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Cyanobacterial Cyclopeptides as Lead Compounds to Novel Targeted Cancer Drugs

Author(s): Ioannis Sainis | Demosthenes Fokas | Katerina Vareli | Andreas G. Tzakos | Valentinos Kounnis | Evangelos Briasoulis
Determination of Heavy Metals in the Black-Chin Tilapia from the Sakumo Lagoon, Ghana

Author(s): C. Laar | J.R. Fianko; T.T. Akiti; S. Osae and A.K. Brimah
Survival of bronchiectatic patients with respiratory failure in ICU

Author(s): Alzeer Abdulaziz | Masood Mohammed | Basha Syed | Shaik Shaffi
Mortality following operations for lower extremity peripheral arterial disease

Author(s): Tracie C Collins | David Nelson | Jasjit S Ahluwalia
A population-based study of effect of multiple birth on infant mortality in Nigeria

Author(s): Uthman Olalekan | Uthman Mubashir | Yahaya Ismail
Impact of Empiric Antimicrobial Therapy on Outcomes in Patients with Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Bacteremia: A Cohort Study

Author(s): Thom Kerri | Schweizer Marin | Osih Regina | McGregor Jessina | Furuno Jon | Perencevich Eli | Harris Anthony
Predictive validity of a brief antiretroviral adherence index: Retrospective cohort analysis under conditions of repetitive administration

Author(s): Mathews William | Barker Eva | Winter Erica | Ballard Craig | Colwell Bradford | May Susanne
Dermal absorption of a dilute aqueous solution of malathion

Author(s): Scharf John | Johnson Giffe | Harbison Stephen | McCluskey James | Harbison Raymond
Risk estimation of distant metastasis in node-negative, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients using an RT-PCR based prognostic expression signature

Author(s): Tutt Andrew | Wang Alice | Rowland Charles | Gillett Cheryl | Lau Kit | Chew Karen | Dai Hongyue | Kwok Shirley | Ryder Kenneth | Shu Henry | Springall Robert | Cane Paul | McCallie Blair | Kam-Morgan Lauren | Anderson Steve | Buerger Horst | Gray Joe | Bennington James | Esserman Laura | Hastie Trevor | Broder Samuel | Sninsky John | Brandt Burkhard | Waldman Fred
Physical distress is associated with cardiovascular events in a high risk population of elderly men

Author(s): Einvik Gunnar | Ekeberg Øivind | Klemsdal Tor | Sandvik Leiv | Hjerkinn Elsa
Regional evaluation of three day snow depth for avalanche hazard mapping in Switzerland

Author(s): D. Bocchiola | E. Bianchi Janetti | E. Gorni | C. Marty | B. Sovilla
Hazard index maps for woody material recruitment and transport in alpine catchments

Author(s): B. Mazzorana | A. Zischg | A. Largiader | J. Hübl
The Gene expression Grade Index: a potential predictor of relapse for endocrine-treated breast cancer patients in the BIG 1–98 trial

Author(s): Desmedt Christine | Giobbie-Hurder Anita | Neven Patrick | Paridaens Robert | Christiaens Marie-Rose | Smeets Ann | Lallemand Françoise | Haibe-Kains Benjamin | Viale Giuseppe | Gelber Richard | Piccart Martine | Sotiriou Christos
The galactose elimination capacity and mortality in 781 Danish patients with newly-diagnosed liver cirrhosis: a cohort study

Author(s): Jepsen Peter | Vilstrup Hendrik | Ott Peter | Keiding Susanne | Andersen Per | Tygstrup Niels
A frailty index to predict the mortality risk in a population of senior mexican adults

Author(s): García-González José | García-Peña Carmen | Franco-Marina Francisco | Gutiérrez-Robledo Luis
Mid-term results and factors affecting outcome of a metal-backed unicompartmental knee design: a case series

Author(s): Seyler Thorsten | Mont Michael | Lai Lawrence | Xie Jipan | Marker David | Zywiel Michael | Bonutti Peter
Neotectonic activity of the Skawa River Fault Zone (Outer Carpathians, Poland)

Author(s): Witold ZUCHIEWICZ | Antoni K. TOKARSKI | Anna ŚWIERCZEWSKA | Nguyen Quoc CUONG
Rocks with Asbestos: Risk Evaluation by Means of an Abrasion Test

Author(s): Bellopede Rossana | Clerici Carlo | Marini Paola | Zanetti Giovanna
Molecular risk assessment of BIG 1-98 participants by expression profiling using RNA from archival tissue

