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Relationship between Control-related Beliefs with Externalizing and Internalizing Psychopathology in Children

Author(s): Maryam Bakhtiari | Rokhsare Yazdandost | Behrooz Birashk | Mahmoud Ghazi Tabatabie
Comparison of Metacognitive and Responsibility Beliefs in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Normal Individuals

Author(s): Samad Shirinzadeh Dastgiri | Mohammad Ali Gudarzi | Ahmad Ghanizadeh | Seyed Mohammad Reza Taghavi
‏Pre-addiction Susceptibility Backgrounds in Recovered Drug Users

Author(s): Ali Zeinali | Rogayhe Wahdat | Mohsen Eisavi
Evaluation of Tehran Pre-university Students’ Awareness of Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Author(s): N. Hatamizadeh | P. Ziayee | Sh. Dolatabadi | R. Vameghi | S. Vasseghi
The Sources of Inspiration and the Level of Hope among Cancer Patients

Author(s): T. Pourghaznein | P. Hoshmand | E. Talasaz Firouzi | H. Esmailli
Psychometric properties of an Iranian version of the beliefs about appearance scale

Author(s): Siavash Talepasand | Imanolaah Bigdeli | Zeynab Fallah
Procedural pain management in Italy: learning from a nationwide survey involving centers of the Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Author(s): Chiara Po' | Franca Benini | Laura Sainati | Maria Immacolata Farina | Simone Cesaro | Caterina Agosto
Relationship between Spiritual Well-being, Religion, and Hope among Patients with Cancer

Author(s): Esfandiyar Baljani | Javad Khashabi | Elham Amanpour | Neda Azimi
Identification of community needs and prioritization of problemsbased on community assessment in Azerbaijan Borough, Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Sima Zaeri | Saba Asgharzadeh | Shiva Khoshnevis | Mehrnoush Mohammadi | Kourosh Holakouie Naeini
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC
Patients’ Perspectives on Factors That Influence Diabetes Self-Care

Author(s): E Shakibazadeh | B Larijani | D Shojaeezadeh | A Rashidian | MH Forouzanfar | LK Bartholomew
Money Beliefs and Financial Behaviors: Development of the Klontz Money Script Inventory

Author(s): Brad Klontz | Sonya L Britt | Jennifer Mentzer | Ted Klontz
Approach focused on people Abordagem centrada nas pessoas

Author(s): Roa Ruben | Ana Carolina Diniz Oliveira | Leonardo Cançado Monteiro Savassi | Lecticia Cabral de Souza | Ruth Borges Dias
Knowledge of Health Effects and Intentions to Quit Among Smokers in India: Findings From the Tobacco Control Policy (TCP) India Pilot Survey

Author(s): Genevieve C. Sansone | Lalit J. Raute | Geoffrey T. Fong | Mangesh S. Pednekar | Anne C. K. Quah | Maansi Bansal-Travers | Prakash C. Gupta | Dhirendra N. Sinha
Psychosocial determinants of irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Teodora Surdea-Blaga | Adriana Băban | Dan L Dumitrascu
Knowledge and Attitudes toward Epilepsy among Malaysian Chinese

Author(s): Chrishantha Abeysena | Shahzad S Hasan | Wayne WG Wei | Keivan Ahmadi | Imran S Ahmed | Alen KS Yong | Mudassir Anwar
American Medical Students’ Beliefs in the Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine

Author(s): Erica Frank | Neda Ratanawongsa | Jennifer Carrera
Temporal variability of problem drinking on Twitter

Author(s): Christophe Giraud-Carrier | E. Shannon Neeley | Michael Dean Barnes | Kyle Prier | Joshua Heber West | Parley Cougar Hall | Carl Lee Hanson
Temporal variability of problem drinking on Twitter

Author(s): Christophe Giraud-Carrier | E. Shannon Neeley | Michael Dean Barnes | Kyle Prier | Joshua Heber West | Parley Cougar Hall | Carl Lee Hanson
Procedural pain management in Italy: learning from a nationwide survey involving centers of the Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Author(s): Chiara Po' | Franca Benini | Laura Sainati | Maria Immacolata Farina | Simone Cesaro | Caterina Agosto
Assessment of factors affecting self-care behavior among women with type 2 diabetes in Khoy City Diabetes Clinic using the extended theory of reasoned action

