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LBLS: A Locality Bounded Hashing-Based Location Service

Author(s): Ruonan Rao | Shuyin Liang | Jinyuan You
Molecular characterisation of virulence graded field isolates of myxoma virus

Author(s): Dalton Kevin | Nicieza Ines | Baragaño Aroa | Alonso Jose | Parra Francisco
Winter species composition, diversity and abundance of macrozoobenthos in Kuwait’s waters, Arabian Gulf

Author(s): Faiza Al-Yamani | Natalya Boltachova | Nikolai Revkov | Mikhail Makarov | Vladimir Grintsov | Elena Kolesnikova | Galyna-Vantsetti Murina
Combining ability studies for development of new hybrids in rice over environments

Author(s): P. Saidaiah | S. Sudheer kumar | M.S. Ramesha
Wall across the Atlantic Drift Bottles Released by Students Confirm that the Gulf Stream Prevents Subarctic Surface Drifters from Escaping South

Author(s): Curtis C. Ebbesmeyer | Igor M. Belkin | Helen E. Drost | Sarah Zimmermann | Eddy C. Carmack
Air-chemistry "turbulence": power-law scaling and statistical regularity

Author(s): H.-m. Hsu | C.-Y. Lin | A. Guenther | J. J. Tribbia | S. C. Liu
Using Geographic Information Systems to Determination of The Distribution of Neonatal Tetanus

Author(s): Saffet Erdogan | Reha Demirel | Ibrahim Tiryakioglu
Tracking Fires in India Using Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (A)ATSR Data

Author(s): Amarnath Giriraj | Shilpa Babar | Anke Jentsch | Singuluri Sudhakar | Manchi Sri Ramachandra Murthy
Surviving historical Patagonian landscapes and climate: molecular insights from Galaxias maculatus

Author(s): Zemlak Tyler | Habit Evelyn | Walde Sandra | Carrea Cecilia | Ruzzante Daniel
Tracing the origins of rescued chimpanzees reveals widespread chimpanzee hunting in Cameroon

Author(s): Ghobrial Lora | Lankester Felix | Kiyang John | Akih Akih | de Vries Simone | Fotso Roger | Gadsby Elizabeth | Jenkins Peter | Gonder Mary
Geographic access to care is not a determinant of child mortality in a rural Kenyan setting with high health facility density

Author(s): Moïsi Jennifer | Gatakaa Hellen | Noor Abdisalan | Williams Thomas | Bauni Evasius | Tsofa Benjamin | Levine Orin | Scott J Anthony
Genome dynamics of Bartonella grahamii in micro-populations of woodland rodents

Author(s): Berglund Eva | Ehrenborg Christian | Vinnere Pettersson Olga | Granberg Fredrik | Näslund Kristina | Holmberg Martin | Andersson Siv
The use of a geographic information system to identify a dairy goat farm as the most likely source of an urban Q-fever outbreak

Author(s): Schimmer Barbara | ter Schegget Ronald | Wegdam Marjolijn | Züchner Lothar | de Bruin Arnout | Schneeberger Peter | Veenstra Thijs | Vellema Piet | van der Hoek Wim
The BARRIERS scale -- the barriers to research utilization scale: A systematic review

Author(s): Kajermo Kerstin | Boström Anne-Marie | Thompson David | Hutchinson Alison | Estabrooks Carole | Wallin Lars
A European project on incidence, treatment, and outcome of sarcoma

Author(s): Mastrangelo Giuseppe | Fadda Emanuela | Cegolon Luca | Montesco Maria | Ray-Coquard Isabel | Buja Alessandra | Fedeli Ugo | Frasson Alvise | Spolaore Paolo | Rossi Carlo
A full-length enriched cDNA library and expressed sequence tag analysis of the parasitic weed, Striga hermonthica

Author(s): Yoshida Satoko | Ishida Juliane | Kamal Nasrein | Ali Abdelbagi | Namba Shigetou | Shirasu Ken
Agricultural Land Degradation and Salinization in Shamsabad Region, Qom Province, Iran

Author(s): M Valipour | M Karimian Eghbal | M.J Malakouti | A KHosh Goftamanesh
Improving Density Estimation by Incorporating Spatial Information

Author(s): Laura M. Smith | Matthew S. Keegan | Todd Wittman | George O. Mohler | Andrea L. Bertozzi
Elk Distributions Relative to Spring Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Values

Author(s): Samuel T. Smallidge | Terrell T. Baker | Dawn VanLeeuwen | William R. Gould | Bruce C. Thompson
The incidence of childhood cancer in Jordan : a population-based study.

