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Cancer as a metabolic disease

Author(s): Seyfried Thomas | Shelton Laura
Functional State Metabolism in E. coli Fed-batch Cultivation Processes

Author(s): Olympia Roeva | Kalin Kosev | Stoyan Tzonkov
Glycolysis in the African Trypanosome: Targeting Enzymes and Their Subcellular Compartments for Therapeutic Development

Author(s): April F. Coley | Heidi C. Dodson | Meredith T. Morris | James C. Morris
Hsp90 inhibitor 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin inhibits the proliferation of ARPE-19 cells

Author(s): Yao Jia-Qi | Liu Qing-Huai | Chen Xi | Yang Qin | Xu Zhi-Yang | Hu Fan | Wang Lin | Li Jian-Min
Proton dynamics in cancer

Author(s): Huber Veronica | De Milito Angelo | Harguindey Salvador | Reshkin Stephan | Wahl Miriam | Rauch Cyril | Chiesi Antonio | Pouysségur Jacques | Gatenby Robert | Rivoltini Licia | Fais Stefano
Pyruvate Concentration in Serum of Sheep Infected with Trypanosoma congolense

Author(s): J.S. Neils | E.O. Balogun | A.K.B. Sackey | U.S. Abdullahi | K.A.N. Esievo
Genome-wide patterns of promoter sharing and co-expression in bovine skeletal muscle

Author(s): Gu Quan | Nagaraj Shivashankar | Hudson Nicholas | Dalrymple Brian | Reverter Antonio
Inhibitory Effect of Iodoacetate on Developmental Competence of Porcine Early Stage Embryos In Vitro

A markov classification model for metabolic pathways

Author(s): Hancock Timothy | Mamitsuka Hiroshi
Cancer proliferation and therapy: the Warburg effect and quantum metabolism

Author(s): Demetrius Lloyd | Coy Johannes | Tuszynski Jack
Presence of Circulating Lactate Dehydrogenase-Immunoglobulin G (LDH-IgG) Complex in the Sera of Post-Burn Patient

Author(s): Riaz Ahmad | Absar-ul Hasnain | Arshad Hafeez Khan | Mumtaz Alam
Activities of key glycolytic enzymes in the plasma of Saudi autistic patients

Author(s): A El-Ansary | S Al-Daihan | A Al-Dabas | et al
Smad7 dependent expression signature highlights BMP2 and HK2 signaling in HSC transdifferentiation

Author(s): Bernd Denecke, Lucia Wickert, Yan Liu, Loredana Ciuclan, Steven Dooley, Nadja M Meindl-Beinker
Glycolysis in Plasmodium falciparum results in modulation of host enzyme activities

Author(s): Monika Mehta, Haripalsingh M. Sonawat & Shobhona Sharma
Metabolic fluxes in the central carbon metabolism of Dinoroseobacter shibae and Phaeobacter gallaeciensis, two members of the marine Roseobacter clade

Author(s): Fürch Tobias | Preusse Matthias | Tomasch Jürgen | Zech Hajo | Wagner-Döbler Irene | Rabus Ralf | Wittmann Christoph
Metabolism as means for hypoxia adaptation: metabolic profiling and flux balance analysis

Author(s): Feala Jacob | Coquin Laurence | Zhou Dan | Haddad Gabriel | Paternostro Giovanni | McCulloch Andrew
A systems biology approach to investigate the response of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 to a high salt environment

Author(s): Pandhal Jagroop | Noirel Josselin | Wright Phillip | Biggs Catherine
Preliminary molecular characterization of the human pathogen Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Author(s): He Hualiang | Cheng Mei | Yang Xiao | Meng Jinxiu | He Ai | Zheng Xiaoying | Li Zhuoya | Guo Pengjuan | Pan Zhihua | Zhan Ximei
Comprehensive analysis of the pseudogenes of glycolytic enzymes in vertebrates: the anomalously high number of GAPDH pseudogenes highlights a recent burst of retrotrans-positional activity

Author(s): Liu Yuen-Jong | Zheng Deyou | Balasubramanian Suganthi | Carriero Nicholas | Khurana Ekta | Robilotto Rebecca | Gerstein Mark
Comparative proteomic analysis of malformed umbilical cords from somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived piglets: implications for early postnatal death

Author(s): Park Jong-Yi | Kim Jae-Hwan | Choi Yun-Jung | Hwang Kyu-Chan | Cho Seong-Keun | Park Ho-Hyun | Paik Seung-Sam | Kim Teoan | Park ChanKyu | Lee Hoon | Seo Han | Park Soo-Bong | Hwang Seongsoo | Kim Jin-Hoi
STAT1-dependent expression of energy metabolic pathways links tumour growth and radioresistance to the Warburg effect

