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Total hip and knee joint replacement: perioperative clinical aspects

Author(s): Luciana Pereira Almeida de Piano | Ricardo Prado Golmia | Morton Scheinberg
Scintigraphic features of Morquio's syndrome: a case report

Author(s): Kitzing Bjoern | Allman Kevin
Diagnosys of prevalent nursing and cautions prescribed to orthopedical patients. A descriptive study

Author(s): Miriam Abreu Almeida | Vanessa Kenne Longaray | Paula de Cezaro
Successful treatment of late Salmonella infections in total hip replacement - report of two cases

Author(s): Tóth Kálmán | Janositz Gábor | Kovács Gyula | Sisák Krisztián | Rudner Ervin
Problem of Stress Shielding and Improvement to the Hip Implant Designs: A Review

Author(s): M.I.Z. Ridzwan | Solehuddin Shuib | A.Y. Hassan | A.A. Shokri | M.N. Mohamad Ibrahim
Can choices between alternative hip prostheses be evidence based? a review of the economic evaluation literature

Author(s): Davies Charlotte | Lorgelly Paula | Shemilt Ian | Mugford Miranda | Tucker Keith | MacGregor Alex
Digital Preoperative Planning for Total Hip Replacement Using Two Dimensional X-ray Imaging

Author(s): Azrulhizam Shapii | Riza Sulaiman | Abd Yazid Mohd Kassim
Comparison of the BMI of Hip Replacement Patients in 2000 and 2008

Author(s): Wegner_A1, Landgraeber_S1, Kauther_MD1, Claßen_T1, von Knoch_M1,2
Central dislocation of the hip secondary to insufficiency fracture

Author(s): Moe Thaya | Sivan Sivaloganathan | Andrew Sankey | Charles E.R. Gibbons
Anaesthetic considerations of adults with Morquio's syndrome - a case report

Author(s): McLaughlin Anne | Farooq Muhammad | Donnelly Maria | Foley Kieran
Neglected intrapelvic dislocation of femoral head

Author(s): Singaravadivelu Vaidynathan | Mugundhan Moongilpatti | Sankaralingam Karunanandaganapathy
Revision hip endoprosthesis peculiarities after removal of costruc-tions fixed by screw thread

Author(s): P.A. Zuev | N.N. Pavlenko | M.A. Saakyan | P.P. Zuev
Thromboprophylaxis for hip and knee surgery: critical appraisal of rivaroxaban

Author(s): Erica Romualdi | Francesco Dentali | Alessandro Squizzato | et al
Bilateral Simultaneous Traumatic Hip Dislocation In Opposite Direction At A Non Complient Patient

Author(s): Savvas Lykoudis, Ioannis Koutroubas, Nikolaos Manidakis, George Tzoanos, Kyriakos Kakavelakis, Konstantinos Balalis, Pavlos G. Katonis.
Alumina-on-alumina total hip replacement for femoral neck fracture in healthy patients

Author(s): Solarino Giuseppe | Piazzolla Andrea | Mori Claudio | Moretti Lorenzo | Patella Silvio | Notarnicola Angela
Hip resurfacing arthroplasty: current status and future perspectives

Author(s): K Corten | R Ganz | J-P Simon | M Leunig
Satisfaction with care after total hip or knee replacement predicts self-perceived health status after surgery

Author(s): Baumann Cédric | Rat Anne | Osnowycz Georges | Mainard Didier | Cuny Christian | Guillemin Francis
The efficacy of autologous blood transfusion in primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

Author(s): A R Guha, S Mukhopadhyay, A McMurtrie, R Kulshreshtha, S L Karlakki
Evaluation of high compressive strength calcium sulfate for the treatment of periarticular fractures

Author(s): Baoqing Yu, Kaiwei Han, Ce Zhan, Hui Ma, Ming Li, Yu Wang
Articular cartilage mineralization in osteoarthritis of the hip

Author(s): Fuerst Martin | Niggemeyer Oliver | Lammers Lydia | Schäfer Fritz | Lohmann Christoph | Rüther Wolfgang
Allogeneic blood transfusion and prognosis following total hip replacement: a population-based follow up study

Author(s): Pedersen Alma | Mehnert Frank | Overgaard Soren | Johnsen Soren
Metal on metal hip resurfacing versus uncemented custom total hip replacement - early results

Author(s): Sandiford Nemandra | Muirhead-Allwood Sarah | Skinner John | Hua Jia
Total hip and knee replacement surgery results in changes in leukocyte and endothelial markers

Author(s): Hughes Stephen | Hendricks Beverly | Edwards David | Maclean Kirsty | Bastawrous Salah | Middleton Jim
Minimally invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation

Author(s): Lühmann, Dagmar | Burkhardt-Hammer, Tatjana | Borowski, Cathleen | Raspe, Heiner
Can shared care deliver better outcomes for patients undergoing total hip replacement?

