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Formulation of soy oil products

Author(s): Woerfel, John B.
Catalytic transfer-hydrogenations of olefins in glycerol

Author(s): Dorith Tavor | Sergay Popov | Christina Dlugy | Adi Wolfson
tert-Butyl 4-carbamoyl-3-methoxyimino-4-methylpiperidine-1-carboxylate

Author(s): Juxian Wang | Mingliang Liu | Jue Cao | Yucheng Wang
Chemoselective reduction of aldehydes by ruthenium trichloride and resin-bound formates

Author(s): Basudeb Basu | Bablee Mandal | Sajal Das | Pralay Das | Ashis K Nanda
Catalyst in Basic Oleochemicals

Author(s): Eva Suyenty | Herlina Sentosa | Mariani Agustine | Sandy Anwar | Abun Lie | Erwin Sutanto
Development of a Novel Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Heterogeneous Catalysis in Supercritical CO2

Author(s): Nazrul M. Islam | Maya Chatterjee | Yutaka Ikushima | Toshiro Yokoyama | Hajime Kawanami
The transfer of conjugated linoleic acid and vaccenic acid from milk to meat in goats

Author(s): A. Nudda | G. Battacone | S. Fancellu | G. Pulina
A Recyclable Nanoparticle-Supported Rhodium Catalyst for Hydrogenation Reactions

Author(s): Maria Michela Dell’Anna | Vito Gallo | Piero Mastrorilli | Giuseppe Romanazzi
Olive oil in food spreads

Author(s): Blanco Muñoz, Miguel A.
Baker's yeast catalyzed asymmetric reduction of methyl acetoacetate in glycerol containing systems

Author(s): Adi Wolfson | Nisim Haddad | Chrstina Dlugy | Dorith Tavor | Yoram Shotland
Enantioselective Hydrogenations with Chiral Titanocenes

Author(s): O. Vassylyev | A. Panarello | J. Khinast
Immobilization of Chiral Ferrocenyl Ligands on Silica Gel and their Testing in Pd-catalyzed Allylic Substitution and Rh-catalyzed Hydrogenation

Author(s): Ján Cvengroš | Štefan Toma | Mária Žembéryová | Duncan J. Macquarrie
An Efficient Synthesis of γ-Aminoacids and Attempts to Drive Its Enantioselectivity

Author(s): Salvador Gil | Margarita Parra | Pablo Rodríguez
Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexahydrophosphinine 1-Oxides by Catalytic Hydrogenation of 3-Phosphabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane 3-Oxides

Author(s): György Keglevich | Antal Tungler | Kálmán Újszászy | Tibor Novák | László Tôke
Recent Developments in the Area of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation

Author(s): Martin Wills | Matthew Palmer | Athene Smith | Jennifer Kenny | Tim Walsgrove
Catalytic Hydrogenation Reaction of Naringin-Chalcone. Study of the Electrochemical Reaction

Author(s): M. A. Nazareno | A. N. Giannuzzo | H. T. Mishima | B. A. López de Mishima
A Simple and Efficient Route for Preparing 2,3,5,6-Tetraaminopyridine Hydrochloride Salt

Author(s): Yanhong Wang | Zhen Hu | Xiangli Meng | Jiehui Jing | Yuanjun Song | Chunhua Zhang | Yudong Huang
Selective Reduction of Dimedone

Author(s): Ulla Létinois | Werner Bonrath
Chiral Pt/ZrO2 Catalysts. Enantioselective Hydrogenation of 1-phenyl-1,2-propanedione

Author(s): Claudia Urbina | Cristian Campos | Gina Pecchi | Carmen Claver | Patricio Reyes
In-situ Synthesis of Zeolite with Encapsulated Pt and Its Hydrogenation Activity at High Levels of Sulfur

Author(s): Song Chen | Lianhui Ding | Jinwen Chen | Craig Fairbridge | Yu Shi
Ni(0)-CMC-Na Nickel Colloids in Sodium Carboxymethyl-Cellulose: Catalytic Evaluation in Hydrogenation Reactions