Author(s): Pitroda Sean | Wakim Bassam | Sood Ravi | Beveridge Mara | Beckett Michael | MacDermed Dhara | Weichselbaum Ralph | Khodarev Nikolai
Oxidation of Exogenous Lactate by Lactate Dehydrogenase C in the Midpiece of Rat Epididymal Sperm is Essential for Motility and Oxidative Activity

Author(s): Hideaki Yamashiro | Masaaki Toyomizu | Akane Kadowaki | Zenya Takeda | Fumiaki Nakazato | Natsuki Toyama | Jin Kobayashi | Eimei Sato
2-Deoxy-D-glucose enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis in human melanoma cells through XBP-1-mediated up-regulation of TRAIL-R2

Author(s): Liu Hao | Jiang Chen | Lavis Christopher | Croft Amanda | Dong Li | Tseng Hsin-Yi | Yang Fan | Tay Kwang | Hersey Peter | Zhang Xu
Effect of cryopreservation on mitochondrial activity in buffalo sperm Bubalus bubalis

Author(s): D. Kacheva | B. Georgiev | J. Koleva | A. Abdoon | O. Kandil
Glycosylation-mediated phenylpropanoid partitioning in Populus tremuloides cell cultures

Author(s): Payyavula Raja | Babst Benjamin | Nelsen Matthew | Harding Scott | Tsai Chung-Jui
Shoot differentiation from protocorm callus cultures of Vanilla planifolia (Orchidaceae): proteomic and metabolic responses at early stage

Author(s): Palama Tony | Menard Patrice | Fock Isabelle | Choi Young | Bourdon Emmanuel | Govinden-Soulange Joyce | Bahut Muriel | Payet Bertrand | Verpoorte Robert | Kodja Hippolyte
Catabolic efficiency of aerobic glycolysis: The Warburg effect revisited

Author(s): Vazquez Alexei | Liu Jiangxia | Zhou Yi | Oltvai Zoltán
Adenosine thiamine triphosphate accumulates in Escherichia coli cells in response to specific conditions of metabolic stress

Author(s): Gigliobianco Tiziana | Lakaye Bernard | Wins Pierre | El Moualij Benaïssa | Zorzi Willy | Bettendorff Lucien
Hypoxia induces differential translation of enolase/MBP-1

Author(s): Sedoris Kara | Thomas Shelia | Miller Donald
Alterations in urine, serum and brain metabolomic profiles exhibit sexual dimorphism during malaria disease progression

Author(s): Basant Angika | Rege Mayuri | Sharma Shobhona | Sonawat Haripalsingh
Dissecting grain yield pathways and their interactions with grain dry matter content by a two-step correlation approach with maize seedling transcriptome

Author(s): Fu Junjie | Thiemann Alexander | Schrag Tobias | Melchinger Albrecht | Scholten Stefan | Frisch Matthias
Identification of Multiple Hypoxia Signatures in Neuroblastoma Cell Lines by l1-l2 Regularization and Data Reduction

Author(s): Paolo Fardin | Andrea Cornero | Annalisa Barla | Sofia Mosci | Massimo Acquaviva | Lorenzo Rosasco | Claudio Gambini | Alessandro Verri | Luigi Varesio
PGM2 overexpression improves anaerobic galactose fermentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Garcia Sanchez Rosa | Hahn-Hägerdal Bärbel | Gorwa-Grauslund Marie
Metabolic effects of influenza virus infection in cultured animal cells: Intra- and extracellular metabolite profiling

Author(s): Ritter Joachim | Wahl Aljoscha | Freund Susann | Genzel Yvonne | Reichl Udo
Calorie restriction as an anti-invasive therapy for malignant brain cancer in the VM mouse

Author(s): Laura M Shelton | Leanne C Huysentruyt | Purna Mukherjee | Thomas N Seyfried
ROS accumulation and IGF-IR inhibition contribute to fenofibrate/PPARα -mediated inhibition of Glioma cell motility in vitro

Author(s): Drukala Justyna | Urbanska Katarzyna | Wilk Anna | Grabacka Maja | Wybieralska Ewa | Del Valle Luis | Madeja Zbigniew | Reiss Krzysztof
Changes in the proteomic and metabolic profiles of Beta vulgaris root tips in response to iron deficiency and resupply

