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DOAS measurements of NO2 from an ultralight aircraft during the Earth Challenge expedition

Author(s): A. Merlaud | M. Van Roozendael | J. van Gent | C. Fayt | J. Maes | X. Toledo | O. Ronveaux | M. De Mazière
Validation of six years of SCIAMACHY carbon monoxide observations using MOZAIC CO profile measurements

Author(s): A. T. J. de Laat | R. Dijkstra | H. Schrijver | P. Nédélec | I. Aben
Tropical Pacific spatial trend patterns in observed sea level: internal variability and/or anthropogenic signature?

Author(s): B. Meyssignac | D. Salas y Melia | M. Becker | W. Llovel | A. Cazenave
An efficient semi-distributed hillslope erosion model for the sub humid Ethiopian Highlands

Author(s): S. A. Tilahun | C. D. Guzman | A. D. Zegeye | T. A. Engda | A. S. Collick | A. Rimmer | T. S. Steenhuis
Threshold values and management options for nutrients in a catchment of a temperate estuary with poor ecological status

Author(s): K. Hinsby | S. Markager | B. Kronvang | J. Windolf | T. O. Sonnenborg | L. Thorling
A new approach to model the variability of karstic recharge

Author(s): A. Hartmann | J. Lange | M. Weiler | Y. Arbel | N. Greenbaum
Initial sea-ice growth in open water: properties of grease ice and nilas

Author(s): A. K. Naumann | D. Notz | L. Håvik | A. Sirevaag
Significant total mass contained in small glaciers

Author(s): D. B. Bahr | V. Radić

Author(s): Rudolf Mišičko | Tibor Kvačkaj | Martin Vlado | Lucia Gulová | Miloslav Lupták | Jana Bidulská
Identifying nonlinear spatial dependence patterns by using non-parametric tests: Evidence for the European Union

Author(s): Fernando A. López-Hernández | Andrés Artal-Tur | M. Luz Maté-Sánchez-Val
Lessons learnt from the first EMEP intensive measurement periods

Author(s): W. Aas | S. Tsyro | E. Bieber | R. Bergström | D. Ceburnis | T. Ellermann | H. Fagerli | M. Frölich | R. Gehrig | U. Makkonen | E. Nemitz | R. Otjes | N. Perez | C. Perrino | A. S. H. Prévôt | J.-P. Putaud | D. Simpson | G. Spindler | M. Vana | K. E. Yttri
Observations of total peroxy nitrates and total alkyl nitrates during the OP3 campaign: isoprene nitrate chemistry above a south-east Asian tropical rain forest

Author(s): E. Aruffo | P. Di Carlo | C. Dari-Salisburgo | F. Biancofiore | F. Giammaria | J. Lee | S. Moller | M. J. Evans | J. R. Hopkins | C. Jones | A. R. MacKenzie | C. N. Hewitt
OH reactivity measurements in a coastal location in Southwestern Spain during DOMINO

Author(s): V. Sinha | J. Williams | J. M. Diesch | F. Drewnick | M. Martinez | H. Harder | E. Regelin | D. Kubistin | H. Bozem | Z. Hosaynali-Beygi | H. Fischer | M. D. Andrés-Hernández | D. Kartal | J. A. Adame | J. Lelieveld
Gaseous VOCs rapidly modify particulate matter and its biological effects – Part 1: Simple VOCs and model PM

Author(s): S. Ebersviller | K . Lichtveld | K. G. Sexton | J. Zavala | Y-H. Lin | I. Jaspers | H. E. Jeffries
Brightening of the global cloud field by nitric acid and the associated radiative forcing

Author(s): R. Makkonen | S. Romakkaniemi | H. Kokkola | P. Stier | P. Räisänen | S. Rast | J. Feichter | M. Kulmala | A. Laaksonen
Dissolved organic carbon release by marine macrophytes

Author(s): C. Barrón | E. T. Apostolaki | C. M. Duarte
Remote sensing-based estimation of gross primary production in a subalpine grassland

Author(s): M. Rossini | S. Cogliati | M. Meroni | M. Migliavacca | M. Galvagno | L. Busetto | E. Cremonese | T. Julitta | C. Siniscalco | U. Morra di Cella | R. Colombo
The European CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005

