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Assessment of coronary endothelial function using blood oxygenation level dependant cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (BOLD-CMR) in a canine model

Author(s): Jacqueline Flewitt | Vöhringer Matthias | Green Jordin | Anderson Todd | Tyberg John | Friedrich Matthias

Author(s): Héctor José Peinado-Guevara | Carlos René Green-Ruìz | Omar Delgado-Rodríguez | Jaime Herrera-Barrientos | Salvador Belmonte-Jiménez | María de los Ángeles Ladrón de Guevara Torres | Vladimir Shevnin
Characterization of myocardial T1 and partition coefficient as a function of time after gadolinium delivery in healthy subjects

Author(s): Chow Kelvin | Flewitt Jacqueline | Green Jordin | Friedrich Matthias | Thompson Richard
Gas exchange characteristics of 51 garden species in Wuhan City, China

Author(s): LIAO Jian-Xiong | SHI Hong-Wen | BAO Da-Chuan | DUAN Qing-Ming
Quantum interference effect in electron tunneling through a quantum-dot-ring spin valve

Author(s): Ma Jing-Min | Zhao Jia | Zhang Kai-Cheng | Peng Ya-Jing | Chi Feng
Harpin-induced expression and transgenic overexpression of the phloem protein gene AtPP2-A1 in Arabidopsis repress phloem feeding of the green peach aphid Myzus persicae

Author(s): Zhang Chunling | Shi Haojie | Chen Lei | Wang Xiaomeng | Lü Beibei | Zhang Shuping | Liang Yuan | Liu Ruoxue | Qian Jun | Sun Weiwei | You Zhenzhen | Dong Hansong
Green tea polyphenols supplementation and Tai Chi exercise for postmenopausal osteopenic women: safety and quality of life report

Author(s): Shen Chwan-Li | Chyu Ming-Chien | Pence Barbara | Yeh James | Zhang Yan | Felton Carol | Doctolero Susan | Wang Jia-Sheng
Chlorophyll-binding proteins revisited - a multigenic family of light-harvesting and stress proteins from a brown algal perspective

Author(s): Dittami Simon | Michel Gurvan | Collén Jonas | Boyen Catherine | Tonon Thierry
Novel dual-function CellDetect® staining technology: wedding morphology and tinctorial discrimination to detect cervical neoplasia

Author(s): Idelevich Pavel | Elkeles Adi | Okon Elimelech | Kristt Don | Terkieltaub Dov | Rivkin Ilia | Bruchim Ilan | Fishman Ami
Are eavesdroppers multimodal? Sensory exploitation of flo-ral signals by a non-native cockroach Blatta orientalis

Author(s): Rodrigo C. VERGARA, Alejandra TORRES-ARANEDA, Diego A. VILLAGRA, Robert A. RAGUSO, Mary T. K. ARROYO, Cristian A. VILLAGRA
Intrahepatic transplantation of hepatic oval cells for fulminant hepatic failure in rats

Author(s): Chen-Xuan Wu, Qi Zou, Zheng-Yan Zhu, Ying-Tang Gao, Yi-Jun Wang
Does an association exist between chronic pancreatitis and liver cirrhosis in alcoholic subjects?

Author(s): Luis Aparisi, Luis Sabater, Juan Del-Olmo, Juan Sastre, Miguel-Angel Serra, Ricardo Campello, Daniel Bautista, Abdalla Wassel, José-Manuel Rodrigo
Performance feedback: An exploratory study to examine the acceptability and impact for interdisciplinary primary care teams

Author(s): Johnston Sharon | Green Michael | Thille Patricia | Savage Colleen | Roberts Lynn | Russell Grant | Hogg William
Photochemoprotective Activity of Alcoholic Extract of Camellia sinensis

Author(s): Chanchal Deep Kaur | Swarnlata Saraf
A Point Source in the Presence of Spherical Material Inhomogenity: Analysis of Two Approximate Closed Form Solutions for Electrical Scalar Potential

Author(s): Predrag D. Rančić | Miodrag S. Stojanović | Milica P. Rančić | Nenad N. Cvetković
Positive periodic solutions for third-order nonlinear differential equations

Author(s): Jingli Ren | Stefan Siegmund | Yueli Chen
Dendrological and Horticultural Value of Lisičine Arboretum

Author(s): Marilena Idžojtić | Marko Zebec | Igor Poljak

Author(s): Débora Malta Gomes | Margarete Neres Silva | Renata Maria Monção Silva | Rafaela Duplat Dórea | Bruno Lopes Bastos | Maria Consuêlo Caribé Ayres
Estimates for the Green function and singular solutions for polyharmonic nonlinear equation