Author(s): Mohamed Anouar Harrad | Pedro Valerga | M. Carmen Puerta | Issam Houssini | Mustapha Ait Ali | Larbi El Firdoussi | Abdallah Karim
Trans fatty acids and coronary artery disease

Author(s): Jocelyne R Benatar
Dietary trans-fatty acids and metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Zdzisław Kochan | Joanna Karbowska | Ewa Babicz-Zielińska
Selective Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Linolenic Acid on Pd/Al2O3 and Pd-Co/Al2O3 Catalysts

Author(s): Sylvie Breton | Anne Brisach-Wittmeyer | José Julian Rios Martín | Manuel León Camacho | Andrzej Lasia | Hugues Ménard
First-principles study of half-metallicity in semi-hydrogenated BC3, BC5, BC7, and B-doped graphone sheets

Author(s): Ding Yi | Wang Yanli | Ni Jun | Shi Lin | Shi Siqi | Li Chaorong | Tang Weihua
Alcohol Synthesis over Pre-Reduced Activated Carbon-Supported Molybdenum-Based Catalysts

Author(s): Xianguo Li | Lijuan Feng | Lijun Zhang | Dady B. Dadyburjor | Edwin L. Kugler
Synthesis of Chiral Building Blocks for Use in Drug Discovery

Author(s): Sharon T. Marino | Danuta Stachurska-Buczek | Daniel A. Huggins | Beata M. Krywult | Craig S. Sheehan | Thao Nguyen | Neil Choi | Jack G. Parsons | Peter G. Griffiths | Ian W. James | Andrew M. Bray | Jonathan M. White | Rustum S. Boyce
Estudio de la hidrogenación del aceite de jojoba

Author(s): Pramparo, María C. | Willnecker, Alberto
Preparation of Semi-Solid Fats by Chemical Interesterification

Author(s): Shahla Sanaz | Hamidi Ali Asghar

Author(s): D. Bombos | Mihaela Bombos | I. Stanciu | Fanica Bacalum | V. Matei | T. Juganaru | S. Neagoe | N. Naum
Application of Esterification in the Manufacture of Suitable Fat for the Production of Margarine

Author(s): S. Zomorrodi | R. Shokrani | M. Shahedi | S. Dokhani
Upgrading the lipid fraction of foods of animal origin by dietary means: rumen activity and presence of trans fatty acids and CLA in milk and meat

Author(s): Mauro Antongiovanni | Arianna Buccioni | Francesco Petacchi | Pierlorenzo Secchiari | Marcello Mele | Andrea Serra
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Ru(II) Complexes and Their Application in Selective Hydrogenation

Author(s): Ismail Warad | Zeid Al-Othman | Saud Al-Resayes | Salem S. Al-Deyab | El-Refaie Kenawy
Effect of plasma nitrided layers on low- alloy steel on its hydrogen degradation

Author(s): A. Zieliński | J. Ćwiek | B. Błaszkiewicz
Comparative Effects of R- and S-equol and Implication of Transactivation Functions (AF-1 and AF-2) in Estrogen Receptor-Induced Transcriptional Activity

Author(s): Svitlana Shinkaruk | Charlotte Carreau | Gilles Flouriot | Catherine Bennetau-Pelissero | Mylène Potier
Bifunctional Catalysis: Direct Reductive Amination of Aliphatic Ketones with an Iridium-Phosphate Catalyst

Author(s): Barbara Villa-Marcos | Chaoqun Li | Keith R. Mulholland | Philip J. Hogan | Jianliang Xiao
Resveratrol and its biological actions

Author(s): Shah Praharsh | Patel Jagruti
Trans fatty acid isomers from hydrogenated fats: The controversy about health implications

Author(s): Valenzuela, Alfonso | King, Judith | Nieto, Susana
Effect of vegetable oil oxidation on the hydrogenation reaction process

Author(s): Kalantari, Faranak | Bahmaei, Manochehr | Ameri, Majid | Shoaei, Ehsan

