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Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Australia: findings from a narrative review of the literature

Author(s): Catherine Hurley | Fran Baum | Julie Johns | Ron Labonte
Differences in antiretroviral scale up in three South African provinces: the role of implementation management

Author(s): Schneider Helen | Coetzee David | Van Rensburg Dingie | Gilson Lucy
Headcount 2010: the multiplication of the grey squirrel populations introduced to Italy

Author(s): Adriano Martinoli | Sandro Bertolino | Damiano G. Preatoni | Andrea Balduzzi | Andrea Marsan | Piero Genovesi | Guido Tosi | Lucas A Wauters
Curation of complex, context-dependent immunological data

Author(s): Vita Randi | Vaughan Kerrie | Zarebski Laura | Salimi Nima | Fleri Ward | Grey Howard | Sathiamurthy Muthu | Mokili John | Bui Huynh-Hoa | Bourne Philip | Ponomarenko Julia | de Castro Romulo | Chan Russell | Sidney John | Wilson Stephen | Stewart Scott | Way Scott | Peters Bjoern | Sette Alessandro
Grey Heron in Spain. I. Breeding Population (1950-2000)

Author(s): Campos, F. | Fernández-Cruz, M.
A literature review to explore integrated care for older people

Author(s): Jan Reed | Glenda Cook | Sue Childs | Brendan McCormack
Recursos web sobre literatura grisa

Author(s): Turiel, Josep
Development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs): comparing approaches

Author(s): Turner Tari | Misso Marie | Harris Claire | Green Sally
Motivation and retention of health workers in developing countries: a systematic review

Author(s): Willis-Shattuck Mischa | Bidwell Posy | Thomas Steve | Wyness Laura | Blaauw Duane | Ditlopo Prudence
Primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia – a systematic review

Author(s): Wakerman John | Humphreys John | Wells Robert | Kuipers Pim | Entwistle Philip | Jones Judith
Practice nursing in Australia: A review of education and career pathways

Author(s): Parker Rhian | Keleher Helen | Francis Karen | Abdulwadud Omar
An updated atlas of human helminth infections: the example of East Africa

Author(s): Brooker Simon | Kabatereine Narcis | Smith Jennifer | Mupfasoni Denise | Mwanje Mariam | Ndayishimiye Onésime | Lwambo Nicholas | Mbotha Deborah | Karanja Peris | Mwandawiro Charles | Muchiri Eric | Clements Archie | Bundy Donald | Snow Robert
Learning lessons from field surveys in humanitarian contexts: a case study of field surveys conducted in North Kivu, DRC 2006-2008

Author(s): Grais Rebecca | Luquero Francisco | Grellety Emmanuel | Pham Heloise | Coghlan Benjamin | Salignon Pierre
Reviewing the literature on access to prompt and effective malaria treatment in Kenya: implications for meeting the Abuja targets

Author(s): Chuma Jane | Abuya Timothy | Memusi Dorothy | Juma Elizabeth | Akhwale Willis | Ntwiga Janet | Nyandigisi Andrew | Tetteh Gladys | Shretta Rima | Amin Abdinasir
Researching the mental health needs of hard-to-reach groups: managing multiple sources of evidence

Author(s): Dowrick Christopher | Gask Linda | Edwards Suzanne | Aseem Saadia | Bower Peter | Burroughs Heather | Catlin Amy | Chew-Graham Carolyn | Clarke Pam | Gabbay Mark | Gowers Simon | Hibbert Derek | Kovandzic Marija | Lamb Jonathan | Lovell Karina | Rogers Anne | Lloyd-Williams Mari | Waheed Waquas
Health systems integration: state of the evidence

Author(s): Gail D. Armitage | Esther Suter | Nelly D. Oelke | Carol E. Adair
First contribute to the characterization of coat in Lepus corsicanus and Lepus europaeus by colorimetric determinations

Author(s): Cristina Rugge | Egidio Mallia | Annamaria Perna | Valter Trocchi | Pierangelo Freschi
Overview of a formal scoping review on health system report cards

Author(s): Brien Susan | Lorenzetti Diane | Lewis Steven | Kennedy James | Ghali William
A systematic review of task- shifting for HIV treatment and care in Africa

Author(s): Callaghan Mike | Ford Nathan | Schneider Helen
Selection of Best Web Site by Applying COPRAS-G method

Author(s): Bindu Madhuri .Ch | Anand Chandulal.J | Padmaja.M
Tracking the evolution of hospice palliative care in Canada: A comparative case study analysis of seven provinces

Author(s): Williams Allison | Crooks Valorie | Whitfield Kyle | Kelley Mary-Lou | Richards Judy-Lynn | DeMiglio Lily | Dykeman Sarah
Platelet aggregation inhibitors in primary and secondary prevention of ischemic stroke

Author(s): Gorenoi, Vitali | Kulp, Werner | Greiner, Wolfgang | von der Schulenburg, Johann-Matthias
Innovative health service delivery models in low and middle income countries - what can we learn from the private sector?

