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The 2009–2010 arctic stratospheric winter – general evolution, mountain waves and predictability of an operational weather forecast model

Author(s): A. Dörnbrack | M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | Y. J. Orsolini | K. Nishii | H. Nakamura
Analysis of IASI tropospheric O3 data over Arctic during POLARCAT campaigns in 2008

Author(s): M. Pommier | C. Clerbaux | K. S. Law | G. Ancellet | P. Bernath | P.-F. Coheur | J. Hadji-Lazaro | D. Hurtmans | P. Nédélec | J.-D. Paris | F. Ravetta | T. B. Ryerson | H. Schlager | A. J. Weinheimer
Oxygen exchange and ice melt measured at the ice-water interface by eddy correlation

Author(s): M. H. Long | D. Koopmans | P. Berg | S. Rysgaard | R. N. Glud | D. H. Søgaard
First continuous phosphate record from Greenland ice cores

Author(s): H. A. Kjær | A. Svensson | P. Vallelonga | E. Kettner | S. Schüpbach | M. Bigler | J. P. Steffensen | M. E. Hansson
A 500 kyr record of global sea level oscillations in the Gulf of Lion, Mediterranean Sea: new insights into MIS 3 sea level variability

Author(s): J. Frigola | M. Canals | I. Cacho | A. Moreno | F. J. Sierro | J. A. Flores | S. Berné | G. Jouet | B. Dennielou | G. Herrera | C. Pasqual | J. O. Grimalt | M. Galavazi | R. Schneider
Proglacial river dataset from the Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua River northern tributary, Southwest Greenland, 2008–2010

Author(s): A. K. Rennermalm | L. C. Smith | V. W. Chu | R. R. Forster | J. E. Box | B. Hagedorn
Climate sensitivity in the Anthropocene

Author(s): M. Previdi | B. G. Liepert | D. T Peteet | J. Hansen | D. J Beerling | A. J. Broccoli | S. Frolking | J. N Galloway | M. Heimann | C. Le Quéré | S. Levitus | V. Ramaswamy
Pliocene Ice Sheet Modelling Intercomparison Project (PLISMIP) – experimental design

Author(s): A. M. Dolan | S. J. Koenig | D. J. Hill | A. M. Haywood | R. M. DeConto
Preliminary assessment of model parametric uncertainty in projections of Greenland Ice Sheet behavior

Author(s): P. J. Applegate | N. Kirchner | E. J. Stone | K. Keller | R. Greve
Brief Communication: Greenland's shrinking ice cover: ″fast times″ but not that fast

Author(s): J. S. Kargel | A. P. Ahlstrøm | R. B. Alley | J. L. Bamber | T. J. Benham | J. E. Box | C. Chen | P. Christoffersen | M. Citterio | J. G. Cogley | H. Jiskoot | G. J. Leonard | P. Morin | T. Scambos | T. Sheldon | I. Willis
Present-day mass changes for the Greenland ice sheet and their interaction with bedrock adjustment

Author(s): M. Olaizola | R. S. W. van de Wal | M. M. Helsen | B. de Boer
Melting of Northern Greenland during the last interglacial

Author(s): A. Born | K. H. Nisancioglu
NALPS: a precisely dated European climate record 120–60 ka

Author(s): R. Boch | H. Cheng | C. Spötl | R. L. Edwards | X. Wang | Ph. Häuselmann
Annual layering in the NGRIP ice core during the Eemian

Author(s): A. Svensson | M. Bigler | E. Kettner | D. Dahl-Jensen | S. Johnsen | S. Kipfstuhl | M. Nielsen | J. P. Steffensen
Wind forcing of salinity anomalies in the Denmark Strait overflow

Author(s): S. Hall | S. R. Dye | K. J. Heywood | M. R. Wadley
Recent wind driven high sea ice area export in the Fram Strait contributes to Arctic sea ice decline

