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Tshuktshid I

Author(s): Ülo Siimets
Jahist tšuktšide juures.

Author(s): Ülo Siimets
L'esthétique du paysage grec chez Edgar Quinet

Author(s): Roxane D. Argyropoulos
Fuelwood availability and use in the Richtersveld National Park, South Africa

Author(s): C. M. Shackleton | G. Guthrie | J. Keirungi | J. Stewart
Male mate choice scales female ornament allometry in a cichlid fish

Author(s): Baldauf Sebastian | Bakker Theo | Herder Fabian | Kullmann Harald | Thünken Timo
Expresividad y reflexión en Herder

Author(s): Luis Felipe Segura
Refining criteria for diagnosis of cutaneous infections caused by herpes viruses through correlation of morphology with molecular pathology

Author(s): Böer Almut | Herder Nina | Blödorn-Schlicht Norbert | Steinkraus Volker | Falk Thomas
The Finnish lapphund retinal atrophy locus maps to the centromeric region of CFA9

Author(s): Aguirre-Hernández Jesús | Wickström Kaisa | Sargan David
Tshuktshid II

Author(s): Ülo Siimets
Association between variations in the TLR4 gene and incident type 2 diabetes is modified by the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol

Author(s): Kolz Melanie | Baumert Jens | Müller Martina | Khuseyinova Natalie | Klopp Norman | Thorand Barbara | Meisinger Christine | Herder Christian | Koenig Wolfgang | Illig Thomas
Malignant Struma Ovarii: Good Response after Thyroidectomy and 131I Ablation Therapy

Author(s): Erica W.M. Janszen | Helena C. van Doorn | Patricia C. Ewing | Ronald R. de Krijger | Johannes H.W. de Wilt | Boen L.R. Kam | Wouter W. de Herder
The genome of the versatile nitrogen fixer Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS571

Author(s): Lee Kyung-Bum | De Backer Philippe | Aono Toshihiro | Liu Chi-Te | Suzuki Shino | Suzuki Tadahiro | Kaneko Takakazu | Yamada Manabu | Tabata Satoshi | Kupfer Doris | Najar Fares | Wiley Graham | Roe Bruce | Binnewies Tim | Ussery David | D'Haeze Wim | Den Herder Jeroen | Gevers Dirk | Vereecke Danny | Holsters Marcelle | Oyaizu Hiroshi
Enhancing the resilience of inland fisheries and aquaculture systems to climate change

Author(s): Edward H Allison | Neil L Andrew | Jamie Oliver
Detection of Botnets using Honeypots and P2P Botnets

Author(s): Rajab Challoo & Raghavendra Kotapalli
Sõda ja õigus

Author(s): Friedrich Fromhold Martens
Guest Editorial "State-of-the-art in Underactuated Grasping"

Author(s): L. Birglen | G. A. Kragten | J. L. Herder
A proposal for benchmark tests for underactuated or compliant hands

Author(s): G. A. Kragten | C. Meijneke | J. L. Herder

Author(s): J. L. Herder | A. Barari | N. Tolou
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