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Onil | Khor Sara | McGahan Anita | Dunne David | Daar Abdallah | Singer Peter
Australia's National Bowel Cancer Screening Program: does it work for Indigenous Australians?

Author(s): Christou Aliki | Katzenellenbogen Judith | Thompson Sandra
The Resident Assessment Instrument-Minimum Data Set 2.0 quality indicators: a systematic review

Author(s): Hutchinson Alison | Milke Doris | Maisey Suzanne | Johnson Cynthia | Squires Janet | Teare Gary | Estabrooks Carole
Expediting systematic reviews: methods and implications of rapid reviews

Author(s): Ganann Rebecca | Ciliska Donna | Thomas Helen
Performance Measurement and Evaluation in an Innovative Modern Manufacturing System

Author(s): Shamsuddin Ahmed | Masjuki Hj. Hassan | Yap Hui Fen
Communication about environmental health risks: A systematic review

Author(s): Fitzpatrick-Lewis Donna | Yost Jennifer | Ciliska Donna | Krishnaratne Shari
What is known about the effects of medical tourism in destination and departure countries? A scoping review

Author(s): Johnston Rory | Crooks Valorie | Snyder Jeremy | Kingsbury Paul
The provision of non-needle/syringe drug injecting paraphernalia in the primary prevention of HCV among IDU: a systematic review

Author(s): Gillies Michelle | Palmateer Norah | Hutchinson Sharon | Ahmed Syed | Taylor Avril | Goldberg David
The Dormice (Myoxidae) of Southern Africa

Author(s): Peter Webb | John Skinner
To what extent do nurses use research in clinical practice? A systematic review

Author(s): Squires Janet | Hutchinson Alison | Boström Anne-Marie | O'Rourke Hannah | Cobban Sandra | Estabrooks Carole
Neuropathology of two Brazilian autopsied cases of tropical spastic paraparesis / HTLV-I associated myelopathy (TSP/HAM) of long evolution

Author(s): Castro-Costa Carlos Maurício de | Dom René | Carton Herwig | Goubau Patrick | Santos Terezinha de Jesus Teixeira | Ferreira Márcia Valéria Pitombeira | Silva Neto Francisco Ursino da
A report of two cases of Werner's syndrome and review of the literature.

Author(s): Yamamoto K | Imakiire A | Miyagawa N | Kasahara T
CareSearch: finding and evaluating Australia's missing palliative care literature

Author(s): Tieman Jennifer | Abernethy Amy | Fazekas Belinda | Currow David
Interventions aimed at increasing research use in nursing: a systematic review

Author(s): Thompson David | Estabrooks Carole | Scott-Findlay Shannon | Moore Katherine | Wallin Lars
Suicide in deaf populations: a literature review

Author(s): Turner Oliver | Windfuhr Kirsten | Kapur Navneet
Multidisciplinary care planning in the primary care management of completed stroke: a systematic review

Author(s): Mitchell Geoffrey | Brown Robyn | Erikssen Lars | Tieman Jennifer
A systematic review of mental disorder, suicide, and deliberate self harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Author(s): King Michael | Semlyen Joanna | Tai Sharon | Killaspy Helen | Osborn David | Popelyuk Dmitri | Nazareth Irwin
Black, White and Grey

Author(s): Nasrin Nooshfar | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Shahryar Pashae
Erythema dyschromicum perstans (ashy dermatosis) – opis przypadków

Author(s): Magdalena Lange | Magdalena Trzeciak | Małgorzata Sokołowska-Wojdyło | Jadwiga Roszkiewicz
Effectiveness of interventions to improve the health and housing status of homeless people: a rapid systematic review

Author(s): Fitzpatrick-Lewis Donna | Ganann Rebecca | Krishnaratne Shari | Ciliska Donna | Kouyoumdjian Fiona | Hwang Stephen
What is the value and impact of quality and safety teams? A scoping review

Author(s): White Deborah | Straus Sharon | Stelfox H | Holroyd-Leduc Jayna | Bell Chaim | Jackson Karen | Norris Jill | Flemons W | Moffatt Michael | Forster Alan
The evidence for Shiatsu: a systematic review of Shiatsu and acupressure

Author(s): Robinson Nicola | Lorenc Ava | Liao Xing
Progress towards Health Equity in I.R. of Iran through Last Three Decades

Author(s): A Olyaee Manesh | AA Haghdoost | M Beheshtian | A Tehrani Banihashemi | M Motlagh
Appraisal of literature reviews on end-of-life care for minority ethnic groups in the UK and a critical comparison with policy recommendations from the UK end-of-life care strategy

Author(s): Evans Natalie | Meñaca Arantza | Andrew Erin | Koffman Jonathan | Harding Richard | Higginson Irene | Pool Robert | Gysels Marjolein
Aboriginal Art: Who was interested?

Author(s): Daniel Thomas

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