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ULF fluctuations at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica)

Author(s): U. Villante | S. Lepidi | P. Francia | M. Vellante | A. Meloni | P. Palangio
Magnetic measurements at Naples in the XIX century

Author(s): P. Gasparini | D. Pierattini
A project for a new alkali vapour magnetometer, optically pumped by a diode laser

Author(s): N. Beverini | O. Faggioni | C. Carmisciano | E. Alzetta | E. Maccioni | M. Francesconi | A. Donati | E. Simeone | F. Strumia
Development of an improved geomagnetic reference field of Antarctica

Author(s): A. De Santis | M. Chiappini | J. M. Torta | R. R. B. von Frese
ITalian Geomagnetic Reference Field (ITGRF): update for 2000 and secular variation model up to 2005 by autoregressive forecasting

Author(s): A. De Santis | L. Gaya-Piqué | G. Dominici | A. Meloni | J. M. Torta | R. Tozzi
A geomagnetic reference model for Albania, Southern Italy and the Ionian Sea from 1990 to 2005

Author(s): B. Duka | L. R. Gaya-Piqué | A. De Santis | S. Bushati | M. Chiappini | G. Dominici
A new station for monitoring electromagnetic fields in Duronia (Italy): experimental setup and first results

Author(s): Paolo Palangio | Fabrizio Masci | Manuele Di Persio | Cinzia Di Lorenzo | Elisabetta Lampis
Regional study of the ionosphere quietness over Europe

Author(s): T. L. Gulyaeva | I. Stanislawska
The 1990.0 magnetic repeat station survey and normal reference fields for Italy

Author(s): A. Meloni | O. Battelli | A. De Santis | G. Dominici
Fractal and chaotic analysis of the geomagnetic field

Author(s): A. De Santis | M. Chiappini
Remarks on the mean-square values of the geomagnetic field and its components

Author(s): A. De Santis | C. Falcone | F. J. Lowes
Evidence for a geomagnetic jerk in 1990 across Europe

Author(s): L. Cafarella | A. Meloni
Ground based observations of Pc3-Pc5 geomagnetic pulsation power at Antarctic McMurdo station

Author(s): P. Ballatore | M. J. Engebretson | C. G. Maclennan | M. Candidi
Historical geomagnetic measurements in Romania

Author(s): A. Soare | G. Cucu | M. M. Alexandrescu
A fast-moving feature of westward drift

Author(s): D. R. Barraclough | S. R. C. Malin
The temporal and spatial variations of low frequency geomagnetic pulsations at polar cusp and cap latitudes

Author(s): N. G. Kleimenova | P. Francia | U. Villante | O. V. Kozyreva | J. Bitterly | J. J. Schott
Tectonomagnetic and VLF electromagnetic signals in Central Italy

Author(s): A. Meloni | D. Di Mauro | S. Lepidi | G. Mele | P. Palangio
Fourteen years of geomagnetic daily variation at Mario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)

Author(s): L. Santarelli | L. Cafarella | S. Lepidi | D. Di Mauro | A. Meloni | P. Palangio
Twenty years of geomagnetic field observations at Mario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)

Author(s): Lili Cafarella | Stefania Lepidi | Antonio Meloni | Lucia Santarelli
Low and mid-frequency pulsations in the polar cap: polarization pattern and MLT dependence of the spectral power during the descending phase of the solar cycle

Author(s): Marcello De Lauretis | Patrizia Francia | Andrea Piancatelli | Massimo Vellante | Umberto Villante
Magnetic local time dependence of geomagnetic disturbances contributing to the AU and AL indices

Author(s): S. Tomita | M. Nosé | T. Iyemori | H. Toh | M. Takeda | J. Matzka | G. Bjornsson | T. Saemundsson | A. Janzhura | O. Troshichev | G. Schwarz
Detection of ULF geomagnetic signals associated with seismic events in Central Mexico using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Author(s): O. Chavez | J. R. Millan-Almaraz | R. Pérez-Enríquez | J. A. Arzate-Flores | A. Kotsarenko | J. A. Cruz-Abeyro | E. Rojas
A tectonomagnetic effect detected in Central Italy

Author(s): G. Mele | A. Meloni | P. Palangio
Technical procedures for aeromagnetic surveys in Antarctica during the Italian expeditions (1988-1992)

Author(s): E. Bozzo | A. Colla | G. Caneva | A. Meloni | A. Caramelli | G. Romeo | D. Damaske | D. Moeller
High resolution geomagnetic field observations at Terra Nova bay, Antarctica

Author(s): S. Lepidi | U. Villante | M. Vellante | P. Palangio | A. Meloni
Geomagnetic jerks and seismic activity

