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HDAC2 attenuates TRAIL-induced apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells

Author(s): Schüler Susanne | Fritsche Petra | Diersch Sandra | Arlt Alexander | Schmid Roland | Saur Dieter | Schneider Günter
HDACs and the senescent phenotype of WI-38 cells

Author(s): Place Robert | Noonan Emily | Giardina Charles
Novel histone deacetylase inhibitors in clinical trials as anti-cancer agents

Author(s): Tan Jiahuai | Cang Shundong | Ma Yuehua | Petrillo Richard | Liu Delong
Histone deacetylase inhibitors in multiple myeloma

Author(s): Sarah Deleu | Eline Menu | Els Van Valckenborgh | Ben Van Camp | Joanna Fraczek | Isabelle Vande Broek | Vera Rogiers | Karin Vanderkerken
The Role of HDACs Inhibitors in Childhood and Adolescence Acute Leukemias

Author(s): Riccardo Masetti | Salvatore Serravalle | Carlotta Biagi | Andrea Pession
Histone deacetylase 3, not histone deacetylase 2, interacts with the major immediate early locus of human cytomegalovirus

Author(s): Huang Ying | Tang Qiyi | Nguyen Michael | Dulal Kalpana | Wang Weijia | Zhu Hua
Deregulation of histone lysine methyltransferases contributes to oncogenic transformation of human bronchoepithelial cells

Author(s): Watanabe Hideo | Soejima Kenzo | Yasuda Hiroyuki | Kawada Ichiro | Nakachi Ichiro | Yoda Satoshi | Naoki Katsuhiko | Ishizaka Akitoshi
Class I histone deacetylases 1, 2 and 3 are highly expressed in renal cell cancer

Author(s): Fritzsche Florian | Weichert Wilko | Röske Annika | Gekeler Volker | Beckers Thomas | Stephan Carsten | Jung Klaus | Scholman Katharina | Denkert Carsten | Dietel Manfred | Kristiansen Glen
Identification of novel transcriptional regulators involved in macrophage differentiation and activation in U937 cells

Author(s): Baek Young-Sook | Haas Stefan | Hackstein Holger | Bein Gregor | Hernandez-Santana Maria | Lehrach Hans | Sauer Sascha | Seitz Harald
Histone Deacetylase-Inhibitors Sensitize Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines to Growth Suppression and Apoptosis by Retinoids

Author(s): Jian Gu | Xianshi Zhao | Remco A. Spanjaard | Tai C. Chen | John N. Flanagan | Michael Boosalis | Susan P. Perrine | Douglas V. Faller
High class I HDAC activity and expression are associated with RelA/p65 activation in pancreatic cancer in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Lehmann Annika | Denkert Carsten | Budczies Jan | Buckendahl Ann-Christin | Darb-Esfahani Silvia | Noske Aurelia | Müller Berit | Bahra Marcus | Neuhaus Peter | Dietel Manfred | Kristiansen Glen | Weichert Wilko
Histone deacetylase inhibitors induce apoptosis in human eosinophils and neutrophils

Author(s): Kankaanranta Hannu | Janka-Junttila Mirkka | Ilmarinen-Salo Pinja | Ito Kazuhiro | Jalonen Ulla | Ito Misako | Adcock Ian | Moilanen Eeva | Zhang Xianzhi
Histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat suppresses the growth of uterine sarcomas in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Hrzenjak Andelko | Moinfar Farid | Kremser Marie-Luise | Strohmeier Bettina | Petru Edgar | Zatloukal Kurt | Denk Helmut
Sp1 acetylation is associated with loss of DNA binding at promoters associated with cell cycle arrest and cell death in a colon cell line

Author(s): Waby Jennifer | Chirakkal Haridasan | Yu ChenWei | Griffiths Gareth | Benson Roderick | Bingle Colin | Corfe Bernard
Protein phosphatases and chromatin modifying complexes in the inflammatory cascade in acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Javier Escobar | Javier Pereda | Alessandro Arduini | Juan Sandoval | Luis Sabater | Luis Aparisi | Gerardo López-Rodas | Juan Sastre
Time-series clustering of gene expression in irradiated and bystander fibroblasts: an application of FBPA clustering

