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The complete ellipsoidal shell-model in EEG imaging

Author(s): S. N. Giapalaki | F. Kariotou
Reply to comment on Cruts et al. (2008), "Exposure to diesel exhaust induces changes in EEG in human volunteers" by Valberg et al

Author(s): Crüts Björn | Driessen Anique | van Etten Ludo | Törnqvist Håkan | Blomberg Anders | Sandström Thomas | Mills Nicholas | Borm Paul
EEG Fractal Dimension Measurement before and after Human Auditory Stimulation

Author(s): Stiliyan Georgiev | Zlatogor Minchev | Christina Christova | Dolja Philipova1
Memory-matches evoke human gamma-responses

Author(s): Herrmann Christoph | Lenz Daniel | Junge Stefanie | Busch Niko | Maess Burkhard
Bifrontal transcranial direct current stimulation slows reaction time in a working memory task

Author(s): Marshall Lisa | Mölle Matthias | Siebner Hartwig | Born Jan
Graph theoretical analysis of complex networks in the brain

Author(s): Stam Cornelis | Reijneveld Jaap
Exposure to diesel exhaust induces changes in EEG in human volunteers

Author(s): Crüts Björn | van Etten Ludo | Törnqvist Håkan | Blomberg Anders | Sandström Thomas | Mills Nicholas | Borm Paul
Recognition of Transient Phenomena in a Biosignal

Author(s): K. Marsalek | J. Rozman
Cross-Language Experiment

Author(s): J. Stastny | P. Sovka
A survey of dynamical complexity in a mean-field nonlinear model of human EEG

Author(s): Frascoli Federico | Van Veen Lennaert | Bojak Ingo | Dafilis Mathew | Liley David
Emergent phenomena in human EEG: a bifurcation theory approach

Author(s): Frascoli Federico | Van Veen Lennaert | Bojak Ingo | Dafilis Mathew | Liley David
Parametric study of EEG sensitivity to phase noise during face processing

Author(s): Rousselet Guillaume | Pernet Cyril | Bennett Patrick | Sekuler Allison
Surveillance for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in China from 2006 to 2007

Author(s): Shi Qi | Gao Chen | Zhou Wei | Zhang Bao-Yun | Chen Jian-Ming | Tian Chan | Jiang Hui-Ying | Han Jun | Xiang Ni-Juan | Wang Xiao-Fang | Gao Yong-Jun | Dong Xiao-Ping
Contact heat evoked potentials using simultaneous EEG and fMRI and their correlation with evoked pain

Author(s): Roberts Katherine | Papadaki Anastasia | Gonçalves Carla | Tighe Mary | Atherton Duncan | Shenoy Ravikiran | McRobbie Donald | Anand Praveen
Time-Frequency Analysis of Heart Rate Variability for Neonatal Seizure Detection

Author(s): M. B. Malarvili | Mostefa Mesbah | Boualem Boashash
Using the nonlinear control of anaesthesia-induced hypersensitivity of EEG at burst suppression level to test the effects of radiofrequency radiation on brain function

Author(s): Lipping Tarmo | Rorarius Michael | Jäntti Ville | Annala Kari | Mennander Ari | Ferenets Rain | Toivonen Tommi | Toivo Tim | Värri Alpo | Korpinen Leena
Mutations at codons 178, 200-129, and 232 contributed to the inherited prion diseases in Korean patients

Author(s): Choi Bo-Yeong | Kim Su Yeon | Seo So-Young | An Seong Soo | Kim SangYun | Park Sang-Eun | Lee Seung-Han | Choi Yun-Ju | Kim Sang-Jin | Kim Chi-Kyeong | Park Jun-Sun | Ju Young-Ran
Extracting complexity waveforms from one-dimensional signals

Author(s): Kalauzi Aleksandar | Bojić Tijana | Rakić Ljubisav
Akor Hazirlama Etkisi

Author(s): Nart Bedin ATALAY
A Study of Brainwave Entrainment Based on EEG Brain Dynamics

Author(s): Tianbao Zhuang | Hong Zhao | Zheng Tang
EEG Based Brain Computer Interface

