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Another Look at PMAC

Author(s): Dayin Wang | Dongdai Lin | Wenling Wu
Edon-R, An Infinite Family of Cryptographic Hash Functions

Author(s): Danilo Gligoroski | Smile Markovski | Ljupco Kocarev

Author(s): Tonimir Kišasondi | Miroslav Bača | Alen Lovrenčić
A Novel Secure Key Agreement Protocol using Trusted Third Party

Author(s): Sairam Kulkarni | Debashih Jena | Sanjay Kumar Jena
An EMST Based Look-up Protocol for Peer to Peer Networks

Author(s): Tarun Bansal | Pankaj Ghanshani
An Efficient Identity-based Signature Scheme and Its Applications

Author(s): Shi Cui | Pu Duan | Choong Wah Chan | Xiangguo Cheng
An Update on the Analysis and Design of NMAC and HMAC Functions

Author(s): Praveen Gauravaram | Shoichi Hirose | Suganya Annadurai
Design of Cryptographic Hash Algorithm using Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Siva Prashanth J, Vishnu Murthy G and Praneeth Kumar Gunda
Reducing Computational Time of Basic Encryption and Authentication Algorithms

Author(s): Sandeep Kumar, | Gautam Kumar, | Navjot Singh
Uniform Logical Cryptanalysis of CubeHash Function

Author(s): Miodrag Milić | Vojin Šenk
Analysis of building blocks in SHA – 256

Author(s): A. Arul Lawernce Selvakumar
A Secure Hash Function MD-192 With Modified Message Expansion

Author(s): Harshvardhan Tiwari | Dr. Krishna Asawa
Small Size Hashes with Enhanced Security

Author(s): Lars R Knudsen
Chaotic Hash Function Based on MD5 and SHA-1 Hash Algorithm

Author(s): Mouad HAMRI | Jilali Mikram | Fouad Zinoun
Computational and Energy Costs of Cryptographic Algorithms on Handheld Devices

Author(s): Helena Rifà-Pous | Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí

Author(s): A.C.Suthar, | K.M.Pattani, | Dr. G.R.Kulkarni
Secure and Fast Hashing Algorithm with Multiple Security Levels

Author(s): Hassan M. Elkamchouchi | Mohammed Nasr | Roayat Ismail
Lightweight Distance bound Protocol for Low Cost RFID Tags

Author(s): Eslam Gamal Ahmed | Eman Shaaban | Mohamed Hashem
Provable Secured Hash Password Authentication

Author(s): T.S.Thangavel | A. Krishnan
A Modified approach for implementation of an efficient padding scheme in a digital signature system

Author(s): Meenakshi Kaul | Dharmendra Choukse | Umesh Kumar Singh
Broadcast Authentication for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Nested Hashing and the Chinese Remainder Theorem

Author(s): Mohamed Hamdy Eldefrawy | Muhammad Khurram Khan | Khaled Alghathbar | Eun-Suk Cho
Aspects of a Watermark Solution

Author(s): Dominic BUCERZAN | Crina RATIU | Ioan DASCAL
Identifying P2P Application with DHT Behaviors

Author(s): Lin Ye | Hongli Zhang | Qiang Dai
An Improved Visual Cryptography Scheme for Secret Hiding

Author(s): G. Prasanna Lakshmi | J.A.Chandulal | KTV Reddy
Building Application-Related Patient Identifiers: What Solution for a European Country?

Author(s): Catherine Quantin | François-André Allaert | Paul Avillach | Maniane Fassa | Benoît Riandey | Gilles Trouessin | Olivier Cohen
Perceptual Audio Hashing Functions

Author(s): Hamza Özer | Bülent Sankur | Nasir Memon | Emin Anarım
Enhancing Hash Function Selection Techniques Based on Message Contents

Author(s): Ali Saeed | Muhammad Khalil Shahid
An Approach for SMS Security using Authentication Functions

Author(s): Neetesh Saxena | Narendra S. Chaudhari
Protocol of Secure Key Distribution Using Hash Functions and Quantum Authenticated Channels (KDP-6DP)

Author(s): Mohammed M.A. Majeed | Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb | Mohamed R. Wahiddin | Magdy M. Saeb
Achieving Identity-Based Cryptography in a Personal Digital Assistant Device

Author(s): L. Martínez-Ramos | L. López-García | F. Rodríguez-Henríquez
Perceptual Audio Hashing Functions

Author(s): Özer Hamza | Sankur Bülent | Memon Nasir | Anarım Emin
ARM Static Library Identification Framework

Author(s): Qing Yin | Fei Huang | Liehui Jiang
Cryptographically Secure Bloom-Filters

Author(s): Ryo Nojima | Youki Kadobayashi
A Survey about the Latest Trends and Research Issues of Cryptographic Elements

Author(s): Ijaz Ali Shoukat | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Mohsin Iftikhar
Bacterial Hash Function Using DNA-Based XOR Logic Reveals Unexpected Behavior of the LuxR Promoter

Author(s): Brianna Pearson | Kin H. Lau | Alicia Allen | James Barron | Robert Cool | Kelly Davis | Will DeLoache | Erin Feeney | Andrew Gordon | John Igo | Aaron Lewis | Kristi Muscalino | Madeline Parra | Pallavi Penumetcha | Victoria G. Rinker | Karlesha Roland | Xiao Zhu | Jeffrey L. Poet | Todd T. Eckdahl | Laurie J. Heyer | A Malcolm Campbell
Omega Network Hash Construction

Author(s): Chai W. Chuah | Azman Samsudin
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