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Fungal Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Residues; Opportunities & Perspectives

Author(s): Mehdi Dashtban, Heidi Schraft, Wensheng Qin
Overexpression of bacterial ethylene-forming enzyme gene in Trichoderma reesei enhanced the production of ethylene

Author(s): Xi Chen, Yong Liang, Jing Hua, Li Tao, Wensheng Qin, Sanfeng Chen
Heterelogous Expression of Plant Genes

Author(s): Filiz Yesilirmak | Zehra Sayers
A switchable light-input, light-output system modelled and constructed in yeast

Author(s): Sorokina Oxana | Kapus Anita | Terecskei Kata | Dixon Laura | Kozma-Bognar Laszlo | Nagy Ferenc | Millar Andrew
Tuning microbial hosts for membrane protein production

Author(s): Freigassner Maria | Pichler Harald | Glieder Anton
RCDI/eRCDI: a web-server to estimate codon usage deoptimization

Author(s): Puigbò Pere | Aragonès Lluís | Garcia-Vallvé Santiago
Original Fluorescent Ligand-Based Assays Open New Perspectives in G-Protein Coupled Receptor Drug Screening

Author(s): Martin Cottet | Orestis Faklaris | Jurriaan M. Zwier | Eric Trinquet | Jean-Philippe Pin | Thierry Durroux
Seminiferous tubule transfection in vitro to define post-meiotic gene regulation

Author(s): Danner Sandra | Kirchhoff Christiane | Ivell Richard
Subtype-specific regulation of P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptors by phosphoinositides in peripheral nociceptors

Author(s): Mo Gary | Bernier Louis-Philippe | Zhao Qi | Chabot-Doré Anne-Julie | Ase Ariel R | Logothetis Diomedes | Cao Chang-Qing | Séguéla Philippe
Yeast artificial chromosomes employed for random assembly of biosynthetic pathways and production of diverse compounds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Naesby Michael | Nielsen Søren | Nielsen Curt | Green Trine | Tange Thomas | Simón Ernesto | Knechtle Philipp | Hansson Anders | Schwab Markus | Titiz Olca | Folly Christophe | Archila Roberto | Maver Milena | van Sint Fiet Stephan | Boussemghoune Thiamo | Janes Michael | Kumar A | Sonkar Shailendra | Mitra Partha | Benjamin V | Korrapati Nimitha | Suman Inala | Hansen Esben | Thybo Tanja | Goldsmith Neil | Sorensen Alexandra
Cross-packaging of genetically distinct mouse and primate retroviral RNAs

Author(s): Al Dhaheri Noura | Phillip Pretty | Ghazawi Akela | Ali Jahabar | Beebi Elizabeth | Jaballah Soumeya | Rizvi Tahir
Conditional transgenic mice expressing C-terminally truncated human α-synuclein (αSyn119) exhibit reduced striatal dopamine without loss of nigrostriatal pathway dopaminergic neurons

Author(s): Daher João | Ying Mingyao | Banerjee Rebecca | McDonald Rebecca | Hahn Myriam | Yang Lichuan | Flint Beal M | Thomas Bobby | Dawson Valina | Dawson Ted | Moore Darren
Stable nuclear transformation of Gonium pectorale

Author(s): Lerche Kai | Hallmann Armin
Heterologous oligonucleotide microarrays for transcriptomics in a non-model species; a proof-of-concept study of drought stress in Musa

Author(s): Davey Mark | Graham Neil | Vanholme Bartel | Swennen Rony | May Sean | Keulemans Johan
A new set of ESTs and cDNA clones from full-length and normalized libraries for gene discovery and functional characterization in citrus

Author(s): Marques M Carmen | Alonso-Cantabrana Hugo | Forment Javier | Arribas Raquel | Alamar Santiago | Conejero Vicente | Perez-Amador Miguel
Surface display of heterologous proteins in Bacillus thuringiensis using a peptidoglycan hydrolase anchor

Author(s): Shao Xiaohu | Jiang Mengtian | Yu Ziniu | Cai Hao | Li Lin
Pathway analysis for intracellular Porphyromonas gingivalis using a strain ATCC 33277 specific database