Author(s): Syed M. Saddique | Laraib Hassan Siddiqui
Multimodal investigations of trans-endothelial cell trafficking under condition of disrupted blood-brain barrier integrity

Author(s): Marchi Nicola | Teng Qingshan | Nguyen Minh | Franic Linda | Desai Nirav | Masaryk Thomas | Rasmussen Peter | Trasciatti Silvia | Janigro Damir
Improving attention in school settings by using Neurofeedback

Author(s): Stephan Ellinger | Pierre Walther | Jürgen Dietrich
Cortical potential imaging using L-curve and GCV method to choose the regularisation parameter

Author(s): Subramaniyam Narayan | Väisänen Outi | Wendel Katrina | Malmivuo Jaakko
Brain function assessment in different conscious states

Author(s): Ozgoren Murat | Bayazit Onur | Kocaaslan Sibel | Gokmen Necati | Oniz Adile
Psychomotor seizures, Penfield, Gibbs, Bailey and the development of anterior temporal lobectomy: A historical vignette

Author(s): Vannemreddy Prasad | Stone James | Vannemreddy Siddharth | Slavin Konstantin
Windows on the Human Body – in Vivo High-Field Magnetic Resonance Research and Applications in Medicine and Psychology

Author(s): Ewald Moser | Martin Meyerspeer | Florian Ph. S. Fischmeister | Günther Grabner | Herbert Bauer | Siegfried Trattnig
Quantitative EEG Characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults

Author(s): Silvana Markovska-Simoska | Nada Pop-Jordanova
Electroencephalographic and behavioral convulsant effects of hydrobromide and hydrochloride salts of bupropion in conscious rodents

Author(s): David C Henshall | Nick Dürmüller | H Steve White | Robert Williams, et al.
New technologies to investigate the brain-gut axis

Author(s): Abhishek Sharma, Dina Lelic, Christina Brock, Peter Paine, Qasim Aziz
Emotion Recognition Using Speech and EEG Signal ?A Review

Author(s): Priyanka Abhang | Shashibala Rao | Bharti W. Gawali | Pramod Rokade
Pituitary hormone circadian rhythm alterations in cirrhosis patients with subclinical hepatic encephalopathy

Author(s): Dimitrios Velissaris, Menelaos Karanikolas, Andreas Kalogeropoulos, Ekaterini Solomou, Panagiotis Polychronopoulos, Konstantinos Thomopoulos, Chrissoula Labropoulou-Karatza
Smart Sensor Design Analysis in Brain Machine Interface using Labview

Author(s): Mamatha M.N. | S. Ramachandran | M. Chandrasekaran
Selective nociceptor activation in volunteers by infrared diode laser

Author(s): Tzabazis Alexander | Klukinov Michael | Crottaz-Herbette Sonia | Nemenov Mikhail | Angst Martin | Yeomans David
Spatial and temporal EEG dynamics of dual-task driving performance

Author(s): Lin Chin-Teng | Chen Shi-An | Chiu Tien-Ting | Lin Hong-Zhang | Ko Li-Wei

Nonlinear analysis of EEG signals at different mental states

Author(s): Natarajan Kannathal | Acharya U Rajendra | Alias Fadhilah | Tiboleng Thelma | Puthusserypady Sadasivan
Profile of intractable epilepsy in a tertiary referral center.

Author(s): Singhvi J | Sawhney I | Lal V | Pathak A | Prabhakar S
Seizures after stroke : a prospective clinical study.

Author(s): Dhanuka A | Misra U | Kalita J
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease : report of 10 cases from North India.

Author(s): Mehndiratta M | Bajaj B | Gupta M | Anand R | Tatke M | Seryam S | Nehru R | Puri V | Khwaja G
Herpes simplex encephalitis in North West India.

Author(s): Panagariya A | Jain R | Gupta S | Garg A | Sureka R | Mathur V
The lateralizing significance of version of head and dystonic limb posturing in epileptic seizures.

