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Cryptanalysis of C3 PEKE protocol

Author(s): R.Padmavathy
Cryptanalysis of Some RFID Authentication Protocols

Author(s): Tianjie Cao | Peng Shen | Elisa Bertino
Impersonation Attack on EKE Protocol

Author(s): Shirisha Tallapally
Establishing Authenticated Channels and Secure Identifiers in Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): Bartlomiej Sieka | Ajay D. Kshemkalyani
Defending Mechanisms Against Sybil Attack in Next Generation Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Pal Sarit | Mukhopadhyay Asish | Bhattacharya Partha
A New Digital Signature Algorithm Similar to ELGamal Type

Author(s): Haipeng Chen | Xuanjing Shen | Yingda Lv
Comments on five smart card based password authentication protocols

Author(s): Yalin Chen | Jue-Sam Chou | Chun-Hui Huang
Cryptanalysis on four two-party authentication protocols

Author(s): Yalin Chen | Jue-Sam Chou | Chun-Hui Huang

Author(s): Wen Chen | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jiexian Zeng | Guangxue Yue

Author(s): Jian Shu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Limin Sun | Guangxue Yue
An Improvement of Liou et al.’s Authentication Scheme using Smart Cards

Author(s): Sandeep K. Sood | Anil K. Sarje | Kuldip Singh
Cryptanalysis and Enhancement of Two-pass Authenticated Key Agreement with Key Confirmation Protocols

Author(s): Mohammad Zeyad | Chen Yaw-Chung | Hsu Chien-Lung | Lo Chi-Chun
Data Security in Ad Hoc Networks Using Randomization of Cryptographic Algorithms

Author(s): B. Ananda Krishna | S. Radha | K. Chenna Keshava Reddy
Cryptanalysis of Liao-Lee-Hwang's Dynamic ID Scheme

Author(s): Mohammed Misbahuddin | C. Shoba Bindu
Analysis of Two Types Deniable Authentication Protocols

Author(s): Haibo Tian | Xiaofeng Chen | Yong Ding
Analysis and Diminution of Security Attacks on Mobile Ad hoc Network

Author(s): K.P.Manikandan | Dr.R.Satyaprasad | Dr.Rajasekhararao
Cyber space bullying

Author(s): Popović-Ćitić Branislava
Evidence based Access Control over Web Services using Multi Security

Author(s): E. S. Shameem Sulthana | S. Kanmani
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray

Author(s): Ayo C. K. | Akinyemi I.O. | Adebiyi A.A. | Ekong U.O.
Efficient Detection of Sybil attack Based on Cryptography in Vanet

Author(s): Mina Rahbari | Mohammad Ali Jabreil Jamali
A Secure Routing Protocol to Eliminate Integrity, Authentication and Sleep Deprivation Based Threats in Mobile Ad hoc Network

Author(s): Edna E. Nallathambi | Radha Sankararajan | Vaithiyanathan Sundaram | Gracelin Sheeba
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