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Digital Broadcasting and new Services

Author(s): Žarko Čučej
Evolution of the Converged NGN Service Platforms Towards Future Networks

Author(s): Eugen Mikóczy | Ivan Kotuliak | Oskar van Deventer
Análisis de rendimiento de la transmisión de IPTV sobre ADSL, WiFi y LAN Extended

Author(s): César Viloria Núñez | Jennifer Freja Fruto | Yezid Donoso Meisel
A Complexity-Aware Video Adaptation Mechanism for Live Streaming Systems

Author(s): Meng-Ting Lu | Jason J. Yao | Homer H. Chen
Sofa-TV: The New Digital Landscape

Author(s): Giovanni Toletti | Luca Turba
Concept for Mobility and Interconnections Aspects in Converged NGN-Based IPTV Architecture

Author(s): Eugen Mikoczy | Radovan Kadlic | Pavol Podhradsky
Logical Mapping: An Intermedia Synchronization Model for Multimedia Distributed Systems

Author(s): Saul E. Pomares Hernandez | Luis A. Morales Rosales | Jorge Estudillo Ramirez | Gustavo Rodriguez Gomez
Multicast and IP Multicast Support in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jorge Sá Silva | Tiago Camilo | Pedro Pinto | Ricardo Ruivo | André Rodrigues | Filipa Gaudêncio | Fernando Boavida
A Framework for Building an Interactive Satellite TV Based M-Learning Environment

Author(s): Ghassan Issa | Shakir M. Hussain | Hussein Al-Bahadili
Implementing Value Added Applications in Next Generation Networks

Author(s): Yeh-Chin Ho | Yi-Bing Lin | Ren-Huang Liou | Yuan-Kuang Tu
Real-Time DMB Video Encryption in Recording on PMP

Author(s): Seong-Yeon Lee | Jong-Nam Kim
Exploiting the In-Network Capabilities of Multicast to Discover Proximate IPTV Channels

Author(s): Chamil Kulatunga | Jesse Kielthy | Dmitri Botvich | William Donnelly
Triple Play Service and IPTV Services Offered within it

Author(s): Dagmar Pajdusakova | Bohumil Adamec
Triple Play Service and IPTV Services Offered within it

Author(s): Dagmar Pajdusakova | Bohumil Adamec
Multi-Resolution Multimedia QoE Models for IPTV Applications

Author(s): Prasad Calyam | Prashanth Chandrasekaran | Gregg Trueb | Nathan Howes | Rajiv Ramnath | Delei Yu | Ying Liu | Lixia Xiong | Daoyan Yang
Los sistemas IPTV ¿una amenaza inminente para los actuales medios de teledifusión?

Author(s): Ricardo Alonso Ferro Bolívar | Cesar Hernández
Reduction of channel zapping delay in IPTV services

Author(s): F. Moumtadi | M. Escobar–Argota | R. López–Moreno | S. Landeros–Ayala
QoS-Aware Active Queue Management for Multimedia Services over the Internet

Author(s): Hwang Bor-Jiunn | Hwang I-Shyan | Chang Pen-Ming
A Complexity-Aware Video Adaptation Mechanism for Live Streaming Systems

Author(s): Lu Meng-Ting | Yao Jason J | Chen Homer H
Dynamic Programming Optimization of Multi-rate Multicast Video-Streaming Services

Author(s): Nestor Michael Caños Tiglao | Janio Miguel E.F. Monteiro | Antonio Manuel R. C. Grilo | Mario Serafim S. Nunes | Joao Manuel F. Xavier
An Observation and Analysis of IPTV and Multicasting Traffic

Author(s): Shoyeb Al Mamun Shohag | Mozammel-Bin-Motalab
Window-Based Popularity Caching for IPTV On-Demand Services

Author(s): Hsuan Chiu | Chi-He Chang | Chao-Wei Tseng | Chi-Shi Liu
A Dynamic Self-Adjusted Buffering Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Real-Time Streaming

Author(s): Jun-Li Kuo | Chen-Hua Shih | Yaw-Chung Chen
Analysis of IPTV Channels Watching Preferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): A. Tanovic | I. Androulidakis | F. Orucevic
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fan Zhai | Homer Chen | Thomas Stockhammer | Touradj Ebrahimi
IPTV: An End to End Perspective (Invited Paper)

Author(s): Marie-José Montpetit | Thomas Mirlacher | Michael Ketcham
Secure Migration Service for Mobile IPTV using DCAS

Author(s): Aymen Abdullah Alsaffar | Eui-Nam Huh
from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
Performance Model of Key Points At the IPTV Networks

Author(s): Snezana Tilovska | Aristotel Tentov
A Velocity-Adaptive Handover Scheme for Mobile WiMAX

Author(s): Caiyong HAO | Hongli LIU | Jie ZHAN
Error Resilient IPTV for an IEEE 802.16e Channel

Author(s): Laith Al-Jobouri | Martin Fleury | Mohammed Ghanbari
Henan Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project Persistent Effect Mechanism Research

Author(s): Weigong CUI | Hui JIAN | Yuan GAN | Zhen ZHANG | Yanfeng LIU

Author(s): Sergio Gonzalez-Miranda | Tomas Robles | Fernando Ortigosa | Juan Carlos Plaza | Jose Luis Peña

Author(s): D.Leghroudi | M.Eraisse | N.Moumkine | M.Bellafkih | M.Ramdani
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