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Evolution of a subtilisin-like protease gene family in the grass endophytic fungus Epichloë festucae

Author(s): Bryant Michelle | Schardl Christopher | Hesse Uljana | Scott Barry
Systematics of Hypocrea citrina and related taxa

Author(s): Barrie E. Overton | Elwin L. Stewart | David M. Geiser | Walter M. Jaklitsch
The Trichoderma koningii aggregate species

Author(s): Gary J. Samuels | Sarah L. Dodd | Bing-Sheng Lu | Orlando Petrini | Hans-Josef Schroers | Irina S. Druzhinina
Hypocrea rufa/Trichoderma viride: a reassessment, and description of five closely related species with and without warted conidia

Author(s): Walter M. Jaklitsch | Gary J. Samuels | Sarah L. Dodd | Bing-Sheng Lu | Irina S. Druzhinina
Calonectria species and their Cylindrocladium anamorphs: species with clavate vesicles

Author(s): Pedro W. Crous | Johannes Z. Groenewald | Jean-Michel Risède | Philippe Simoneau | Kevin D. Hyde
Current and Future Experimental Strategies for Structural Analysis of Trichothecene Mycotoxins—A Prospectus

Author(s): Roxanne A. Shank | Nora A. Foroud | Paul Hazendonk | François Eudes | Barbara A. Blackwell
Diversity and Antibacterial Activities of Fungi Derived from the Gorgonian Echinogorgia rebekka from the South China Sea

Author(s): Ya-Nan Wang | Chang-Lun Shao | Cai-Juan Zheng | Yi-Yan Chen | Chang-Yun Wang
Acremonium phylogenetic overview and revision of Gliomastix, Sarocladium, and Trichothecium

Author(s): R.C. Summerbell | C. Gueidan | H-J. Schroers | G.S. de Hoog | M. Starink | Y. Arocha Rosete | J. Guarro | J.A. Scott

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