Author(s): Al-Sheyyab M | Bateiha A | Kayed S | Hajjawi B
Cryptosporidiosis in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries

Author(s): Areeshi Mohammed | Beeching Nicholas | Hart C
High prevalence of plasmid-mediated 16S rRNA methylase gene rmtB among Escherichia coli clinical isolates from a Chinese teaching hospital

Author(s): Yu Fang-you | Yao Dan | Pan Jing-ye | Chen Chong | Qin Zhi-qiang | Parsons Chris | Yang Le-he | Li Qiao-qiao | Zhang Xue-qing | Qu Di | Wang Liang-xing
Mobility, risk behavior and HIV/STI rates among female sex workers in Kaiyuan City, Yunnan Province, China

Author(s): Wang Haibo | Chen Ray | Sharp Gerald | Brown Katherine | Smith Kumi | Ding Guowei | Jin Xia | Xu Junjie | Dong Ruiling | Wang Ning
Evaluation of Two Systems for Managing Emergency Poultry Diseases in Intensive Poultry Production Regions

Author(s): Michelle M. Colby | Yvette J. Johnson | Nathaniel L. Tablante | William H. Hueston
Spatial distribution of pingos in Northern Asia

Author(s): G. Grosse | B. M. Jones
Patient satisfaction with quality of primary health care in Benghazi, Libya

Author(s): Asharaf Abdul Salam | Amina Abdulla Alshekteria | Hana Abd Alhadi | Mariam Ahmed | Anees Mohammed
The dynamics of risk perceptions and precautionary behavior in response to 2009 (H1N1) pandemic influenza

Author(s): Ibuka Yoko | Chapman Gretchen | Meyers Lauren | Li Meng | Galvani Alison
The spatial context of clinic-reported sexually transmitted infection in Hong Kong

Author(s): Lee Shui-Shan | Ho King-Man | Cheung Georgiana
Next generation models for storage and representation of microbial biological annotation

Author(s): Quest Daniel | Land Miriam | Brettin Thomas | Cottingham Robert
An Agricultural Investment Map Based on Geographic Information System and Multi-Criteria Method

Author(s): R.F. A. ElSheikh | N. Ahmad | A.R.M. Shariff | S.K. Balasundram | S. Yahaya
Data-Centric Multiobjective QoS-Aware Routing Protocol for Body Sensor Networks

Author(s): Md. Abdur Razzaque | Choong Seon Hong | Sungwon Lee
Personalized chronobiologic cybercare; other chronomics' progress by transdisciplinary cycles' congruences: season's appreciations 2009

Author(s): Franz Halberg | Germaine Cornélissen | Patricia Grambsch | Rollin McCraty | Larry Beaty | Jarmila Siegelová | Pavel Homolka | Dewayne Carol Hillman | Judy Finley | Faithe Thomas | Tomoshige Kino | Miguel Revilla | Othild Schwartzkopff
Olive Tree in Emilia Romagna Region: an Ancient Crop, a New Environmental and Cultural Economic Resource

Author(s): Enrico Licausi | Nicola Di Virgilio | Annalisa Rotondi | Massimiliano Magli
Gastric cancers of Western European and African patients show different patterns of genomic instability

Author(s): Buffart Tineke | Louw Melanie | van Grieken Nicole | Tijssen Marianne | Carvalho Beatriz | Ylstra Bauke | Grabsch Heike | Mulder Chris | van de Velde Cornelis | van der Merwe Schalk | Meijer Gerrit
A probabilistic sampling method (PSM) for estimating geographic distance to health services when only the region of residence is known

