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Genomic imprinting and assisted reproduction

Author(s): Paoloni-Giacobino Ariane | Chaillet J Richard
A case of familial isolated hemihyperplasia

Author(s): Heilstedt Heidi | Bacino Carlos
Expression and protein localisation of IGF2 in the marsupial placenta

Author(s): Ager Eleanor | Pask Andrew | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn
Genomic Imprinting In Bipolar Affective Disorder

Author(s): Kumar Ratanendra | Chopra V. K | Parial A | Khess C.R.J
Pash 3.0: A versatile software package for read mapping and integrative analysis of genomic and epigenomic variation using massively parallel DNA sequencing

Author(s): Coarfa Cristian | Yu Fuli | Miller Christopher | Chen Zuozhou | Harris R Alan | Milosavljevic Aleksandar
BACs as Tools for the Study of Genomic Imprinting

Author(s): S. J. Tunster | M. Van De Pette | R. M. John
Imprinting Status of IGF2 in Cord Blood Cells of Han Chinese Newborns

Author(s): Yimin Dai | Zhiqun Wang | Jie Li | Xiangfang Gu | Mingming Zheng | Jianjun Zhou | Xiaodong Ye | Jincui Yao | Isabelle Cui | Yali Hu | Hengmi Cui
Sex dependent imprinting effects on complex traits in mice

Author(s): Hager Reinmar | Cheverud James | Leamy Larry | Wolf Jason
Two evolutionarily conserved sequence elements for Peg3/Usp29 transcription

Author(s): Kim Jeong | Yu Sungryul | Choo Jung | Kim Joomyeong
Genomic scan for quantitative trait loci of chemical and physical body composition and deposition on pig chromosome X including the pseudoautosomal region of males

Author(s): Duthie Carol-Anne | Simm Geoff | Pérez-Enciso Miguel | Doeschl-Wilson Andrea | Kalm Ernst | Knap Pieter | Roehe Rainer
A BAC-based physical map of the Hessian fly genome anchored to polytene chromosomes

Author(s): Aggarwal Rajat | Benatti Thiago | Gill Navdeep | Zhao Chaoyang | Chen Ming-Shun | Fellers John | Schemerhorn Brandon | Stuart Jeff
Positive selection at codon 38 of the human KCNE1 (= minK) gene and sporadic absence of 38Ser-coding mRNAs in Gly38Ser heterozygotes

Author(s): Herlyn Holger | Zechner Ulrich | Oswald Franz | Pfeufer Arne | Zischler Hans | Haaf Thomas
High-throughput analysis of candidate imprinted genes and allele-specific gene expression in the human term placenta

Author(s): Daelemans Caroline | Ritchie Matthew | Smits Guillaume | Abu-Amero Sayeda | Sudbery Ian | Forrest Matthew | Campino Susana | Clark Taane | Stanier Philip | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Deloukas Panos | Dermitzakis Emmanouil | Tavaré Simon | Moore Gudrun | Dunham Ian
Transcriptional profiles underlying parent-of-origin effects in seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Tiwari Sushma | Spielman Melissa | Schulz Reiner | Oakey Rebecca | Kelsey Gavin | Salazar Andres | Zhang Ke | Pennell Roger | Scott Rod
The Drosophila homolog of the mammalian imprint regulator, CTCF, maintains the maternal genomic imprint in Drosophila melanogaster

Author(s): MacDonald William | Menon Debashish | Bartlett Nicholas | Sperry G Elizabeth | Rasheva Vanya | Meller Victoria | Lloyd Vett
Non-additive effects of RBP4, ESR1 and IGF2 polymorphisms on litter size at different parities in a Chinese-European porcine line

Author(s): Muñoz María | Fernández Ana Isabel | Óvilo Cristina | Muñoz Gloria | Rodriguez Carmen | Fernández Almudena | Alves Estefânia | Silió Luis
DNA sequence polymorphisms within the bovine guanine nucleotide-binding protein Gs subunit alpha (Gsα)-encoding (GNAS) genomic imprinting domain are associated with performance traits

Author(s): Sikora Klaudia | Magee David | Berkowicz Erik | Berry Donagh | Howard Dawn | Mullen Michael | Evans Ross | MacHugh David | Spillane Charles
Imprinted genes show unique patterns of sequence conservation

Author(s): Hutter Barbara | Bieg Matthias | Helms Volkhard | Paulsen Martina
Epigenetic states and expression of imprinted genes in human embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Steven Shoei-Lung Li | Sung-Liang Yu | Sher Singh
Diagnosis of patients with Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes: the importance of an overall investigation

Author(s): Varela Monica Castro | Fridman Cintia | Koiffmann Célia Priszkulnik
Paternal imprinting of the SLC22A1LS gene located in the human chromosome segment 11p15.5