Author(s): Imed Bachar | Habib Màagli | Syrine Masmoudi | Malek Zribi
Focusing of acoustic waves by flat lenses made from negatively refracting two-dimensional phononic crystals

Author(s): P.A. Deymier | B. Merheb | J.O. Vasseur | A. Sukhovich | J.H. Page
On the coupling of size-quantized excitons with light in one-dimensional dielectric-semiconductor photonic crystals

Author(s): B. Flores Desirena | R. M rquez Islas | N. Atenco Analco | F. P rez Rodr guez
Mannosylated liposomes for targeted gene delivery

Author(s): Kong F | Zhou F | Ge L | Liu X | Wang Y.
Association of CYP2B6 Genotype with Survival and Progression Free Survival in Cyclophosphamide Treated Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Hareth Nahi | Henrik Gréen | Lena Thunell | Ingrid Jakobsen Falk | Muhammad Suleman Khan
Association of CYP2B6 Genotype with Survival and Progression Free Survival in Cyclophosphamide Treated Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Hareth Nahi | Henrik Gréen | Lena Thunell | Ingrid Jakobsen Falk | Muhammad Suleman Khan

Author(s): Eva Tillová | Emília Ďuriníková | Mária Chalupová
Signature of electron-phonon interaction in high temperature superconductors

Author(s): Vinod Ashokan | B. D. Indu | A. Kr. Dimri
Psychophysical measurements of luminance and chromatic spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Author(s): Marcelo Fernandes Costa | Mirella Telles Salgueiro Barboni | Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Inhibitory role of TACE/ADAM17 cytotail in protein ectodomain shedding

Author(s): Xiaojin Li | Liliana Pérez | Huizhou Fan
Existence of Periodic Solution for a Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation

Author(s): Belmekki Mohammed | Nieto JuanJ | Rodríguez-López Rosana
The Best Constant of Sobolev Inequality Corresponding to Clamped Boundary Value Problem

Author(s): Watanabe Kohtaro | Kametaka Yoshinori | Yamagishi Hiroyuki | Nagai Atsushi | Takemura Kazuo
Transcriptional analysis of cell growth and morphogenesis in the unicellular green alga Micrasterias (Streptophyta), with emphasis on the role of expansin

Author(s): Vannerum Katrijn | Huysman Marie | De Rycke Riet | Vuylsteke Marnik | Leliaert Frederik | Pollier Jacob | Lütz-Meindl Ursula | Gillard Jeroen | De Veylder Lieven | Goossens Alain | Inzé Dirk | Vyverman Wim
Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Pareto Optimal Front Approach

Author(s): K.Vinod Kumar | G.Lakshmi Phani
Relative effects of precipitation variability and warming on tallgrass prairie ecosystem function

Author(s): P. A. Fay | J. M. Blair | M. D. Smith | J. B. Nippert | J. D. Carlisle | A. K. Knapp
Development of a high spectral resolution surface albedo product for the ARM Southern Great Plains central facility

Author(s): S. A. McFarlane | K. L. Gaustad | E. J. Mlawer | C. N. Long | J. Delamere
Use of proteasome inhibitors in anticancer therapy

Author(s): Sara M. Schmitt | Lillian Lu | Q. Ping Dou
Study of the curvature of green pieces in stoneware ceramic tiles

Author(s): de Pablos, A. | Miranzo, P. | Osendi, M. I. | Romero, J. C. | Crespo, P. | Gargallo, L. | Bengoechea, M. A.
Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a Neumann boundary-value problem

Author(s): Safia Benmansour | Mohammed Bouchekif
Doping and synthesis method effect on zirconium silicate conductivity

Author(s): Monrós, G. | Badenes, J. | Meseguer, S. | Llusar, M. | Martí, A. K. | Gargori, C. | Tena, M. A.
Estudio de la adición de K+ y LiNbO3 en las propiedades finales del Relaxor PMN procesado por mezcla de polvos

Author(s): Cavalheiro, A. A. | Zaghete, M. A. | Cilense, M. | Villegas, M. | Fernández, J. F. | Varela, J. A.
Photon kinetics in plasmas

Author(s): V.G. Morozov | G. Röpke
Phase diagrams of the Bose-Hubbard model at finite temperature

Author(s): I.V. Stasyuk | T.S. Mysakovych
Sentinel lymph node biopsy for gastric cancer: Where do we stand?