Author(s): Beyer Kirsten | Saftlas Audrey | Wallis Anne | Peek-Asa Corinne | Rushton Gerard
Analysis of Escherichia coli O157 clinical isolates by multilocus sequence typing

Author(s): Rajkhowa Swaraj | Scaria Joy | Garcia Daniel | Musser Kimberlee | Akey Bruce | Chang Yung-Fu
Group B streptococcus serotype prevalence in reproductive-age women at a tertiary care military medical center relative to global serotype distribution

Author(s): Ippolito Danielle | James Wesley | Tinnemore Deborah | Huang Raywin | Dehart Mary | Williams Julie | Wingerd Mark | Demons Samandra
Multilocus haplotypes reveal variable levels of diversity and population structure of Plasmodium falciparum in Papua New Guinea, a region of intense perennial transmission

Author(s): Schultz Lee | Wapling Johanna | Mueller Ivo | Ntsuke Pilate | Senn Nicolas | Nale Joe | Kiniboro Benson | Buckee Caroline | Tavul Livingstone | Siba Peter | Reeder John | Barry Alyssa
Microbial Contamination and Mycotoxins from Nuts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Suaad S. Alwakeel | Laila A. Nasser
An education and training programme for livestock transporters in Canada

Author(s): Karen S. Schwartzkopf-Genswein | Derek B. Haley | Susan Church | Jennifer Woods | Tim O’Byrne
Spatial distribution of pingos in northern Asia

Author(s): G. Grosse | B. M. Jones
Spectral dependence of aerosol light absorption over the Amazon Basin

Author(s): L. V. Rizzo | A. L. Correia | P. Artaxo | A. S. Procópio | M. O. Andreae
Water harvest- and storage- location assessment model using GIS and remote sensing

Author(s): H. Weerasinghe | U. A. Schneider | A. Löw
Operational considerations to improve total ozone measurements with a Microtops II ozone monitor

Author(s): J. L. Gómez-Amo | V. Estellés | A. di Sarra | R. Pedrós | M. P. Utrillas | J. A. Martínez- Lozano | C. González-Frias | E. Kyrö | J. M. Vilaplana

Author(s): Soni Himesh | Singhai A. K | Sharma Sarvesh
Tetrodotoxin Concentrations in Pleurobranchaea maculata: Temporal, Spatial and Individual Variability from New Zealand Populations

Author(s): Susanna A. Wood | David I. Taylor | Paul McNabb | Jarrod Walker | Janet Adamson | Stephen Craig Cary
Cenários de avaliação das restrições à mobilidade dos pedestres em espaços públicos: o caso de um campus universitário

Author(s): Fabíola de Oliveira Aguiar | Rui António Rodrigues Ramos | Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da Silva

Author(s): GauravChheda | NiketGajra | ManalChhaya | JiteshDeshpande | SayleeGharge
Mortality and potential years of life lost in five zones of Medellin, 2004-2006

Author(s): Doris Cardona A | Ángela M. Segura C | Dedsy Y. Berbesí F
Personalized chronobiologic cybercare; other chronomics' progress by transdisciplinary cycles' congruences: season's appreciations 2009

Author(s): Franz Halberg | Germaine Cornélissen | Patricia Grambsch | Rollin McCraty | Larry Beaty | Jarmila Siegelová | Pavel Homolka | Dewayne Carol Hillman | Judy Finley | Faithe Thomas | Tomoshige Kino | Miguel Revilla | Othild Schwartzkopff
Methodology for planning log stacking using geotechnology and operations research

Author(s): Mariana Peres de Lima | Luis Marcelo Tavares de Carvalho | Adriana Zanella Martinhago | Luciano Teixeira de Oliveira | Samuel de Pádua Chaves e Carvalho | Gleyce Campos Dutra | Thomaz Chaves de Andrade Oliveira
Relevant Spatial Scales of Chemical Variation in Aplysina aerophoba

Author(s): Oriol Sacristan-Soriano | Bernard Banaigs | Mikel A. Becerro
Box-Scheme Based Delivery System of Locally Produced Organic Food: Evaluation of Logistics Performance