Author(s): Antonov Janine | Popovici Vlad | Delorenzi Mauro | Wirapati Pratyaksha | Baltzer Anna | Oberli Andrea | Thürlimann Beat | Giobbie-Hurder Anita | Viale Giuseppe | Altermatt Hans | Aebi Stefan | Jaggi Rolf
Long-term prognosis of diabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction in the era of acute revascularization

Author(s): Takara Ayako | Ogawa Hiroshi | Endoh Yasuhiro | Mori Fumiaki | Yamaguchi Jun-ichi | Takagi Atsushi | Koyanagi Ryo | Shiga Tsuyoshi | Kasanuki Hiroshi | Hagiwara Nobuhisa
Reporting performance of prognostic models in cancer: a review

Author(s): Mallett Susan | Royston Patrick | Waters Rachel | Dutton Susan | Altman Douglas
Birth length and weight as predictors of breast cancer prognosis

Author(s): Mæhle Bjørn | Vatten Lars | Tretli Steinar
The association of microalbuminuria with mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction. A ten-year follow-up study

Author(s): Mustafa Taskiran | Allan Iversen | Klaus Klausen | Gorm B. Jensen | Jan Skov Jensen
Daily intake of antioxidants in relation to survival among adult patients diagnosed with malignant glioma

Author(s): DeLorenze Gerald | McCoy Lucie | Tsai Ai-Lin | Quesenberry Charles | Rice Terri | Il'yasova Dora | Wrensch Margaret
Bilirubin as a prognostic marker in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Takeda Yasuko | Takeda Yutaka | Tomimoto Shigehiro | Tani Tomomitsu | Narita Hitomi | Kimura Genjiro
Blood pressure, body mass index and risk of cardiovascular disease in Chinese men and women

Author(s): Wang Hongwei | Cao Jie | Li Jianxin | Chen Jichun | Wu Xigui | Duan Xiufang | Huang Jianfeng | Gu Dongfeng
Clinical outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with breast diffuse large B cell lymphoma; Consortium for Improving Survival of Lymphoma (CISL) study

Author(s): Yhim Ho-Young | Kang Hye | Choi Yoon | Kim Seok | Kim Won | Chae Yee | Kim Jin | Choi Chul | Oh Sung | Eom Hyeon | Kim Jeong-A | Lee Jae | Won Jong-Ho | Shim Hyeok | Lee Je-Jung | Sung Hwa | Kim Hyo | Lee Dae | Suh Cheolwon | Kwak Jae-Yong
Dietary patterns associated with fall-related fracture in elderly Japanese: a population based prospective study

Author(s): Monma Yasutake | Niu Kaijun | Iwasaki Koh | Tomita Naoki | Nakaya Naoki | Hozawa Atsushi | Kuriyama Shinichi | Takayama Shin | Seki Takashi | Takeda Takashi | Yaegashi Nobuo | Ebihara Satoru | Arai Hiroyuki | Nagatomi Ryoichi | Tsuji Ichiro
Diabetes is an independent predictor of survival 17 years after myocardial infarction: follow-up of the TRACE registry

Author(s): Kümler Thomas | Gislason Gunnar | Køber Lars | Torp-Pedersen Christian
Low haemoglobin predicts early mortality among adults starting antiretroviral therapy in an HIV care programme in South Africa: a cohort study

Author(s): Russell Elizabeth | Charalambous Salome | Pemba Lindiwe | Churchyard Gavin | Grant Alison | Fielding Katherine
Aetiology and risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders in physically active conscripts: a follow-up study in the Finnish Defence Forces

Author(s): Taanila Henri | Suni Jaana | Pihlajamäki Harri | Mattila Ville | Ohrankämmen Olli | Vuorinen Petteri | Parkkari Jari
Awareness of Obesity and its Health Hazard among Women in a University Community

Author(s): E.O. Ojofeitimi | A.O. Adeyeye | A.O. Fadiora | A.O. Kuteyi | T.G. Faborode | C.A. Adegbenro | O.E. Bakare | K. Setiloane | K.S. Towobola
Population doses from terrestrial gamma exposure in Serbia

Author(s): Dragović Snežana | Janković-Mandić Ljiljana | Momčilović Milan | Onjia Antonije
Obesity and mortality among older Thais: a four year follow up study

Author(s): Vapattanawong Patama | Aekplakorn Wichai | Rakchanyaban Uthaithip | Prasartkul Pramote | Porapakkham Yawarat
A reliable measure of frailty for a community dwelling older population