Author(s): H. Rosendal | W.T. van Beekum | P. Nijhof | L.P. de Witte | A.J.P. Schrijvers
The Design Improvement of Hip Implant for Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Author(s): Solehuddin Shuib | Barkawi Sahari | Amran Ahmed Shokri | Chew Soon Chai
Study of bone remodeling of two models of femoral cementless stems by means of DEXA and finite elements

Author(s): Gracia Luis | Ibarz Elena | Puértolas Sergio | Cegoñino José | López-Prats Fernando | Panisello Juan | Herrera Antonio
Orthopedic manifestations in patients with muco­polysaccharidosis type II (Hunter syndrome) enrolled in the Hunter Outcome Survey

Author(s): Bianca Link | Louise Lapagesse de Camargo Pinto | Roberto Giugliani | James Edmond Wraith | Nathalie Guffon | Elke Eich | Michael Beck
Factors associated with health related quality of life after a hip or knee total replacement, according to a gender approach

Author(s): Sergio R. López Alonso | Antonio Olry de Labry Lima | Carmen M. Martínez Sánchez | Félix Navarro Casado | Ana B. Romero Cañadillas | Josefina González Rojo
Relationship between cup position and obturator externus muscle in total hip arthroplasty

Author(s): Müller Michael | Dewey Marc | Springer Ivonne | Perka Carsten | Tohtz Stephan
A custom-made guide-wire positioning device for Hip Surface Replacement Arthroplasty: description and first results

Author(s): Raaijmaakers Martijn | Gelaude Frederik | De Smedt Karla | Clijmans Tim | Dille Jeroen | Mulier Michiel
Improvement In Driving Reaction Time After Total Hip Replacement

Author(s): Graeme S. Carlile, Anna Cowley, Ben Thorpe, Dan Williams, Ron Spence, Michael W. Regan.
Treatment of femoral neck fractures in elderly patients over 60 years of age - which is the ideal modality of primary joint replacement?

Author(s): Ossendorf Christian | Scheyerer Max | Wanner Guido | Simmen Hans-Peter | Werner Clément
Unstated factors in orthopaedic decision-making: a qualitative study

Author(s): Gooberman-Hill Rachael | Sansom Anna | Sanders Caroline | Dieppe Paul | Horwood Jeremy | Learmonth Ian | Williams Susan | Donovan Jenny
Risk of venous thromboembolism after total hip and knee replacement in older adults with comorbidity and co-occurring comorbidities in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (2003-2006)

Author(s): Kapoor Alok | Labonte Alan | Winter Michael | Segal Jodi | Silliman Rebecca | Katz Jeffrey | Losina Elena | Berlowitz Dan
Complications of revision hip arthroplasty using fresh bone allografts

Author(s): Miljković Nataša | Ercegan Goran | Harhaji Vladimir
Geometric Transformation Technique for Total Hip Implant in Digital Medical Images

Author(s): Azrulhizam Shapi’i | Riza Sulaiman | Abdul Yazid Mohd Kassim
Bilateral hip arthroplasty: is 1-week staging the optimum strategy?

Author(s): Atkinson Henry | Bailey Christopher | Willis-Owen Charles | Oakeshott Roger
Variability of indication criteria in knee and hip replacement: an observational study

Author(s): Cobos Raquel | Latorre Amaia | Aizpuru Felipe | Guenaga Jose | Sarasqueta Cristina | Escobar Antonio | García Lidia | Herrera-Espiñeira Carmen
Minimally-incision total hip arthoplasty: Complications

Author(s): Baščarević Z. | Vukašinović Z. | Timotijević S. | Baščarević V. | Trajković G. | Baščarević V. | Stevanović V.
Assessment of patients with hip fracture treated with hemiarthroplasty and internal fixation method

Author(s): Serdar Hakan Başaran | H. Nadir Öneş | Bülent Tanrıverdi | Erdem Edipoğlu | M. Cevdet Avkan
Material and tribological problems occurring during the design and utilisation of hip endoprostheses

Author(s): M. Gierzyńska-Dolna | W. Więckowski | H. Wiśniewska-Weinert
Follow up of biocompatibity of new total hip joint endoprosthesis in a canine model

Author(s): Ľ. Rehák | M. Žitňanský | I. Šoltés | J. Horecký
Stress-strain analysis of the femoral component of ZIREMA total hip endoprosthesis

Author(s): M. Žitňanský | Ľ. Rehák | M. Naď | R. Ďuriš
Fractures in the elderly: when is hip replacement a necessity?