Author(s): Rellán-Álvarez Rubén | Andaluz Sofía | Rodríguez-Celma Jorge | Wohlgemuth Gert | Zocchi Graziano | Álvarez-Fernández Ana | Fiehn Oliver | López-Millán Ana | Abadía Javier
Inhibitory Effects of a Flavonoid-Rich Extract of Pistacia vera Hull on Growth and Acid Production of Bacteria Involved in Dental Plaque

Author(s): Yousef Yari Kamrani | Massoud Amanlou | Babak Esmaeelian | Soheila Moradi Bidhendi | Mahnaz SahebJamei
Anti-Cariogenic Properties of Malvidin-3,5-Diglucoside Isolated from Alcea longipedicellata Against Oral Bacteria

Author(s): Babak Esmaeelian | Yousef Yari Kamrani | Mohammad Ali Amoozegar | Sanaz Rahmani | Mohammad Rahimi | Massoud Amanlou
Morphological Changes and Immunohistochemical Expression of RAGE and its Ligands in the Sciatic Nerve of Hyperglycemic Pig (Sus Scrofa)

Author(s): Judyta K. Juranek | Alexey Aleshin | Eileen M. Rattigan | Lynne Johnson | Wu Qu | Fei Song | Radha Ananthakrishnan | Nosirudeen Quadri | Shi Du Yan | Ravichandran Ramasamy | Ann Marie Schmidt | Matthew S. Geddis

Author(s): Nirupama R. | Devaki M. | Yajurvedi H. N.
Determination of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and Bcr-Abl transcript in the follow-up of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia = Determinação da lactate desidrogenase (LDH) e do transcrito Bcr-Abl em pacientes com leucemia mielóide crônica

Author(s): Roberto Iemitsu Tatakihara | Marla Karine Amarante | Mateus Nóbrega Aoki | Julie Massayo Maeda Oda | Thiago Cezar Fujita | Maria Angelica Ehara Watanabe
Gene Expression Profiling of Skeletal Muscle of Nursing Piglets

Author(s): Caode Jiang, Ping Shi, Shun Li, Ranran Dong, Jiawei Tian, Jin Wei, Shuang Luo
Proteomic characterization of vanA-containing Enterococcus recovered from Seagulls at the Berlengas Natural Reserve, W Portugal

Author(s): Radhouani Hajer | Poeta Patrícia | Pinto Luís | Miranda Júlio | Coelho Céline | Carvalho Carlos | Rodrigues Jorge | López María | Torres Carmen | Vitorino Rui | Domingues Pedro | Igrejas Gilberto
A multi-level study of recombinant Pichia pastoris in different oxygen conditions

Author(s): Baumann Kristin | Carnicer Marc | Dragosits Martin | Graf Alexandra | Stadlmann Johannes | Jouhten Paula | Maaheimo Hannu | Gasser Brigitte | Albiol Joan | Mattanovich Diethard | Ferrer Pau
Experimental Study of CT Guided 32P-CP-PLLA Microparticle Implantation in the Treatment of Rabbit VX2 Lung Tumor

Author(s): Donghui PAN | Min YANG | Yuping XU | Lizhen WANG | Lu LIU | Peilin HUANG
Global response of Plasmodium falciparum to hyperoxia: a combined transcriptomic and proteomic approach

Author(s): Torrentino-Madamet Marylin | Alméras Lionel | Desplans Jérôme | Priol Yannick | Belghazi Maya | Pophillat Matthieu | Fourquet Patrick | Jammes Yves | Parzy Daniel
Comprehensive profiling of zebrafish hepatic proximal promoter CpG island methylation and its modification during chemical carcinogenesis

Author(s): Mirbahai Leda | Williams Timothy | Zhan Huiqing | Gong Zhiyuan | Chipman J Kevin
Proteomic characterization of iron deficiency responses in Cucumis sativus L. roots

Author(s): Donnini Silvia | Prinsi Bhakti | Negri Alfredo | Vigani Gianpiero | Espen Luca | Zocchi Graziano
Differential gene expression and clonal selection during cellular transformation induced by adhesion deprivation

Author(s): Jinka Rajeswari | Kapoor Renu | Pavuluri Sivapriya | Raj Avinash | Kumar Mahesh | Rao Lakshmi | Pande Gopal
Systematic integration of experimental data and models in systems biology