Author(s): Ghandhi Shanaz | Sinha Anshu | Markatou Marianthi | Amundson Sally
Proteins with two SUMO-like domains in chromatin-associated complexes: The RENi (Rad60-Esc2-NIP45) family

Author(s): Novatchkova Maria | Bachmair Andreas | Eisenhaber Birgit | Eisenhaber Frank
Differential expression of selected histone modifier genes in human solid cancers

Author(s): Özdağ Hilal | Teschendorff Andrew | Ahmed Ahmed | Hyland Sarah | Blenkiron Cherie | Bobrow Linda | Veerakumarasivam Abhi | Burtt Glynn | Subkhankulova Tanya | Arends Mark | Collins V Peter | Bowtell David | Kouzarides Tony | Brenton James | Caldas Carlos
Inhibition of SIRT1 reactivates silenced cancer genes without loss of promoter DNA hypermethylation.

Author(s): Pruitt Kevin | Zinn Rebekah L | Ohm Joyce E | McGarvey Kelly M | Kang Sung-Hae L | Watkins D Neil | Herman James G | Baylin Stephen B
Promoter hypermethylation-mediated inactivation of multiple Slit-Robo pathway genes in cervical cancer progression

Author(s): Narayan Gopeshwar | Goparaju Chandra | Arias-Pulido Hugo | Kaufmann Andreas | Schneider Achim | Dürst Matthias | Mansukhani Mahesh | Pothuri Bhavana | Murty Vundavalli
Effect of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex on HIV-1 Tat activated transcription

Author(s): Agbottah Emmanuel | Deng Longwen | Dannenberg Luke | Pumfery Anne | Kashanchi Fatah
Gene profile analysis of osteoblast genes differentially regulated by histone deacetylase inhibitors

Author(s): Schroeder Tania | Nair Aswathy | Staggs Rodney | Lamblin Anne-Francoise | Westendorf Jennifer
Effect of Trichostatin A on CD4 surface density in peripheral blood T cells.

Author(s): Anna Kozłowska | Paweł P Jagodziński
Targeting HDACs: A Promising Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Ke Xu | Xue-Ling Dai | Han-Chang Huang | Zhao-Feng Jiang
Protein Acetylation and the Physiological Role of HDACs

Author(s): Patrick Matthias | Christian Seiser | Minoru Yoshida
Selection of an improved HDAC8 inhibitor through structure-based drug design

Author(s): Balakrishnan Vijayakumar | Ayarivan Puratchikody | Appavoo Umamaheswari | Devadasan Velmurugan
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Mithramycin A Impact a Similar Neuroprotective Pathway at a Crossroad between Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): Sama F. Sleiman | Jill Berlin | Manuela Basso | Saravanan S.Karuppagounder | Jürgen Rohr | Rajiv R. Ratan
Gene silencing in HIV-1 latency by polycomb repressive group

Author(s): Kim Hyeon | Kim Kyung-Chang | Roh Tae-Young | Park Jihwan | Jung Kyung-Min | Lee Joo-Shil | Choi Sang-Yun | Kim Sung | Choi Byeong-Sun
Histone deacetylases (HDACs) in XPC gene silencing and bladder cancer

Author(s): Xu Xiaoxin | Wang Le | Abrams Judith | Wang Gan
Histone deacetylase activity is necessary for left-right patterning during vertebrate development

Author(s): Carneiro Katia | Donnet Claudia | Rejtar Tomas | Karger Barry | Barisone Gustavo | Díaz Elva | Kortagere Sandhya | Lemire Joan | Levin Michael
Histone deacetylase turnover and recovery in sulforaphane-treated colon cancer cells: competing actions of 14-3-3 and Pin1 in HDAC3/SMRT corepressor complex dissociation/reassembly

Author(s): Rajendran Praveen | Delage Barbara | Dashwood W Mohaiza | Yu Tian-Wei | Wuth Bradyn | Williams David | Ho Emily | Dashwood Roderick

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