Author(s): Alireza Didarloo | Davood Shojaeizadeh | Hasan Eftekhar Ardebili | Shamseddin Niknami | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Mohammad Alizadeh
Spiritual beliefs and quality of life: A qualitative research about diabetic adolescent girls' perception

Author(s): Masomeh Hemmati Maslak pak | Fazllolah Ahmadi | Monireh Anoosheh
Comparison of Locus of Control, Coping Style and Irrational Beliefs in Prostitutes and Non-Delinquent Women

Author(s): Elham Zareidoost | Mohammad Kazem Atefvahid | Seyed Akbar Bayanzadeh | Behrooz Birashk
Psychotic-like Ideations in a Group of University Students

Author(s): Mohammad Sajadifar | Vandad Sharifi | Homayoun Amini
Coping with Breast Cancer in Newly Diagnosed Women:A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Fariba Taleghani | Zohreh Parsa-yekta | Alireza Nikbakht Nasrabadi
The Relationship Between Identity Styles and Religiosity in Students

Author(s): Mahnaz Moghanloo | Maryam Aguilar-Vafaie | Mehrnaz Shahraray
Exploring the Validity, Reliability and Standardization of Adult Reasons for Living Inventory

Author(s): Osman Mahmoudi | Ali Asgari | Manocheher Azkhosh | Anahita Khodabakhshi Kolaee
Common Principles and Multiculturalism

Author(s): Farzaneh Zahedi | Bagher Larijani
Professional Ethical Competence in nursing: the role of nursing instructors

Author(s): Fariba Borhani | Fatemeh Alhani | Easa Mohammadi | Abbas Abbaszadeh
Talking about dying and death: a focus group study to explore a local community perspective

Author(s): Marilyn N. Y. Kirshbaum | Ian carey | Brigid Purcell | Seamus Nash
The Influence of Personality and Health Beliefs on Maintaining Proper Hydration

Author(s): Stephen M. Patterson | Deborah E. Spinks
Awareness and perception of assisted reproductive technology practice amongst women with infertility in Northern Nigeria

Author(s): Adebiyi Gbadebo Adesiyun | Nkeiruka Ameh | Solomon Avidime | Abdulsalam Muazu
Attitudes towards prescribing psychiatric medicines: Do the views of psychology and medical students differ?

Author(s): Carlos De las Cuevas | Wenceslao Peñate | Lilisbeth Perestelo | Amado Rivero | Jeanette Pérez | Marien González | Alia Pérez-Wehbe
Changes in psychiatric nurse attitudes towards legal representation of inpatients at District Psychiatric Board hearings in Israel: a pilot study

Author(s): Alexander Grinshpoon | Razek Khawaled | Tamar Levy | Paula Rosca | Alexander M. Ponizovsky
Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia comorbid with COPD is feasible with preliminary evidence of positive sleep and fatigue effects

Author(s): Kapella MC | Herdegen JJ | Perlis ML | Shaver JL | Larson JL | Law JA | Carley DW
Between-centre differences and treatment effects in randomized controlled trials: A case study in traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Lingsma Hester | Roozenbeek Bob | Perel Pablo | Roberts Ian | Maas Andrew | Steyerberg Ewout
Study protocol of cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of a biopsychosocial multidisciplinary intervention in the evolution of non-specific sub-acute low back pain in the working population: cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Berenguera Anna | Pujol-Ribera Enriqueta | Rodriguez-Blanco Teresa | Violan Concepció | Casajuana Marc | de Kort Nelleke | Trapero-Bertran Marta
Consensus and Discordance in the Management of Growth Hormone-Treated Patients: Results of a Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Survey

Author(s): Miller BradleyS | Shulman DorothyI | Shillington Alicia | Harshaw Qing | Wilson DarrellM | Schwartz David | Kappy Michael | Bakker Bert | Wyatt David
The stigma of obesity in the general public and its implications for public health - a systematic review

