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The interaction of public-school teachers with student users of psychoactive substances

Author(s): De Castro Rossi L.C. | Dalben I. | Mangini Bocchi S.C.
The Use Of First Language In Limited English Proficiency Classes: Good, Bad Or Ugly?

Author(s): Siti Hamin Stapa | Abdul Hameed Abdul Majid
The attitudes of Indian palliative-care nurses and physicians to pain control and palliative sedation

Author(s): Gielen Joris | Gupta Harmala | Rajvanshi Ambika | Bhatnagar Sushma | Mishra Seema | Chaturvedi Arvind | Branden Stef | Broeckaert Bert
Uma Visão da Empresa Baseada em Habilidades: Contextos Estratégicos e Contingenciais

Author(s): Farley Simon Nobre | Andrew M. Tobias | David S. Walker
What do individuals with schizophrenia need to increase their well-being

Author(s): Petra Gunnmo | Helena Fatouros Bergman
Becoming an Older Volunteer: A Grounded Theory Study

Author(s): Janet Witucki Brown | Shu-li Chen | Linda Mefford | Allie Brown | Bonnie Callen | Polly McArthur
All-Pass Sections with High Gain Opportunity

Author(s): M. A. Ibrahim | S. Minaei | E. Yuce
A Grounded Theory Study of Homeopathic Practitioners' Perceptions and Experiences of the Homeopathic Consultation

Author(s): Caroline Eyles | Geraldine M. Leydon | George T. Lewith | Sarah Brien
Non-Isothermal Kinetic Analysis of the Crystallization of Metallic Glasses Using the Master Curve Method

Author(s): Joan Torrens-Serra | Shankar Venkataraman | Mihai Stoica | Uta Kuehn | Stefan Roth | Jürgen Eckert
Grounded Theory: A Short Cut to Highlight a Researchers' Intellectuality

Author(s): Abdul H.H. Omar | Dayang H.T.A.H. Hamid | Norma Alias | Md. R.  Islam
Ambulatory oxygen: why do COPD patients not use their portable systems as prescribed? A qualitative study

Author(s): Arnold Elizabeth | Bruton Anne | Donovan-Hall Maggie | Fenwick Angela | Dibb Bridget | Walker Elizabeth
Longing for ground in a ground(less) world: a qualitative inquiry of existential suffering

Author(s): Bruce Anne | Schreiber Rita | Petrovskaya Olga | Boston Patricia
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for dyspepsia: Εxploratory study of factors influencing patient compliance in Greece

Author(s): Oikonomidou Eirini | Anastasiou Foteini | Pilpilidis Ioannis | Kouroumalis Elias | Lionis Christos
Living on social assistance with chronic illness: Buffering and undermining features to well-being

Author(s): Marttila Anneli | Johansson Eva | Whitehead Margaret | Burström Bo
Ambivalent connections: a qualitative study of the care experiences of non-psychotic chronic patients who are perceived as 'difficult' by professionals

Author(s): Koekkoek Bauke | van Meijel Berno | van Ommen Joyce | Pennings Renske | Kaasenbrood Ad | Hutschemaekers Giel | Schene Aart
Prescriber and staff perceptions of an electronic prescribing system in primary care: a qualitative assessment

Author(s): Devine Emily | Williams Emily | Martin Diane | Sittig Dean | Tarczy-Hornoch Peter | Payne Thomas | Sullivan Sean
Guiding Principles for Developing Adaptive Software Products

Author(s): Nehemiah Mavetera | Jan Kroeze
Getting around Antarctica: new high-resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar Year

Author(s): R. Bindschadler | H. Choi | A. Wichlacz | R. Bingham | J. Bohlander | K. Brunt | H. Corr | R. Drews | H. Fricker | M. Hall | R. Hindmarsh | J. Kohler | L. Padman | W. Rack | G. Rotschky | S. Urbini | P. Vornberger | N. Young
Bridging the Gap? Mobile Phones at the Interface between Informal and Formal Learning

Author(s): John Cook | Norbert Pachler | Claire Bradley
Vínculos de apego en niños víctimas de la violencia intrafamiliar