Author(s): Shukla G | Bhatia M | Gaekwad S | Singh V | Jain S | Maheshwari M
Influence of head models on EEG simulations and inverse source localizations

Author(s): Ramon Ceon | Schimpf Paul | Haueisen Jens
Pattern of language-related potential maps in cluster and noncluster initial consonants in consonant-vowel (CV) syllables

Author(s): Wichian Sittiprapaporn | Chittin Chindaduangratn | Naiphinich Kotchabhakdi
Context-Based Filtering for Assisted Brain-Actuated Wheelchair Driving

Author(s): Gerolf Vanacker | José del R. Millán | Eileen Lew | Pierre W. Ferrez | Ferran Galán Moles | Johan Philips | Hendrik Van Brussel | Marnix Nuttin
Channel Selection and Feature Projection for Cognitive Load Estimation Using Ambulatory EEG

Author(s): Tian Lan | Deniz Erdogmus | Andre Adami | Santosh Mathan | Misha Pavel
Corticomuscular synchronization with small and large dynamic force output

Author(s): Andrykiewicz Agnieszka | Patino Luis | Naranjo Jose | Witte Matthias | Hepp-Reymond Marie-Claude | Kristeva Rumyana
High-Resolution Movement EEG Classification

Author(s): Jakub Štastný | Pavel Sovka
Human-machine interfaces based on EMG and EEG applied to robotic systems

Author(s): Ferreira Andre | Celeste Wanderley | Cheein Fernando | Bastos-Filho Teodiano | Sarcinelli-Filho Mario | Carelli Ricardo
Joint Time-Frequency-Space Classification of EEG in a Brain-Computer Interface Application

Author(s): Jean-Marc Vesin | Touradj Ebrahimi | Gary N. Garcia Molina
The influence of NMDA receptor 2B subunit (GRIN2B) on cortical electrical oscillation

Author(s): Tien-Wen Lee | Younger W-Y Yu | Chen-Jee Hong | Shih-Jen Tsai | Hung-Chi Wu | Tai-Jui Chen

Author(s): Basavaraj Hiremath, Srinivas Halvi, Shivanand S Gornale
The Effect of Resonance on Human Consciousness

Author(s): D A Brahmankar | R S Dange | V H Mankar
Concept Adapting Real-Time Data Stream Mining for Health Care Applications

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Jyoti G. Mudkanna | Dnyaneshwar Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Joint Time-Frequency-Space Classification of EEG in a Brain-Computer Interface Application

Author(s): Molina Gary N Garcia | Ebrahimi Touradj | Vesin Jean-Marc
Time-Frequency Analysis of Heart Rate Variability for Neonatal Seizure Detection

Author(s): Malarvili MB | Mesbah Mostefa | Boashash Boualem
Following the genes: a framework for animal modeling of psychiatric disorders

Author(s): Mitchell Kevin | Huang Z Josh | Moghaddam Bita | Sawa Akira
Cerebrospinal Fluid Markers in Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Author(s): Gianluigi Zanusso | Michele Fiorini | Sergio Ferrari | Alberto Gajofatto | Annachiara Cagnin | Andrea Galassi | Silvia Richelli | Salvatore Monaco
Early effect of NEURAPAS® balance on current source density (CSD) of human EEG

Author(s): Dimpfel Wilfried | Koch Klaus | Weiss Gabriele
Studying functional networks in human brain through intracerebral spontaneous EEG

Author(s): Arnulfo Gabriele | Pigorini Andrea | Massimini Marcello | Nobili Lino | Schenone Andrea
Classification of human emotion from EEG using discrete wavelet transform

Author(s): Murugappan Murugappan | Nagarajan Ramachandran | Yaacob Sazali
Sleep spindles detection from human sleep EEG signals using autoregressive (AR) model: a surrogate data approach

Author(s): Venkatakrishnan Perumalsamy | Sangeetha Sankaranarayanan | Sukanesh Rajamony
Steering a Tractor by Means of an EMG-Based Human-Machine Interface

Author(s): Jaime Gomez-Gil | Israel San-Jose-Gonzalez | Luis Fernando Nicolas-Alonso | Sergio Alonso-Garcia
Swarm Negative Selection Algorithm for Electroencephalogram Signals Classification

Author(s): Nasser O.S.B. Karait | Siti M. Shamsuddin | Rubita Sudirman
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