Author(s): Hendrickson Erik | Xia Qiangwei | Wang Tiansong | Lamont Richard | Hackett Murray
Multigene expression of protein complexes by iterative modification of genomic Bacmid DNA

Author(s): Noad Rob | Stewart Meredith | Boyce Mark | Celma Cristina | Willison Keith | Roy Polly
Induction of protein body formation in plant leaves by elastin-like polypeptide fusions

Author(s): Conley Andrew | Joensuu Jussi | Menassa Rima | Brandle Jim
Heterologous production of human papillomavirus type-16 L1 protein by a lactic acid bacterium

Author(s): Cortes-Perez Naima | Kharrat Pascale | Langella Philippe | Bermúdez-Humarán Luis
Cloning and constitutive expression of Deschampsia antarctica Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase in Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Sánchez-Venegas Jaime | Navarrete Alejandro | Dinamarca Jorge | Bravo Ramírez León | Moraga Ana | Gidekel Manuel
The secretions of oviduct epithelial cells increase the equine in vitro fertilization rate: are osteopontin, atrial natriuretic peptide A and oviductin involved?

Author(s): Mugnier Sylvie | Kervella Morgane | Douet Cécile | Canepa Sylvie | Pascal Géraldine | Deleuze Stefan | Duchamp Guy | Monget Philippe | Goudet Ghylène
Fhl5/Act, a CREM-binding transcriptional activator required for normal sperm maturation and morphology, is not essential for testicular gene expression

Author(s): Lardenois Aurélie | Chalmel Frédéric | Demougin Philippe | Kotaja Noora | Sassone-Corsi Paolo | Primig Michael
Recombinant protein expression by targeting pre-selected chromosomal loci

Author(s): Nehlsen Kristina | Schucht Roland | da Gama-Norton Leonor | Krömer Wolfgang | Baer Alexandra | Cayli Aziz | Hauser Hansjörg | Wirth Dagmar
Hydrophobins in ectomycorrhizas: heterologous transcription of the Pisolithus HydPt-1 gene in yeast and Hebeloma cylindrosporum

Author(s): D Tagu | R Marmeisse | Y Baillet | S Rivière | B Palin | F Bernardini | A Méreau | G Gay | R Balestrini | P Bonfante | F Martin
Evaluation of different expression systems for the heterologous expression of pyranose 2-oxidase from Trametes multicolor in E. coli

Author(s): Spadiut Oliver | Posch Gerald | Ludwig Roland | Haltrich Dietmar | Peterbauer Clemens
Expression and display of UreA of Helicobacter acinonychis on the surface of Bacillus subtilis spores

Author(s): Hinc Krzysztof | Isticato Rachele | Dembek Marcin | Karczewska Joanna | Iwanicki Adam | Peszyńska-Sularz Grażyna | De Felice Maurilio | Obuchowski Michał | Ricca Ezio
A glycine receptor is involved in the organization of swimming movements in an invertebrate chordate

Author(s): Nishino Atsuo | Okamura Yasushi | Piscopo Stefania | Brown Euan
Heterologous expression of glucose oxidase in the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus

Author(s): Rocha Saul | Abrahão-Neto José | Cerdán María | González-Siso María | Gombert Andreas
Yeast functional screen to identify genetic determinants capable of conferring abiotic stress tolerance in Jatropha curcas

Author(s): Eswaran Nalini | Parameswaran Sriram | Sathram Balaji | Anantharaman Bhagyam | Kumar G Raja | Tangirala Sudhakar
Comparison of heterologous xylose transporters in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Runquist David | Hahn-Hägerdal Bärbel | Rådström Peter
Production of recombinant proteins in E. coli by the heat inducible expression system based on the phage lambda pL and/or pR promoters

Author(s): Valdez-Cruz Norma | Caspeta Luis | Pérez Néstor | Ramírez Octavio | Trujillo-Roldán Mauricio
Heterologous expression of leader-less pga gene in Pichia pastoris: intracellular production of prokaryotic enzyme

Author(s): Marešová Helena | Marková Zdena | Valešová Renáta | Sklenář Jan | Kyslík Pavel
Transcript and protein profiling identify candidate gene sets of potential adaptive significance in New Zealand Pachycladon

