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An experience of virtual leadership development for human resource managers

Author(s): Sherk Karen | Nauseda Fiona | Johnson Sarah | Liston Delphine
The Civil Servants Career Development

Author(s): Mihaela Comãnescu

Author(s): Florin Alexandru LUCA | Corina Ana-Maria IOAN
Occupational health and safety: Role of academic institutions

Author(s): Jaiswal Abhishek | Patro Binod | Pandav Chandrakant
Effectiveness of a training-of-trainers model in a HIV counseling and testing program in the Caribbean Region

Author(s): Hiner Cynthia | Mandel Brinnon | Weaver Marcia | Bruce Douglas | McLaughlin Robert | Anderson Jean

Author(s): Martin A. Hubbe | Urs Buehlmann
Human resources for maternal health: multi-purpose or specialists?

Author(s): Fauveau Vincent | Sherratt Della | de Bernis Luc
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Appropriate training and retention of community doctors in rural areas: a case study from Mali

Author(s): Van Dormael Monique | Dugas Sylvie | Kone Yacouba | Coulibaly Seydou | Sy Mansour | Marchal Bruno | Desplats Dominique
Effective scale-up: avoiding the same old traps

Author(s): Gaye Pape | Nelson David
Diaspora Knowledge Networks: Vanishing Doubts and Increasing Evidence

Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Meyer | Jean-Paul Wattiaux
Training evaluation: a case study of training Iranian health managers

Author(s): Omar Maye | Gerein Nancy | Tarin Ehsanullah | Butcher Christopher | Pearson Stephen | Heidari Gholamreza
Programme evaluation training for health professionals in francophone Africa: process, competence acquisition and use

Author(s): Ridde Valéry | Fournier Pierre | Banza Baya | Tourigny Caroline | Ouédraogo Dieudonné
Training health care workers to promote HIV services for patients with tuberculosis in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author(s): Driessche Koen | Sabue Mulangu | Dufour Wendy | Behets Frieda | Van Rie Annelies
Existing capacity to manage pharmaceuticals and related commodities in East Africa: an assessment with specific reference to antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Waako Paul | Odoi-adome Richard | Obua Celestino | Owino Erisa | Tumwikirize Winnie | Ogwal-okeng Jasper | Anokbonggo Willy | Matowe Lloyd | Aupont Onesky
Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Experience for Health Human Resources Focused on the Holistic Promotion of Health and the Prevention of the Disease

Author(s): Ruth Pérez Hernández | Adriana Fajardo Hoyos | Gladys Navarrete | Carlos Alfonso Avendaño
Education, underemployment and job satisfaction

Author(s): Shujaat Farooq | Usman Ahmed | Rehmat Ali
Forestry at the EU’s Doorstep – How Much are We Ready in the Area of Occupational Safety in Forestry?

Author(s): Ivan Martinić | Matija Landekić | Mario Šporčić | Marko Lovrić
Hurdles at work: perceptions of hospital food handlers

Author(s): Bertin Cilce | Rezende Magda | Sigulem Dirce | Morais Tania
The role of nurses and midwives in polio eradication and measles control activities: a survey in Sudan and Zambia

Author(s): Nkowane Annette | Boualam Liliane | Haithami Salah | El Sayed El Tayeb | Mutambo Helen
Improving mental and neurological health research in Latin America: a qualitative study

Author(s): Fiestas Fabián | Gallo Carla | Poletti Giovanni | Bustamante Inés | Alarcón Renato | Mari Jair | Razzouk Denise | Olifson Sylvie | Mazzotti Guido
Competences. Diagnosis and Assessment Models Competencias: modelos de diagnóstico y evaluación.

Author(s): Maria Cristina Núñez Martínez | Felicia Margarita Llerena Bermúdez
Diagnostic and assessment models patterns Competencias: modelos de diagnóstico y evaluación.

Author(s): Maria Cristina Núñez Martínez | Felicia Margarita Llerena Bermúdez
Trauma care systems in Saudi Arabia: an agenda for action

Author(s): Al-Naami Mohammed | Arafah Maria | Al-Ibrahim Fatimah
Midwifery tutors' capacity and willingness to teach contraception, post-abortion care, and legal pregnancy termination in Ghana

Author(s): Voetagbe Gertrude | Yellu Nathaniel | Mills Joseph | Mitchell Ellen | Adu-Amankwah Amanda | Jehu-Appiah Koma | Nyante Felix
Building capacity in health facility management: guiding principles for skills transfer in Liberia

Author(s): Rowe Laura | Brillant Sister | Cleveland Emily | Dahn Bernice | Ramanadhan Shoba | Podesta Mae | Bradley Elizabeth
The role and characteristics of a manager in the strategic transformation of the health care system

Author(s): Gajić-Stevanović Milena | Teodorović Nevenka | Vukša Ana | Živković Slavoljub
The health workforce crisis in Bangladesh: shortage, inappropriate skill-mix and inequitable distribution

Author(s): Ahmed Syed | Hossain Md Awlad | RajaChowdhury Ahmed | Bhuiya Abbas
Increasing health worker capacity through distance learning: a comprehensive review of programmes in Tanzania

Author(s): Nartker Anya | Stevens Liz | Shumays Alyson | Kalowela Martin | Kisimbo Daniel | Potter Katy
Self-imitation and Environmental Scaffolding for Robot Teaching