Author(s): Prasad Antapur | Nizar Mahomed | Rajiv Gandhi
Bisphosphonate use and hip fracture epidemiology: ecologic proof from the contrary

Author(s): Alex Fisher | Jodie Martin | Wichat Srikusalanukul | et al
The Digital Pre-Operative Planning of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Author(s): Monika Michalíková | Lucia Bednarčíková | Martin Petrík | Jozef Živčák | Richard Raši
Cocktail Therapy for Hip Necrosis in SARS Patients

Author(s): To Wong | Ching-Jen Wang | Shan-Lin Hsu | Wen-Yi Chou | Po-Chun Lin | Chung-Cheng Huang
Effect of nitric oxide on mitochondrial activity of human synovial cells

Author(s): Cillero-Pastor Berta | Martin Miguel | Arenas Joaquín | López-Armada María | Blanco Francisco
Hip abductor moment arm - a mathematical analysis for proximal femoral replacement

Author(s): Henderson Eric | Marulanda German | Cheong David | Temple H Thomas | Letson G Douglas
Age Related Incidence and Early Outcomes of Hip Fractures: A Prospective Cohort Study of 1177 patients

Author(s): Pillai Anand | Eranki Vivek | Shenoy Ravikiran | Hadidi Mahar
Meat consumption and risk of primary hip and knee joint replacement due to osteoarthritis: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Wang Yuanyuan | Simpson Julie | Wluka Anita | English Dallas | Giles Graham | Graves Stephen | Cicuttini Flavia
Increased expression of carbonic anhydrase I in the synovium of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Author(s): Chang Xiaotian | Han Jinxiang | Zhao Yan | Yan Xinfeng | Sun Shui | Cui Yazhou
Plasma furnace for smelting and casting metal up to 3000 K

Author(s): M. Zitòanský | S. Demian | L. Rehák | L. Caplovic | R. Dorschfeld
Proximal Femoral Megaprosthesis for Failed Total Hip Arthroplasty

Author(s): Shu-Tai Shih | Jun-Wen Wang | Chia-Chen Hsu
An Automated Size Recognition Technique for Acetabular Implant in Total Hip Replacement

Author(s): A. Shapi’i | R. Sulaiman | M.K. Hasan | A.Y.M. Kassim
Use of irradiated autologous bone in joint sparing endoprosthetic femoral replacement tumor surgery

Author(s): Vijayan Sridhar | Bartlett William | Lee Robert | Ostler Peter | Blunn Gordon | Cannon Stephen | Briggs Timothy
The effect of local anaesthetic wound infiltration on chronic pain after lower limb joint replacement: A protocol for a double-blind randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Wylde Vikki | Gooberman-Hill Rachael | Horwood Jeremy | Beswick Andrew | Noble Sian | Brookes Sara | Smith Alison | Pyke Mark | Dieppe Paul | Blom Ashley
An unusual case of persistent groin pain after total hip arthroplasty: a case report

Author(s): Konala Praveen | Schaefer Thomas | Iranpour Farhad | Friederich Niklaus | Hirschmann Michael
Femoral and obturator nerves palsy caused by pelvic cement extrusion after hip arthroplasty.

Author(s): Pawel Zwolak | Peer Eysel | Joern William-Patrick Michael
Conditions before Collapse of the Contralateral Hip in Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head

Author(s): Mel S. Lee | Yu-Han Chang | En-Kai Chao | Chun-Hsiung Shih
Prevention of infection after knee arthroplasty

Author(s): Gorenoi, Vitali | Schönermark, Matthias P. | Hagen, Anja
Design and Manufacture of Short stemless Femoral Hip Implant based on CT Images

Author(s): B.R. Rawal | Rahul Ribeiro | Rajesh Malhotra | Naresh Bhatnagar
Carcass and non carcass components characteristics of lambs fed with diets containing castor mea Características da carcaça e dos componentes não-carcaça em ovinos alimentados com rações à base de farelo de mamona

Author(s): Marieta Maria Martins Vieira | Magno José Duarte Cândido | Marco Aurélio Delmondes Bomfim | Liv Soares Severino | Jorge Fernando Fuentes Zapata | Liandro Torres Beserra | Abner José Girão Meneses | Joana Paula Belém Fernandes
Process optimized minimally invasive total hip replacement

Author(s): Philipp Gebel | Markus Oszwald | Bernd Ishaque | Gaffar Ahmed | Recha Blessing | Fritz Thorey | Andreas Ottersbach

Author(s): Mehta Hiren R | Patel Paresh B | Galani Varsha J
Automatic Tools for Diagnosis Support of Total Hip Replacement Follow-up