Author(s): Voelckel Claudia | Mirzaei Mehdi | Reichelt Michael | Luo Zhiwei | Pascovici Dana | Heenan Peter | Schmidt Silvia | Janssen Bart | Haynes Paul | Lockhart Peter
Atypical response regulators expressed in the maize endosperm transfer cells link canonical two component systems and seed biology

Author(s): Muñiz Luís | Royo Joaquín | Gómez Elisa | Baudot Gaelle | Paul Wyatt | Hueros Gregorio
The intra- and extracellular proteome of Aspergillus niger growing on defined medium with xylose or maltose as carbon substrate

Author(s): Lu Xin | Sun Jibin | Nimtz Manfred | Wissing Josef | Zeng An-Ping | Rinas Ursula
Functional analysis of an intergenic non-coding sequence within mce1 operon of M.tuberculosis

Author(s): Joon Monika | Bhatia Shipra | Pasricha Rashmi | Bose Mridula | Brahmachari Vani
Molecular Characterization of Heterologous HIV-1gp120 Gene Expression Disruption in Mycobacterium bovis BCG Host Strain: A Critical Issue for Engineering Mycobacterial Based-Vaccine Vectors

Author(s): Joan Joseph | Raquel Fernández-Lloris | Elías Pezzat | Narcís Saubi | Pere-Joan Cardona | Beatriz Mothe | Josep Maria Gatell
The HAC1 gene from Pichia pastoris: characterization and effect of its overexpression on the production of secreted, surface displayed and membrane proteins

Author(s): Guerfal Mouna | Ryckaert Stefan | Jacobs Pieter | Ameloot Paul | Van Craenenbroeck Kathleen | Derycke Riet | Callewaert Nico
Transcriptome analysis in non-model species: a new method for the analysis of heterologous hybridization on microarrays

Author(s): Degletagne Cyril | Keime Céline | Rey Benjamin | de Dinechin Marc | Forcheron Fabien | Chuchana Paul | Jouventin Pierre | Gautier Christian | Duchamp Claude
Comparison between Two Erwinia carotovora L-Asparaginase II Constructions: cloning, Heterologous Expression, Purification, and Kinetic Characterization

Author(s): Priscila Lamb Wink | Heique Marlis Bogdawa | Gaby Renard | Jocelei Maria Chies | Luiz Augusto Basso
Osteoplant acts on stem cells derived from peripheral blood

Author(s): Sollazzo Vincenzo | Palmieri Annalisa | Girardi Ambra | Zollino Ilaria | Brunelli Giorgio | Spinelli Giuseppe | Carinci Francesco
Heterologous Expression of Human Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor in Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Alireza Saeedinia | Mehdi Shamsara | Ali Bahrami | Mehdi Zeinoddini | Mohammad Ali Naseeri-Khalili | Reza Mohammadi | Narges Malek Sabet | Hosseinali Sami
Isolation and Characterization of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase Gene of Trichoderma virens UKM1

Author(s): S.S.L. Oh | F.D.A. Bakar | A.M. Adnan | N.M. Mahadi | O. Hassan | A.M.A. Murad
Revisión de tema: Pichia pastoris, una alternativa para la producción de glicoproteínas humanas de uso terapéutico. Estrategias de fermentación

Author(s): Córdoba Ruiz Henry | Algecira Encizo Néstor | Poutou Piñales Raúl | Barrera Avellaneda Luis Alejandro
A successful use of a new shuttle cloning vector pA13 for the cloning of the bacteriocins BacSJ and acidocin 8912

Author(s): Kojić Milan | Lozo Jelena | Jovčić B. | Strahinić Ivana | Fira D. | Topisirović L.
Effect of the kanamycin resistance marker on stability of 2μ-based expression plasmids

Author(s): Stanković Nada | Vasiljević Branka | Ljubijankić Goran
A high-throughput cloning system for reverse genetics in Trypanosoma cruzi

Author(s): Batista Michel | Marchini Fabricio | Celedon Paola | Fragoso Stenio | Probst Christian | Preti Henrique | Ozaki Luiz | Buck Gregory | Goldenberg Samuel | Krieger Marco
Fed-batch process for the psychrotolerant marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis

Author(s): Wilmes Boris | Hartung Angelika | Lalk Michael | Liebeke Manuel | Schweder Thomas | Neubauer Peter
Improved vanillin production in baker's yeast through in silico design

