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Paradigms of Intelligent Systems

Author(s): Dana Ramona ANDRISESCU
A hybrid approach to automatic generation of NC programs

Author(s): M. Tolouei-Rad | G. Payeganeh
Cooperative Inter-vehicle Communication Protocol With Low Cost Differential GPS

Author(s): Xunxing Diao | Messaoud Kara | Jian-jin Li | Kun-Mean Hou | Haiying Zhou | Aurelien Jacquot
Intelligent Case for Semiotic Systems

Author(s): Vadim N. Vagin | Novruz Allahverdi
Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia Based on Hybrid System

Author(s): T. M. Nazmy | H. EL-Messiry | B. AL-Bokhity
A Hybrid Three Layer Architecture for Fire Agent Management in Rescue Simulation Environment

Author(s): Alborz Geramifard | Peyman Nayeri | Reza Zamani-Nasab | Jafar Habibi
A Conexionist Intelligent System for Accounting

Author(s): Florin APARASCHIVEI
A Study of Neuro-fuzzy System in Approximation-based Problems

Author(s): Lim Eng Aik | Yogan S/O Jayakumar
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti | Alejandro Padilla
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Guangxue Yue | Jiexian Zeng | Wen Chen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Kun Mean HOU
Optical Flow in a Smart Sensor Based on Hybrid Analog-Digital Architecture

Author(s): Pablo Guzmán | Javier Díaz | Rodrigo Agís | Eduardo Ros
A hybrid approach to dynamic course generation on the WWW

Author(s): Diana STEFANESCU | Emilia PECHEANU | Luminita DUMITRIU
Identifying and Tracking Pedestrians Based on Sensor Fusion and Motion Stability Predictions

Author(s): Basam Musleh | Fernando García | Javier Otamendi | José Mª Armingol | Arturo de la Escalera
Cyber Physical Systems: A New Approach to Power Electronics Simulation, Control and Testing

A Cross Entropy-Genetic Algorithm for m-Machines No-Wait Job-ShopScheduling Problem

Author(s): Budi Santosa | Muhammad Arif Budiman | Stefanus Eko Wiratno
Solving Uncertain Problems using ANFIS

Author(s): Dr G.S.V.P. Raju | V. Mary Sumalatha | K.V. Ramani | K.V. Lakshmi
Sensitive Data Protection Based on Intrusion Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Jingyu Wang | xuefeng Zheng | Dengliang Luo
Force-Directed Method in Mirror Frames for Graph Drawing

Author(s): Jing Lee | Ching-Hsing Pei
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guangxue Yue | Jun Zhang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Studies on Optimization Algorithms for Some Artificial Neural Networks Based on Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Author(s): Shifei Ding | Xinzheng Xu | Hong Zhu | Jian Wang | Fengxiang Jin
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
Soft Computing Techniques for Process Control Applications

Author(s): Rahul Malhotra | Narinder Singh | Yaduvir Singh

Author(s): Neha Kapoor | Gopal Krishan | Roohi Kapoor
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi
Design of Hybrid Fuzzy Neural Network for Function Approximation

Author(s): Amit Mishra | Zaheeruddin Zaheeruddin
Reducing False Alerts Using Intelligent Hybrid Systems

Author(s): Sravan Kumar Jonnalagadda | Subha Sree Mallela

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