Author(s): F. Florindo | L. Alfonsi | A. Piersanti | G. Spada | W. Marzocchi
Tectonic process monitoring by variations of the geomagnetic field absolute intensity

Author(s): D. B. Avdeev | A. V. Kuvshinov | O. V. Pankratov
Monitoring of the geomagnetic and geoelectric field in two regions of Greece for the detection of earthquake precursors

Author(s): G. Vargemezis | J. Zlotnicki | G. Tsokas | B. C. Papazachos | E. E. Papadimitriou
Geomagnetic changes correlated with crustal movement in the north-eastern part of the Izu Peninsula, Japan

Author(s): N. Oshiman | Y. Sasai | Y. Honkura | Y. Ishikawa | Y. Tanaka
Regional geomagnetic field modelling: the contribution of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica

Author(s): A. De Santis | M. Chiappini | G. Dominici | A. Meloni
The intrusive complexof the Island of Giglio: geomagnetic characteristics of plutonic facies with low susceptibility contrast

Author(s): O. Faggioni | D. Westerman | F. Innocenti | N. Beverini | C. Carmisciano | R. Cavallini | A. Dini
Piezomagnetic effects induced by artificial sources at Mt. Vesuvius (Italy): preliminary results of an experimental survey

Author(s): C. Del Negro | E. Armadillo | E. Bozzo | L. Cafarella | A. Meloni | R. Napoli | A. Zirizzotti
GDS (Geomagnetic Depth Sounding) in Italy: applications and perspectives

Author(s): D. Di Mauro | E. Armadillo | E. Bozzo | V. Cerv | A. De Santis | M. Gambetta | A. Meloni
Discussion on telluric field and seismic activity in Central Greece

Author(s): G. Vargemezis | G. N. Tsokas | J. Zlotnicki
Shaded relief magnetic anomaly map of Italy and surrounding marine areas

Author(s): M. Chiappini | A. Meloni | E. Boschi | O. Faggioni | N. Beverini | C. Carmisciano | I. Marson
A fleet of multiparameter observatories for geophysical and environmental monitoring at seafloor

Author(s): P. Favali | L. Beranzoli | G. D’Anna | F. Gasparoni | J. Marvaldi | G. Clauss | H. W. Gerber | M. Nicot | M. P. Marani | F. Gamberi
Update on monitoring of magnetic and electromagnetic tectonic signals in Central Italy

Author(s): D. Di Mauro | S. Lepidi | M. Di Persio | A. Meloni | P. Palangio
Anomalous geoelectrical and geomagnetic signals observed at Southern Boso Peninsula, Japan

Author(s): I. Takahashi | K. Hattori | M. Harada | C. Yoshino | N. Isezaki
Magnetic Base Station Deceptions, a magnetovariational analysis along the Ligurian Sea coast, Italy

Author(s): M. Gambetta | E. Armadillo | C. Carmisciano | F. Caratori Tontini | E. Bozzo
The INGV tectonomagnetic network in central Italy. Fifteen years of observations and future developments: an update

Author(s): D. Di Mauro | M Di Persio | S. Lepidi | F. Masci | G. Mele | A. Meloni | P. Palangio
GPS detection of the instantaneous response of the global ionosphere to strong magnetic storms with sudden commencement

Author(s): E. L. Afraimovich | E. A. Kosogorov | L. A. Leonovich | O. S. Lesyuta | I. I. Ushakov
Geomagnetic storms and the occurrence of phase slips in the reception of GPS signals

Author(s): E. L. Afraimovich | O. S. Lesyuta | I. I. Ushakov | S. V. Voeykov
A realistic inversion algorithm for magnetic anomaly data: the Mt. Amiata volcano test

Author(s): O. Faggioni | N. Beverini | F. Caratori Tontini | C. Carmisciano | I. Nicolosi
Ionospheric disturbances generated by different natural processes and by human activity in Earth plasma environment

Author(s): H. Rothkaehl | N. Izohkina | N. Prutensky | S. Pulinets | M. Parrot | G. Lizunov | J. Blecki | I. Stanislawska
The revised aeromagnetic anomaly map of Italy

Author(s): F. Caratori Tontini | P. Stefanelli | I. Giori | O. Faggioni | C. Carmisciano
The structure of the ophiolitic beltin Albania inferred from geomagnetic anomalies

Author(s): I. Kane | A. Stampolidis | N. G. Tsokas | S. Bushati | D. Kondopoulou | P. Tsourlos

Author(s): Angelo De Santis | Baldev Arora | Heather McCreadie
Environmental magneto-gradiometric marine survey in a highly anthropic noisy area