Author(s): Brochado Ana | Matos Claudia | Møller Birger | Hansen Jørgen | Mortensen Uffe | Patil Kiran
Use of homologous and heterologous gene expression profiling tools to characterize transcription dynamics during apple fruit maturation and ripening

Author(s): Costa Fabrizio | Alba Rob | Schouten Henk | Soglio Valeria | Gianfranceschi Luca | Serra Sara | Musacchi Stefano | Sansavini Silviero | Costa Guglielmo | Fei Zhangjun | Giovannoni James
Physiological relation between respiration activity and heterologous expression of selected benzoylformate decarboxylase variants in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Palmen Thomas | Nieveler Jens | Frölich Bettina | Treffenfeldt Wiltrud | Pohl Martina | Büchs Jochen
Residues at the tip of the pore loop of NR3B-containing NMDA receptors determine Ca2+ permeability and Mg2+ block

Author(s): Cavara Nora | Orth Angela | Hicking Gordon | Seebohm Guiscard | Hollmann Michael
Characterisation of two quorum sensing systems in the endophytic Serratia plymuthica strain G3: differential control of motility and biofilm formation according to life-style

Author(s): Liu Xiaoguang | Jia Jinli | Popat Roman | Ortori Catherine | Li Jun | Diggle Stephen | Gao Kexiang | Cámara Miguel
Modulation of sulfur metabolism enables efficient glucosinolate engineering

Author(s): Møldrup Morten | Geu-Flores Fernando | Olsen Carl | Halkier Barbara
Expression, secretion and surface display of a human alkaline phosphatase by the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila

Author(s): Aldag Ingo | Bockau Ulrike | Rossdorf Jan | Laarmann Sven | Raaben Willem | Herrmann Lutz | Weide Thomas | Hartmann Marcus
PRE-1, a cis element sufficient to enhance cone- and rod- specific expression in differentiating zebrafish photoreceptors

Author(s): Morrissey Maria | Shelton Sara | Brockerhoff Susan | Hurley James | Kennedy Breandán
Shaping mechanisms of metal specificity in a family of metazoan metallothioneins: evolutionary differentiation of mollusc metallothioneins

Author(s): Palacios Òscar | Pagani Ayelen | Pérez-Rafael Sílvia | Egg Margit | Höckner Martina | Brandstätter Anita | Capdevila Mercè | Atrian Sílvia | Dallinger Reinhard
Expression of G protein-coupled receptors and related proteins in HEK293, AtT20, BV2, and N18 cell lines as revealed by microarray analysis

Author(s): Atwood Brady | Lopez Jacqueline | Wager-Miller James | Mackie Ken | Straiker Alex
Heterologous expression, purification and characterization of nitrilase from Aspergillus niger K10

Author(s): Kaplan Ondřej | Bezouška Karel | Plíhal Ondřej | Ettrich Rüdiger | Kulik Natallia | Vaněk Ondřej | Kavan Daniel | Benada Oldřich | Malandra Anna | Šveda Ondřej | Veselá Alicja | Rinágelová Anna | Slámová Kristýna | Cantarella Maria | Felsberg Jürgen | Dušková Jarmila | Dohnálek Jan | Kotik Michael | Křen Vladimír | Martínková Ludmila
Cytochrome P450 diversity and induction by gorgonian allelochemicals in the marine gastropod Cyphoma gibbosum

Author(s): Whalen Kristen | Starczak Victoria | Nelson David | Goldstone Jared | Hahn Mark
Streptococcal collagen-like surface protein 1 promotes adhesion to the respiratory epithelial cell

Author(s): Chen Shih-Ming | Tsai Yau-Sheng | Wu Chin-Ming | Liao Shuen-Kuei | Wu Ling-Chia | Chang Cherng-Shyang | Liu Ya-Hui | Tsai Pei-Jane
Quinone-dependent D-lactate dehydrogenase Dld (Cg1027) is essential for growth of Corynebacterium glutamicum on D-lactate

Author(s): Kato Osamu | Youn Jung-Won | Stansen K Corinna | Matsui Daisuke | Oikawa Tadao | Wendisch Volker
Two distinct regions in the model protein Peb1 are critical for its heterologous transport out of Escherichia coli