Author(s): Kamaruzzaman Shahrul | Ploubidis George | Fletcher Astrid | Ebrahim Shah
Costs and outcomes of noncardioembolic ischemic stroke in a managed care population

Author(s): Nicole M Engel-Nitz | Stephen D Sander | Carolyn Harley | et al
Dual factor pulse pressure: body mass index and outcome in type 2 diabetic subjects on maintenance  hemodialysis. A longitudinal study 2003–2006

Author(s): Lydia Foucan | Kheira Hue | Jocelyn Inamo | Jacqueline Deloumeaux | Anne Blanchet-Deverly | et al
Distribution, size, shape, growth potential and extent of abdominal aortic calcified deposits predict mortality in postmenopausal women

Author(s): Nielsen Mads | Ganz Melanie | Lauze Francois | Pettersen Paola | de Bruijne Marleen | Clarkson Thomas | Dam Erik | Christiansen Claus | Karsdal Morten
Risk of infection and adverse outcomes among pregnant working women in selected occupational groups: A study in the Danish National Birth Cohort

Author(s): Morales-Suárez-Varela Maria | Kaerlev Linda | Zhu Jin | Llopis-González Agustín | Gimeno-Clemente Natalia | Nohr Ellen | Bonde Jens | Olsen Jorn
Body mass index is associated with age-at-onset of HCV-infected hepatocellular carcinoma patients

Author(s): Takumi Akiyama | Toshihiko Mizuta | Seiji Kawazoe | Yuichiro Eguchi | Yasunori Kawaguchi | Hirokazu Takahashi | Iwata Ozaki | Kazuma Fujimoto
Advanced satellite technique for volcanic activity monitoring and early warning

Author(s): N. Pergola | F. Marchese | V. Tramutoli | C. Filizzola | M. Ciampa
Primary gastric mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: Clinical data predicted treatment outcome

Author(s): Milena Todorovic, Bela Balint, Miodrag Jevtic, Nada Suvajdzic, Amela Ceric, Dragana Stamatovic, Olivera Markovic, Maja Perunicic, Slobodan Marjanovic, Miodrag Krstic
Hepatitis C virus enhances incidence of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Author(s): Yasuji Arase, Fumitaka Suzuki, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Norio Akuta, Masahiro Kobayashi, Yusuke Kawamura, Hiromi Yatsuji, Hitomi Sezaki, Tetsuya Hosaka, Miharu Hirakawa, Satoshi Saito, Kenji Ikeda, Hiromitsu Kumada
Incident venous thromboembolic events in the Prospective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER)

Author(s): Freeman Dilys | Robertson Michele | Brown E Ann | Rumley Ann | Tobias Edward | Frölich Marijke | Slagboom P Eline | Jukema J Wouter | de Craen Anton | Sattar Naveed | Ford Ian | Gaw Allan | Greer Ian | Lowe Gordon | Stott David
Assessment of Natural Radioactive Materials in Building Materials Used along the Coast of Central Region of Ghana

Author(s): F. Otoo | O.K. Adukpo, E.O. Darko, G. Emi-Reynolds, A.R. Awudu, H. Ahiamadjie, J.B. Tandoh, F. Hasford, S. Adu and O. Gyampo
Short Communication: Primordial radionuclides contamination level in fertilized farms soils of Faisalabad-Pakistan

Author(s): Nasim-Akhtar*, M. Tufail, Muhammad Yousuf Hussain and Muhammad Akram
Development of a methodology to assess man-made risks in Germany

Author(s): D. Borst | D. Jung | S. M. Murshed | U. Werner
Surgical treatment and prognostic analysis for gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) of the small intestine: before the era of imatinib mesylate

Author(s): Wu Ting-Jung | Lee Li-Yu | Yeh Chun-Nan | Wu Pei-Yu | Chao Tzu-Chieh | Hwang Tsann-Long | Jan Yi-Yin | Chen Miin-Fu
The association of the ankle-brachial index with incident coronary heart disease: the Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities (ARIC) study, 1987–2001

Author(s): Weatherley Beth | Nelson Jeanenne | Heiss Gerardo | Chambless Lloyd | Sharrett A Richey | Nieto F Javier | Folsom Aaron | Rosamond Wayne
The impact of different rehabilitation strategies after major events in the elderly: the case of stroke and hip fracture in the Tuscany region