Author(s): José Amar Amar | Margarita Berdugo de Gómez
Competencies and skills for future Industrial Engineers defined in Spanish degrees

Author(s): Cristina Santandreu-Mascarell | Lourdes Canós-Darós | Carlos Pons-Morera
Identifying postpartum intervention approaches to prevent type 2 diabetes in women with a history of gestational diabetes

Author(s): Nicklas Jacinda | Zera Chloe | Seely Ellen | Abdul-Rahim Zainab | Rudloff Noelle | Levkoff Sue
The death of a patient: a model for reflection in GP training

Author(s): Verhoeven Anita | Schuling Jan | Maeckelberghe Els
Contraceptive methods and use by women aged 35 and over: A qualitative study of perspectives

Author(s): Godfrey Emily | Chin Nancy | Fielding Stephen | Fiscella Kevin | Dozier Ann
A Model for Using Reflection to Enhance Interprofessional Education

Author(s): Yadolah Zarezadeh | Pauline Pearson | Clair Dickinson

Author(s): Adriana Soekandar Ginanjar
The pathway of obstructed labour as perceived by communities in south-western Uganda: a grounded theory study

Author(s): Jerome K. Kabakyenga | Per-Olof Östergren | Maria Emmelin | Phionah Kyomuhendo | Karen Odberg Pettersson

Author(s): Ming-Hone Tsai | Yu-De Lin | Yea-Huey Su
Dealing with daily emotions—supportive activities for the elderly in a municipal care setting

Author(s): Margaretha Norell | Kristina Ziegert | Annica Kihlgren
Impact of Care and Social Support on Wellbeing among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Author(s): Adebola A Adedimeji | Olayemi O Alawode | Oluwole Odutolu
IT Utilisation Framework for Online Employment Background Screening

Author(s): Meshack Muderedzwa | Emanuel Nyakwende
Preliminary Study of Puberty Education in Adolescent Girls: A Qualitative Research

Author(s): M. Anoosheh | Sh. Niknami | R. Tavakoli | S. Faghihzadeh
Processo Orçamentário: uma aplicação da análise substantiva com utilização da grounded theory [Budgeting: substantive analysis using grounded theory]

Author(s): Fábio Frezatti | Artur Roberto do Nascimento | Emanuel Junqueira | Tânia Regina Sordi Relvas
Microblogging Practices of Scientists in E-Learning: A Qualitative Approach

Author(s): Barbara Kieslinger | Martin Ebner | Helga Wiesenhofer

Author(s): Ana Akemi Ikeda | Eliane Maria Pires Giavina Bianchi

Author(s): Sandra Regina Rocha-Pinto | Angilberto Sabino Freitas | Paulo Roberto Maisonnave
HPV vaccine decision making in pediatric primary care: a semi-structured interview study

Author(s): Hughes Cayce | Jones Amanda | Feemster Kristen | Fiks Alexander
Rebranding exercise: closing the gap between values and behavior

Author(s): Segar Michelle | Eccles Jacquelynne | Richardson Caroline
How to do a grounded theory study: a worked example of a study of dental practices

Author(s): Sbaraini Alexandra | Carter Stacy | Evans R | Blinkhorn Anthony
A multi-centre, randomised controlled trial of cognitive therapy to prevent harmful compliance with command hallucinations

Author(s): Birchwood Max | Peters Emmanuelle | Tarrier Nicholas | Dunn Graham | Lewis Shon | Wykes Til | Davies Linda | Lester Helen | Michail Maria
Motivational foci and asthma medication tactics directed towards a functional day

Author(s): Axelsson Malin | Lötvall Jan | Lundgren Jesper | Brink Eva
Social networks and implementation of evidence-based practices in public youth-serving systems: a mixed-methods study

Author(s): Palinkas Lawrence | Holloway Ian | Rice Eric | Fuentes Dahlia | Wu Qiaobing | Chamberlain Patricia
Exploring the provision of hospital trauma care for road traffic injury victims in Iran: a qualitative approach

Author(s): Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli | Hamidreza Khankeh | Eva Johansson | Mohammad Hossein Yarmohammadian | Marie Hasselberg
Um “Pas de Deux” da Estratégia com a Arte: as Práticas do Grupo Corpo de Balé