Author(s): A.V. Kravtsov | V.A. Zuev | I.A. Kozlov | A.V. Milishnikov | E.D. Ivanchina | E.M. Uriev | E.N. Ivashkina | V.A. Fetisova | I.O. Shnidorova
Hydrogenation of Ethyl Acetate to Ethanol over Ni-Based Catalysts Obtained from Ni/Al Hydrotalcite-Like Compounds

Author(s): Beixiao Zhang | Lu Lin | Junping Zhuang | Ying Liu | Lincai Peng | Longfei Jiang
Studies of Irvingia gabonensis Seed Kernels: Oil Technological Applications

Author(s): L. Matos | J.M. Nzikou | E. Matouba | V.N. Pandzou-Yembe | T. Guembot Mapepoulou | M. Linder | S. Desobry
Benefits of mesopores in nanocristalline Pd/SnO2 catalysts for nitrate hydrogenation

Author(s): Kovačević Marijana K. | Kiš Erne E. | Bošković Goran C.
Partial hydrogenation of edible oils: Synthesis and verification of the nickel catalyst

Author(s): Jovanović Dušan M. | Marković Branislav | Stanković Miroslav | Rožić Ljiljana S. | Novaković Tatjana B. | Vuković Zorica M. | Anić Mirjana R. | Petrović Srđan P.

The DFT Study of Amide Reduction by Borane and Alane: Structural Stability and Reaction Mechanisms

Author(s): Sirikorn Chasvised | Wandee Rakrai | Nongnit Morakot | Banchob Wanno
Hydrogenation Effect on Mg/Co Multilayer Thin Films

Author(s): M. K. JANGID | S.P. NEHRA, M.SINGH
Asymmetric Organocatalytic Reactions of α,β-Unsaturated Cyclic Ketones

Author(s): Renato Dalpozzo | Giuseppe Bartoli | Giorgio Bencivenni
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of RFe10V2Zy (R = Y, Nd and Z = H, N)

Author(s): N Tajabor | H Fadafan Khandan | M R Alinejad
Hidrogenación e interesterificación del aceite de castaña de Brasil (Bertholletia excelsa)

Author(s): Sotero Solis, Víctor | Gioielli, Luiz Antonio | Polakiewicz, Bronislaw
Formation of polymerization compounds during thermal oxidation of cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and their blends

Author(s): Steel, C. J. | Dobarganes, M. C. | Barrera-Arellano, D. Laboratório de Óleos e Gorduras, Departa
Preparation and Determination of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Margarine

Author(s): Weihnacht, Z. | Petelinc Rupčić, S. | Habazin, S.

Formation of delta-doped p-layer of hydrogen in natural and CVD-diamond crystals

Author(s): Altukhov A. A. | Afanas’ev M. S. | Zyabliuk K. N. | Mityagin A. Yu. | Talipov N. H. | Chucheva G. V.
Production of Cocoa Butter Replacer by Dry Fractionation, Partial Hydrogenation, Chemical and Enzymatic Interesterification of Tea Seed Oil

Author(s): Mohsen Barzegar | Zohreh Hamidi-Esfehani | Soheila Zarringhalami | Mohammad Ali Sahari
Catalytic Reduction of Benzaldehyde Under Hydrogen Flow over Nickel-Containing Mesoporous Silica Catalysts

Author(s): Djamila Halliche | Chérifa Rabia | Khaldoun Bachari | Adel Saadi | Kahina Lanasri
Production of Cocoa Butter Replacer by Dry Fractionation, Partial Hydrogenation, Chemical and Enzymatic Interesterification of Tea Seed Oil

Author(s): Mohsen Barzegar | Zohreh Hamidi-Esfehani | Soheila Zarringhalami | Mohammad Ali Sahari
Catalytic Reduction of Benzaldehyde Under Hydrogen Flow over Nickel-Containing Mesoporous Silica Catalysts

Author(s): Djamila Halliche | Chérifa Rabia | Khaldoun Bachari | Adel Saadi | Kahina Lanasri