Author(s): Li Peter | Dada Joseph | Jameson Daniel | Spasic Irena | Swainston Neil | Carroll Kathleen | Dunn Warwick | Khan Farid | Malys Naglis | Messiha Hanan | Simeonidis Evangelos | Weichart Dieter | Winder Catherine | Wishart Jill | Broomhead David | Goble Carole | Gaskell Simon | Kell Douglas | Westerhoff Hans | Mendes Pedro | Paton Norman
Apoplast proteome reveals that extracellular matrix contributes to multistress response in poplar

Author(s): Pechanova Olga | Hsu Chuan-Yu | Adams Joshua | Pechan Tibor | Vandervelde Lindsay | Drnevich Jenny | Jawdy Sara | Adeli Ardeshir | Suttle Jeffrey | Lawrence Amanda | Tschaplinski Timothy | Séguin Armand | Yuceer Cetin
Metabolomics of gastric cancer metastasis detected by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Author(s): Jin-Lian Chen, Hui-Qing Tang, Jun-Duo Hu, Jing Fan, Jing Hong, Jian-Zhong Gu
Epigenetic Regulation of Glucose Transporters in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Kenneth J. O'Byrne | Anne-Marie Baird | Lisa Kilmartin | Jennifer Leonard | Calen Sacevich | Steven G. Gray
Macromolecular composition of phloem exudate from white lupin (Lupinus albus L.)

Author(s): Rodriguez-Medina Caren | Atkins Craig | Mann Anthea | Jordan Megan | Smith Penelope
Multi-omics approach to study the growth efficiency and amino acid metabolism in Lactococcus lactis at various specific growth rates

Author(s): Lahtvee Petri-Jaan | Adamberg Kaarel | Arike Liisa | Nahku Ranno | Aller Kadri | Vilu Raivo
Varied Pathways of Stage IA Lung Adenocarcinomas Discovered by Integrated Gene Expression Analysis

Author(s): Chengwen Chen, Xuping Fu, Deqiang Zhang, Yuan Li, Yi Xie, Yao Li, Yan Huang

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Mihaela Gramescu | Mihai Cosmin | Ion Neacsu | Vasile Hefco | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Dorina Iurea | Pavel Chintea | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Dorina Iurea | Pavel Chintea | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg
Metabolic behaviour of the HEP-2p neoplastic cells to the action of a bioactive fungal exopolysaccharidic extract

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Gabriela Capraru | Elena Truta | Stefania Surdu | Hellen Rotinberg
Regulation of Aerobic Glycolysis by microRNAs in Cancer

Author(s): Pankaj K. Singh | Kamiya Mehla | Michael A. Hollingsworth | Keith R. Johnson
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
Doubling of crop yield through permutation of metabolic pathways

Author(s): Godson O. Osuji | Tassin K. Brown | Sanique M. South | Justin C. Duncan | Dwiesha Johnson
Potassium bicarbonate and D-ribose effects on A72 canine and HTB-126 human cancer cell line proliferation in vitro

Author(s): Croci Simonetta | Bruni Luca | Bussolati Simona | Castaldo Marianna | Dondi Maurizio
Metabolic and Kinetic analyses of influenza production in perfusion HEK293 cell culture

Author(s): Petiot Emma | Jacob Danielle | Lanthier Stephane | Lohr Verena | Ansorge Sven | Kamen Amine
Analysis of cancer metabolism with high-throughput technologies

Author(s): Markovets Aleksandra | Herman Damir
How yeast re-programmes its transcriptional profile in response to different nutrient impulses

Author(s): Dikicioglu Duygu | Karabekmez Erkan | Rash Bharat | Pir Pınar | Kirdar Betul | Oliver Stephen
HNF1α inhibition triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human liver cancer cell lines

Author(s): Pelletier Laura | Rebouissou Sandra | Vignjevic Danijela | Bioulac-Sage Paulette | Zucman-Rossi Jessica
Effect of L-carnitine on the hepatic transcript profile in piglets as animal model

Author(s): Keller Janine | Ringseis Robert | Priebe Steffen | Guthke Reinhard | Kluge Holger | Eder Klaus
Synergizing metabolic flux analysis and nucleotide sugar metabolism to understand the control of glycosylation of recombinant protein in CHO cells

Author(s): Burleigh Susan | van de Laar Teun | Stroop Corné | van Grunsven Wout | O'Donoghue Niaobh | Rudd Pauline | Davey Gavin
Differential utilization of ketone bodies by neurons and glioma cell lines: a rationale for ketogenic diet as experimental glioma therapy

