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Prospects for using DNA barcoding to identify spiders in species-rich genera

Author(s): Paul Hebert | Sarah Adamowicz | Emily Robinson | Gergin Blagoev
Connect the dot: Computing feed-links for network extension

Author(s): Boris Aronov | Kevin Buchin | Maike Buchin | Bart Jansen | Tom de Jong | Marc van Kreveld | Maarten Loffler | Jun Luo | Rodrigo I. Silveira | Bettina Speckmann
The 2009–2010 arctic stratospheric winter – general evolution, mountain waves and predictability of an operational weather forecast model

Author(s): A. Dörnbrack | M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | Y. J. Orsolini | K. Nishii | H. Nakamura
Dynamic magma mixing revealed by the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption

Author(s): O. Sigmarsson | I. Vlastelic | R. Andreasen | I. Bindeman | J.-L. Devidal | S. Moune | J. K. Keiding | G. Larsen | A. Höskuldsson | Th. Thordarson
Remobilization of silicic intrusion by mafic magmas during the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption

Author(s): O. Sigmarsson | I. Vlastelic | R. Andreasen | I. Bindeman | J.-L. Devidal | S. Moune | J. K. Keiding | G. Larsen | A. Höskuldsson | Th. Thordarson
Molecular Characterization of Porcine MMP19 and MMP23B Genes and Its Association with Immune Traits

Author(s): Shuanping Zhao, Yongzhen Zhao, Pengxia Niu, Ning Wang, Zhonglin Tang, Linsen Zan, Kui Li
Anti-HCV RNA Aptamers Targeting the Genomic cis-Acting Replication Element

Author(s): Soledad Marton | Beatriz Berzal-Herranz | Eva Garmendia | Francisco J. Cueto | Alfredo Berzal-Herranz
Purification, Characterization and Antitumor Activities of a New Protein from Syngnathus acus, an Officinal Marine Fish

Author(s): Mengyue Wang | Yuxiao Nie | Ying Peng | Fen He | Jingyu Yang | Chunfu Wu | Xiaobo Li


Study on the polymorphism of ITS in Osmanthus

Author(s): Lu Zhiyuan | Gao Wujun | Li Shufen | Sun Xiao
Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) between basic research and clinical diagnostic

Author(s): Andreea Cristina Tutulan-Cunita | Magdalena Budisteanu | Sorina Mihaela Chirieac | Aurora Arghir | Georgeta Cardos | Agripina Lungeanu
Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of Tibetan Porcine STING

Author(s): Zhiqing Huang | Xiaoling Chen | Keying Zhang | Bing Yu | Xiangbing Mao | Ye Zhao | Daiwen Chen
Diversity of the Pythium community infecting crown and roots apple in Tunisia

Author(s): Souli M | N. Boughalleb | P. Abad-Campos | L.A. Álvarez | A. Pérez-Sierra | J. Armengol | J. García-Jiménez | M.S. Romdhani
Implementation Analysis of adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Applications

Author(s): P. Subhashini | D. R. Mahesh Varma | Y. David Solomon Raju
A Novel Framework and Model for Data Warehouse Cleansing

Author(s): Daya Gupta | Payal Pahwa | Rajiv Arora
Design of AHB protocol block for Advanced Microcontrollers

Author(s): Rishabh Singh Kurmi | Shruti Bhargava | Ajay Somkuwar
A robust scheme for Digital Video Watermarking based on Scrambling of Watermark

Author(s): Mahesh R. Sanghavi | Dr. Archana M. | Dr. Rajeev Mathur | Kainjan S. Kotecha
Analysis of PeaktoAverage Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for OFDM using a NewPhase Sequence

Author(s): Madhusmita Mishra | Sarat Kumar Patra | Ashok Kumar Turuk
Fragmented Iris Recognition System using BPNN

Author(s): A. Murugan | G. Savithiri
Frullania knightbridgei, a new liverwort (Frullaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) species from the deep south of Aotearoa-New Zealand based on an integrated evidence-based approach

Author(s): Matt von Konrat | Peter de Lange | Matthew Greif | Lynika Strozier | Jörn Hentschel | Jochen Heinrichs
Larsenianthus, a new Asian genus of Gingers (Zingiberaceae) with four species

Author(s): W. John Kress | John Mood | Mamiyil Sabu | Linda Prince | Santanu Dey | E. Sanoj
Spigelia genuflexa (Loganiaceae), a new geocarpic species from northeastern Bahia, Brazil

Author(s): Alex Popovkin | Katherine G. Mathews | José Carlos Mendes Santos | M. Carmen Molina | Lena Struwe
Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression in Escherichia coli cells Thermus thermophilus leucyl-tRNA synthetase