Author(s): Božena Mlynková | Martin Bajus | Elena Hájeková | Gabriel Kostrab | Dušan Mravec

Author(s): Sepehr Sadighi | S.Reza Seif Mohaddecy | Omid Ghabouli | Majid Bahmani
The in Vitro Structure-Related Anti-Cancer Activity of Ginsenosides and Their Derivatives

Author(s): Hang Dong | Li-Ping Bai | Vincent Kam Wai Wong | Hua Zhou | Jing-Rong Wang | Yan Liu | Zhi-Hong Jiang | Liang Liu
Hydrogen Sorption Properties of the Intermetallic Mg2Ni Obtained by Using a Simoloyer Ball Milling

Author(s): Martínez–Franco E. | Klassen T. | Jaramillo–Vigueras D. | Bormann R.
Hydrolysis - Hydrogenation of soybean oil and tallow

Author(s): Gisel Chenard Díaz | Rodolfo Salazar Perez | Neyda de la C. Om Tapanes | Donato Alexandre Gomes Aranda | Angel Almarales Arceo
The Beneficial Effect of Hydrogen on CO Oxidation over Au Catalysts. A Computational Study

Author(s): Akhtar Hussain | Jose Gracia | J. W. Niemantsverdriet | B. E. Nieuwenhuys
The effect of hydrogen treatment of cadmium telluride single crystals on their optical transmission spectra

Author(s): Pigur O. N. | Popovych V. D. | Potera P. | Virt I. S. | Tsybrii (Ivasiv) Z. F.
Modified clays, PILC’s, applied in catalysis

Author(s): Delgado Blanco Carmen | Krstić Vesna R. | Gonzalez Pesquera Carmen | Martinez González Fernando
Synthesis and study of carbon microspheres for use as catalyst support for cobalt

Author(s): S.D. Mhlanga | K.C. Mondal | N. Naidoo | M.J. Witcomb | N.J. Coville
Welches Fett das Kraut fett macht: Rapsöl und andere

Author(s): Fussenegger D | Widhalm K

Author(s): Thomas Theissmann | Michael Bolte
Capas de SiGe policristalino hidrogenado y su aplicación en transistores de película delgada

Author(s): Rodríguez, A. | Rodríguez, T. | Sangrador, J. | San Andrés, E. | Mártil, I.
Evaluation of a commercial packed bed flow hydrogenator for reaction screening, optimization, and synthesis

Author(s): Marian C. Bryan | David Wernick | Christopher D. Hein | James V. Petersen | John W. Eschelbach | Elizabeth M. Doherty
Studies on the Preparation of (S)-3-chloro-phenyl-1-propanol by Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrogenation of B-chloro-propiophenone

Author(s): Yuxiang Wang | Mang Zheng | Xiaoyan Li | Langsong Si | Daofa He | Yajuan Zhao
Influence of surface properties on the electrical conductivity of silicon nanomembranes

Author(s): Zhao Xiangfu | Scott Shelley | Huang Minghuang | Peng Weina | Kiefer Arnold | Flack Frank | Savage Donald | Lagally Max
Continuous flow hydrogenation using polysilane-supported palladium/alumina hybrid catalysts

Author(s): Hidekazu Oyamada | Takeshi Naito | Shū Kobayashi
A two step synthesis of a key unit B precursor of cryptophycins by asymmetric hydrogenation

Author(s): Benedikt Sammet | Mathilde Brax | Norbert Sewald

Author(s): María J. Maccarrone | Cecilia Lederhos | Juan Badano | Mónica E. Quiroga | Juan C. Yori
Comparison of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content in milk of ewes and goats with the same dietary regimen

Author(s): A. Nudda | M. Mele | G. Battacone | M.G. Usai | N.P.P Macciotta
Upgrading of Bio-Oil into High-Value Hydrocarbons via Hydrodeoxygenation

Author(s): Murni M. Ahmad | M. F.R. Nordin | M. T. Azizan
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