Author(s): L. H. Smedsrud | A. Sirevaag | K. Kloster | A. Sorteberg | S. Sandven
Permafrost degradation risk zone assessment using simulation models

Author(s): R. P. Daanen | T. Ingeman-Nielsen | S. S. Marchenko | V. E. Romanovsky | N. Foged | M. Stendel | J. H. Christensen | K. Hornbech Svendsen
A North Greenland Butterfly

Author(s): Samuel H. Scudder

Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning

Author(s): C. Wespes | L. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | J. Hannigan | D. Hurtmans | M. Saunois | P.-F. Coheur | C. Clerbaux | M. T. Coffey | R. L. Batchelor | R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | A. J. Weinheimer | J. B. Nowak | T. B. Ryerson | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
Global distributions of acetone in the upper troposphere from MIPAS spectra

Author(s): D. P. Moore | J. J. Remedios | A. M. Waterfall
Emissions halted of the potent greenhouse gas SF5CF3

Author(s): W. T. Sturges | D. E. Oram | J. C. Laube | C. E. Reeves | M. J. Newland | C. Hogan | P. Martinerie | E. Witrant | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | T. J. Schuck | P. J. Fraser
Hydrologic controls on coastal suspended sediment plumes around the Greenland Ice Sheet

Author(s): V. W. Chu | L. C. Smith | A. K. Rennermalm | R. R. Forster | J. E. Box
Changes in the marine-terminating glaciers of central east Greenland, 2000–2010

Author(s): K. M. Walsh | I. M. Howat | Y. Ahn | E. M. Enderlin
Continuous measurements of methane mixing ratios from ice cores

Author(s): C. Stowasser | C. Buizert | V. Gkinis | J. Chappellaz | S. Schüpbach | M. Bigler | X. Faïn | P. Sperlich | M. Baumgartner | A. Schilt | T. Blunier
Climate bifurcation during the last deglaciation

Author(s): T. M. Lenton | V. N. Livina | V. Dakos | M. Scheffer
Multi-decadal marine and land-terminating glacier recession in the Ammassalik region, Southeast Greenland

Author(s): S. H. Mernild | J. K. Malmros | N. T. Knudsen | J. C. Yde
Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric drivers

Author(s): J. E. Box | X. Fettweis | J. C. Stroeve | M. Tedesco | D. K. Hall | K. Steffen
Distributions, long term trends and emissions of four perfluorocarbons in remote parts of the atmosphere and firn air

Author(s): J. C. Laube | C. Hogan | M. J. Newland | F. S. Mani | P. J. Fraser | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | P. Martinerie | D. E. Oram | T. Röckmann | J. Schwander | E. Witrant | G. P. Mills | C. E. Reeves | W. T. Sturges
Modeling chemistry in and above snow at Summit, Greenland − Part 2: Impact of snowpack chemistry on the oxidation capacity of the boundary layer

Author(s): J. L. Thomas | J. E. Dibb | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | D. Tanner | B. Lefer | R. von Glasow | J. Stutz
The isotopic record of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric carbon monoxide since 1950, implications for the CO budget

Author(s): Z. Wang | J. Chappellaz | P. Martinerie | K. Park | V. Petrenko | E. Witrant | T. Blunier | C. A. M. Brenninkmeijer | J. E. Mak
Water isotopic ratios from a continuously melted ice core sample

Author(s): V. Gkinis | T. J. Popp | T. Blunier | M. Bigler | S. Schüpbach | E. Kettner | S. J. Johnsen
Physical and chemical properties of pollution aerosol particles transported from North America to Greenland as measured during the POLARCAT summer campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | J. Schmale | J. Schneider | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | S. Crumeyrolle | K. S. Law
Prevalence of self-reported suicidal thoughts in SLiCA. The survey of living conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)

Author(s): Ann Ragnhild Broderstad | Bent-Martin Eliassen | Marita Melhus
An investigation of the apparent breast cancer epidemic in France: screening and incidence trends in birth cohorts

