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An Update on the Analysis and Design of NMAC and HMAC Functions

Author(s): Praveen Gauravaram | Shoichi Hirose | Suganya Annadurai
Improving Indirect Key Management Scheme of Access Hierarchies

Author(s): Brian J. Cacic | Ruizhong Wei
Novel Approaches to Enhance Mobile WiMAX Security

Author(s): Taeshik Shon | Bonhyun Koo | Jong Hyuk Park | Hangbae Chang
Enhancing Hash Function Selection Techniques Based on Message Contents

Author(s): Ali Saeed | Muhammad Khalil Shahid
Novel Approaches to Enhance Mobile WiMAX Security

Author(s): Shon Taeshik | Koo Bonhyun | Park JongHyuk | Chang Hangbae
Deploying a Web Client Authentication System Using Smart Card for E-Systems

Author(s): Shadi Aljawarneh | Maher debabneh | Shadi Masadeh | Abdullah Alhaj
An Authentication Protocol for RFID Tag and Its Simulation

Author(s): Shang-ping Wang | Qiao-mei Ma | Ya-ling Zhang | You-sheng Li
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