Author(s): S. Luyssaert | G. Abril | R. Andres | D. Bastviken | V. Bellassen | P. Bergamaschi | P. Bousquet | F. Chevallier | P. Ciais | M. Corazza | R. Dechow | K.-H. Erb | G. Etiope | A. Fortems-Cheiney | G. Grassi | J. Hartman | M. Jung | J. Lathière | A. Lohila | N. Moosdorf | S. Njakou Djomo | J. Otto | D. Papale | W. Peters | P. Peylin | P. Raymond | C. Rödenbeck | S. Saarnio | E.-D. Schulze | S. Szopa | R. Thompson | P. J. Verkerk | N. Vuichard | R. Wang | M. Wattenbach | S. Zaehle
Direct observations of diel biological CO2 fixation in the oceans

Author(s): H. Thomas | S. E. Craig | B. J. W. Greenan | W. Burt | G. J. Herndl | S. Higginson | L. Salt | E. H. Shadwick | J. Urrego-Blanco
The Health Status of Puerto Ricans in Florida

Author(s): Fernando I. Rivera | Giovani Burgos

Bounds on the f-vectors of tight spans

Author(s): Michael Joswig | Sven Herrmann
The cop density of a graph

Author(s): Anthony Bonato | Geňa Hahn | Changping Wang
Pseudopowers and primality proving

Author(s): Pedro Berrizbeitia | Siguna Mueller | Hugh C. Williams
Arcs in Desarguesian nets

Author(s): Annalisa Beato | Giorgio Faina | Massimo Giulietti
Partially critical indecomposable graphs

Author(s): Andrew Breiner | Jitender Deogun | Pierre Ille
Geometric realizations of special toroidal complexes

Author(s): Branko Grünbaum | Lajos Szilassi
{-1,2}-hypomorphy and hereditary hypomorphy coincide for posets

Author(s): Youssef Boudabbous | Hamza Si Kaddour
Weakly partitive families on infinite sets

Author(s): Pierre Ille | Robert Woodrow
Fractional illumination of convex bodies

Author(s): Márton Naszódi
A characterization of the base-matroids of a graphic matroid

Author(s): Francesco Maffioli | Norma Zagaglia Salvi
On the number of components of a graph

Author(s): Hamza Si Kaddour | Elias Tahhan Bittar
On a theorem of G. D. Chakerian

Author(s): Margarita Spirova
Unavoidable arrays

Author(s): Klas Markström | Lars-Daniel Öhman
The Cops and Robber game on graphs with forbidden (induced) subgraphs

Author(s): Gwenaël Joret | Marcin Kamiński | Dirk Oliver Theis
Connected domination dot-critical graphs

Author(s): Mustapha Chellali | Frédéric Maffray | Kamel Tablennehas
On the Parity of p(n,3) and p_Ψ(n,3)

Author(s): Mohamed El Bachraoui
2L-convex polyominoes: Geometrical aspects

Author(s): Khalil Tawbe | Laurent Vuillon
Dual linear spaces generated by a non-Desarguesian configuration

Author(s): James B. Nation | Jiajia Y. G. Seffrood
Adjusting a conjecture of Erdős

Author(s): Walter Carnielli | Pietro K. Carolino
Computation of atomic fibers of Z-linear maps

Author(s): Elke Eisenschmidt | Raymond Hemmecke | Matthias Köppe
Signed star k-domatic number of a graph

Author(s): Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami | Lutz Volkmann

Author(s): Vladimír GAZDA | Matúš KUBÁK | Marek GRÓF | Karolína BARINKOVÁ | Michaela ŽECOVÁ
Watermarking Schemes For Copy Protection : A Survey

Author(s): Dolley Shukla | Manisha Sharma
Gross Anatomical Studies on Duodenum of one Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): T. Althnaian | K.M. Alkhodair | I.F. Albokhadaim | R.O. Ramdan | A.M. Ali
A Simple Flood Forecasting Scheme Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Victor Seal | Arnab Raha | Shovan Maity | Souvik Kr Mitra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Amitava Mukherjee
GIS Driven Urban Traffic Analysis Based on Ontology

Author(s): Tazin Malgundkar | Madhuri Rao | S.S. Mantha
Evoked potentials in pediatric cerebral malaria

Author(s): Minal Bhanushali | Terrie E. Taylor | Malcolm E. Molyneux | Monica Sapuwa | Eunice Mwandira | Gretchen L. Birbeck
Diagnosis and treatment of acute ankle injuries: development of an evidence-based algorithm

Author(s): Hans Polzer | Karl Georg Kanz | Wolf Christian Prall | Florian Haasters | Ben Ockert | Wolf Mutschler | Stefan Grote
L5 vertebrectomy for the surgical treatment of tumoral and traumatic lesions of L5 vertebra

Author(s): Tuncay Kaner | Tunc Oktenoglu | Mehdi Sasani | Ali Fahir Ozer
A Model Theoretical Generalization of Steinitz’s Theorem

