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Haematological Constituents of Blood of Gaolao Cattle

Author(s): P. M. Kapale | D. G. Jagtap | D. M. Badukale and S.K.Sahatpure
Polymorphisms of two Y chromosome microsatellites in Chinese cattle

Author(s): Cai Xin | Chen Hong | Wang Shan | Xue Kai | Lei Chuzhao
Genetic characterization of indigenous anatolian water buffalo breed using microsatellite dna markers

Author(s): M.I. Soysal | E. Ozkan | S. Kok | M. Occidente | Y.T. Tuna | E.K. Gurcan | D. Matassino
Genetic Characterization of Indigenous Anatolian Water Buffalo Breed Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): M. I. Soysal | E. Ozkan | S. Kok | Y. T. Tuna | E. K. Gurcan
A homogenous nature of native Chinese duck matrilineal pool

Author(s): He Da-Qian | Zhu Qing | Chen Shi-Yi | Wang Hui-Ying | Liu Yi-Ping | Yao Yong-Gang
Isolation and characterization of Mycobacterium bovis strains from indigenous Zambian cattle using Spacer oligonucleotide typing technique

Author(s): Munyeme Musso | Rigouts Leen | Shamputa Isdore | Muma John | Tryland Morten | Skjerve Eystein | Djønne Berit
Coproscopic and Haematological Approaches to Determine the Prevalence of Helminthiasis and Protozoan Diseases of Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC) Breed in Bangladesh

Author(s): A. Z. Siddiki1,*, M. B. Uddin1, M.B. Hasan1, M. F. Hossain3, M. M. Rahman1,5, B. C. Das2, M. S. Sarker4 and M. A. Hossain1,5
Dairy buffalo breeding in countryside of China

Author(s): B. Yang | X. L.Q. Zeng | X. L.Q. Zeng | J. Qin | J. Qin | C. Yang | C. Yang
Human evolution in Siberia: from frozen bodies to ancient DNA

Author(s): Crubézy Eric | Amory Sylvain | Keyser Christine | Bouakaze Caroline | Bodner Martin | Gibert Morgane | Röck Alexander | Parson Walther | Alexeev Anatoly | Ludes Bertrand
Revealing fine scale subpopulation structure in the Vietnamese H'mong cattle breed for conservation purposes

Author(s): Berthouly C | Maillard JC | Doan L Pham | Van T Nhu | Bed'Hom B | Leroy G | Thanh H Hoang | Laloë D | Bruneau N | Chi C Vu | Dang V Nguyen | Verrier E | Rognon X
Documentation of Ethnoveterinary Practices for Mastitis in Dairy Animals in Pakistan

Author(s): S. M. Raihan Dilshad, N. U. Rehman*, Nazir Ahmad and A. Iqbal1
A Study of the Milking and Reproductive Performances of Indigenous Cattle at Urban Area of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.N.Haque | S.A.Aziz | S.S.Chanda | M.I.Hossain | M.A. Baset
Investigation of Bovine Aortic Valves in Cardiac Research for Bioprosthetic Purpose

Author(s): M.N. Islam | M.S. Mazumder | K.N. Islam | A.T.M. Mahbub-e-Elahi | S.R. Khan
Importance of Preserving Indigenous Animal Genetic Sourches in Trakya Region of Turkey

Author(s): Y.T. Tuna | M.I. Soysal | E.K. G�rcan | E. �zkan
Morphomatrical Analysis of Aortic Valves of Bovine Heart for Bioprosthetic Purpose

Author(s): M.N. Islam | M.Z.I Khan | S.R. Khan | M.A. Haque
Genetic Diversity in Mazandaranian Native Cattle: A Comparison with Holstein Cattle, using ISSR Marker

Author(s): S. Pashaei | M.A. Azari | S. Hasani | A. Khanahmadi | J. Rostamzadeh
Molecular Characterization of CSN3 Alleles in Sarabi and Holstein using PCR-RFLP

Author(s): Mahmoud Toorchi | Ali Tahvildarzadeh | Jalil Shoja | Sadegh Alijani
Participation of Rural People in Dairy Enterprise in a Selected Area of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.S. Rabbani | M.M. Alam | M.Y. Ali | S.M.R. Rahman | B.K. Saha
Small Scale Dairy Farming Practice in a Selective Area of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Hossain | M.M. Hossain | M.M. Rashid | M. Asaduzzaman | M.M. Rahman
Endemic stability for Theileria parva infections in Ankole calves of the Ankole ranching scheme, Uganda

Author(s): F.M. Kivaria | C. Heuer | F. Jongejan | J. Okello-Onen | T. Rutagwenda | F. Unger | W. Boehle
Survey of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) infesting cattle in two districts of Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

Author(s): Rahmeto Abebe | Thedrous Fantahun | Mesele Abera | Jemere Bekele
Process and dynamics of traditional selling wild edible mushrooms in tropical Mexico

Author(s): Ruán-Soto Felipe | Garibay-Orijel Roberto | Cifuentes Joaquín
Genotyping of β-Lactoglobulin gene by PCR-RFLP in Sahiwal and Tharparkar cattle breeds

Author(s): Rachagani Satyanarayana | Gupta Ishwar | Gupta Neelam | Gupta SC

Causes and Consequences of Calf Mortality in a Dairy Farm of Bangladesh

Author(s): Sarder Safiqul Islam | Ali Reza Ahmed | Ayesha Ashraf | Nargis Khanam | Mohammad Bashir Ahmed
Physical and morphometric characterization of indigenous cattle of Assam

Author(s): R.B. Kayastha | G. Zaman | R.N. Goswami | A. Haque
An outbreak of bovine trypanosomiasis in the Blue Nile State, Sudan

Author(s): Salim Bashir | Bakheit Mohammed | Salih Sir | Kamau Joseph | Nakamura Ichiro | Nakao Ryo | Sugimoto Chihiro
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