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Selenium deficiency impairs host innate immune response and induces susceptibility to Listeria monocytogenes infection

Author(s): Wang Chengmin | Wang Haijing | Luo Jing | Hu Yi | Wei Lei | Duan Mingxing | He Hongxuan
Developing Fungal Vaccines

Author(s): Gönül Tanır
Induced mild hypothermia in post-cardiopulmonary bypass vasoplegia syndrome

Author(s): Tripathi Mukesh | Singh Prabhat | Kumar Naresh | Pant Kailash
Proteomics Approach for Investigating the Disease Resistance Using Cucumber as Model Plant

Author(s): Saligrama A. Deepak | Junko Shibato | Hideo Ishii | Yoko Ogawa | Yasukazu Yoshida | Hitoshi Iwahashi | Yoshinori Masuo | Ganesh Kumar Agrawal | Randeep Rakwal
Cellular Plant Responses: Plant-Microbe Interactions

Author(s): Bhandari P.A. | Patil A.G. | Ojha M.D. | Pawar S.S. | Adhikari P.R
Analysis of Porcine Transcriptional Response to Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis suggests novel targets of NFkappaB are activated in the Mesenteric Lymph Node

Author(s): Wang Yanfang | Couture Oliver | Qu Long | Uthe Jolita | Bearson Shawn | Kuhar Daniel | Lunney Joan | Nettleton Dan | Dekkers Jack | Tuggle Christopher
Immunological evaluation of Lactobacillus casei Zhang: a newly isolated strain from koumiss in Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): Ya Tuo | Zhang Qijin | Chu Fuliang | Merritt Justin | Bilige Menhe | Sun Tiansong | Du Ruiting | Zhang Heping
Systemic resistance and lipoxygenase-related defence response induced in tomato by Pseudomonas putida strain BTP1

Author(s): Akram Adam | Ongena Marc | Duby Francéline | Dommes Jacques | Thonart Philippe
What every Hepatologist should Know about Swine Flu?

Author(s): Kamran Bagheri Lankarani
Development of an invasively monitored porcine model of acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure

Author(s): Newsome Philip | Henderson Neil | Nelson Leonard | Dabos Costas | Filippi Celine | Bellamy Chris | Howie Forbes | Clutton Richard | King Tim | Lee Alistair | Hayes Peter | Plevris John
Nebulization of the acidified sodium nitrite formulation attenuates acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction

Author(s): Egemnazarov Bakytbek | Schermuly Ralph | Dahal Bhola | Elliott Garry | Hoglen Niel | Surber Mark | Weissmann Norbert | Grimminger Friedrich | Seeger Werner | Ghofrani Hossein
Expression of pathogenesis related genes in response to salicylic acid, methyl jasmonate and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid in Malus hupehensis (Pamp.) Rehd

Author(s): Zhang Jiyu | Du Xiaoli | Wang Qingju | Chen Xiukong | Lv Dong | Xu Kuanyong | Qu Shenchun | Zhang Zhen
IgG transmitted from allergic mothers decreases allergic sensitization in breastfed offspring

Author(s): Matson Adam | Thrall Roger | Rafti Ektor | Lingenheld Elizabeth | Puddington Lynn
Effects of Diltiazem on Electrolytes Homeostasis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

Author(s): Najma Shaheen | Syed Muhammad Shahid | Tabassum Mahboob
Genetic and environmental control of the Verticillium syndrome in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Häffner Eva | Karlovsky Petr | Diederichsen Elke
PPARgamma activation attenuates T-lymphocyte-dependent inflammation of adipose tissue and development of insulin resistance in obese mice

Author(s): Foryst-Ludwig Anna | Hartge Martin | Clemenz Markus | Sprang Christiane | Heß Katharina | Marx Nikolaus | Unger Thomas | Kintscher Ulrich
The elicitation of a systemic resistance by Pseudomonas putida BTP1 in tomato involves the stimulation of two lipoxygenase isoforms

Author(s): Mariutto Martin | Duby Francéline | Adam Akram | Bureau Charlotte | Fauconnier Marie-Laure | Ongena Marc | Thonart Philippe | Dommes Jacques
Revealing the molecular relationship between type 2 diabetes and the metabolic changes induced by a very-low-carbohydrate low-fat ketogenic diet

Author(s): Farrés Judith | Pujol Albert | Coma Mireia | Ruiz Jose | Naval Jordi | Mas José | Molins Agustí | Fondevila Joan | Aloy Patrick
Inflammatory Signals shift from adipose to liver during high fat feeding and influence the development of steatohepatitis in mice

Author(s): Stanton Michaela | Chen Shu-Cheng | Jackson James | Rojas-Triana Alberto | Kinsley David | Cui Long | Fine Jay | Greenfeder Scott | Bober Loretta | Jenh Chung-Her
Fish oil rich diet in comparison to saturated fat rich diet offered protection against lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and insulin resistance in mice

Author(s): Vijay-Kumar Matam | Vanegas Sally | Patel Nilam | Aitken Jesse | Ziegler Thomas | Ganji Vijay
Signaling of angiotensin II-induced vascular protein synthesis in conduit and resistance arteries in vivo

Author(s): Daigle Christine | Martens Fabrice | Girardot Daphné | Dao Huy | Touyz Rhian | Moreau Pierre
Changes in IgE- and Antigen-dependent histamine-release in peripheral blood of Schistosoma mansoni-infected Ugandan fishermen after treatment with praziquantel