Author(s): Anton Lena | Majander Katariina | Savilahti Harri | Laakkonen Liisa | Westerlund-Wikström Benita
Expression in E. coli and characterization of the catalytic domain of Botrytis cinerea chitin synthase

Author(s): Magellan Hervé | Drujon Thierry | Thellend Annie | Piffeteau Annie | Becker Hubert
Comparative transcriptome profiling of amyloid precursor protein family members in the adult cortex

Author(s): Aydin Dorothee | Filippov Mikhail | Tschäpe Jakob-Andreas | Gretz Norbert | Prinz Marco | Eils Roland | Brors Benedikt | Müller Ulrike
Developing a method for customized induction of flowering

Author(s): Yeoh Chin | Balcerowicz Martin | Laurie Rebecca | Macknight Richard | Putterill Joanna
Characterization of a ranavirus inhibitor of the antiviral protein kinase PKR

Author(s): Rothenburg Stefan | Chinchar V Gregory | Dever Thomas
Development of expression vectors based on pepino mosaic virus

Author(s): Sempere Raquel | Gómez Pedro | Truniger Verónica | Aranda Miguel
Extensive complement-dependent enhancement of HIV-1 by autologous non-neutralising antibodies at early stages of infection

Author(s): Willey Suzanne | Aasa-Chapman Marlén | O'Farrell Stephen | Pellegrino Pierre | Williams Ian | Weiss Robin | Neil Stuart
Efficient production of soluble recombinant single chain Fv fragments by a Pseudomonas putida strain KT2440 cell factory

Author(s): Dammeyer Thorben | Steinwand Miriam | Krüger Sarah-C | Dübel Stefan | Hust Michael | Timmis Kenneth
Physiopathology of human embryonic implantation: clinical incidences.

Author(s): Philippe Merviel | Emmanuelle Lourdel | Rosalie Cabry | VÊronique Boulard | MÊlanie Brzakowski | Pauline Demailly | Françoise Brasseur | Henri Copin | Aviva Devaux
Optimization of heterologous expression of banana glucanase in E. coli

Author(s): Abughren Mohamed | Popović Milica | Dimitrijević Rajna | Burazer Lidija | Grozdanović Milica | Atanasković-Marković Marina | Gavrović-Jankulović Marija
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
A new class of IMP dehydrogenase with a role in self-resistance of mycophenolic acid producing fungi

Author(s): Hansen Bjarne | Genee Hans | Kaas Christian | Nielsen Jakob | Regueira Torsten | Mortensen Uffe | Frisvad Jens | Patil Kiran
Heterologous protein display on the cell surface of lactic acid bacteria mediated by the s-layer protein

Author(s): Hu Shumin | Kong Jian | Sun Zhilan | Han Lanlan | Kong Wentao | Yang Pu
Regulation of mtl operon promoter of Bacillus subtilis: requirements of its use in expression vectors

Author(s): Morabbi Heravi Kambiz | Wenzel Marian | Altenbuchner Josef
Optimizing production of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator in non-pathogenic Leishmania by two genetic constructs

Author(s): Hemayatkar M | Davoudi N | Davami F | Majidzadeh-A K | Barkhordari F | Mahboudi F
Molecular cloning and expression of a synthetic gene encoding a ?-glucosidase of Aspergillus niger in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Jean Louis Didier MEKOO | Yanan YANG | Yanan YANG | Taiming Li | Yanan YANG | Taiming Li | Rongyue CAO | Taiming Li | Jingjing LIU | Rongyue CAO | Rongyue CAO | Jingjing LIU | Jingjing LIU
Expanding the molecular toolbox for Lactococcus lactis: construction of an inducible thioredoxin gene fusion expression system

Author(s): Douillard François | O'Connell-Motherway Mary | Cambillau Christian | van Sinderen Douwe
Lactococci and lactobacilli as mucosal delivery vectors for therapeutic proteins and DNA vaccines

Author(s): Bermúdez-Humarán Luis | Kharrat Pascale | Chatel Jean-Marc | Langella Philippe
Extremophiles: A Novel Source of Industrially Important Enzymes

