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Generations and Gender Survey (GGS): Towards a Better Understanding of Relationships and Processes in the Life Course

Author(s): Andres Vikat | Gijs Beets | Francesco C. Billari | Christoph Bühler | Aline Désesquelles | Tineke Fokkema | Jan M. Hoem | Alphonse MacDonald | Gerda Neyer | Ariane Pailhé | Antonella Pinnelli | Anne Solaz | Zsolt Spéder
Crédito educativo, acciones afirmativas y equidad social en la educación superior en Colombia.

Author(s): Victor Manuel Gómez Campo. | Celis Giraldo Jorge Enrique
Interpersonal transfers: Do they impact the growth of poor and rich European regions?

Author(s): Olivier Meunier | Michel Mignolet | Marie-Eve Mulquin
Antecedents and consequences of residential choice and school transfer.

Author(s): Toni Falbo | Robert W. Glover | W. Lee Holcombe | S. Lynne Stokes
Factors associated with Group A Streptococcus emm type diversification in a large urban setting in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Tartof Sara | Reis Joice | Andrade Aurelio | Ramos Regina | Reis Mitermayer | Riley Lee
Welfare State’s Redistributive Effect Is Exaggerated

Author(s): Jan Selen | Ann-Charlotte Stahlberg

Author(s): Emilia Cornelia STOICA | Andrei Cristian STOICA
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