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A new species of Colostethus (Anura, Dendrobatidae) from French Guiana with a redescription of Colostethus beebei (Noble, 1923) from its type locality

Author(s): Philippe J. R. Kok | Ross D. MacCulloch | Philippe Gaucher | Erik H. Poelman | Godfrey R. Bourne | Amy Lathrop | Georges L. Lenglet
Botanical novelties from Sierra de Maigualida, southern Venezuela. I

Author(s): Nozawa, Shingo | Grande, José R. | Huber, Otto
Notes on the Vertebrates of northern Pará, Brazil: a forgotten part of the Guianan Region, II. Avifauna

Author(s): Alexandre Aleixo | Fabíola Poletto | Maria de Fátima Cunha Lima | Marcelo Castro | Eduardo Portes | Leonardo de Sousa Miranda

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