Author(s): Sikorski Claudia | Luppa Melanie | Kaiser Marie | Glaesmer Heide | Schomerus Georg | König Hans-Helmut | Riedel-Heller Steffi
Prostate cancer health and cultural beliefs of black men: The Florida Prostate Cancer Disparity Project

Author(s): Odedina Folakemi | Dagne Getachew | Pressey Shannon | Odedina Oladapo | Emanuel Frank | Scrivens John | Reams R | Adams Angela | LaRose-Pierre Margareth
Using movies to teach professionalism to medical students

Author(s): Klemenc-Ketis Zalika | Kersnik Janko
A multi-centre, randomised controlled trial of cognitive therapy to prevent harmful compliance with command hallucinations

Author(s): Birchwood Max | Peters Emmanuelle | Tarrier Nicholas | Dunn Graham | Lewis Shon | Wykes Til | Davies Linda | Lester Helen | Michail Maria
Adult male circumcision as an intervention against HIV: An operational study of uptake in a South African community (ANRS 12126)

Author(s): Lissouba Pascale | Taljaard Dirk | Rech Dino | Dermaux-Msimang Veerle | Legeai Camille | Lewis David | Singh Beverley | Puren Adrian | Auvert Bertran
The general social survey-national death index: an innovative new dataset for the social sciences

Author(s): Muennig Peter | Johnson Gretchen | Kim Jibum | Smith Tom | Rosen Zohn
Knowledge, perceptions and myths regarding infertility among selected adult population in Pakistan: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Ali Sumera | Sophie Raafay | Imam Ayesha | Khan Faisal | Ali Syed | Shaikh Annum | Farid-ul-Hasnain Syed
Patient Disease Perceptions and Coping Strategies for Arthritis in a Developing Nation: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Niu Nina | Davis Aileen | Bogart Laura | Thornhill Thomas | Abreu Luis | Ghazinouri Roya | Katz Jeffrey
Overlap of cognitive concepts in chronic widespread pain: An exploratory study

Author(s): de Rooij Aleid | Steultjens Martijn | Siemonsma Petra | Vollebregt Joke | Roorda Leo | Beuving Willemine | Dekker Joost
Using formative research to develop CHANGE!: a curriculum-based physical activity promoting intervention

Author(s): Mackintosh Kelly | Knowles Zoe | Ridgers Nicola | Fairclough Stuart
A Systematic Review of Osteoporosis Health Beliefs in Adult Men and Women

Author(s): Katherine M. McLeod | C. Shanthi Johnson
Patient’s Knowledge, Perception and Belief about the Reasons of Low Back Pain

Author(s): SS Tavafian | H Eftekhar | K Mohammad | AR Jamshidi | N Assasi | D Shojaeezadeh | F Ghofranipour
Study of Youths’ Knowledge, Behavior, and Attitude towards Consanguineous Marriages

Author(s): M Hasanzadeh-Nazarabadi | GH Rezaeetalab | F Dastfan
Knowledge, Attitude and Preventive Practice of Women Concerning Osteoporosis

Author(s): Z Jalili | N Nakhaee | R Askari | V Sharifi
Challenges and Achievements of Promoting Rational Use of Drugs in Iran

Author(s): F Soleymani | M Valadkhani | R Dinarvand
Teachers’ perceptions of sex education of primary school children

Author(s): N Abolghasemi | E MerghatiKhoei | H Taghdissi
Healthcare-seeking behavior in Tehran, Iran and factors affecting it

Author(s): A Pourreza | Khabiri R Khabiri | M Arab | A Akbari Sari | A Rahimi | A Toll
Barriers and Motivating Factors Related to Cervical Cancer Screening

Author(s): E Shakibazadeh | E Ahmadnia | F Akbari | R Negarandeh
Patterns of Breastfeeding in Infants

Author(s): Hatami A |  Talebi Toti Z
Promoting Health Status of Menopausal Women by Educating Self Care Strategies