Author(s): Davide Embriaco | Cosmo Carmisciano | Fabio Caratori Tontini | Paolo Stefanelli | Luca Cocchi | Marina Locritani | Maurizio De Marte
Four decades of European geomagnetic secular variation and acceleration

Author(s): Giuliana Verbanac | Monika Korte | Mioara Mioara Mandea
New geomagnetic field observations in the South Atlantic Anomaly region

Author(s): Monika Korte | Mioara Mandea | Hans-Joachim Linthe | Anne Hemshorn | Pieter Kotzé | Edgard Ricaldi
Geomagnetic observations on Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

Author(s): Jürgen Matzka | Nils Olsen | Cathrine Fox Maule | Lars William Pedersen | Alan M. Berarducci | Susan Macmillan
Studies of ionospheric F-region response in the Latin American sector during the geomagnetic storm of 21–22 January 2005

Author(s): Y. Sahai | P. R. Fagundes | R. de Jesus | A. J. de Abreu | G. Crowley | T. Kikuchi | C.-S. Huang | V. G. Pillat | F. L. Guarnieri | J. R. Abalde | J. A. Bittencourt
Relaxing Oscillation of the Machine-Unit

Author(s): Bohumil Skala | Vladimir Kindl
Using spectral analysis to detect singular events such as jerks in the geomagnetic field time series

Author(s): B. Duka | A. De Santis | M. Mandea | A. Isac | E. Qamili
Paleointensities on 8 ka obsidian from Mayor Island, New Zealand

Author(s): A. Ferk | R. Leonhardt | K.-U. Hess | D. B. Dingwell
Paleointensities on 8 ka obsidian from Mayor Island, New Zealand

Author(s): A. Ferk | R. Leonhardt | K.-U. Hess | D. B. Dingwell
Interhemispheric comparison of GPS phase scintillation at high latitudes during the magnetic-cloud-induced geomagnetic storm of 5–7 April 2010

Author(s): P. Prikryl | L. Spogli | P. T. Jayachandran | J. Kinrade | C. N. Mitchell | B. Ning | G. Li | P. J. Cilliers | M. Terkildsen | D. W. Danskin | E. Spanswick | E. Donovan | A. T. Weatherwax | W. A. Bristow | L. Alfonsi | G. De Franceschi | V. Romano | C. M. Ngwira | B. D. L. Opperman
Relaxing Oscillation of the Machine-Unit

Author(s): Bohumil Skala | Vladimir Kindl
Lower hybrid resonances stimulated by the four CLUSTER relaxation sounders deep inside the plasmasphere: observations and inferred plasma characteristics

Author(s): S. Kougblénou | G. Lointier | P. M. E. Décréau | J.-G. Trotignon | J.-L. Rauch | X. Vallières | P. Canu | A. Masson | J. Pickett
Characteristics of the terrestrial field-aligned current system

Author(s): J. W. Gjerloev | S. Ohtani | T. Iijima | B. Anderson | J. Slavin | G. Le
Strong variations of cosmic ray intensity during thunderstorms and associated pulsations of the geomagnetic field

Author(s): K. Kh. Kanonidi | N. S. Khaerdinov | A. S. Lidvansky | L. E. Sobisevich
Higher order ionospheric effects in GNSS positioning in the European region

Author(s): Z. G. Elmas | M. Aquino | H. A. Marques | J. F. G. Monico
Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) European multi station magnetic field analysis before and during the 2009 earthquake at L'Aquila regarding regional geotechnical information

Author(s): G. Prattes | K. Schwingenschuh | H. U. Eichelberger | W. Magnes | M. Boudjada | M. Stachel | M. Vellante | U. Villante | V. Wesztergom | P. Nenovski
Detection of electromagnetic anomalies of three earthquakes in Mexico with an improved statistical method

Author(s): O. Chavez | R. Pérez-Enríquez | J. A. Cruz-Abeyro | J. R. Millan-Almaraz | A. Kotsarenko | E. Rojas
Georg von Neumayer and geomagnetic research

Author(s): W. Schröder | K.-H. Wiederkehr | K. Schlegel
Heliogeophysical factors as possible triggers of suicide terroristic acts

Author(s): Pavel Grigoryev | Vsevolod Rozanov | Alexander Vaiserman | Boris Vladimirskiy
Polarisation in the auroral red line during coordinated EISCAT Svalbard Radar/optical experiments

Author(s): M. Barthélémy | J. Lilensten | F. Pitout | C. Simon Wedlund | R. Thissen | D. Lorentzen | F. Sigernes | J. Moen | G. Gronoff | I. McCrea | H. Rothkael | H. Ménager | A. Aruliah
Data derived NARMAX Dst model

Author(s): R. J. Boynton | M. A. Balikhin | S. A. Billings | A. S. Sharma | O. A. Amariutei

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