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A Framework for Bioacoustic Vocalization Analysis Using Hidden Markov Models

Author(s): Yao Ren | Michael T. Johnson | Patrick J. Clemins | Michael Darre | Sharon Stuart Glaeser | Tomasz S. Osiejuk | Ebenezer Out-Nyarko
Thai Rhetorical Structure Analysis

Author(s): Somnuk Sinthupoun, | Ohm Sornil,
BACTIBASE second release: a database and tool platform for bacteriocin characterization

Author(s): Hammami Riadh | Zouhir Abdelmajid | Le Lay Christophe | Ben Hamida Jeannette | Fliss Ismail
Hidden Markov Models as a Process Monitor in Robotic Assembly

Author(s): Geir E. Hovland | Brenan J. McCarragher
Markov Model Based CAC algorithms for Cellular Networks

Author(s): PATLEVIČ Peter | DOBOŠ Ľubomír
Detection and classification of audio events in noisy environment

Author(s): VOZÁRIKOVÁ Eva | PLEVA Matúš | VAVREK Jozef | ONDÁŠ Stanislav | JUHÁR Jozef | ČIŽMÁR Anton
Graphical models for inferring single molecule dynamics

Author(s): Bronson Jonathan | Hofman Jake | Fei Jingyi | Gonzalez Ruben | Wiggins Chris
On Parsing Visual Sequences with the Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): Naomi Harte | Daire Lennon | Anil Kokaram
Identification of gene targets of ISGF-3 transcription factor

Author(s): Tokovenko B. T. | Dragushchenko O. O. | Kuklin A. V. | Obolenskaya M. Yu.
Grammatical-Restrained Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Bioinformatics applications

Author(s): Fariselli Piero | Savojardo Castrense | Martelli Pier | Casadio Rita
Riboswitch Detection Using Profile Hidden Markov Models

Author(s): Singh Payal | Bandyopadhyay Pradipta | Bhattacharya Sudha | Krishnamachari A | Sengupta Supratim
Bayesian modeling of ChIP-chip data using latent variables

Author(s): Wu Mingqi | Liang Faming | Tian Yanan
A hidden Markov model for an inventory system with perishable items

Author(s): L. Aggoun | L. Benkherouf | L. Tadj
SoyDB: a knowledge database of soybean transcription factors

Author(s): Wang Zheng | Libault Marc | Joshi Trupti | Valliyodan Babu | Nguyen Henry | Xu Dong | Stacey Gary | Cheng Jianlin
Transposon identification using profile HMMs

Author(s): Edlefsen Paul | Liu Jun
Automatic Recognition of Lyrics in Singing

Author(s): Annamaria Mesaros | Tuomas Virtanen
Statistical Skimming of Feature Films

Author(s): Sergio Benini | Pierangelo Migliorati | Riccardo Leonardi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Guangxue Yue | Jiexian Zeng | Wen Chen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Salim Zabir | J. H. Abbawajy | Farid Ahmed | Mohammad A. Karim
Improvement in Recognition Techniques for Human Computer Interaction

Author(s): Raju M. Tugnayat | Nitin K. Choudhary | M.V.Sarode
Characterization of Parathyroid Hormone using HMM Framework

Author(s): Raninder Kaur | Shavinder Kaur | Reet Kamal Kaur | Amandeep Kaur
Predicting conserved protein motifs with Sub-HMMs

Author(s): Horan Kevin | Shelton Christian | Girke Thomas
Contourlet Filter Design Based on Chebyshev Best Uniform Approximation

Author(s): Guoan Yang | Xiaofeng Fang | Mingli Jing | Songjun Zhang | Ming Hou
Predicting nucleosome positioning using a duration Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): Xi Liqun | Fondufe-Mittendorf Yvonne | Xia Lei | Flatow Jared | Widom Jonathan | Wang Ji-Ping
Palavras do editor

Author(s): Nelkis de la Orden Medina
Improving the Performance of an HMM for Protein Family Modelling

Author(s): Mohamed Hamza El-Sayed | Ahmed M. Khedr
Contribution to the Vocal Print Recognition in Arabic Language