Author(s): Golyan Tehrani Sh |  Ghobadzadeh M |  Arastou M
Ethics committees and externally - sponsored research in Iran

Author(s): Bagher Larijani | Farzaneh Zahedi | Masoumeh Nouri | Alireza Bagheri | Ramin Heshmat | Elaheh Motevaseli | Mohammad Mahdi Golmakani | Eghbal Taheri | Zahra Komeilian | Hossein Malekafzali

Author(s): "S. S. Tavafian | H. Eftekhar | K. Mohammad | A. R. Jamshidi | A. Montazeri | N. Assasi | D. Shojaeezadeh F. Ghofraneepoor "
Role of Herbal medicine in the Management of Obesity : A Review

Author(s): Lakshmi T1 *, Anitha Roy1 ,Geetha R.V2, Dr.M.Nallanayagam 1,Raghunandha kumar.S 3
Factors associated with smoking among Romanian senior high school students

Author(s): Lucia M. LOTREAN | Carmen IONUT | Ilse MESTERS | Hein DE VRIES
Spirituality in HIV-Infected Individuals: A Phenomenological Study

Author(s): A Mohammadpour | Z Parsa Yekta | A Nikbakht Nasrabadi
Designing and Psychometric Properties of a Questionnaire for Assessing Female Adolescents' Health Needs

Author(s): Shahhosseini Z | Simbar M | Ramezankhani A | Alavi Majd H
Storm after the calm!

Author(s): Carlos Renato Zacharias
The Study of Irrational Beliefs, Defense Mechanisms and Marital Satisfaction in Fertile and Infertile Women

Author(s): Shahrzad Katiraei | Naeime Bazmi | Mahtab Haghighat | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh | Hadi Bahrami
Educational intervention for the prevention of diarrheal diseases in the Mano de Dios neighborhood, Sincelejo, Colombia: A success experience

Author(s): Gloria Villareal | Laura Álvarez | Katherine Jiménez | Karina Martínez | Etilvia Martínez | Carolina Ojeda
An Important Aspect of Pediatric Dermatology: the Parental View

Author(s): Nagehan Saniç | Ekin Şavk | Meltem Uslu | Neslihan Şendur | Göksun Karaman
Preventing childhood obesity during infancy in UK primary care: a mixed-methods study of HCPs' knowledge, beliefs and practice

Author(s): Redsell Sarah | Atkinson Philippa | Nathan Dilip | Siriwardena Aloysius | Swift Judy | Glazebrook Cris
Community participation for malaria elimination in tafea province, vanuatu: part ii. social and cultural aspects of treatment-seeking behaviour

Author(s): Tynan Anna | Atkinson Jo-An | Toaliu Hilson | Taleo George | Fitzgerald Lisa | Whittaker Maxine | Riley Ian | Schubert Mark | Vallely Andrew
Lay beliefs of TB and TB/HIV co-infection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a qualitative study

Author(s): Gebremariam Mekdes | Bjune Gunnar | Frich Jan
New non-randomised model to assess the prevalence of discriminating behaviour: a pilot study on mephedrone

Author(s): Petróczi Andrea | Nepusz Tamás | Cross Paul | Taft Helen | Shah Syeda | Deshmukh Nawed | Schaffer Jay | Shane Maryann | Adesanwo Christiana | Barker James | Naughton Declan
Withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining therapy in a Moroccan Emergency Department: An observational study

Author(s): Damghi Nada | Belayachi Jihane | Aggoug Badria | Dendane Tarek | Abidi Khalid | Madani Naoufel | Zekraoui Aicha | Benchekroun Belabes Abdellatif | Zeggwagh Amine Ali | Abouqal Redouane
Attitude to blood donation in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Abdel Gader Abdel Galil | Osman Abdel Moniem | Al Gahtani Furgah | Farghali Mohamed | Ramadan Ali | Al-Momen Abdel Kareem
Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Treating Patients with Obesity

Author(s): Kheirollah Sadeghi | Banafsheh Gharraee | Ladan Fata | Seyed Ziaedin Mazhari
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