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Wave prediction in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea

Author(s): Pornpinatepong, S. | Wirattipong, T. | Wittmann, P. | Ekmahachai, S. | Sritangnan, K. | Lueangaram, V. | Junthorn, P. | Samosorn, B. | Kanbua, W. | Tanglumlead, B.
Solar activity explored with new wavelet methods

Author(s): H. Lundstedt | L. Liszka | R. Lundin
Air Transportation Demand and Related Concepts

Author(s): Fábio Anderson Santos
Solar activity monitoring and forecasting capabilities at Big Bear Solar Observatory

Author(s): P. T. Gallagher | C. Denker | V. Yurchyshyn | T. Spirock | J. Qiu | H. Wang | P. R. Goode
The GODAE High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Project

Author(s): Craig J. Donlon | Kenneth S. Casey | Ian S. Robinson | Chelle L. Gentemann | Richard W. Reynolds | Ian Barton | Olivier Arino | John Stark | Nick Rayner | Pierre LeBorgne | David Poulter | Jorge Vazquez-Cuervo | Edward Armstrong | Helen Beggs | David Llewellyn-Jones | Peter J. Minnett | Christopher J. Merchant | Robert Evans
Forecasting drug utilization and expenditure in a metropolitan health region

Author(s): Wettermark Björn | Persson Marie | Wilking Nils | Kalin Mats | Korkmaz Seher | Hjemdahl Paul | Godman Brian | Petzold Max | Gustafsson Lars
Modeling and Forecasting the Electricity Demand for Major Economic Sectors of Iran

Author(s): S. Farid Ghader | M. Ali Azadeh | Sh Mahmmod Zahed
Analysis of flow coefficient in chair manufacture

Author(s): Ivković Dragoljub | Živković Slaven
Benchmarking and Performance Management

Author(s): Adrian TANTAU | Laurentiu FRATILA | Cosmin GRIGORE
Retrospective evaluation of the five-year and ten-year CSEP-Italy earthquake forecasts

Author(s): Maximilian J. Werner | J. Douglas Zechar | Warner Marzocchi | Stefan Wiemer | CSEP-Italy Working Group
To Construct A Forecasting Model of the Anthropometric Chronic Disease Risk Factor Score

Author(s): Yi-Chou Chuang | Ming-Hsu Wang | Ding-Hau Huang | Chien-Hsin Yang | Jen-Der Lin
Focusing strategies of condom use against HIV in different behavioural settings: an evaluation based on a simulation model

Author(s): van Vliet Carina | Meester Elisabeth I. | Korenromp Eline L. | Singer Burton | Bakker Roel | Habbema J. Dik F.
The large scale observing system component of ADRICOSM: the satellite system

Author(s): Roberto SCIARRA | Emanuele BÖHM | Emma D’ACUNZO | Rosalia SANTOLERI
A Meta Model for Domestic Energy Consumption

A Business Prediction system based on Granule Association Rule mining

Author(s): R.V.Argiddi | H. M. Gaydhankar | A.S.Pawade
LeishVet guidelines for the practical management of canine leishmaniosis

Author(s): Solano-Gallego Laia | Miró Guadalupe | Koutinas Alek | Cardoso Luis | Pennisi Maria | Ferrer Luis | Bourdeau Patrick | Oliva Gaetano | Baneth Gad
Forecasting Model of Risk of Cancer in Lung Cancer Pedigree in a Case-control Study

Author(s): Huan LIN | Wenzhao ZHONG | Xuening YANG | Honghong YAN | Yilong WU
River flow time series using least squares support vector machines

Author(s): R. Samsudin | P. Saad | A. Shabri
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