patient satisfaction with Urban and Rural Insurance and Family Physician Program in Iran

Author(s): Magid Taheri | Ahmad Amani | Rita Zahiri | Mehri Mohammadi
Effectiveness of a Safety Training Course in Changing Employees Attitude Toward Safety Issues and its Dimensions: A Pathological Study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
Quality of life and functional capacity one year after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Author(s): Nedeljković Una D. | Krstić Nevena M. | Varagić-Marković Slavica Lj. | Putnik Svetozar M.
Education for All: Issues and Challenges: The Case for Zimbabwe

Author(s): Bukaliya Richard and Mubika Augustine Kudakwashe
Mental health of faculty members of physical education and other fields in Islamic Azad University

Author(s): Mohammad Hasan Solhjoo | Mohsen Afroozeh | Sadegh Afroozeh | Neda Kargar
Primary School Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Emergency Management of Avulsed Permanent Incisors

Author(s): B. Touré | F. Léye Benoist | B. Faye | AW. Kane | S. Kaadioui
Evaluation of the psychological factors and symptoms of pain in patients with temporomandibular disorder

Author(s): Wilkens Aurélio Buarque e Silva | Frederico Andrade e Silva | Milene de Oliveira | Silvia Maria Anselmo
The Persian, Last 7-day, Long form of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire: Translation and Validation Study

Author(s): Ali Vasheghani-Farahani | Maryam Tahmasbi | Hossein Asheri | Haleh Ashraf | Saharnaz Nedjat | Ramin Kordi
Users' satisfaction with Porto Alegre's Primary Care Network Satisfação dos usuários da rede de Atenção Primária de Porto Alegre

Author(s): Aline do Amaral Zils | Rodrigo Caprio Leite de Castro | Mônica Maria Celestina de Oliveira | Erno Harzheim | Bruce Bartholow Duncan
An Assessment of Knowledge and Practices Regarding Tuberculosis in the Context of RNTCP Among Non Allopathic Practitioners in Gwalior District

Author(s): Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava | Ashok Mishra | Neeraj Gour | Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh | Shraddha Mishra | Parharam Adhikari
Pulmonary Functions in Normal School Children in the Age Group of 6-15 Years in North India

Author(s): Sandeep Budhiraja | Daljit Singh | Puneet A. Pooni | Gurdeep S. Dhooria
Prevalence of Asthma in Children of Chemical Warfare Victims

Author(s): Majid Mirsadraee | Abolfazl Mozaffari | Davood Attaran
Effect of solvents on microalbuminuria among automobile painters

Author(s): Sharifian S A | Shushtarizadeh T | Aminian O
Prevalence of Migraine Among Medical Students in Zahedan Faculty of Medicine (Southeast of Iran)

Author(s): Mohammad R. Shahrakai | Hamide Mirshekari | Ali Tajik Ghanbari | Ahmad R. Shahraki | Elham Shahraki
A population based survey on knowledge and awareness of breast cancer in the suburban females of Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

Author(s): Mirza Rafi Baig | Vikneswari Subramaniam | Annaliza Anusha Chandrasegar | Tahir Mehmood Khan
Nutraceuticals Use among the Inhabitants of Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): Tahir M Khan | Mohamed A Hassali | Mahmoud S Mohammad Al-Haddad
Subclinical Symptoms of Intoxication Associated with Exposure to Low Levels of Mercury by Dentists

Author(s): M. Neghab | A. Choobineh | J. Hassan Zadeh | E. Ghaderi
Effect of psychosocial stress on maternal complications during pregnancy: A cohort study

Author(s): Chrishantha Abeysena | Pushpa Jayawardana | Rohini de A Seneviratne
Knowledge and Attitudes toward Epilepsy among Malaysian Chinese

Author(s): Chrishantha Abeysena | Shahzad S Hasan | Wayne WG Wei | Keivan Ahmadi | Imran S Ahmed | Alen KS Yong | Mudassir Anwar
Effects of magnetic field on mental health staff employed in gas power plant, Shiraz, 2008

Author(s): Z. Zamanian | F. khajenasirie | S. Gharepoor | M. Dehghany
Study of lead effects on the mental health of tin laborers in a carmaking company of Tehran city 2007

Author(s): A. Abdolmalki | A.A. Farshad | SA. Bagheri Yazdi | M. Nosrati | M. Hamedani | A. Mohamadi
Quality Of Life in Thalassemia Patients

Author(s): Ruba Ishtiaq | Sarah Hasan Siddiqui, | Raihan Sajid
Sexual harassment among health workers and students in Turkey

Author(s): Güliz Onat Bayram | Hüsniye Dinç
Evaluation of adherence to oral antiviral hepatitis B treatment using structured questionnaires

Author(s): Leesa Giang | Christian P Selinger | Alice Unah Lee
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
Association between the Adherence to AHA Step 1 Nutrition Criteria and the Cardiometabolic Outcome in the General Population a Two Year Follow-Up Study

Author(s): Giuseppe Danilo Norata | Alberico Luigi Catapano | Liliana Grigore | Laura Redaelli | Katia Garlaschelli
A Vietnamese version of the 14-item oral health impact profile (OHIP-14VN)

Author(s): Ewald M. Bronkhorst | Nico H. J. Creugers | Dick J. Witter | Anneloes E. Gerritsen | Thoa C. Nguyen
Tribes of Surguja and Korea region in Chattisgarh

Author(s): Neeles shrivastava* and A. Sinha Shrma
Comparative analysis of different factors involving management status of dairy farms in Khartoum state (Sudan)