Author(s): Yaremchuk A. D. | Kovalenko O. P. | Gudzera O. I. | Tukalo M. A.
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*
Taxonomy and antimicrobial activities of a new Streptomyces sp. TN17 isolated in the soil from an oasis in Tunis

Author(s): Smaoui Slim | Mathieu Florence | Fguira Ben Fourati Lilia | Merlina Georges | Mellouli Lotfi
Looking for the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA)

Author(s): Minna Koskela | Arto Annila
A New Cytotoxic Sesquiterpene Quinone Produced by Penicillium sp. F00120 Isolated from a Deep Sea Sediment Sample

Author(s): Xiuping Lin | Xuefeng Zhou | Fazuo Wang | Kaisheng Liu | Bin Yang | Xianwen Yang | Yan Peng | Juan Liu | Zhe Ren | Yonghong Liu
The Curious Case of Arenavirus Entry, and Its Inhibition

Author(s): Jack H. Nunberg | Joanne York
A New Double χ Sequence Space Defined by a Modulus Function

Author(s): N. Subramanian | S. Krishnamoorthy | S. Balasubramanian
Cloning, Expression and Purification of Pwo Polymerase from Pyrococcus Woesei

Author(s): A Ghasemi | A Hatef Salmanian | S Sadeghifard | A Salarian | M Khalifeh Gholi
Molecular Diagnostic by RT-PCR of equine influenza virus in Morocco

Author(s): Mohamed BOUKHARTA | Mehdi ELHARRAK | My Mustapha ENNAJI
Corn Yield with Reduction of Insecticidal Sprayings Against Fall Armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Author(s): M.H.F.A. Dal Pogetto | E.P. Prado | M.J. Gimenes | R.S. Christovam | D.T. Rezende | H.O. Aguiar-Junior | S.I.A. Costa | C.G. Raetano
Recruitment of Glycosyl Hydrolase Proteins in a Cone Snail Venomous Arsenal: Further Insights into Biomolecular Features of Conus Venoms

Author(s): Aude Violette | Adrijana Leonardi | David Piquemal | Yves Terrat | Daniel Biass | Sébastien Dutertre | Florian Noguier | Frédéric Ducancel | Reto Stöcklin | Igor Križaj | Philippe Favreau
Adaptivity and Adaptability of Learning Object’s Interface

Author(s): Verónica Rodríguez | Gerardo Ayala
Potential implications of Helicobacter pylori-related neutrophil-activating protein

Author(s): Jannis Kountouras | Christos Zavos | Georgia Deretzi | Emmanuel Gavalas | Dimitrios Chatzopoulos | Panagiotis Katsinelos | Elena Tsiaousi | Stergios Gagalis | Stergios A Polyzos | Ioannis Venizelos
Application of graftech method for pro-gramming of discrete technological process

Author(s): Pigiel, M. | Więcławek, R. | Wikiera, R.
Study of a Novel Gene Overexpressed in Head & Neck Tumors

Author(s): A Seghatoleslam | B Wasylyk
The ESO-Max Planck photometric and spectroscopic survey in the south: EMPhaSSiS

Author(s): Conn B. | Ederoclite A. | Rix H.-W. | Martin N. | Noël N. | Bensby T. | Lane R. | Lewis G. | Ibata R. | Irwin M. | Beers T. | Lee Y.S.
Characterization of Catalase from Psychrotolerant Psychrobacter piscatorii T-3 Exhibiting High Catalase Activity

Author(s): Hideyuki Kimoto | Kazuaki Yoshimune | Hidetoshi Matsuyma | Isao Yumoto
Propuesta de algoritmo para el diagnóstico diferencial de la hepatitis viral aguda:

Author(s): Olga Castillo de Febres | Maria de los R. Chacón de Petrola
Motif mining: an assessment and perspective for amyloid fibril prediction tool

Author(s): Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair | Subba Reddy NV | Hareesha KS
Genomic Distribution and Divergence of Levansucrase-Coding Genes in Pseudomonas syringae

Author(s): Abhishek Srivastava | Nehaya Al-Karablieh | Shaunak Khandekar | Arifa Sharmin | Helge Weingart | Matthias S. Ullrich
Estudio tecnomorfológico de la industria lítica de Ambrona (Soria)

Author(s): Panera Gallego, Joaquín | Rubio Jara, Susana

Plant genetic engineering for viral resistance and viral vectors in reverse genetics

Author(s): Giovanni Chaves-Bedoya | Luz Y. Ortiz-Rojas
Localization of Non-Linearly Modeled Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Out-of-Sequence Measurements

Author(s): Eva Besada-Portas | Jose A. Lopez-Orozco | Pablo Lanillos | Jesus M. de la Cruz
Gaps and the exponent of convergence of an integer sequence

