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Book Review of The Latehomecomer

Author(s): Lisa Dembouski
Recent Research and Publications

Author(s): Anne Frank
Repatriation: How Safe Is It?

Author(s): Joseph Davy
Recent Research and Publications

Author(s): Robin Vue-Benson | Anne Frank
Recent Research and Publications on the Hmong (1994-1997)

Author(s): Anne Frank | Robin Vue-Benson
Through the Spirits Door (Book Review)

Author(s): Robin Vue-Benson
Introduction to Hmong Studies Journal

Author(s): Robin Vue-Benson
Parental Influences on Hmong University Students' Success

Author(s): Andrew J. Supple | Shuntay Z. McCoy | Yudan Wang
Escape from Harm’s Way: The Experiences of Southeast Asian Elders and their Families

Author(s): Daniel F. Detzner | Aysem R. Senyurekli | Zha Blong Xiong
To Tell the Truth

Author(s): Jacques Lemoine
Financial Management in Hmong Immigrant Families: Change and Adaptation

Author(s): Pa Nhia D. Yang | Catherine A. Solheim
Southeast Asian Adolescents’ Perceptions of Immigrant Parenting Practices

Author(s): Zha Blong Xiong | Daniel F. Detzner | Michael J. Cleveland
Access to Adequate Healthcare for Hmong Women: A Patient Navigation Program to Increase Pap Test Screening

Author(s): Penny Lo | Dao Moua Fang | May Ying Ly | Susan Stewart | Serge Lee | Moon S. Chen, Jr
Gran Torino’s Boys and Men with Guns: Hmong Perspectives

Author(s): Louisa Schein | Va-Megn Thoj
Developing Culturally Sensitive Parent Education Programs for Immigrant Families: The Helping Youth Succeed Curriculum

Author(s): Zha Blong Xiong | Daniel F. Detzner | Zoe Hendrickson Keuster | Patricia A. Eliason | Rose Allen
Who is Hmong? Questions and Evidence from the U.S. Census

Author(s): Wayne Carroll | Victoria Udalova
Hmong Resettlement in French Guiana

Author(s): Patrick F. Clarkin
The Myth of Sonom, the Hmong King

Author(s): Robert Entenmann
Hmong Refugee’s Death Fugue

Author(s): Sheng-mei Ma
The Hmong and Health Care in Merced County, California

Author(s): Miriam Warner | Marilyn Mochel
Adolescents’ Problem Behaviors and Parent-Adolescent Conflicts in Hmong Immigrant Families

Author(s): Zha Blong Xiong | Arunya Tuicomepee | Kathryn D. Rettig
Food Preparation, Practices, and Safety In The Hmong Community

Author(s): Miguel A. Pérez | Long Julah Moua | Helda Pinzon-Perez
Population based allele frequencies of disease associated polymorphisms in the Personalized Medicine Research Project

Author(s): Cross Deanna | Ivacic Lynn | Stefanski Elisha | McCarty Catherine
Acculturation Processes of Hmong in Eastern Wisconsin

Author(s): John Kha Lee | Kate Green
Demographic changes and marker properties affect detection of human population differentiation

Author(s): Listman Jennifer | Malison Robert | Sughondhabirom Atapol | Yang Bao-Zhu | Raaum Ryan | Thavichachart Nuntika | Sanichwankul Kittipong | Kranzler Henry | Tangwonchai Sookjaroen | Mutirangura Apiwat | Disotell Todd | Gelernter Joel
Genetic variation in Northern Thailand Hill Tribes: origins and relationships with social structure and linguistic differences

Author(s): Besaggio Davide | Fuselli Silvia | Srikummool Metawee | Kampuansai Jatupol | Castrì Loredana | Tyler-Smith Chris | Seielstad Mark | Kangwanpong Daoroong | Bertorelle Giorgio
Sequence variation and linkage disequilibrium in the GABA transporter-1 gene (SLC6A1) in five populations: implications for pharmacogenetic research

Author(s): Hirunsatit Rungnapa | Ilomäki Risto | Malison Robert | Räsänen Pirkko | Ilomäki Essi | Kranzler Henry | Kosten Thomas | Sughondhabirom Atapol | Thavichachart Nuntika | Tangwongchai Sookjaroen | Listman Jennifer | Mutirangura Apiwat | Gelernter Joel | Lappalainen Jaakko

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