Author(s): Satti Mohamed | Cahen Pierre | Skov Per | Joseph Sarah | Jones Frances | Fitzsimmons Colin | Hoffmann Karl | Reimert Claus | Curtis Kariuki H | Kazibwe Francis | Mwatha Joseph | Kimani Gachuhi | Vennervald Birgitte | Ouma John | Kabatereine Narcis | Dunne David
MAPK-dependent regulation of IL-1- and β-adrenoreceptor-induced inflammatory cytokine production from mast cells: Implications for the stress response

Author(s): Chi David | Fitzgerald S Matthew | Pitts Shannon | Cantor Karen | King Ellis | Lee Steven | Huang Shau-Ku | Krishnaswamy Guha
An in vitro inhibition of human malignant cell growth of crude water extract of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and commercial linamarin

Author(s): Umar F. Yusuf | Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun | Rozita Rosli | Sunny E. Iyuke | Nashiru Billa | Nurhafizah Abdullah | Nasir Umar-Tsafe
Co-expression and promoter content analyses assign a role in biotic and abiotic stress responses to plant natriuretic peptides

Author(s): Meier Stuart | Bastian René | Donaldson Lara | Murray Shane | Bajic Vladimir | Gehring Chris
Gelatine and hydroxyl ethyl starch hypervolemic hemodilution – Effect on hemorheology and retinal circulation in a pig model

Author(s): M. Grossherr | A. Hager | T. Gerriets | E. G. Kraatz | M. Misfeld | K. F. Klotz
The role of the small intestine in the development of dietary fat-induced obesity and insulin resistance in C57BL/6J mice

Author(s): de Wit Nicole | Bosch-Vermeulen Hanneke | de Groot Philip | Hooiveld Guido | Bromhaar Mechteld | Jansen Jenny | Müller Michael | van der Meer Roelof
Treatment of ethanol-induced acute pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular dysfunction in pigs, by sildenafil analogue (UK343-664) or nitroglycerin

Author(s): Sidi Avner | Naik Bhiken | Urdaneta Felipe | Muehlschlegel Jochen | Kirby David | Lobato Emilio
Acute-Phase Serum Amyloid A as a Marker of Insulin Resistance in Mice

Author(s): Ludger Scheja | Barbara Heese | Heike Zitzer | Mervyn D. Michael | Angela M. Siesky | Heike Pospisil | Ulrike Beisiegel | Klaus Seedorf
Changes in the gene expression profile of Arabidopsis thaliana after infection with Tobacco etch virus

Author(s): Agudelo-Romero Patricia | Carbonell Pablo | de la Iglesia Francisca | Carrera Javier | Rodrigo Guillermo | Jaramillo Alfonso | Pérez-Amador Miguel | Elena Santiago
Haemodynamic changes after induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane vs. propofol

Localization of DIR1 at the tissue, cellular and subcellular levels during Systemic Acquired Resistance in Arabidopsis using DIR1:GUS and DIR1:EGFP reporters

Author(s): Champigny Marc | Shearer Heather | Mohammad Asif | Haines Karen | Neumann Melody | Thilmony Roger | He Sheng | Fobert Pierre | Dengler Nancy | Cameron Robin
A moderate elevation of circulating levels of IGF-I does not alter ErbB2 induced mammary tumorigenesis

Author(s): Dearth Robert | Kuiatse Isere | Wang Yu-Fen | Liao Lan | Hilsenbeck Susan | Brown Powel | Xu Jianming | Lee Adrian
The intake of high fat diet with different trans fatty acid levels differentially induces oxidative stress and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in rats

Author(s): Dhibi Madiha | Brahmi Faten | Mnari Amira | Houas Zohra | Chargui Issam | Bchir Linda | Gazzah Noureddine | Alsaif Mohammed | Hammami Mohamed
Comparative analysis of the human hepatic and adipose tissue transcriptomes during LPS-induced inflammation leads to the identification of differential biological pathways and candidate biomarkers

Author(s): Szalowska Ewa | Dijkstra Martijn | Elferink Marieke | Weening Desiree | de Vries Marcel | Bruinenberg Marcel | Hoek Annemieke | Roelofsen Han | Groothuis Geny | Vonk Roel
Female harmones alter the pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin

Author(s): Thaakur Santhrani* and Polasani Nirmaladevi
A cyclopalladated complex interacts with mitochondrial membrane thiol-groups and induces the apoptotic intrinsic pathway in murine and cisplatin-resistant human tumor cells

Author(s): Serrano Fabiana | Matsuo Alisson | Monteforte Priscila | Bechara Alexandre | Smaili Soraya | Santana Débora | Rodrigues Tiago | Pereira Felipe | Silva Luis | Machado Joel | Santos Edson | Pesquero João | Martins Rafael | Travassos Luiz | Caires Antonio | Rodrigues Elaine
Non-endothelial endothelin counteracts hypoxic vasodilation in porcine large coronary arteries

Author(s): Hedegaard Elise | Stankevicius Edgaras | Simonsen Ulf | Fröbert Ole
Inflammatory stress exacerbates ectopic lipid deposition in C57BL/6J mice

Author(s): Mei Mei | Zhao Lei | Li Qing | Chen Yaxi | Huang Ailong | Varghese Zac | Moorhead John | Zhang Suhua | Powis Stephen | Li Qifu | Ruan Xiong
Bacterial infections in patients with liver cirrhosis

Author(s): Giacomo Zaccherini | Vittoria Bevilacqua | Barbara Benazzi | Lucia Santi | Paolo Caraceni | Mauro Bernardi
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