Author(s): Bajaj Vineeta | Markandaya Manjunath | Krishna Lingegowda | Kumar Arun
The Prader-Willi syndrome murine imprinting center is not involved in the spatio-temporal transcriptional regulation of the Necdin gene

Author(s): Watrin Françoise | Le Meur Elodie | Roeckel Nathalie | Ripoche Marie-Anne | Dandolo Luisa | Muscatelli Françoise
A genome scan for parent-of-origin linkage effects in alcoholism

Author(s): Liu Xiao-Qing | Greenwood Celia | Wang Ke-Sheng | Paterson Andrew
A method for similarity search of genomic positional expression using CAGE.

Author(s): Seno Shigeto | Takenaka Yoichi | Kai Chikatoshi | Kawai Jun | Carninci Piero | Hayashizaki Yoshihide | Matsuda Hideo
Loss of imprinting at the Dlk1-Gtl2 locus caused by insertional mutagenesis in the Gtl2 5' region

Author(s): Steshina Ekaterina | Carr Michael | Glick Elena | Yevtodiyenko Aleksey | Appelbe Oliver | Schmidt Jennifer
Cdkn1c (p57Kip2) is the major regulator of embryonic growth within its imprinted domain on mouse distal chromosome 7

Author(s): Andrews Stuart | Wood Michelle | Tunster Simon | Barton Sheila | Surani M Azim | John Rosalind
The evolution of imprinting: chromosomal mapping of orthologues of mammalian imprinted domains in monotreme and marsupial mammals

Author(s): Edwards Carol | Rens Willem | Clarke Oliver | Mungall Andrew | Hore Timothy | Graves Jennifer | Dunham Ian | Ferguson-Smith Anne | Ferguson-Smith Malcolm
Assisted Reproductive Technology affects developmental kinetics, H19 Imprinting Control Region methylation and H19 gene expression in individual mouse embryos

Author(s): Fauque Patricia | Jouannet Pierre | Lesaffre Corinne | Ripoche Marie-Anne | Dandolo Luisa | Vaiman Daniel | Jammes Hélène
MacroH2A1 knockdown effects on the Peg3 imprinted domain

Author(s): Choo Jung | Kim Jeong | Kim Joomyeong
Possible Imprinting and Microchimerism in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Related Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Author(s): Viggo Jønsson | Geir E. Tjønnfjord | Tom B. Johannesen | Sven Ove Samuelsen | Bernt Ly
Genomic imprinting of IGF2 in marsupials is methylation dependent

Author(s): Lawton Betty | Carone Benjamin | Obergfell Craig | Ferreri Gianni | Gondolphi Christina | VandeBerg John | Imumorin Ikhide | O'Neill Rachel | O'Neill Michael
Evolution of the CDKN1C-KCNQ1 imprinted domain

Author(s): Ager Eleanor | Pask Andrew | Gehring Helen | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn
DNA methylation in states of cell physiology and pathology.

Author(s): Anetta Sulewska | Wieslawa Niklinska | Miroslaw Kozlowski | Lukasz Minarowski | Wojciech Naumnik | Jacek Niklinski | Katarzyna Dabrowska | Lech Chyczewski
MiRNAs and LincRNAs: Could They Be Considered as Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer?

Author(s): Ruth Zarate | Valentina Boni | Eva Bandres | Jesús Garcia-Foncillas
Characterisation of marsupial PHLDA2 reveals eutherian specific acquisition of imprinting

Author(s): Suzuki Shunsuke | Shaw Geoffrey | Kaneko-Ishino Tomoko | Ishino Fumitoshi | Renfree Marilyn
Identification of imprinted genes subject to parent-of-origin specific expression in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds

Author(s): McKeown Peter | Laouielle-Duprat Sylvia | Prins Pjotr | Wolff Philip | Schmid Marc | Donoghue Mark | Fort Antoine | Duszynska Dorota | Comte Aurélie | Lao Nga | Wennblom Trevor | Smant Geert | Köhler Claudia | Grossniklaus Ueli | Spillane Charles
Recent acquisition of imprinting at the rodent Sfmbt2 locus correlates with insertion of a large block of miRNAs

Author(s): Wang Qianwei | Chow Jacqueline | Hong Jenny | Smith Anne | Moreno Carol | Seaby Peter | Vrana Paul | Miri Kamelia | Tak Joon | Chung Eu Ddeum | Mastromonaco Gabriela | Caniggia Isabella | Varmuza Susannah
Genomic imprinting

Author(s): María Verónica Saladrigas
Glosario fraseológico de genomic imprinting

Author(s): María Verónica Saladrigas
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