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Global attractors for a class of degenerate diffusion equations

Author(s): Shingo Takeuchi | Tomomi Yokota
Variations of multifractal structure in the fetal heartbeats.

Author(s): Miyagi Y | Miyagi Y | Terada S | Kudo T
Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto model on higher dimensional domains

Author(s): Dung Le | Linh Viet Nguyen | Toan Trong Nguyen
Global attractor for an equation modelling a thermostat

Author(s): Rita de Cassia D. S. Broche | Luiz Augusto F. De Oliveira | Antonio L. Pereira
Continuity of attractors for a reaction-diffusion problem with respect to variations of the domain

Author(s): Luiz A. F. de Oliveira | Antonio L. Pereira | Marcone C. Pereira
Complex dynamics in a simple model of interdependent open economies

Author(s): Shahriar Yousef | Yuri Maistrenko | Svitlana Popovych
A Lyapunov-Based Extension to Particle Swarm Dynamics for Continuous Function Optimization

Author(s): Sayantani Bhattacharya | Amit Konar | Swagatam Das | Sang Yong Han
The Effect of Infinitesimal Damping on the Dynamic Instability Mechanism of Conservative Systems

Author(s): Dimitris S. Sophianopoulos | George T. Michaltsos | Anthony N. Kounadis
Existence of Global Attractors in for -Laplacian Parabolic Equation in

Author(s): Chen Caisheng | Shi Lanfang | Wang Hui
Global Mild Solutions and Attractors for Stochastic Viscous Cahn-Hilliard Equation

Author(s): Xuewei Ju | Hongli Wang | Desheng Li | Jinqiao Duan
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