Author(s): Ernani Viana Saraiva | Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri | Ana Rosa Camillo Aguiar | Valéria da Glória Pereira Brito
Getting around Antarctica: new high-resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar Year

Author(s): R. Bindschadler | H. Choi | A. Wichlacz | R. Bingham | J. Bohlander | K. Brunt | H. Corr | R. Drews | H. Fricker | M. Hall | R. Hindmarsh | J. Kohler | L. Padman | W. Rack | G. Rotschky | S. Urbini | P. Vornberger | N. Young
Distribuce postů ve vládě a PS PČR z hlediska teorie koalic

Author(s): Petra Svačinová | Roman Chytilek
Teachers’ perceptions of sex education of primary school children

Author(s): N Abolghasemi | E MerghatiKhoei | H Taghdissi
To assess role of staffing in nursing productivity: a qualitative research

Author(s): Dehghan nayeri N | Nazari A | Salsali M | Ahmadi F
Applying Constructionist Principles to Online Teacher Professional Development

Author(s): Nathaniel Ostashewski | Susan Moisey | Doug Reid
Teaching as a Disciplined Act: A Grounded Theory

Author(s): Seyyed Ali Ostovar-Namaghi
Taxonomy for Information Privacy Metrics

Author(s): Rasika Dayarathna
Corroborating indicates nurses’ ethical values in a geriatric ward

Author(s): Lise-Lotte Jonasson | Per-Erik Liss | Björn Westerlind | Carina Berterö
Towards successful coordination of electronic health record based-referrals: a qualitative analysis

Author(s): Hysong Sylvia | Esquivel Adol | Sittig Dean | Paul Lindsey | Espadas Donna | Singh Simran | Singh Hardeep
Community perceptions of intimate partner violence - a qualitative study from urban Tanzania

Author(s): Laisser Rose | Nyström Lennarth | Lugina Helen | Emmelin Maria
Medical decision-making among Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites with chronic back and knee pain: A qualitative study

Author(s): Katz Jeffrey | Lyons Nancy | Wolff Lisa | Silverman Jodie | Emrani Parastu | Holt Holly | Corbett Kelly | Escalante Agustin | Losina Elena
Balancing health benefits and social sacrifices: A qualitative study of how screening-detected celiac disease impacts adolescents' quality of life

Author(s): Rosén Anna | Ivarsson Anneli | Nordyke Katrina | Karlsson Eva | Carlsson Annelie | Danielsson Lars | Högberg Lotta | Emmelin Maria
Clinician attitudes toward and use of electronic problem lists: a thematic analysis

Author(s): Wright Adam | Maloney Francine | Feblowitz Joshua
Physician privacy concerns when disclosing patient data for public health purposes during a pandemic influenza outbreak

Author(s): El Emam Khaled | Mercer Jay | Moreau Katherine | Grava-Gubins Inese | Buckeridge David | Jonker Elizabeth
Experiences of guided Internet-based cognitive-behavioural treatment for depression: A qualitative study

Author(s): Bendelin Nina | Hesser Hugo | Dahl Johan | Carlbring Per | Nelson Karin | Andersson Gerhard
Recognition-based judgments and decisions: What we have learned (so far)

Author(s): Julian N. Marewski | Rudiger F. Pohl | Oliver Vitouch
The deprivatization of family and its effects on parenting in Romania

Author(s): Daniela COJOCARU | Stefan COJOCARU
Can drug therapy to change the schizophrenia’s prognostic? The patient and family perspetive

Author(s): Kelly Graziani Giacchero Vedana | Adriana Inocenti Miasso
La percepción de atletas jóvenes sobre el papel de sus madres en su desarrollo deportivo Young athletes’ perceptions of the role of their mothers in their sport career

Author(s): Miriam Palomo Nieto | Luis Miguel Miguel Ruiz Perez | Mauro Sánchez Sánchez | Virginia García Coll
A New Collaborative Pattern between Landscape Architects and Urban Designers in Environmental Design

Author(s): Mostafa Behzadfar | Mohsen Faizi | Sina R. Asl | Behzad H. Beiklou
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