Author(s): FLOREA, L. | FLOREA, C. | VERTAN, C. | SULTANA, A.
Morphological and Functional Alterations in Human Red Blood Cells Treated with Titanium Citrate

Author(s): Gugliotta Tiziana | De Luca Grazia | Romano Pietro | Rigano Caterina | Romano Orazio | Scuteri Adriana | Romano Leonardo
Validation of a proposed WOMAC short form for patients with hip osteoarthritis

Author(s): Bilbao Amaia | Quintana José | Escobar Antonio | Las Hayas Carlota | Orive Miren
Analysing the operative experience of basic surgical trainees in Ireland using a web-based logbook

Author(s): Lonergan Peter | Mulsow Jurgen | Tanner W Arthur | Traynor Oscar | Tierney Sean
Determining level of care appropriateness in the patient journey from acute care to rehabilitation

Author(s): Poulos Christopher | Magee Christopher | Bashford Guy | Eagar Kathy
Hip arthrodesis in the pediatric population: where do we stand?

Author(s): Bernd Bittersohl | Daniela Zaps | James D. Bomar | Harish S. Hosalkar
Myoclonus, Seizure, and Ventricular Fibrillation after Intrathecal Injection of Tranexamic Acid

Author(s): Feridoun Sabzi | Hassan Teimouri | Abdolhamid Zokai

Author(s): Hooshang Mohammadi | David N. Greyson | J. P. Wadded
Arthroplasties of hips and knees ankylosis in an adolescent with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Author(s): Dipo Samuel OLABUMUYI | Babu SUKUMARAN | Biju BENJAMIN
Self-reported outcomes of patients undergoing total hip replacement surgery assessed by the WOMAC questionnaire

Author(s): Michele Ferreira de Souza Di Nubila | Carolina Gomes Matarazzo | Andrea Diniz Lopes-Albers | Fátima Cristina Martorano Gobbi
Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behaviour

Author(s): D. Kytyr | T. Doktor | O. Jirousek | P. Zlamal | D. Pokorny
Accuracy of acetabular cup positioning using imageless navigation

Author(s): Hohmann Erik | Bryant Adam | Tetsworth Kevin
Pathological femoral neck fracture caused by an echinococcus cyst of the vastus lateralis - case report

Author(s): Csotye János | Sisák Krisztián | Bardócz Loránt | Tóth Kálmán
Simvastatin suppresses dexamethasone-induced secretion of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in human bone marrow adipocytes

Author(s): Sakamoto Kazutaka | Osaki Makoto | Hozumi Akira | Goto Hisataka | Fukushima Tatsuya | Baba Hideo | Shindo Hiroyuki
Does pre-operative psychological distress affect patient satisfaction after primary total hip arthroplasty?

Author(s): Hossain Munier | Parfitt Daniel | Beard David | Darrah Clare | Nolan John | Murray David | Andrew Glynne
Femoral nerve palsy caused by ileopectineal bursitis after total hip replacement: a case report

Author(s): Liman Jan | von Gottberg Philipp | Bähr Mathias | Kermer Pawel
Payment for performance (P4P): any future in Italy?

Author(s): Castaldi Silvana | Bodina Annalisa | Bevilacqua Luciana | Parravicini Elena | Bertuzzi Michaela | Auxilia Francesco
Impact of bleeding-related complications and/or blood product transfusions on hospital costs in inpatient surgical patients

Author(s): Stokes Michael | Ye Xin | Shah Manan | Mercaldi Katie | Reynolds Matthew | Rupnow Marcia | Hammond Jeffrey
Decision quality instrument for treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis: a psychometric evaluation

Author(s): Sepucha Karen | Stacey Dawn | Clay Catharine | Chang Yuchiao | Cosenza Carol | Dervin Geoffrey | Dorrwachter Janet | Feibelmann Sandra | Katz Jeffrey | Kearing Stephen | Malchau Henrik | Taljaard Monica | Tomek Ivan | Tugwell Peter | Levin Carrie
Uni- and multidirectional wear resistance of different crosslinking degrees in UHMWPE for artificial joints

Author(s): V.A. González-Mora | M. Hoffmann | R. Stroosnijder | E. Espinar | J.M. Llamas | M. Fernández-Fairén | F.J. Gil
Is overweight or obesity a perioperative risk factor in total hip replacement?

Author(s): Mushtaq AlAssaf | Michael Kolbeck | Wolfgang H?nle | Alexander Schuh
Ventricular Septal Defect and Left Ventricular Aneurysm After Acute Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Kasra Azarnoush | Mario Manca | Andrea Innorta | Lionel Camilleri
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