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The hero of the war in my family

Author(s): E.V. Bulatova
New technologies in medical aid given to veterans of Great Patriotic War of Saratov Region

Author(s): Shuldyakov V.A. | Denisova Т.P. | Alipova L.N.
Cardiovascular pathology in veterans of Great Patriotic War and aged patients: spectrum and clinical pattern

Author(s): Denisova Т.Р. | Malinova L.I. | Shuldyakov V.A. | Alipova L.N. | Shuvalov S.S. | Silina T.S.
Tuapsinskaya defensive operation in soviet and post-soviet historiography

Author(s): Lidzhi N. Bambushev | Anvar M. Mamadaliev

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