Author(s): Georges Grekos | Martin Sleziak | Jana Tomanová
Propagation of Nonlinear Phenomena in a Measurement Sequence

Author(s): Marija Marković | Ivan Stojanović | Biserka Runje
Pattern Matching Based Technique to Solve Motif-Finding Problem

Author(s): Pankaj Agarwal | Dr. S. A. M. Rizvi
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Donkey Growth Hormone Gene

Author(s): Wenjin Zhu | Yongmei Su | Jianhua Wu
Successive Standardization of Rectangular Arrays

Author(s): Richard A. Olshen | Bala Rajaratnam
Barrido de frecuencia en coordenadas de fase Frequency scan on phase-coordinates

Author(s): Ignacio Pérez Abril | Jandecy Cabral Leite
Functional analysis and structure determination of alkaline protease from Aspergillus flavus

Author(s): Rabbani Syed | Roja Rani | Sabeena | Tariq Ahmad Masoodi | Gowher Shafi | Khalid Alharbi
A Computational analysis on Lectin and Histone H1 protein of different pulse species as well as comparative study with rice for balanced diet

Author(s): Md Anayet Hasan | Adnan Mannan | Rashel Alam | Md Taohidul Islam | Mohammad Al Amin | Md Sarowar Jahan Khan | Md Ashraful Islam | Nazmul Hasan Muzahid
Comparative cytogenetic analysis of diploid and hexaploid Chenopodium album Agg

Author(s): Bożena Kolano | Dorota Siwińska | Jolanta Małuszyńska
Sequence Variants and Haplotype Analysis of Cat ERBB2 Gene: A Survey on Spontaneous Cat Mammary Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Lesions

Author(s): Sara Santos | Estela Bastos | Cláudia S. Baptista | Daniela Sá | Christophe Caloustian | Henrique Guedes-Pinto | Fátima Gärtner | Ivo G. Gut | Raquel Chaves
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
Láser escáner y nubes de puntos. Un horizonte aplicado al análisis arqueológico de edificios

Author(s): García-Gómez, Ismael | Fernández de Gorostiza, Miren | Mesanza Moraza, Amaia
Sequential Pattern Mining: Survey and Current Research Challenges

Author(s): Chetna Chand | Amit Thakkar | Amit Ganatra
In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Mangrove associated fungi

Author(s): Elsa Lycias Joel* and B.Valentin Bhimba
What is Johansonia?

Author(s): P.W. Crous | R.W. Barreto | A.C. Alfenas | F. Rafael | J.Z. Groenewald
Fungal phoenix rising from the ashes?

Author(s): M.J. Wingfield | M.P.A. Coetzee | P.W. Crous | D. Six | B.D. Wingfield
Polyphasic taxonomy of Aspergillus section Sparsi

Author(s): J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad | R.A. Samson
Annulatascus nilensis sp. nov., a new freshwater ascomycete from the River Nile, Egypt

Author(s): M.A. Abdel-Wahab | F.A. Abdel-Aziz | S.S. Mohamed | A.E. Abdel-Aziz
New and revisited species in Aspergillus section Nigri

Author(s): J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad | S. Kocsube | B. Brankovics | B. Toth | G. Szigeti | R.A. Samson
New species in Aspergillus section Terrei

Author(s): R.A. Samson | S.W. Peterson | J.C. Frisvad | J. Varga
New taxa in Aspergillus section Usti

Author(s): R.A. Samson | J. Varga | M. Meijer | J.C. Frisvad
Taxonomy of Penicillium section Citrina

Author(s): J. Houbraken | J.C. Frisvad | R.A. Samson
A Survey on Digital Video Watermarking

Author(s): Swati Patel | Anilkumar Katharotiya | Mahesh Goyani
Experimenting with the Novel Approaches in Text Steganography

Author(s): Shraddha Dulera | Devesh Jinwala | Aroop Dasgupta
A Fast String Matching Algorithm

Author(s): H N Verma | Ravendra Singh
Identification, Characterization, and Expression Analysis of the TaNF-YB3 Gene from Triticum aestivum

Author(s): Xiuchun DONG | Zhiyuan CHENG | Shuhan CHENG | Feng XU | Yanrong AN | Xizuo BIAN | Ting CHEN
Identification of Hepatocystis species in a macaque monkey in northern Myanmar

Author(s): Chang Q | Sun X | Wang J | Yin J | Song J | Peng S | Lu H | Zhou H | Jiang N | Chen Q
Hidden markov model for the prediction of transmembrane proteins using MATLAB

Author(s): Navaneet Chaturvedi* | Vinay Kumar Singh3 | Sudhanshu Shanker2 | Dhiraj Sinha4 | Paras Nath Pandey5

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