Author(s): Abdennaceur Kachouri | Tarak Hdiji | Zied Sakka | Mounir Samet
depmixS4: An R Package for Hidden Markov Models

Author(s): Ingmar Visser | Maarten Speekenbrink
Molecular and phylogenetic characterization of the sieve element occlusion gene family in Fabaceae and non-Fabaceae plants

Author(s): Rüping Boris | Ernst Antonia | Jekat Stephan | Nordzieke Steffen | Reineke Anna | Müller Boje | Bornberg-Bauer Erich | Prüfer Dirk | Noll Gundula
Isolation of Brain Tumor Segment using HMGMM

Author(s): T.Selva Rani | K.Usha Kingsly Devi
Evidence Feed Forward Hidden Markov Model: A New Type Of Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): Michael Del Rose | Christian Wagner | Philip Frederick
Accurate statistics for local sequence alignment with position-dependent scoring by rare-event sampling

Author(s): Wolfsheimer Stefan | Herms Inke | Rahmann Sven | Hartmann Alexander
Classification of voice disorder in children with cochlear implantation and hearing aid using multiple classifier fusion

Author(s): Mahmoudi Zeinab | Rahati Saeed | Ghasemi Mohammad | Asadpour Vahid | Tayarani Hamid | Rajati Mohsen
Human Activities for Classification via Feature Points

Author(s): Hao Zhang | Zhijing Liu | Haiyong Zhao
BW Trained HMM based Aerial Image Segmentation

Author(s): R Rajasree | J Nalini | S C Ramesh
Learning to Automatically Detect Features for Mobile Robots Using Second-Order Hidden Markov Models

Author(s): Olivier Aycard | Jean-Francois Mari | Richard Washington
Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition

Author(s): Jan Krajcovic | Martin Hrncar | Ludmila Muzikarova
Handwritten Document Retrieval System for Tamil Language

Author(s): AN. Sigappi | S. Palanivel | V. Ramalingam
Artificial Neural Network Model for Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rate

Author(s): Adewole Adetunji Philip | Akinwale Adio Taofiki | Akintomide Ayo Bidem
Transformation of Hand-Shape Features for a Biometric Identification Approach

Author(s): Carlos M. Travieso | Juan Carlos Briceño | Jesús B. Alonso
Evaluation of Face Recognition Methods

Author(s): Sushma Jaiswal
Online Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Gaussian Based Classifier

Author(s): Manish Vyas | Prof Amit Singhal | Prof.Neetesh Gupta
Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition

Author(s): Jan Krajcovic | Martin Hrncar | Ludmila Muzikarova
Arabic Sign Language (ArSL) Recognition System Using HMM

Author(s): Aliaa A. A.Youssif | Amal Elsayed Aboutabl | Heba Hamdy Ali
Genome-wide algorithm for detecting CNV associations with diseases

Author(s): Xu Yaji | Peng Bo | Fu Yunxin | Amos Christopher
Speech Silicon: An FPGA Architecture for Real-Time Hidden Markov-Model-Based Speech Recognition

Author(s): Schuster Jeffrey | Gupta Kshitij | Hoare Raymond | Jones AlexK
Multi-Channel Sub-Band Speech Recognition

Author(s): McCowan Iain A | Sridharan Sridha
Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using MPEG-4 Compliant Visual Features

Author(s): Aleksic Petar S | Williams Jay J | Wu Zhilin | Katsaggelos Aggelos K
Automatic Speechreading with Applications to Human-Computer Interfaces

Author(s): Zhang Xiaozheng | Broun Charles C | Mersereau Russell M | Clements Mark A
Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

Author(s): Nefian Ara V | Liang Luhong | Pi Xiaobo | Liu Xiaoxing | Murphy Kevin
On Parsing Visual Sequences with the Hidden Markov Model

Author(s): Harte Naomi | Lennon Daire | Kokaram Anil
Landmine Detection and Discrimination Using High-Pressure Waterjets

Author(s): Beetner Daryl G | Stanley R Joe | Agarwal Sanjeev | Somasundaram Deepak R | Nema Kopal | Mantha Bhargav
A Probabilistic Model for Face Transformation with Application to Person Identification

Author(s): Perronnin Florent | Dugelay Jean-Luc | Rose Kenneth
Robust Recognition and Segmentation of Human Actions Using HMMs with Missing Observations