Author(s): Lokendra Kumar | Gyanendra Awasthi | Balvinder Singh
Introgression of Swertia mussotii gene into Bupleurum scorzonerifolium via somatic hybridization

Author(s): Wang Junfeng | Zhao Cuizhu | Liu Chang | Xia Guangmin | Xiang Fengning
Lactococcus lactis M4, a potential host for the expression of heterologous proteins

Author(s): Noreen Nanyan | Hooi Wei | Baradaran Ali | Rosfarizan Mohamad | Sieo Chin | Rosli Md | Yusoff Khatijah | Raha Abdul
Characterization of a cryptic plasmid pSM429 and its application for heterologous expression in psychrophilic Pseudoalteromonas

Author(s): Zhao Dian-Li | Yu Zi-Chao | Li Ping-Yi | Wu Zhao-Yu | Chen Xiu-Lan | Shi Mei | Yu Yong | Chen Bo | Zhou Bai-Cheng | Zhang Yu-Zhong
Recombinant expression and functional analysis of proteases from Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus anthracis, and Yersinia pestis

Author(s): Kwon Keehwan | Hasseman Jeremy | Latham Saeeda | Grose Carissa | Do Yu | Fleischmann Robert | Pieper Rembert | Peterson Scott
Filtering "genic" open reading frames from genomic DNA samples for advanced annotation

Author(s): D'Angelo Sara | Velappan Nileena | Mignone Flavio | Santoro Claudio | Sblattero Daniele | Kiss Csaba | Bradbury Andrew
A nuclear magnetic resonance based approach to accurate functional annotation of putative enzymes in the methanogen Methanosarcina acetivorans

Author(s): Chen Yihong | Apolinario Ethel | Brachova Libuse | Kelman Zvi | Li Zhuo | Nikolau Basil | Showman Lucas | Sowers Kevin | Orban John
Increasing gene dosage greatly enhances recombinant expression of aquaporins in Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Nordén Kristina | Agemark Maria | Danielson Jonas | Alexandersson Erik | Kjellbom Per | Johanson Urban
Strain engineering for improved expression of recombinant proteins in bacteria

Author(s): Makino Tomohiro | Skretas Georgios | Georgiou George
Cell-free synthesis of a functional G protein-coupled receptor complexed with nanometer scale bilayer discs

Author(s): Yang Jian-Ping | Cirico Tatiana | Katzen Federico | Peterson Todd | Kudlicki Wieslaw
Study of the IgG endoglycosidase EndoS in group A streptococcal phagocyte resistance and virulence

Author(s): Sjögren Jonathan | Okumura Cheryl | Collin Mattias | Nizet Victor | Hollands Andrew
Adhesive polypeptides of Staphylococcus aureus identified using a novel secretion library technique in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Kylväjä Riikka | Kankainen Matti | Holm Liisa | Westerlund-Wikström Benita
A synthetic system links FeFe-hydrogenases to essential E. coli sulfur metabolism

Author(s): Barstow Buz | Agapakis Christina | Boyle Patrick | Grandl Gerald | Silver Pamela | Wintermute Edwin
Heterologous expression of pathogen-specific genes ligA and ligB in the saprophyte Leptospira biflexa confers enhanced adhesion to cultured cells and fibronectin

Author(s): Figueira Cláudio | Croda Julio | Choy Henry | Haake David | Reis Mitermayer | Ko Albert | Picardeau Mathieu
Glycoprotein is enough for sindbis virus-derived DNA vector to express heterogenous genes

Author(s): Zhu Wuyang | Li Jiangjiao | Tang Li | Wang Huanqin | Li Jia | Fu Juanjuan | Liang Guodong
Klebsiella pneumoniae yggG Gene Product: A Zinc-Dependent Metalloprotease

Author(s): Chee Sian Kuan | Mun Teng Wong | Sy Bing Choi | Ching Ching Chang | Yoke Hiang Yee | Habibah A. Wahab | Yahaya Mohd Normi | Wei Cun See Too | Ling Ling Few
Leishmania (Viannia) panamensis expresses a nuclease with molecular and biochemical features similar to the Endonuclease G of higher eukaryotes

Author(s): Miguel A. Toro-Londoño | Edwin Bairon Patiño | Sara María Robledo | Antonio Jiménez-Ruiz | Juan Fernando Alzate
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