Author(s): Joe Saunders | Chrystopher L. Nehaniv | Kerstin Dautenhahn | Aris Alissandrakis
The training and professional expectations of medical students in Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique

Author(s): Ferrinho Paulo | Sidat Mohsin | Fresta Mário | Rodrigues Amabélia | Fronteira Inês | da Silva Florinda | Mercer Hugo | Cabral Jorge | Dussault Gilles
The impact on nurses and nurse managers of introducing PEPFAR clinical services in urban government clinics in Uganda

Author(s): Nankumbi Joyce | Groves Sara | Leontsini Elli | Kyegombe Nambusi | Coutinho Alex | Manabe Yuka
The organization and implementation of community-based education programs for health worker training institutions in Uganda

Author(s): Kaye Dan | Mwanika Andrew | Burnham Gilbert | Chang Larry | Mbalinda Scovia | Okullo Isaac | Nabirye Rose | Muhwezi Wilson | Oria Hussein | Kijjambu Stephen | Atuyambe Lynn | Aryeija Warren
Makerere University College of Health Sciences’ role in addressing challenges in health service provision at Mulago National Referral Hospital

Author(s): Kizza Irene | Tugumisirize Joshua | Tweheyo Raymond | Mbabali Speciosa | Kasangaki Arabat | Nshimye Edith | Sekandi Juliet | Groves Sara | Kennedy Caitlin
Social Skills for Successful Career Development

Author(s): Iosif Fagoulis | Niki Phillips
A formação do Químico

Author(s): Andrade Jailson B. de | Cadore Solange | Vieira Paulo Cezar | Zucco César | Pinto Angelo C.
The health workforce crisis in TB control: a report from high-burden countries

Author(s): Figueroa-Munoz José | Palmer Karen | Poz Mario | Blanc Leopold | Bergström Karin | Raviglione Mario
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Human resources for the control of road traffic injury

Author(s): Mock Charles | Kobusingye Olive | Anh Le Vu | Afukaar Francis | Arreola-Risa Carlos
Analysis of adequacy levels for human resources improvement within primary health care framework in Africa

Author(s): Florence Parent | Audrey Fromageot | Yves Coppieters | Colette Lejeune | Dominique Lemenu | Michèle Garant | Danielle Piette | Alain Levêque | Jean-Marie De
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Effects of health decentralization, financing and governance in Mexico

Author(s): Arredondo Armando | Orozco Emanuel
The training and development needs of nurses in Indonesia: paper 3 of 3

Author(s): Hennessy Deborah | Hicks Carolyn | Hilan Aflah | Kawonal Yoanna
How much time do health services spend on antenatal care? Implications for the introduction of the focused antenatal care model in Tanzania

Author(s): von Both Claudia | Fleβa Steffen | Makuwani Ahmad | Mpembeni Rose | Jahn Albrecht
Public-private partnerships to build human capacity in low income countries: findings from the Pfizer program

Author(s): Vian Taryn | Richards Sarah | McCoy Kelly | Connelly Patrick | Feeley Frank
Human resource management in the Georgian National Immunization Program: a baseline assessment

Author(s): Esmail Laura | Cohen-Kohler Jillian | Djibuti Mamuka
HIV and infant feeding counselling: challenges faced by nurse-counsellors in northern Tanzania

Author(s): Leshabari Sebalda | Blystad Astrid | de Paoli Marina | Moland Karen
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Human Resource Training Evaluation

Author(s): Vilmantė Kumpikaitė
Major surgery delegation to mid-level health practitioners in Mozambique: health professionals' perceptions

Author(s): Cumbi Amelia | Pereira Caetano | Malalane Raimundo | Vaz Fernando | McCord Colin | Bacci Alberta | Bergström Staffan
Human resources for health challenges of public health system reform in Georgia

Author(s): Djibuti Mamuka | Gotsadze George | Mataradze George | Menabde George
Contribution to the Modelling of the Production System Skills

From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Investigation of the effect of swimming programs on improving vocational relationships

Author(s): Iman Nazerian | Mohammad Reza Iravani | Akram Soltani
Competencies Framework for Civil Engineer in Thailand

Author(s): Phanudej Kudngaongarm | Chuchai Sujivorakul
New Opportunities in Informal Learning

Author(s): Zuzana Šedivá
Bridging the urological divide

Author(s): Roberts Robin

Author(s): Bucciarelli Edgardo | Odoardi Iacopo | Pagliari Carmen | Tateo Armando

Author(s): Carmen CHAŞOVSCHI | Otilia ALBU | Codrin COCIERU
Human resources for maternal, newborn and child health: from measurement and planning to performance for improved health outcomes

Author(s): Gupta Neeru | Maliqi Blerta | França Adson | Nyonator Frank | Pate Muhammad | Sanders David | Belhadj Hedia | Daelmans Bernadette
Patient safety education for undergraduate medical students: a systematic review

Author(s): Nie Yanli | Li Lin | Duan Yurong | Chen Peixian | Barraclough Bruce | Zhang Mingming | Li Jing
The Strategic Role of Human Resources Development in the Management of Organizational Crisis

Author(s): Cristina MANOLE | Cristina ALPOPI | Sofia Elena COLESCA
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