Author(s): Alatta Amal Osman, | A. A. Hassabo, | M. O. Eisa | Yagoub Sanaa Osman
Effectiveness of a safety training course in changing employees' attitude toward safety issues and its dimensions: a pathological study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
Screening For Mental Disorders Among Afghan Immigrants Residing in Tehran

Author(s): M. Mohammadian | M. Dadfar | J. Bolhari | E. Karimi Keisami

Author(s): Paulo César de Resende Andrade | Eduarda Lauck Machado | Cácia Aparecida Campos | Lucas Cordeiro Macedo | Valéria Cláudia Ferreira Andrade
Predicting Factors of Suicide Attempts in Karaj General Population

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Seyed Kazem Malakouti | Jafar Bolhari | Marjan Posht Mashadi | Safieh Asghar Zadeh Amin
Psychotic-like Ideations in a Group of University Students

Author(s): Mohammad Sajadifar | Vandad Sharifi | Homayoun Amini
Optimism-Pessimism and Coping Strategies: Prediction of Psychological Adjustment in Adolescents

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Mousavi Nasab | Mohammad Reza Taghavi
Relationship between Stress and Coping Styles with Coronary Heart Disease: Role of Gender Factor

Author(s): Mehdi Akbari | Majid Mahmood Aliloo | Nasser Aslanabadi
Prevalence of Violence Against Women by their Partners in Kerman

Author(s): Fatemeh Balali Meybodi | Mehdi Hassani
Quality of Life in a Group of Patients with Bipolar Disorder and Some of their Clinical Characteristics

Author(s): Homayoun Amini | Zeinab Alimadadi | Aliakbar Nejatisafa | Vandad Sharifi | Seyed Ali Ahmadi-Abhari
Effect of Family Psychoeducation on the Level of Adaptation and Improvement of Patients with Mood Disorders

Author(s): Bahman Dashtbozorgi | Fataneh Ghadirian | Niloofar Khajeddin | Kobra Karami
A survey for the evaluation of the training period of cardiology specialists in Turkey

Author(s): Bekir Serhat Yıldız | Mustafa Beyazıt Alkan | Hasan Güngör | İlker Gül | Murat Bilgin | Mustafa Akın | Sanem Nalbantgil | Mehdi Zoghi
Development and Assessment of Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE-89)

Author(s): Amrollah Ebrahimi | Majid Barekatain | Mohammadreza Najafi | Maryam Salehzadeh | Mohammadreza Merasi
Mental Health Status of Individuals Fifteen Years and Older in Tehran-Iran (2009)

Author(s): Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Seyed Abbas Bagheri Yazdi | Mohsen Asadi Lari | Mohammad Reza Vaez Mahdavi
Psychiatric Problems in General Outpatient Clinics: Prevalence and Reasons for Help Seeking

Author(s): Vandad Sharifi | Saeid Daliri | Homayoun Amini | Mohammadreza Mohammadi

Author(s): Paola A. A. FERREIRA | Gustavo H.B. PASCOAL | Milton C. RIBEIRO | Emerson C. BODEVAN | Daisy R.F. FERNANDES | Sheyla R.R. MARTINS | Ana Paula F.C. VANZELA | Marcos L.P. PINHEIRO | Leida Calegário de OLIVEIRA
Bowel Preparation and Peri-operative Management for Radical Cystectomy in Turkey: Turkish Urooncology Association Multicenter Survey

Author(s): Guven Aslan | Sumer Baltaci | Cag Cal | Levent Turkeri | Bulent Gunlusoy | Oztug Adsan
General Health and Quality of Life in Patients With Sexual Dysfunctions

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Naeinian | Mohammad Reza Shaeiri | Fahimeh Sadat Hosseini
Czy pacjenci po przeszczepie nerki są świadomi konieczności stosowania ochrony przeciwsłonecznej?

Author(s): Joanna Sułowicz | Anna Wojas-Pelc | Władysław Sułowicz
Awareness of mobile phone hazards among university students in a Malaysian medical school

Author(s): Latha Rajendra Kumar | Kiu Dawn Chii | Lye Chuan Way | Yogeeta Jetly | Veena Rajendaran
Nurse’s Roles and the Mediating Effects of Stress on Job Performance in Low and Developing Economies

Author(s): Joshua Chiroma Gandi | Wukatda Wokji Beben | Yohanna Gyarazama
Three-Factor structure of self-report schizotypal traits in a French nonclinical sample

Author(s): Jérôme Brunelin | Patrick Dumas | Mohamed Saoud | Thierry d’Amato | Emmanuel Poulet
Efficacy of Positive Parenting on Improving Children’s Behavior Problems and Parenting Styles

Author(s): Mehdi Tehrani-Doost | Zahra Shahrivar | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaie | Javad Alaghband-Rad
Selected psychological factors in psoriasis and acne rosacea Wybrane czynniki psychologiczne w łuszczycy i trądziku różowatym

Author(s): Agata Orzechowska | Monika Talarowska | Adam Wysokiński | Wojciech Gruszczyński | Krzysztof Zboralski
Patients' satisfaction with antipsoriatic treatment: results of PSO Survey in Poland. Zadowolenie pacjentów z leczenia przeciwłuszczycowego: wyniki badania PSO Survey w Polsce.

Author(s): Jacek Szepietowski | Adam Reich | Tamás Palotai | Andrzej Kaszuba | Grażyna Chodorowska | Ligia Brzezińska-Wcisło | Lidia Rudnicka | Tomasy Giemza
Evaluation of Depression and Mental Health Status in Women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome

Author(s): Zinab Shakerardekani | Abbas Ali Nasehi | Tahereh Eftekhar | Azizeh Ghaseminezhad | Mohammad Ali Shaker Ardekani | Firoozeh Raisi
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