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Multitaper spectral analysis of atmospheric radar signals

Author(s): V. K. Anandan | C. J. Pan | T. Rajalakshmi | G. Ramachandra Reddy
Oxidation of aniline in the presence of phenolic acids

Author(s): Janošević Aleksandra M. | Ćirić-Marjanović Gordana N.
Topography and asymmetry of visual EEG reactivity in healthy school-age children

Author(s): Ristanović Dušan S. | Martinović Žarko J. | Jovanović-Čupić Vesna
Polyspectral Analysis of Signals: An Introduction

Author(s): D. Kocur | R. Stanko
Observations of linear and nonlinear processes in the foreshock wave evolution

Author(s): Y. Narita | K.-H. Glassmeier | M. Fränz | Y. Nariyuki | T. Hada
Reinterpretation of the protein identification process for proteomics data

Author(s): Kyung-Hoon Kwon | Sang Kwang Lee | Gun Wook Park | Kun Cho | Byeong Soo Kang | Young Mok Park
Parametric study of EEG sensitivity to phase noise during face processing

Author(s): Rousselet Guillaume | Pernet Cyril | Bennett Patrick | Sekuler Allison
Hierarchical structure of cascade of primary and secondary periodicities in Fourier power spectrum of alphoid higher order repeats

Author(s): Paar Vladimir | Pavin Nenad | Basar Ivan | Rosandić Marija | Glunčić Matko | Paar Nils
Global carbon monoxide as retrieved from SCIAMACHY by WFM-DOAS

Author(s): M. Buchwitz | R. de Beek | K. Bramstedt | S. Noël | H. Bovensmann | J. P. Burrows
Preliminary evidence that both blue and red light can induce alertness at night

Author(s): Figueiro Mariana | Bierman Andrew | Plitnick Barbara | Rea Mark
Tropospheric ozone from IASI: comparison of different inversion algorithms and validation with ozone sondes in the northern middle latitudes

Author(s): C. Keim | M. Eremenko | J. Orphal | G. Dufour | J.-M. Flaud | M. Höpfner | A. Boynard | C. Clerbaux | S. Payan | P.-F. Coheur | D. Hurtmans | H. Claude | H. Dier | B. Johnson | H. Kelder | R. Kivi | T. Koide | M. López Bartolomé | K. Lambkin | D. Moore | F. J. Schmidlin | R. Stübi
Magnetic field fluctuations across the Earth’s bow shock

Author(s): A. Czaykowska | T. M. Bauer | R. A. Treumann | W. Baumjohann
Long-term MST radar observations of vertical wave number spectra of gravity waves in the tropical troposphere over Gadanki (13.5° N, 79.2° E): comparison with model spectra

Author(s): A. Narendra Babu | K. Kishore Kumar | G. Kishore Kumar | M. Venkat Ratnam | S. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao | D. Narayana Rao
Reconnection in a slow Coronal Mass Ejection

Author(s): G. Poletto | A. Bemporad | F. Landini | M. Romoli
Modification of Li4Ti5O12 Anode Material with Urea as Nitrogen Source for Lithium Ion Battery

Author(s): GAO Hong-Quan, WANG Xin-Yu, ZHANG Zhi-An, LAI Yan-Qing, LI Jie, LIU Ye-Xiang
Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo retrieved from ground-based measurements in the UV-visible

Author(s): V. Buchard | C. Brogniez | F. Auriol | B. Bonnel
Vibration of the vessel and bispectrum of hydroacoustic noise

Author(s): Vračar Miodrag | Kovačević Nenad
BPDA - A Bayesian peptide detection algorithm for mass spectrometry

Author(s): Sun Youting | Zhang Jianqiu | Braga-Neto Ulisses | Dougherty Edward
Characterization of Bi and Fe co-doped PZT capacitors for FeRAM

Author(s): Jeffrey S Cross, Seung-Hyun Kim, Satoshi Wada and Abhijit Chatterjee
Synthesis, configuration and properties of some new 3,4,5-substituted oxazolidin-2-ones

Author(s): Anelia Tsenova Mavrova | Pavletta Stoyanova Denkova | Jordan Andreev Tsenov
MCM-41 ordered mesoporous molecular sieves synthesis and characterization

Author(s): Melo Rogério A.A. | Giotto Marcus V. | Rocha João | Urquieta-González Ernesto A.
Two dimensional estimates from ocean SAR images

Author(s): J. M. Le Caillec | R. Garello | B. Chapron
Multifractal earth topography

Author(s): J.-S. Gagnon | S. Lovejoy | D. Schertzer
Preparación de Materiales Fotocatalizadores Basados en Bi4Ti3O12 Dopados con Metales de Transición

Author(s): Calatayud, D. G. | Rodríguez, M. | Gallego, B. | Fernández-Hevia, D. | Jardiel, T.
Resonant exciton-phonon coupling in ZnO nanorods at room temperature

Author(s): Soumee Chakraborty | S. Dhara | T. R. Ravindran | S. Sarkar Pal | M. Kamruddin | A. K. Tyagi
Lower hybrid resonances stimulated by the four CLUSTER relaxation sounders deep inside the plasmasphere: observations and inferred plasma characteristics

Author(s): S. Kougblénou | G. Lointier | P. M. E. Décréau | J.-G. Trotignon | J.-L. Rauch | X. Vallières | P. Canu | A. Masson | J. Pickett
Core shell methyl methacrylate chitosan nanoparticles: In vitro mucoadhesion and complement activation

Author(s): F Talaei | M Azhdarzadeh | H Hashemi Nasel | M Moosavi | A Foroumadi | R Dinarvand | F Atyabi
Interacciones hiperfinas en BaxSr1-xHfO3

Author(s): Alonso, R. E. | Horowitz, C. | López García, A.
Degradación térmica de nanocomposites TEOS/resol y y-APS/resol

Author(s): Soriano, D. | Mazo, A. | Rubio, J. | Rubio, F. | Oteo, J. L.
Fabrication and Conductivity of La9.33Si6O26―based Composite Oxygen―ionic Conductor

Author(s): LIU Chao-Feng, ZHANG Hong, XIA Jun-Xiao, Li Gen, LI Zhi-Cheng
Spectral Analysis of Solar Variability and their Possible Role on the Global Warming

Author(s): Mohamed Ali El-Borie | Eman Shafik | Aly Abdel-moneim Abdel-halim | Shady Youssri El-Monier
Testing substellar models with dynamical mass measurements

Author(s): Dupuy T.J. | Liu M.C. | Ireland M.J.
First derivative-supervised pattern recognition for the flow-injection spectrophotometric discrimination of s-triazines in water

Author(s): Judith Amador-Hernández | Miguel Velázquez-Manzanares | Magaly Peral-Torres
Comparison of Thermal Evaporation and Plasma Assisted Thermal Evaporation Processes for Deposition of Tin Oxide Thin Films

Author(s): C. Jariwala | T. Garg | R. Rane | N. Chauhan | P.A. Rayjada | C.J. Panchal | P.I. John
3D spectroscopy of Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies

Author(s): J. Pu00E9rez-Gallego | R. Guzmu00E1n | N. Gruel
The Transverse Velocity Structure of the HH 111 Jet

Author(s): A. Riera | R. Lu00F3pez | A. C. Raga | G. Anglada | R. Estalella
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