Author(s): Junod Bernard | Zahl Per-Henrik | Kaplan Robert | Olsen Jørn | Greenland Sander
Perfluorinated compounds are related to breast cancer risk in greenlandic inuit: A case control study

Author(s): Bonefeld-Jorgensen Eva | Long Manhai | Bossi Rossana | Ayotte Pierre | Asmund Gert | Krüger Tanja | Ghisari Mandana | Mulvad Gert | Kern Peder | Nzulumiki Peter | Dewailly Eric
Surface mass budget and meltwater discharge from the Kangerlussuaq sector of the Greenland ice sheet during record-warm year 2010

Author(s): D. van As | A. Hubbard | B. Hasholt | A. B. Mikkelsen | M. van den Broeke | R. S. Fausto
Hydrologic controls on coastal suspended sediment plumes around the Greenland ice sheet

Author(s): V. W. Chu | L. C. Smith | A. K. Rennermalm | R. R. Forster | J. E. Box
Refreezing on the Greenland ice sheet: a comparison of parameterizations

Author(s): C. H. Reijmer | M. R. van den Broeke | J. Ettema | L. B. Stap
Microbial nitrogen cycling on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Author(s): J. Telling | M. Stibal | A. M. Anesio | M. Tranter | I. Nias | J. Cook | G. Lis | J. L. Wadham | A. Sole | P. Nienow | A. Hodson
Enrichment in 13C of atmospheric CH4 during the Younger Dryas termination

Author(s): J. R. Melton | H. Schaefer | M. J. Whiticar
Role of CO2 and Southern Ocean winds in glacial abrupt climate change

Author(s): R. Banderas | J. Álvarez-Solas | M. Montoya
Longpath DOAS observations of surface BrO at Summit, Greenland

Author(s): J. Stutz | J. L. Thomas | S. C. Hurlock | M. Schneider | R. von Glasow | M. Piot | K. Gorham | J. F. Burkhart | L. Ziemba | J. E. Dibb | B. L. Lefer
Source identification and airborne chemical characterisation of aerosol pollution from long-range transport over Greenland during POLARCAT summer campaign 2008

Author(s): J. Schmale | J. Schneider | G. Ancellet | B. Quennehen | A. Stohl | H. Sodemann | J. F. Burkhart | T. Hamburger | S. R. Arnold | A. Schwarzenboeck | S. Borrmann | K. S. Law
Dust from the dark region in the western ablation zone of the Greenland ice sheet

Author(s): I. G. M. Wientjes | R. S. W. Van de Wal | G. J. Reichart | A. Sluijs | J. Oerlemans
Warming of waters in an East Greenland fjord prior to glacier retreat: mechanisms and connection to large-scale atmospheric conditions

Author(s): P. Christoffersen | R. I. Mugford | K. J. Heywood | I. Joughin | J. A. Dowdeswell | J. P. M. Syvitski | A. Luckman | T. J. Benham
Sensitivity of interglacial Greenland temperature and δ18O: ice core data, orbital and increased CO2 climate simulations

Author(s): V. Masson-Delmotte | P. Braconnot | G. Hoffmann | J. Jouzel | M. Kageyama | A. Landais | Q. Lejeune | C. Risi | L. Sime | J. Sjolte | D. Swingedouw | B. Vinther
Proceedings of the 12th North American Caribou Workshop, Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, 2008

Author(s): Rolf Egil Haugerud (editor in chief) | Robert Otto | Sabrina Ellsworth (issue editors)
Cambrian trilobite Ovatoryctocara Tchernysheva, 1962 from Siberia

Author(s): Naimark E | Shabanov Y | Korovnikov I
Ocean Warming of Nares Strait Bottom Waters Off Northwest Greenland, 2003–2009

Author(s): Andreas Münchow | Kelly K. Falkner | Humfrey Melling | Berit Rabe | Helen L. Johnson
Towards direct coupling of regional climate models and ice sheet models by mass balance gradients: application to the Greenland Ice Sheet