Author(s): Peursum Patrick | Bui Hung H | Venkatesh Svetha | West Geoff
Semantic Context Detection Using Audio Event Fusion

Author(s): Chu Wei-Ta | Cheng Wen-Huang | Wu Ja-Ling
A Discriminative Model for Polyphonic Piano Transcription

Author(s): Poliner Graham E | Ellis Daniel PW
Combining Wavelet Transform and Hidden Markov Models for ECG Segmentation

Author(s): Andreão Rodrigo Varejão | Boudy Jérôme
Contourlet Filter Design Based on Chebyshev Best Uniform Approximation

Author(s): Yang Guoan | Fang Xiaofeng | Jing Mingli | Zhang Songjun | Hou Ming
A Comparison of Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifiers and Hidden Markov Models for Gesture Recognition

Author(s): H.H. Avilés-Arriaga | L.E. Sucar-Succar | C.E. Mendoza-Durán | L.A. Pineda-Cortés
Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

Author(s): Arshan Nasir | Aisha Naeem | Muhammad Jawad Khan | Horacio D. Lopez Nicora | Gustavo Caetano-Anollés

Author(s): S.Thanga Ramya | P.Rangarajan
mritc: A Package for MRI Tissue Classification

Author(s): Dai Feng | Luke Tierney
How to Use Fewer Markers in Admixture Studies

Author(s): Anamarija Frkonja | Birgit Gredler | Urs Schnyder | Ino Curik | Johann Sölkner
Automated Classification of Two Persons' Interactive Activities

Author(s): Hao Zhang | Zhijing Liu | Haiyong Zhao
A Multiple Instance Learning and Relevance Feedback Framework for Retrieving Abnormal Incidents in Surveillance Videos

Author(s): Chengcui Zhang | Wei-Bang Chen | Xin Chen | Lin Yang | John Johnstone
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mei-Ling Shyu | Yu Cao | Ming Li | Jun Kong | Jie Bao
Effects of Syllable Language Model on Distinctive Phonetic Features (DPFs) based Phoneme Recognition Performance

Author(s): Mohammad Nurul Huda | Manoj Banik | Ghulam Muhammad | Mashud Kabir | Bernd J. Kröger
Evaluation of Face Recognition Methods

Author(s): sushma jaiswal
Parts of Speech Tagging for Afaan Oromo

Author(s): Getachew Mamo Wegari | Million Meshesha
Side-Channel Analysis for Detecting Protocol Tunneling

Author(s): Harakrishnan Bhanu | Jason Schwier | Ryan Craven | Richard R. Brooks | Kathryn Hempstalk | Daniele Gunetti | Christopher Griffin
Eukaryotic Protein Kinases (ePKs) of the Helminth Parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Andrade Luiza | Nahum Laila | Avelar Lívia | Silva Larissa | Zerlotini Adhemar | Ruiz Jerônimo | Oliveira Guilherme
A Network of SCOP Hidden Markov Models and Its Analysis

Author(s): Zhang Liqing | Watson Layne | Heath Lenwood
Software comparison for evaluating genomic copy number variation for Affymetrix 6.0 SNP array platform

Author(s): Eckel-Passow Jeanette | Atkinson Elizabeth | Maharjan Sooraj | Kardia Sharon | de Andrade Mariza
Continuous Arabic Sign Language Recognition in User Dependent Mode

Author(s): K. Assaleh | T. Shanableh | M. Fanaswala | F. Amin | H. Bajaj
A Survey on Context-Aware Sensing for Body Sensor Networks

Author(s): Barbara T. Korel | Simon G. M. Koo
Serbian Keyword Spotting System

Author(s): Ljiljana Stanimirović | Milan D. Savić
Surveillance System based on the Acoustic Events Detection

Author(s): VOZÁRIKOVÁ Eva | PLEVA Matúš | JUHÁR Jozef | CIŽMÁR Anton
Arabic Speaker Recognition: Babylon Levantine Subset Case Study

Author(s): Mansour Alsulaiman | Youssef Alotaibi | Muhammad Ghulam | Mohamed A. Bencherif | Awais Mahmoud

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