Author(s): Mehmet Fatih Can | Gokhan Yagci | Sadettin Cetiner
Phase diagrams of the Bose-Fermi-Hubbard model: Hubbard operator approach

Author(s): I.V. Stasyuk | T.S. Mysakovych | V.O. Krasnov
Relative effects of precipitation variability and warming on grassland ecosystem function

Author(s): P. A. Fay | J. M. Blair | M. D. Smith | J. B. Nippert | J. D. Carlisle | A. K. Knapp

Author(s): D. Lj. Mirjanić | A. J. Šetrajčić Tomić | P. Šetrajčić
Benefit of intravenous antibiotic therapy in patients referred for treatment of neurologic Lyme disease

Author(s): Stricker RB | DeLong AK | Green CL | Savely VR | Chamallas SN | Johnson L
Ecological Tunnel for the 21st Century: A New Conception and Methodology

Author(s): Zixin Zhang | Qinghua Lei | Qiang Xue
Germinação e desenvolvimento inicial de duas espécies de jabuticabeira em função do tamanho de sementes = Germination and initial growth of two jabuticaba species in function of seed size.

Author(s): Américo Wagner Júnior | José Osmar da Costa e Silva | Leonardo Duarte Pimentel | Carlos Eduardo Magalhães dos Santos | Claudio Horst Bruckner
Hyperspectral optical imaging of two different species of lepidoptera

Author(s): Medina José | Nascimento Sérgio | Vukusic Pete
The inhibition of the mammalian DNA methyltransferase 3a (Dnmt3a) by dietary black tea and coffee polyphenols

Author(s): Rajavelu Arumugam | Tulyasheva Zumrad | Jaiswal Rakesh | Jeltsch Albert | Kuhnert Nikolai
Antibodies on demand: a fast method for the production of human scFvs with minimal amounts of antigen

Author(s): Babel Ingrid | Barderas Rodrigo | Peláez-García Alberto | Casal J Ignacio
Transcriptional profiling of fetal hypothalamic TRH neurons

Author(s): Guerra-Crespo Magdalena | Pérez-Monter Carlos | Janga Sarath | Castillo-Ramírez Santiago | Gutiérrez-Rios Rosa | Joseph-Bravo Patricia | Pérez-Martínez Leonor | Charli Jean-Louis
Effects of transplantation with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells modified by Survivin on experimental stroke in rats

Author(s): Liu Nan | Zhang Yixian | Fan Lin | Yuan Mingzhou | Du Houwei | Cheng Ronghua | Liu Deshan | Lin Feifei
Present and future in Romanian fruit growing technologies under global climatic changes

Author(s): Dorin Ioan Sumedrea | Nicolae Tănăsescu | Emil Chitu | Dorel Moiceanu | Florin Cristian Marin | Gabriel Ţintarcu
Effects of ced-9 dsRNA on Caenorhabditis elegans and Meloidogyne incognita

Author(s): Robert T. Gaeta | Abdellatif Bahaji | Glenda W. Polack | Alejandro Calderón-Urrea
Green Inefficiency for Regions in China

Author(s): Tsz-Yi Ke | Jin-Li Hu | Wen-Ju Yang
Thermal Bending of Circular Plates for Non-Axisymmetrical Problems

Author(s): Zhengzhu Dong | Weihong Peng | Jun Li | Fashan Li
Vma8p-GFP Fusions Can Be Functionally Incorporated into V-ATPase, Suggesting Structural Flexibility at the Top of V1

Author(s): Szczepan Nowakowski | Dalibor Mijaljica | Mark Prescott | Rodney J. Devenish
Planting Trees for Publicity—How Much Are They Worth?

Author(s): Jakub Kronenberg | Joanna Mieszkowicz
Development of a high spectral resolution surface albedo product for the ARM Southern Great Plains central facility

Author(s): S. A. McFarlane | K. L. Gaustad | E. J. Mlawer | C. N. Long | J. Delamere
Discussion on Role of Forest to Control Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution in Taihu Lake Basin-Based on Source-Sink Analysis

Author(s): Jianfeng ZHANG | Jingmin JIANG | Zhijian ZHANG | Qihua SHAN | Guangcai CHEN | Ying WANG | Yonghui XU | Harry WU | Aljoy ABARQUEZ

Author(s): Karsten Rodenacker | Andreas Brühl | Martina Hausner | Martin Kühn | Volkmar Liebscher | Michael Wagner | Gerhard Winkler | Stefan Wuertz
Particularities in physical characteristics of molecular crystalline nanofilms

Author(s): Šetrajčić Jovan P. | Džambas Ljubiša D. | Armaković Stevan
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