Author(s): M. M. Helsen | R. S. W. van de Wal | M. R. van den Broeke | W. J. van de Berg | J. Oerlemans
Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning

Author(s): C. Wespes | L. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | J. Hannigan | D. Hurtmans | M. Saunois | P.-F. Coheur | C. Clerbaux | M. T. Coffey | R. Batchelor | R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | A. J. Weinheimer | J. B. Nowak | T. B. Ryerson | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
Temperature and sunlight controls of mercury oxidation and deposition atop the Greenland ice sheet

Author(s): S. Brooks | C. Moore | D. Lew | B. Lefer | G. Huey | D. Tanner
Observations of hydroxyl and peroxy radicals and the impact of BrO at Summit, Greenland in 2007 and 2008

Author(s): J. Liao | L. G. Huey | D. J. Tanner | N. Brough | S. Brooks | J. E. Dibb | J. Stutz | J. L. Thomas | B. Lefer | C. Haman | K. Gorham
Absorbing aerosol in the troposphere of the Western Arctic during the 2008 ARCTAS/ARCPAC airborne field campaigns

Author(s): C. S. McNaughton | A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | V. N. Kapustin | Y. Kondo | N. Moteki | L. Sahu | N. Takegawa | J. P. Schwarz | J. R. Spackman | L. Watts | G. Diskin | J. Podolske | J. S. Holloway | A. Wisthaler | T. Mikoviny | J. de Gouw | C. Warneke | J. Jimenez | M. Cubison | S. G. Howell | A. Middlebrook | R. Bahreini | B. E. Anderson | E. Winstead | K. L. Thornhill | D. Lack | J. Cozic | C. A. Brock
Acknowledgements; Preface

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg
Proceedings of the Eighth North American Caribou Workshop, Whitehorse, Canada 1998

Author(s): R.E. Haugerud (ed. in chief) | R. Farnell et al. (iss. eds.)
Population demography of the muskoxen in Jameson Land, 1982-1990

Author(s): Peter Aastrup | Anders Mosbech
Growth of wild muskoxen under two nutritional regimes in Greenland

Author(s): Carsten Riis Olesen | Henning Thing | Peter Aastrup
The Greenland muskox population status 1990

Author(s): David Boertmann | Mards Forchhammer | Carsten Riis Olesen | Peter Aastrup | Henning Thing
The First Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC) 1991

Author(s): Sven Skjenneberg (ed.)
Research meetings 1990-1991

Author(s): Sven Skjenneberg (ed.)
Antler possession by west Greenland female caribou in relation to population characteristics

Author(s): Henning Thing | Carsten Riis Olesen | Peter Aastrup
Monitoring Temperature and Heart Rate during Surgical Field Implantation of PTT-100 Satellite Transmitters in Greenland Sea Birds

Author(s): Christian Sonne | Steen Andersen | Anders Mosbech | Annette Flagstad | Flemming Merkel
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: The Jurassic of Skåne, southern Sweden

Author(s): Ahlberg, Anders | Sivhed, Ulf | Erlström, Mikael
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: The Lower–Middle Jurassic of the Anholt borehole: implications for the geological evolution of the eastern margin of the Danish Basin

Author(s): Nielsen, Ole B. | Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig | Abrahamsen, Niels | Schmidt, Birthe J. | Koppelhus, Eva B. | Ravn-Sørensen, Helle | Korsbech, Uffe | Nielsen, K Gynther
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: Jurassic lithostratigraphy and stratigraphic development onshore and offshore Denmark

Author(s): Michelsen, Olaf | Nielsen, Lars Henrik | Johannessen, Peter N. | Andsbjerg, Jan | Surlyk, Finn
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: The Jurassic of the Netherlands

Author(s): Herngreen, G.F. Waldemar | Kouwe, Wim F.P. | Wong, Theo E.
Fish otoliths from the Paleocene of Denmark

Author(s): Schwarzhans, Werner

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