Author(s): Carinci Fabrizio | Roti Lorenzo | Francesconi Paolo | Gini Rosa | Tediosi Fabrizio | Di Iorio Tania | Bartolacci Simone | Buiatti Eva
Record linked retrospective cohort study of 4.6 million people exploring ethnic variations in disease: myocardial infarction in South Asians

Author(s): Fischbacher CM | Bhopal R | Povey C | Steiner M | Chalmers J | Mueller G | Jamieson J | Knowles D
Simvastatin is associated with a reduced incidence of dementia and Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Wolozin Benjamin | Wang Stanley | Li Nien-Chen | Lee Austin | Lee Todd | Kazis Lewis
Genome-wide association with diabetes-related traits in the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Meigs James | Manning Alisa | Fox Caroline | Florez Jose | Liu Chunyu | Cupples L Adrienne | Dupuis Josée
Impacts of chronic kidney disease and albuminuria on associations between coronary heart disease and its traditional risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients – the Hong Kong diabetes registry

Author(s): Yang Xilin | Ma Ronald | So Wing-Yee | Ko Gary | Kong Alice | Lam Christopher | Ho Chun-Shun | Cockram Clive | Wong Vivian | Tong Peter | Chan Juliana
All-cause mortality and risk factors in a cohort of retired military male veterans, Xi'an, China: an 18-year follow up study

Author(s): Sai Xiao | He Yao | Men Ke | Wang Bo | Huang Jiu | Shi Qiu | Zhang Lei | Li Liang | Choi Bernard | Yan Yong
The expression of HSP27 is associated with poor clinical outcome in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Author(s): Romani Antonello | Crafa Pellegrino | Desenzani Silvia | Graiani Gallia | Lagrasta Costanza | Sianesi Mario | Soliani Paolo | Borghetti Angelo
Ankle blood pressure as a predictor of total and cardiovascular mortality

Author(s): Hietanen Heikki | Pääkkönen Rauni | Salomaa Veikko
Predictors of mortality in HIV-infected patients starting antiretroviral therapy in a rural hospital in Tanzania

Author(s): Johannessen Asgeir | Naman Ezra | Ngowi Bernard | Sandvik Leiv | Matee Mecky | Aglen Henry | Gundersen Svein | Bruun Johan
Development and validation of a risk score for hospitalization for heart failure in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Yang Xilin | Ma Ronald | So Wing-Yee | Kong Alice | Ko Gary | Ho Chun-Shun | Lam Christopher | Cockram Clive | Tong Peter | Chan Juliana
Sustainable Resilience of Company Management System

Author(s): Naim H. AFGAN | Dejan B. CVETINOVIĆ | Paul ANDRE
Sprawozdanie z "Euroecho 8". Ateny, 1-4.12.2004 r.

Author(s): Michał Ciesielczyk | Łukasz Chrzanowski

Author(s): Marius Lungu | Liliana Panaitescu | Simona Niţă
Relationship between the Pattern of Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors and Lipid Ratios with Five Groups of Body Mass Index in 28566 Healthy Adults

Author(s): Zinat Nadia Hatmi | Mitra Mahdavi-Mazde | Seyed Saeid Hashemi-Nazari | Ebrahim Hajighasemi | Behnaz Nozari | Nasrin Jalilian | Azita Mahdavi
Assessment of Water Quality and Heavy Metal Levels in Water and Bottom Sediment Samples from Mokwé Lagoon, Accra, Ghana

Author(s): M.A. Addo | H.A. Affum | B.O. Botwe | J.K. Gbadago | S.A. Acquah | J.K. Senu | T. Adom | A. Coleman | P.S. Adu | I.I. Mumuni
Resilience of High Voltage Transmission System

Author(s): Naim H. Afgan | Dejan B. Cvetinovic
Fluorine in Water and Dental Fluorosis in a Community of Queretaro State Mexico

Author(s): Ma Lilia. A Juárez-López | Rafael Huízar-Álvarez | Nelly Molina-Frechero | Francisco Murrieta-Pruneda | Yazmin Cortés-Aguilera
The Effect of Overweight on The Risk of Recurrence in Tunisian Patients with Operable Breast Cancer

Author(s): Inès Ayadi Masmoudi | Amine Masmoudi | Nabil Toumi | Afef Khanfir | Mounir Frikha | Jamel Daoud
Incidence and risk factors of suicide reattempts within 1 year after psychiatric hospital discharge in mood disorder patients

Author(s): Ruengorn C | Sanichwankul K | Niwatananun W | Mahatnirunkul S | Pumpaisalchai W | Patumanond J
Stability and change in health behaviours as predictors for disability pension: a prospective cohort study of Swedish twins