Author(s): Maurer Gabriele | Brucker Daniel | Bähr Oliver | Harter Patrick | Hattingen Elke | Walenta Stefan | Mueller-Klieser Wolfgang | Steinbach Joachim | Rieger Johannes
Proteomic analysis revealed alterations of the Plasmodium falciparum metabolism following salicylhydroxamic acid exposure

Author(s): Torrentino-Madamet M | Almeras L | Travaillé C | Sinou V | Pophillat M | Belghazi M | Fourquet P | Jammes Y | Parzy D
Protein coalitions in a core mammalian biochemical network linked by rapidly evolving proteins

Author(s): Ainali Chrysanthi | Simon Michelle | Freilich Shiri | Espinosa Octavio | Hazelwood Lee | Tsoka Sophia | Ouzounis Christos | Hancock John
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis elicits shoot proteome changes that are modified during cadmium stress alleviation in Medicago truncatula

Author(s): Aloui Achref | Recorbet Ghislaine | Robert Franck | Schoefs Benoît | Bertrand Martine | Henry Céline | Gianinazzi-Pearson Vivienne | Dumas-Gaudot Eliane | Aschi-Smiti Samira
The metabolic advantage of tumor cells

Author(s): Israël Maurice | Schwartz Laurent
Adaptation to HIF-1 deficiency by upregulation of the AMP/ATP ratio and phosphofructokinase activation in hepatomas

Author(s): Golinska Monika | Troy Helen | Chung Yuen-Li | McSheehy Paul | Mayr Manuel | Yin Xiaoke | Ly Lucy | Williams Kaye | Airley Rachel | Harris Adrian | Latigo John | Perumal Meg | Aboagye Eric | Perrett David | Stubbs Marion | Griffiths John
Polyomic profiling reveals significant hepatic metabolic alterations in glucagon-receptor (GCGR) knockout mice: implications on anti-glucagon therapies for diabetes

Author(s): Yang Jianxin | MacDougall Margit | McDowell Michael | Xi Li | Wei Ru | Zavadoski William | Molloy Mark | Baker John | Kuhn Max | Cabrera Over | Treadway Judith
Transcriptomic analysis of Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405 cellulose fermentation

Author(s): Raman Babu | McKeown Catherine | Rodriguez Miguel | Brown Steven | Mielenz Jonathan
Plasmodial sugar transporters as anti-malarial drug targets and comparisons with other protozoa

Author(s): Slavic Ksenija | Krishna Sanjeev | Derbyshire Elvira | Staines Henry
A novel procedure for the quantitative analysis of metabolites, storage products and transcripts of laser microdissected seed tissues of Brassica napus

Author(s): Schiebold Silke | Tschiersch Henning | Borisjuk Ljudmilla | Heinzel Nicolas | Radchuk Ruslana | Rolletschek Hardy
Proteomic analysis of an Aedes albopictus cell line infected with Dengue serotypes 1 and 3 viruses

Author(s): Patramool Sirilaksana | Surasombatpattana Pornapat | Luplertlop Natthanej | Sévéno Martial | Choumet Valérie | Thomas Frédéric | Missé Dorothée
Genomic heterogeneity within conserved metabolic pathways of Arthrobacter species - a bioinformatic approach

Author(s): Ayon Pal | Uttam Kumar Mondal | Subhasis Mukhopadhyay | Asim Kumar Bothra
Evolution of Tumor Metabolism might Reflect Carcinogenesis as a Reverse Evolution process (Dismantling of Multicellularity)

Author(s): Khalid O. Alfarouk | Mohammed E.A. Shayoub | Abdel Khalig Muddathir | Gamal O. Elhassan | Adil H.H. Bashir
Internal environment for growth of cancer cells in mice: hypothermia, anemia and lymphocytopenia

Author(s): Mayumi Watanabe | Hiroaki Matsumoto | Chikako Tomiyama | Kohei Akazawa | Toru Abo
Internal environment in cancer patients and proposal that carcinogenesis is adaptive response of glycolysis to overcome adverse internal conditions

Author(s): Mayumi Watanabe | Kenya Miyajima | Ittoku Matsui | Chikako Tomiyama-Miyaji | Eisuke Kainuma | Masashi Inoue | Hiroaki Matsumoto | Yuh Kuwano | Toru Abo
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
Current Commercial Perspective of Rhizopus oryzae: A Review

Author(s): Barnita Ghosh | Rina Rani Ray
Aluminium Acetate: Role in Oxidative Metabolism of Albino Mice

Author(s): N. John Sushma | U. Sivaiah | N. John Suraj | K. Jayantha Rao
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