Author(s): T. Bosona | G. Gebresenbet | I. Nordmark | D. Ljungberg
Folklore and traditional ecological knowledge of geckos in Southern Portugal: implications for conservation and science

Author(s): Ceríaco Luis | Marques Mariana | Madeira Natália | Vila-Viçosa Carlos | Mendes Paula
Improving Density Estimation by Incorporating Spatial Information

Author(s): Smith LauraM | Keegan MatthewS | Wittman Todd | Mohler GeorgeO | Bertozzi AndreaL

Author(s): Hategan Anca
Validation of Walk Score® for Estimating Neighborhood Walkability: An Analysis of Four US Metropolitan Areas

Author(s): Dustin T. Duncan | Jared Aldstadt | John Whalen | Steven J. Melly | Steven L. Gortmaker
Prioritizing Preferable Locations for Increasing Urban Tree Canopy in New York City

Author(s): Dexter H. Locke | J. Morgan Grove | Jacqueline W.T. Lu | Austin Troy | Jarlath P.M. O'Neil-Dunne | Brian D. Beck
Are the conservation areas sufficient to conserve endangered plant species in Korea?

Author(s): Hyesoon Kang | Sookyung Shin | Hyejin Whang
Air-chemistry "turbulence": power-law scaling and statistical regularity

Author(s): H.-m. Hsu | C.-Y. Lin | A. Guenther | J. J. Tribbia | S. C. Liu
Neighborhood fast food restaurants and fast food consumption: A national study

Author(s): Richardson Andrea | Boone-Heinonen Janne | Popkin Barry | Gordon-Larsen Penny

Author(s): Venkatesan.M | Arunkumar.Thangavelu | Prabhavathy.P
An Extensive Analysis of Mining in Nigeria Using a GIS

Author(s): Murtala Ibraheem Chindo
Weight of Evidence Allocates Mineral Depositional Zones

Author(s): Abdullah A. Bokhari | Guang D. HU | Rani Fouad
Geographic profiling as a novel spatial tool for targeting infectious disease control

Author(s): Le Comber Steven | Rossmo D Kim | Hassan Ali | Fuller Douglas | Beier John
Using spatial analysis to demonstrate the heterogeneity of the cardiovascular drug-prescribing pattern in Taiwan

Author(s): Cheng Ching-Lan | Chen Yi-Chi | Liu Tzu-Ming | Kao Yang Yea-Huei
Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of Anopheles arabiensis breeding sites in La Reunion Island - multi-year trend analysis of historical records from 1996-2009

Author(s): Gouagna Louis | Dehecq Jean-Sébastien | Girod Romain | Boyer Sebastien | Lempérière Guy | Fontenille Didier
GIS- based Land Suitability Analysis Using AHP for Public Parks Planning in Larkana City

Author(s): Imtiaz Ahmed Chandio | Abdul-Nasir Matori | Dano Umar Lawal | Soheil Sabri
Creation of New Global Land Cover Map with Map Integration

Author(s): Koki Iwao | Kenlo Nishida Nasahara | Tsuguki Kinoshita | Yoshiki Yamagata | Dave Patton | Satoshi Tsuchida
GIS as Project Manager in Geophysical Applications Software

Author(s): Khalid Amin Khan | Gulraiz Akhter | Zulfiqar Ahmad
An Information System for Risk-Vulnerability Assessment to Flood

Author(s): Subhankar Karmakar | Slobodan P. Simonovic | Angela Peck | Jordan Black
The Practice and Challenges of Solid Waste Management in Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria

Author(s): Ayo Babalola | Hassan Tsenbeya Ishaku | Ibrahim Busu | Mohammad Rafee Majid
mapFAST: A FAST Geographic Authorities Mashup with Google Maps

Author(s): Rick Bennett | Edward T. O’Neill | Kerre Kammerer | JD Shipengrover
Geospatial Technologies to Improve Urban Energy Efficiency

Author(s): Geoffrey J. Hay | Christopher Kyle | Bharanidharan Hemachandran | Gang Chen | Mir Mustafizur Rahman | Tak S. Fung | Joseph L. Arvai
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