Author(s): Ropponen Annina | Narusyte Jurgita | Alexanderson Kristina | Svedberg Pia
Does self-regulation and autonomic regulation have an influence on survival in breast and colon carcinoma patients? results of a prospective outcome study

Author(s): Kröz Matthias | Reif Marcus | Büssing Arndt | Zerm Roland | Feder Gene | Bockelbrink Angelina | von Laue Hans | Matthes H Harald | Willich Stefan | Girke Matthias
The Canadian Bandaging Trial: Evidence-informed leg ulcer care and the effectiveness of two compression technologies

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | VanDenKerkhof Elizabeth | Hopman Wilma | Graham Ian | Carley Meg | Nelson E
Natural Radioactivity Concentrations in Beach Sands from Some Tourists Resorts

Author(s): H. Lawluvi | E.O. Darko | C. Schandorf | A. Fannu | A.R. Awudu | D.O. Kpeglo
Caffeinated Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Endometrial Cancer Risk: A Prospective Cohort Study among US Postmenopausal Women

Author(s): Ayush Giri | Susan R. Sturgeon | Nicole Luisi | Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson | Raji Balasubramanian | Katherine W. Reeves
Glucose intolerance as a risk factor for cardiovascular outcomes: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study (TLGS)

Author(s): Khalili D | Hadaegh F | Tohidi M | Fahimfar N | Eskandari F | Azizi F
Concentrations of natural radionuclides in imported zirconium minerals

Author(s): Janković Marija M. | Todorović Dragana J.
Metabolic syndrome, lifestyle risk factors, and distal colon adenoma: A retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Moon-Chan Kim | Chang-Sup Kim | Tae-Heum Chung | Hyoung-Ouk Park | Cheol-In Yoo
Geological and Geophysical Study of the Hidalgo´s Scenic View South Hillside in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Author(s): Dena-Ornelas O.S. | Obeso-Cortez G. | Leyva J. | Domínguez-Acosta M. | Hernández-Jacobo V. | Granados-Olivas A. | De la Cruz-Cháidez S.T.
Risk Assessment of Aluminum in Drinking Water between Two Residential Areas

Author(s): Mohd A. Dzulfakar | Mohd S. Shaharuddin | Abdul A. Muhaimin | Aizat I. Syazwan

Author(s): Mirjana Aranđelović | Jovica Jovanović | Saša Borisov | Sonja Stanković
Neuroendocrine Differentiation is not a Malignant Index of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Liang DAI | Yu SUN | Xianghong LI | Keneng CHEN
Distress related to myocardial infarction and cardiovascular outcome: a retrospective observational study

Author(s): von Känel Roland | Hari Roman | Schmid Jean-Paul | Saner Hugo | Begré Stefan
Classical risk factors of cardiovascular disease among Chinese male steel workers: a prospective cohort study for 20 years

Author(s): Ji Jingfeng | Pan Enchun | Li Jianxin | Chen Jichun | Cao Jie | Sun Dongling | Lu Xiangfeng | Chen Shufeng | Gu Dongfeng | Duan Xiufang | Wu Xigui | Huang Jianfeng
Assessing the association between all-cause mortality and multiple aspects of individual social capital among the older Japanese

Author(s): Aida Jun | Kondo Katsunori | Hirai Hiroshi | Subramanian S | Murata Chiyoe | Kondo Naoki | Ichida Yukinobu | Shirai Kokoro | Osaka Ken
A Prognostic Model for Estimating the Time to Virologic Failure in HIV-1 Infected Patients Undergoing a New Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Regimen

Author(s): Prosperi Mattia | Di Giambenedetto Simona | Fanti Iuri | Meini Genny | Bruzzone Bianca | Callegaro Annapaola | Penco Giovanni | Bagnarelli Patrizia | Micheli Valeria | Paolini Elisabetta | Di Biagio Antonio | Ghisetti Valeria | Di Pietro Massimo | Zazzi Maurizio | De Luca Andrea
ArcGIS-Based Rural Drinking Water Quality Health Risk Assessment

Author(s): Fuquan NI | Guodong LIU | Jian YE | Huazhun REN | Shangchun YANG
Health Risk Assessment after Exposure to Aluminium in Drinking Water between Two Different Villages

Author(s): M. S. Qaiyum | M. S. Shaharudin | A. I. Syazwan | A. Muhaimin
Groundwater Resources Pollution Risk: Application of the Holman Method

Author(s): M. D. Maio | C. Favaron | G. Nocerino
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