Author(s): Alexandre Martins Rodrigues | Edelcio de Souza
Questions of Logic, Philosophy, and Linguistics

Author(s): Marcio Chaves-Tannús
In vivo tumor targeting of gold nanoparticles: effect of particle type and dosing strategy

Author(s): Puvanakrishnan P | Park J | Chatterjee D | Krishnan S | Tunnell JW
Materiales y técnicas constructivas en la Murcia andalusí (siglos X-XIII)

Author(s): Navarro Palazón, Julio | Jiménez Castillo, Pedro
TFET based Ternary Logic Gates & Arithmetic Circuits

Author(s): Rashmi Deshpande | Pravin K. Dakhole | Sonali Dhobale
Techniques for Traffic Sign Classification using Machine Learning- A Survey

Author(s): Meeta Kumar | JayshreeGhorpade | V. Y.Kulkarni
Analysis of Iris Images for Iris Recognition System

Author(s): Anuradha Shrivas | Preeti Tuli
Novel Approach for Worm Detection using Modified CRC32 Algorithm

Author(s): Avinash Wadhe | Nikita Mahajan | Rahul Suryawanshi
Split Personality Malware: A Security Threat

Author(s): Nisha Lalwani | M.B.Chandak | R.V.Dharaskar
Memcached With Bluetooth Autonomic Distributed Data Caching

Author(s): Chandrashekhar Badgujar | Ganesh Dhanoka
Generic Network Intrusion Prevention System

Author(s): Kamini Nalavade | B.B.Meshram
Talent management & Retention

Author(s): Sarika Patil
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat

Author(s): Ionela-Corina CHERSAN | Maria BERHECI (căs. GROSU)

Author(s): Nicoleta IONESCU (EFTENE) | Gabriela MIHAI (ANDREESCU)
Melanoma Decision Support System for Dermatologist

Author(s): Priya Shetty | Varsha Turkar
Implementing Social Group Shopping using Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Prasanna Kothalkar | Priyanka Desai
Face Recognition by Classification in Eigenspace

Author(s): Swati Choudhary | Mansi Shirwadkar | Hemlata Patil
Enhanced Novel Security Scheme for Wireless Adhoc Networks: ENSS

Author(s): Prasad Patil | Rinku Shah | Kajal Jewani
Channelization and Frequency Tuning using FPGA for UMTS Baseband Application

Author(s): Mahesh M.Gadag | S. Ganesh Naik | Vinayak Miskin | Dundesh S. K
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat
Video Compression Using MPEG

Author(s): Sangeeta Mishra | Sudhir Sawarkar
An Adult Site Access Verification System for Non-Adults

Author(s): Shalini Puri | Sona Kaushik
The effect of electrostatic shielding using invisibility cloak

Author(s): Ruo-Yang Zhang | Qing Zhao | Mo-Lin Ge
Improve Teaching Method of Data Mining Course

Author(s): Sakha'a Al Manaseer | Areej Malibari
Using Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate Normalization Completeness for an Improved Database Design

Author(s): M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi | Mahaboob Sharief Shaik | Nayyar Iqbal
Diversity Through N-Version Programming: Current State, Challenges and Recommendations

Author(s): Raphaël Khoury | Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj | Mario Couture | Robert Charpentier
Simplified Method for Compiling Rule Base Matrix

Author(s): T. D. Dongale | T .G. Kulkarni | P. A. Kadam | R. R. Mudholkar
Real Time Opinion Polarity Detection in Blogs by Weighted Ranking TF-IDF Algorithm

Author(s): Abhishek Tiwari | Upasna Tiwari | Narendra S Chaudhari
Crença, regra e ação

Author(s): Luiz Henrique de Araújo Dutra
Aristotle’s Theory of Deduction and Paraconsistency

Author(s): Evandro L. Gomes | Ítala M. L. D’Ottaviano
Analysis of Secure Mobile Agent System

Author(s): Rajesh Shrivastava | Pooja Mehta (Gahoi)
Particle Swarm Optimized I-PD Controller for Second Order Time Delayed System

Author(s): S. J. Suji Prasad | P. A. Balakrishnan | Susan Varghese
A cidade que o crime construiu: breves considerações sobre o ambiente urbano a partir da linguagem

Author(s): Helder Rodrigues Pereira | Bárbara Gecy Pereira Loschi | Hiltter Mahatma Pereira da Silva | Leila Leandro de Paiva | Lilian Silveira de Paula | Manoel Agostinho Gomes dos Santos

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